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LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

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About The Game

Once again rendering a beloved George Lucas creation in LEGOs, LEGO Indiana Jones features the intrepid explorer in an epic adventure based on the film series. Developed by the same team that created the LEGO Star Wars series, LEGO Indiana Jones presents a tongue-in-cheek take on the first three cinematic adventures of pop culture's most iconic archaeologist, including Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

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LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Review

By Chris Commodore |

Traveller's Tales is back and tackling the plastic building block world again. After exhausting the Star Wars franchise with no less than three LEGO Star Wars releases, the company has worked with LucasArts on bringing another of its franchises to the peg-filled universe with LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures.

If you've played any of the LEGO Star Wars titles, you'll feel right at home as the formula has largely remained exactly the same, right down to the control scheme. There is a bit more adventuring this time around however, with more emphasis placed on solving puzzles and collecting keys or parts to unlock the next area, though mashing everything in sight and collecting as many Studs as possible is still the main gameplay focus.

The game runs through the original three Indy films and while it follows the stories well, there are some segments that have been added or tweaked to better fit the title. For example, after rescuing Marion from her bar towards the start of Raiders of the Lost Ark, you'll run through a section where you work along a snowy cliff side, take on some Germans and eventually head out of the area. Similarly, the temple at the end of the Last Crusade has much more than three tests to pass, with plenty of mostly non-deadly puzzles to complete before you get to the Grail. This all works well in terms of how the game plays as well as its pacing, and most all of the segments are fun, though there's certainly a bigger separation between game and films than what we saw with the LEGO Star Wars titles.

While the PC version of the game supports a keyboard setup (mouse control is pretty much non-existent, including button presses), you'll want to make sure you have a controller hooked up. The keyboard controls work, but movement feels clumsy, and trying to play with two people on one keyboard is no good for anyone. The manual doesn't even mention keyboard control; there's just a button layout for a 360 controller, so try and use one of them.

Though there's obviously a lack of Force powers this time around, Traveller's Tales has once again done a good job of providing distinct character groups. Indiana Jones' whip always comes in handy, and he's the only one that can open a number of the game's sections thanks to its numerous uses. Thugees, the bad guys from the Temple of Doom, are able to "talk" to statues of Kali and open up secret areas, while people with manuscripts, like Henry Jones Sr. or Elsa, are able to decipher hieroglyphs and open other secrets. Some characters come with shovels or wrenches, which allow them to dig up objects or fix broken items.

Fights with armed enemies can be a nuisance when all you have is your fists.The cool thing here is that aside from Indy's whip (or a tiny character's small stature), you're able to find all of these items in-game to help you solve puzzles. So even if you only have Junior and Willie at your disposal, you'll be able to dig up treasure if you can find a shovel nearby, or you can work with hieroglyphs if you can find a book. There are plenty of areas that won't have these things lying around, requiring that you come back in Free Play to unlock more goodies, but the puzzle variety is able to be mixed much better throughout the game thanks to the ability to pick up and use items.

Adding a bit more character to the main cast are phobias that a couple of them have. Indy, for instance, is afraid of snakes, while Willie is scared of spiders. Both will cower in fear when near them, so you'll need to use another character to either clear the way or go ahead and solve a puzzle without them. It's a small touch, but one that works well to bring about some of the characters' traits from the films to the game. Since the characters don't really talk though, Short Round lacks his funny quips and just winds up being short. Oh well.

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Game Walkthrough


    ____________________  __  __         ____  __  __
   |                    |   ||   |  || | __    ||     /   |  ||   / 
   |                    |   ||   |  || ||  ||   ||    //  |  ||  //
   |   _    __  ____ __ |   ||   |||| ||__||   ||   /____ |||| /____
   |  / /  / _//___//  /| __||__ ||  | |____/ __||__ |    | ||  | |    |
   | / /_ / _///  ///// |         __  __  ____          ____  ____
   |/___//__//___//__/  |           ||   / __  |  || | ___|/  __|
   |                    |           ||   ||  || |  || ||__    
   |                    |         __||   ||__|| |||| ||___  _  
   |____________________|         __|   ____/ ||  | |____||____/

               = T H E   O R I G I N A L   A D V E N T U R E S =

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (Wii Version)
A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
Version 1.0
E-mail: cyricz42 at

1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Basics
   3A. Controls
   3B. Menus/Displays
   3C. Items
   3D. Hints/Tips
4. Barnett College
5. Story Walkthroughs
   Raiders of the Lost Ark
    5A. The Lost Temple
    5B. Into the Mountains
    5C. City of Danger
    5D. The Well of Souls
    5E. Pursuing the Ark
    5F. Opening the Ark
   The Temple of Doom
    5G. Shanghai Showdown
    5H. Pankot Secrets
    5I. The Temple of Kali
    5J. Free the Slaves
    5K. Escape the Mines
    5L. Battle on the Bridge
   The Last Crusade
    5M. The Hunt for Sir Richard
    5N. Castle Rescue
    5O. Motorcycle Escape
    5P. Trouble in the Sky
    5Q. Desert Ambush
    5R. Temple of the Grail
6. Free Play Runthroughs
   Raiders of the Lost Ark
    6A. The Lost Temple
    6B. Into the Mountains
    6C. City of Danger
    6D. The Well of Souls
    6E. Pursuing the Ark
    6F. Opening the Ark
   The Temple of Doom
    6G. Shanghai Showdown
    6H. Pankot Secrets
    6I. The Temple of Kali
    6J. Free the Slaves
    6K. Escape the Mines
    6L. Battle on the Bridge
   The Last Crusade
    6M. The Hunt for Sir Richard
    6N. Castle Rescue
    6O. Motorcycle Escape
    6P. Trouble in the Sky
    6Q. Desert Ambush
    6R. Temple of the Grail
7. Bonus Missions
   7A. Activating the Bonuses
   7B. Young Indy
   7C. Ancient City
   7D. Warehouse
8. Characters
   8A. Story Characters
   8B. Extra Characters
   8C. Secret Characters
   8D. Guest Character
9. Secrets/Unlockables
   9A. Main Unlocks
   9B. Extras and Parcels
   9C. Secret Codes
10. Standard Guide Stuff
   10A. Legal
   10B. E-mail Guidelines
   10C. Credits
   10D. Version Updates
   10E. The Final Word


Hello, adventurers!  Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for LEGO Indiana Jones: 
The Original Adventures, specifically the Nintendo Wii version.  Continuing 
on the success of the LEGO Star Wars franchise, this is Lucasfilm's other 
great series, retold entirely with cute little LEGOs.  Join Indiana Jones 
as he relives his greatest adventures.  In this guide, you'll find 
walkthroughs of each mission in Story, quick runthroughs of each mission in 
Free Play, which includes collecting all the Treasures and Parcels, as well 
as well as how to uncover all the game's secrets.

2. FAQ

Q: What is LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures?

A: This is a LEGO-styled action game released in 2008 based around the first 
 three movies of the Indiana Jones series.

Q: What is the ESRB rating of this game?

A: This game is rated E10+, with the added descriptor of Cartoon Violence.

Q: Would this game be good for my kids?  I remember there being a lot of 
 objective content in the movies.

A: All violence is done towards LEGO bricks, so there's no blood, and all 
 "dismemberment" is taken in a humorous stride.  Any references to religions 
 or the Nazi regime has been removed (the bad guys are just "enemy soldiers", 
 although all named characters keep their names, including Dietrich and 
 Vogel).  As far as positive aspects of the game towards kids, the gameplay 
 is focused on exploration, discovery, and critical thinking.  The 
 co-operative gameplay style and forgiving difficulty is also a plus.

Q: How many people can play?  Does this game require a Nunchuk?

A: Two, and yes.

Q: So, how is this game different from LEGO Star Wars?  I mean, besides the 

A: Much of the concept has remained the same.  You still need to progress 
 through the missions fighting bad guys and solving puzzles involving 
 building, jumping, pushing, etc.  One of the most significant changes is in 
 the ability to pick up items lying on the ground.  Characters can pick up 
 certain objects to fight with like spears, guns, bottles, and torches.  They 
 can also pick up tools which can help them progress the mission, such as 
 shovels or wrenches.

Q: Can I play as the monkey?  Pleeeeease?

A: Sorry.  It seems that, although Mr. Monkey ends up wandering around the 
 college, you can never control him. :(


Most of this information can be found in the instruction manual, like anyone 
reads those.

3A. Controls =

General Controls -

Control Stick: Move your character.
A Button: Jump.  Some characters can double jump if you press A again.
B Button: Attack.
Z Button: Use item in hand or interact with environment.  Used for building 
 piles of LEGOs, pulling switches, or picking up items.
C Button: Shift focus.  As a side note, in this game you don't have to be 
 next to each other to shift to the other character.  It can be done from 
 about a screen away.  Also used to climb on vehicles or animals.
1 and 2 Buttons: Only used during Free Play.  Switch between characters you 
 selected for this mission.
+ Button: Brings up Pause Menu.

Controls can slightly change depending on your situation.  If something 
specific changes per a mission, I'll mention it in the walkthrough.

3B. Menus/Displays =

Main Menu -

New Game: Start a new game.
Load Game: Load a previously saved game.
Coming Soon: Shows a preview trailer of LEGO Batman.
Options: Opens Options Menu.


Options Menu -

Music: Toggle music on/off.
Widescreen: Toggle widescreen functionality.
Screen V-Sync: Toggles V-Sync, whatever that is. >_>


Pause Menu -

Resume: Get back to the game.
Options: Opens Options Menu.
Extras: Opens Extras menu, where you can select any extras you've purchased, 
 as well as toggle the Adaptive Difficulty.
Quit: Return to the Main Menu or Barnett College depending on where you are.

3C. Items =

There are a lot of things you can pick up in this game, and it is a new 
feature, so I thought I'd supply this list of items you can grab in the game, 
either lying around or from enemies.  Press Z to pick up any item.  Depending 
on the item, use it either with B or Z.

Generally, picking up another item will drop the first one on the ground, 
unless the item came with the character (such as Satipo's shovel), or it's a 
Key, which I'll get to in a moment.  Anyway, here's the list.

Box, Chest, Undefined Block or Device - Oftentimes, you'll find items that 
 quite simply need to be picked up and put somewhere else.  You'll know these 
 items from background objects because they don't respond to being punched, 
 and have a blue downward arrow pointing at them.  Simply pick them up with 
 Z then press Z to set them back down again.  Look for more downward pointing 
 arrows where you can set them down properly.  Most of the time, the items 
 are heavy to the point where you walk more slowly when carrying them.  Also, 
 you cannot attack while lugging them around.

Throwable - Mostly, this will be in the form of bottles or chairs.  Pick up 
 the object with Z, then look for a "four arrow" bracket.  This is the 
 target you've selected.  Setting on the proper target can take some doing, 
 and usually requires clearing the area, but press Z to launch your 

Shovel - Can be used for combat, but is meant for excavation.  Certain 
 piles of rubble glow with sparkles.  Hold Z near these piles to unearth 
 whatever's under them.

Key - These look like little gold wind-up keys.  The "lock" is generally a 
 device with white gears.  Once you place the key using Z, press and hold Z 
 again to turn the device.  This is the one item that you can stow in your 
 "pocket" and still pick up another for use.

Wrench - Can be used for combat, but is meant for repair jobs.  You'll find 
 blue engines that are spitting out smoke.  Hold Z near these engines to 
 fix them up, activating the engine.

Torch - Used to burn things, mostly dynamite fuses.  Can also be used as an 
 impromptu weapon.  In addition to throwing at the object you want to burn, 
 you can also just walk up to the flammable object to set it alight.

Book - Blue books are used to "translate heiroglyphs".  Basically, while 
 carrying a book, walk up to the 3x3 block of glyphs on the wall and press 
 Z.  A series of four of them will light up.  Match that series in order to 
 activate whatever they do.

Spear - Either part of a trap or the weapon of the Hovitos Tribesmen, these 
 sharpened spikes can be used as a weapon.  If you're next to an enemy, 
 pressing B will cause you to attack with it.  If you're not near any enemy, 
 watch for where your cursor will target, then press B to throw it.

Sword - The more traditional weapon of a less civilized age, the big blade 
 seems a bit slow compared to straight out punching.  There are two types of 
 swords: scimitars that the African and Asian folk wield, and broadswords 
 found amongst the European types, but they're the same weapon, essentially.  
 Swords serve a double purpose of being able to cut ropes, but you often have 
 to throw them to get the severing done.

Crossbow - This is another weapon of the Hovitos Tribesmen and Thuggees.  
 It's a long-range weapon.  It carries six bolts before running out.

Pistol - Enemy Soldiers carry this weapon.  It's a standard six-shot pistol.  
 To properly use it, put some distance between yourself and the enemy, else 
 you'll just punch.

Machine Gun - A rapid-fire long-range weapon.  Fires in bursts of 3 for a 
 total of 24 shots per gun.  You can find this with certain bad guys and in 
 certain supply barrels.

Rifle - Yet another long-range weapon.  A few later soldiers will carry this, 
 and you can also find them in supply barrels.  In the end, it works the same 
 as a pistol, except it holds 12 shots.

Grenade - You won't find this often in the field, but Officers carry them.  
 If you ever get to use one, look for the targeting bracket and then press Z 
 to toss the grenade at it, otherwise, you'll just throw in front of you.

Bazooka - Just as useful for demolition as combat.  Each Bazooka has four 
 rockets.  Use them on enemies for quick destruction, or use it on shiny 
 LEGO objects to bust them open.

3D. Hints/Tips =

Unlike LEGO Star Wars, there are no Gold Bricks in this game.  Progress is 
based on the missions you complete, the number of times you get "True 
Adventurer" status, the amount of Treasures you collect, and the amount of 
Parcels you deliver.

Keep collecting studs.  Collecting a specified number will give you "True 
Adventurer" status and 25,000 studs at the conclusion of the mission.  Once 
you hit the True Adventurer threshold, you cannot lose it, no matter how low 
your studs get afterwards.  You only need to get True Adventurer once for 
each mission, either on Story or Free Play.

Collect Treasures to assemble an artifact.  Collecting all ten and completing 
the artifact will get you 50,000 studs and will place the completed Artifact 
in the Artifact Room, where it can be used to unlock bonus missions.

Each mission has a red Parcel in them.  Collect that Parcel, then find a 
mailbox.  Place the Parcel in the mailbox, then complete the mission to 
unlock an Extra for purchase in the Mail Room.  Some of these can be pretty 
expensive, mind you, but they're the most useful ones.

Punch.  Freakin'.  Everything.  If it's made out of LEGO bricks and not 
obviously part of the background, bash it down, or whatever you have to do, 
because a lot of stuff to move ahead in the game requires you to go on a 
destruction frenzy.

Explore everywhere.  Run into walls and behind them to look for any areas 
you might be missing.

If you die, you'll drop a portion of your studs: usually 2,000, but that can 
vary if you have Adaptive Difficulty turned on.  You can die as many times as 
you want and you can still finish the mission.  However, losing too many 
studs means you'll have a harder time getting True Adventurer status, so be 
sure to recollect those lost studs when you croak.

Look out for visual cues to see how you can progress in a mission.  For 
instance, some items you can pick up have sunlight lines coming off them.  
Platforms you can whip-swing from are lit up.  A ball of rainbow sparkles 
means a high-jumping character should start from there.  Small sparkles near 
the ground usually indicates a treasure to be dug up.  There are other cues 
in the game which I will touch on as they become relevant.

Don't forget that just because a special item is required to bypass an area, 
you may not necessarily need a special character for the job.  Search the 
area to see if you can find that necessary item.  For instance, if you see a 
busted engine, your first instinct may be that you need Jock, who comes with 
a wrench, but search the area, because a wrench just might be hidden amongst 
an object you can wreck.


While a new game will dump you straight into the first mission, this area 
serves as a hub that you can return to at any time, where you can view your 
progress or put your hard-earned studs to good use.


Main Hall - 

This is the obvious largest area in the college, and where you can access all 
other areas.  On the back wall are three maps that represent each of the 
three episodes of the Indiana Jones saga.  Walk up to any of them to access 
the missions in each episode.

There is a floor decoration in the center of the hall.  Walk onto it and 
you will be told your current progress in the game as far as Treasures found, 
True Adventurer's attained, and Parcels mailed.

There are several exits from the hall that will take you to other locations.  
The "near" area (south of the maps) has six doors, three on each side of the 
hall, which will take you to other rooms.  On the left, from back to front, 
are the Library, Classroom, and Theater.  On the right, from back to front, 
are the Courtyard, the Mail Room, and Indy's Office.  Up the stairs in the 
back and to the right will lead you to the Artifact Room.


Library -

Walk up to the counter here to purchase any "extra" character that you've 
encountered during the game.  This will allow you to purchase basically any 
character, friend or foe, that you did not normally play as during the game.


Classroom -

This is the code room.  If you have any six-character code used for unlocking 
characters or extras, input it here.


Theater -

Walk up to the projector in this room and you can view any cutscene you've 
already seen.


Artifact Room -

Here is where all the Treasures you've collected in missions will be 
displayed, forming Artifacts.  If you stand in front of an incomplete 
Artifact, you can spend money to "complete" it.  I say that in quotes because 
the Artifact will be completed for the case of unlocking bonus missions, but 
you'll still need to find the remaining Treasures to get the percentage for 
the Artifact (the missing pieces will be transparent).


Courtyard -

This is basically a long passageway leading to the Art Room.  Also, if you 
jump off the balcony in the Artifact Room, you'll land down here.


Art Room -

In this room, you can create two characters of your own based on a set of 
established parts.  You can modify every aspect of their body: their 
hat/hair, head, shirt, hands, belt, legs, and weapon (which will be their 
main weapon in game).  You can even "test drive" them in the room itself, 
although you can't leave the room while controlling them.  Once finished, 
yu can select them in any Free Play mission.


Mail Room -

This room has a display of all the Parcels you've mailed during the course 
of the game, including six Parcels already in place that you didn't need to 
find.  Walk up to the pigeonholes and you can buy any of the extras sitting 
there, to be added to your list of Extras during gameplay.


Indy's Office -

While there's not much logistic stuff to be done in the office, once you 
gain a load of different characters, you can come back here to find some 
secrets.  Check the "Bonus Missions" section later in the guide.


Below you'll find walkthroughs for all the main missions in the game.  These 
walkthroughs take relatively few diversions from the main path, nor do they 
stop to find minikits along the way.  We'll cover all that in the next 

5A. The Lost Temple =

"This is it.  This is where Forrestal cashed in." - Indy
"A friend of yours?" - Satipo
"A competitor.  He was good.  He was very, very good." - Indy
"Seņor, nobody comes out of there alive." - Satipo

Starting Characters: Indiana Jones, Satipo
Added Characters: Jock
Enemies: Red Spiders, Crocodiles, Giant Spiders, Hovitos Tribesman

True Adventurer at 30,000: Easy peasy.  I had almost double this at the end.  
 Just make sure you bust up anything that looks breakable.

Jungle 1: Okay, so it's you and your companion Satipo on the way to the 
 temple.  Familiarize yourself with the control scheme.  The game will lead 
 you on as you go, anyway, but take the time to play around.  Note the ladder 
 in the back.  You can grab onto the rope hanging near it to pull down the 
 hatch.  Climb up and you'll find your first "whip platform".  Basically, 
 these are brown brick platforms with a vague light on them.  Press Z on this 
 platform to swing out to those studs.  You can also use Satipo to dig up the 
 small idol in the ground (hold Z near the soft lights), but none of this is 
 important to moving forward.  While I'm identifying things, be careful 
 smashing up the landscape, because some plants have red spiders hiding 
 under them, which require a whap to beat.

 Okay, so head to the right to find a platform.  Jump out and to the right 
 to grab the vine, then jump off it to the far side of the gap.  Head right to 
 find your first pile of LEGOs.  Assemble then by holding Z and it will make 
 a trampoline.  This isn't important, but is useful for learning about 
 building.  That stone face near you is a trap.  If you step on the button, 
 it will shoot an arrow at you.  If you attack it, however, it will rotate, 
 and stepping on the button will spit out a silver stud.  The important thing, 
 however, is the whip platform to your right.  Press Z on it to swing across.  
 Smash the small box tied to the vine on this side so Satipo can join you.  
 Use the C button to switch to him and have him dig by the soft lights to 
 unearth something.  Use Z to pick it up, then carry it over to the spot where 
 the arrow is pointing and press Z again, which will unroll a bridge.  Cross.

 Head to the right.  Either smash the stone faces to make them safe, or just 
 avoid the buttons.  Note the longer button near the end, which shoots a 
 spear trap up.  Avoid walking into them, wait for the spears to retract, 
 and continue on (you may have to switch to your partner to move him off the 
 button).  Proceed to find a stone wall.  First, have Satipo dig up the piece 
 of statue, and place it on the left hand pedestal.  Push both statues into 
 the wall to reveal buttons.  Step on both buttons to reveal the way forward.

Jungle 2: Assemble the pile of LEGOs here to make a raft.  Only Satipo (or 
 someone else with a shovel) can paddle a raft, so switch to him, then press 
 C near the raft.  Now, C button functions can be a little squirrely.  Stand 
 next to the raft and make sure the "C" appears above it, otherwise you might 
 just switch characters.  Anyway, once in the raft, wait for Indy to get on, 
 and paddle over to the right.  Get off at the dock by pressing A to jump off.  
 Head to the right and then up towards the stairs.  Smack the giant spiders 
 that show up.  They may seem nasty, but they're rather weak, actually.  
 Continue up and watch for spear traps.  You can actually take these spears 
 with Z to fight with them if you wish, but it's not essential.  What you need 
 to do is grab the two vines flanking the door.  If you grab one, your 
 partner should automatically grab the other.  This will let you inside.

Temple 1: Those brown things are railings.  May seem silly to identify them, 
 but this is the first we've seen of these in the LEGO world.  Jump into them 
 and you can shimmy along them left or right, or jump off them with A to get 
 some height, or drop off them with Z.  Anyway, have Indy go up the left hand 
 railing to the ladder.  Use the whip platform to swing across, then pick up 
 the box nearby and place it on the middle green button.  This will hold down 
 the middle spike trap below you.  Now, step on the left hand button and 
 Satipo will jump to the middle.  Once he's there, step on the right hand 
 button and he'll jump the rest of the way and deactivate the spike traps.  
 Jump back down and follow him to the right.

 Keep going right to find a whip platform, which you'll use to pull a switch.  
 Assemble the ladder it spits out and climb up it and the vine above to go 
 to the right.  Keep moving right across the bridge even as pieces of it fall 
 and you'll reach a LEGO door.  Now, see that floor?  It's mostly trapped.  
 Jump onto the dark gray spots (with studs on them) all the way across to the 
 other side.  Stepping on all four will open the door.  Move ahead, but watch 
 closely, because there are more spear traps on the way.  Climb up the stairs 
 to the next room.

Temple 2: Grab the vine next to you and you'll lower a Key.  Take the Key and 
 place it in the device nearby, as marked.  Once it's in, hold Z to rotate 
 the platforms in the center of the room.  Cross them and approach the idol.  
 After the cutscene, the platforms will now rotate, so cross them to the back 
 of the room and head through the door.

Temple 3: Use the vine to the right to cross, then start heading right.  Watch 
 for rolling statues.  As you move down, you'll come to another vine.  Cross 
 using it (ignore the ladder for now).  Grab the two vines further right, 
 which will raise a bridge, allowing one of the rolling statues to hit the 
 door.  Go through it.

Boulder Chase: If you get squashed, you'll have to start over.  Move quickly 
 down the path, jumping over gaps.  It's not particularly difficult, and 
 you're even allowed to die once or twice along the way if the boulder doesn't 
 catch up.

Jungle 3: Time to get out of here.  Hovitos Tribesmen will start showing up in 
 force, some which have spears, and some which have crossbows.  You can take 
 these weapons after beating them, but don't focus on them, because there is 
 an unlimited amount.  Oh, by the way, Satipo took off and you now have your 
 pilot Jock with you.  Head over to the plane.  You need to take two blue 
 boxes and put them on the green panels.  One is right next to the panels, 
 and the other is out on the water, and you'll need to use Indy's whip to 
 grab it.  Once both are placed, build the propeller.  Now, take Jock and 
 hop onto the plane itself.  Hold Z and he'll take out his wrench and start 
 fixing the plane.  Once he's done, you'll make your escape.

New Characters:
Indiana Jones
Hovitos Tribesman: 18,000
Barranca: 18,000
Belloq (Jungle): 50,000
Jungle Guide: 18,000

5B. Into the Mountains =

"Well, Jones, at least you haven't forgotten how to show a lady a good time!" 
 - Marion

Starting Characters: Indiana Jones, Marion
Enemies: Major Toht, Sherpa Brawler, Sherpa Gunner, Enemy Guard (Mountains), 
 Bazooka Trooper (Raiders)

True Adventurer at 35,000: There's a lot of possible falling to be had here, 
 so try not to take too many leaps of faith.

Marion's Bar: Okay, it may seem a bit unclear, but the object in this area 
 is to get the door on the left open.  First, look near the hanging ladder 
 to see some rainbow sparkles on the ground.  This means that a high jumper, 
 specifically any female character, is needed to get up there.  Have Marion 
 climb up and pull down the ladder, which will drop a Key.  Use the Key on 
 the device near the door.

 Now, you need to fight Toht and his Sherpa cronies.  Pound the Sherpas, but 
 Toht will try to stay out of your reach.  Instead, grab any of the chairs or 
 bottles lying around and press Z when a "quad arrow" points at Toht to throw 
 it at him.  You need to do this three times.  The last time, he'll come out 
 to attack, so just lamp him one.  This will start the second part of the 
 battle.  The bar will be on fire and a Sherpa Gunner will by picking at you 
 with his machine gun.  Throw chairs at him while avoiding death from his 
 bullets and other Sherpas.  Also, you can break the middle table and 
 reassemble it on its side for some cover.  Again, he'll hop out for the last 
 hit, so take him down.  Toht will come back for one final round with his 
 gun, so grab the Sherpa's machine gun and punch some holes in him to chase 
 him off.

Village 1: More Sherpas will show up regularly, so keep moving.  Head to the 
 right.  Grab a torch off any wall and throw it at the red dynamite near the 
 back right.  Assemble part of the mess left over to make a platform.  Carry 
 it over to the right and place it on the green panel.  Smash the nearby 
 toolbox to find a wrench, and use it to fix the engine, which will power up 
 the lift.  Ride up and grab the railing.  Shimmy (or hop) over to the 
 other side.  To lower yourself, press Z.

 Whip across the gap, then put together the bridge.  Push it in place so 
 Marion can cross.  Grab Marion and have her jump up to the ledge with the 
 barrel on it, and push it off the ledge.  Assemble it into a full block of 
 dynamite.  Now, go back across the bridge and grab the torch on the wall.  
 Run into the dynamite with it to blow the wall.

Cliffs: Whip across.  Bust the barrel and assemble the railing so Marion can 
 follow.  You're going to make another lift like earlier.  First, note the 
 rainbow sparkles.  High jump to the device so you can open the big door in 
 back.  Now, smash both statues flanking the gate.  One will surrender a 
 wrench, which you'll need, and the other will reveal some pieces, which make 
 a railing around the stone nearby.  High jump to the railing, then up to 
 the green and white statue in back.  Push it off the ledge, then reassemble 
 it into a platform.  Carry the platform to the left and fix the engine with 
 the wrench.  Ride up the lift and head right.  As you move, rocks will fall 
 down and start breaking ice bridges.  Keep moving all the way to the right.  
 The last one is pretty big, so you might have to climb back up if you fall.  
 Enter the big doorway at the end.

Cave: There are two orange structures along the back wall.  Smash the left 
 one to find a shovel.  Use it to dig up the spot nearby to find a Key.  
 Use the Key on the device to the left to lower a rope.  Before you go up, go 
 to the back of the room and push the statue to the left.  Now, climb up the 
 rope and use the railings and ledges to move to the statue.  Stand on it, 
 then switch to the other person.  The first will wait while the other pushes 
 the statue over.  Now, switch back and have the first person assemble the 
 rope so both of you can stand on the pressure plate.  It will lower a 
 railing.  Cross the railing to the far right side and exit out the door.

Village 2: The idea here is to get across that bridge to the truck on the 
 far right.  Hop on the llama in the area and walk over to the pressure plate 
 to start the lift going.  Hop on, then move right and pick up the bazooka.  
 Odd place to leave one, hmm?  Hop down and blow up the gray box near the 
 bridge.  Assemble the rotator switch and push its green panel to extend the 
 bridge and bring up a small platform with a respawning bazooka.  Waste the 
 truck at the far end with several bazooka shots and go through the door and 
 you're done!

New Characters:
Major Toht: 50,000
Colonel Dietrich: 50,000
Enemy Guard (Mountains): 30,000
Bazooka Trooper (Raiders): 30,000
Sherpa Brawler: 18,000
Sherpa Gunner: 25,000

5C. City of Danger =

"The Ark.  If it is here, then it is something that Man was not meant to 
 disturb.  Death has always surrounded it.  It is not of this earth." 
 - Sallah

Starting Characters: Indiana Jones (Desert), Marion (Cairo)
Enemies: Masked Bandit, Bandit Swordsman, Enemy Soldier (Desert), Enemy 

True Adventurer at 50,000: It's a lot of nickling and diming.  Just smash 
 everything; the markets have a ton of breakables.  There is a nice haul of a 
 purple stud near the fourth monkey (the one with the key on the rooftops).

Market 1: One of the main themes of this mission is giving bananas to monkeys 
 and getting a useful item in return.  For instance, grab the banana right 
 here and press Z when the monkey is targeted to toss it at him and you'll 
 get a wrench.  Fix the engine and ride up the lift and out.

Market 2: At the back end of this area is the door you need to open, and you 
 need to find two keys for the devices.  First, head left.  Use the bananas 
 on the monkey to get a shovel.  Just near the monkey is a place with debris.  
 Smash it up and create the ladder, then dig up near the switch to pull out its 
 remaining pieces.  Pull the switch to raise the ladder and climb up.  Go to 
 the left to find the Key and use it in the main door at the other end.  
 Now, go right, to the enclosed area.  Find a cart made out of LEGOs and push 
 it to the left.  Now, high jump up to the nearby awning (marked by the 
 rainbow sparkles), bounce right to the cart, then jump to the rope to pull 
 up a platform.  Cross to get the Key.  Use it on the main door and open it.

Market 3: This area is rather busy, what with all the soldiers and stuff to 
 blow up.  If you want to dismount the camels, grab a throwable item and 
 chuck it at them.  All you really need is the back wall, which has a big 
 cart blocking an alley.  Near the cart is a box with pieces in it to make 
 a push panel on the cart.  Instead of pushing it, though, you're going to 
 walk up and move right so you pull it away.  It's a little difficult to get 
 used to, but practice.  Head on through the alley once it's clear.

Alley: Head straight back and up the stairs, taking down anyone in your way.  
 Once you reach the rooftop, use the whip platform near the monkey to remove 
 the railing blocking him, then toss him a banana so you get dynamite.  Throw 
 it at the gray barrel nearby.  This will drop a ladder, so climb up and move 

Rooftops: You can bust up this nice patio scene if you wish, but the way 
 forward is back near the dome roof.  Push the green panel to reveal a 
 staircase, then climb up and push the ball to the right to knock down a 
 wooden plank to cross.  Now, head to the next area and go right across all 
 the collapsing bridges.  If you fall, you can use the railings beneath them 
 to make the jump, so keep going.  On the next roof, toss the monkey a banana, 
 so you get a Key, and use it to extend a bridge.  Grab another banana and 
 toss it at the monkey further on to get a wrench.  Fix the nearby engine to 
 drop a box.  Place that box on one of the green panels.  Next, use the whip 
 platform to the right.  Smash the LEGO lattice on this side and use it to 
 assemble a bridge.  Take the box on this side and carry it back to the other 
 green panel.  Assemble the lever, then jump on the far side to pull up the 
 hatch on the floor.  Drop down.

Market 4: Another wide open and busy place.  Find yourself one of the gray 
 Officers walking around and beat him up so he drops his hat.  Take it, and 
 go to the door near the big gray gate in the back.  Press Z next to the 
 window (marked with a little soldier face) and the soldier will let you in 
 through the door.  Beat up the guys inside and build the front part of the 
 truck.  Next, smash the nearby barrels to find a wrench, and fix up the 
 engine.  Now, you have a truck that can pretty much smash through anything, 
 even shiny gray objects.  Barrel out of the gate, to the right, then smash 
 through the big metal doors at the right end.  Hop out and head through 
 the small doorway to finish the mission.

New Characters:
Indiana Jones (Desert)
Marion (Cairo)
Masked Bandit: 18,000
Bandit Swordsman: 25,000
Enemy Soldier (Desert): 18,000
Enemy Officer: 30,000
Monkey Man: 18,000

5D. The Well of Souls =

"Snakes.  Why'd it have to be snakes?" - Indy

Starting Characters: Indiana Jones, Sallah (Desert)
Added Characters: Marion (Evening Dress)
Enemies: Asps, Blue Spiders, Giant Snake

True Adventurer at 57,000: I had this in the third room after getting Marion 
 back.  There aren't too many places to die, so you shouldn't have to conserve 
 that much.  Just explore carefully, because there are quite a few blues 
 hidden in out of the way places.

Entry Room: This area is where the concept of phobias are introduced.  Indy, 
 as we all know, is afraid of snakes, and the trench around this room is 
 loaded with them.  If he gets close to the trench, he'll cower, basically 
 moving slowly and not able to do anything else.  First, use the whip platform 
 on the north end to extend part of a bridge.  Then, switch to Sallah and have 
 him hop the gap.  Push both statues back in this area, one revealing pieces 
 that make a firewood stack, and the other revealing a torch, which will light 
 the wood.  Now, Indy can cross, allowing you to have both characters step on 
 buttons to open the big door.

Glyph Room: Keep using Sallah, because you'll run across some more snakes 
 here, where you'll have to swat them.  Also, the big button unleashes a 
 spear trap, but you can smack the spears to get them out of your way.  Move 
 all the way to the back of the room smashing snakes and spears.  There's a 
 glyph panel on the wall.  Books allow you to decipher panels.  There was one 
 in the Entry Room, and there's one right here in the pots to your left.  How 
 they work is you stand in front of the panel with book in hand and press Z.  
 Four panels will light up in order, and you have to select each panel in the 
 same order to unlock the glyph.  Once you do that, the back wall will open.

Staircase Room: That big staircase is the classic trap where it slides you back 
 down.  Take the Key that slides down with you and use it on the right-hand 
 wall.  Smash it down and all the blue spiders, then build the statue head.  
 Place it on the right-hand jackal statue near the stairs to deactivate the 
 stairs trap.  Now, what you nee to do is manipulate the four pillars in the 
 corners here.  First, take the orange panel on the ground and stick it on the 
 green panel on the upper-right pillar.  Next, move the upper-right pillar so 
 the ledge on top is pointing to the left.  Then, move the lower-left pillar so 
 the ledge is pointing up.  Switch to Indy, if you haven't already.  Climb the 
 rope near the lower-left pillar and hop over to the upper-left.  Switch to 
 Sallah and have him rotate the pillar so it's pointing right, then switch 
 back and have Indy use the whip platform to swing across.  Switch back to 
 Sallah again and rotate the upper-right pillar so it's pointing down, then 
 jump across to the lower-right pillar as Indy.  Phew.  With the lower-right 
 pillar lowered, you can take the gold block up the stairs.  Now, to solve 
 the sphinx puzzle in the back.  First, take the brown panel from its right 
 paw and set it on the green panel.  Now, take either of the gold blocks, the 
 one you brought here, or the one on its left paw, and stand on either of 
 the brown panels to be raised up to the sphinx's eye.  Place the block and 
 do the same for the other.  Head through the door.

Ark Chamber: Okay.  There are three holes in the back wall of this room, and 
 they all have to be filled with golden balls.  There's one near the left 
 hole that can be placed right away.  There's another nearby in a dig spot 
 that you can put on the right-hand hole.  The last one is on the right side 
 of the room.  Use the glyph panel (if you need a book, one's buried right 
 nearby).  This will make railings appear.  Climb up them as Indy and whip 
 the golden ball.  Now, to get up to the slot.  On the left side of the room 
 is a wall you can bust down.  Take the platform from there and put it under 
 the center hole, then ride it up and put the ball there.  This will reveal 
 the Ark, so walk up to it.

Entry Room Revisited: Lost Sallah, got back Marion.  First, hop on the platform 
 on the left-hand statue as Indy, then jump with Marion near the rainbow 
 sparkles to send him up.  While still holding the rope, switch back to Indy 
 and whip across to knock the statue into the wall.  Go through the hole.

Ruined Chamber:  Proceed to the right across a railing, a vine, and then to 
 a whip platform.  Whip across, then smash up the webs in the corner and take 
 the shovel.  Dig up the switch and pull it so Marion can join you.  Pull on 
 both ropes to open the door, but take care of the spiders before you leave.

Snake Vent Chamber: First thing is to prepare the way, and all you need is on 
 the right side of the room.  There's a gear buried in the ground, another 
 just lying there, and a key in a little alcove behind the pots.  Take all 
 three and use them on the device to raise up the block.  Now, go to the 
 center of the room and reassmble the stone block.  Push it to the back left 
 corner, which will allow Indy to climb up.  Jump as Marion, because snakes 
 will start falling down from a nearby vent.  Grab the rope, and then the 
 railing above the vent to close it.  Hop across to the right and do the same 
 thing to the next one.  You can get the third one if you want, but you don't 
 need to.  Step on the buttons to open the door.

Burial Chamber: There's actually nothing you need to do here.  You can just 
 go straight back to the doorway.  Avoid the coffins, as some are spear traps.

Sand Chamber: The two of you are going to split up here.  Whip across as Indy, 
 grab the shovel and dig up the dirt to get pieces of railings.  Climb up 
 them, then use the whip platform to pull down the path and pick up the Key 
 at the end.  Drop down and insert it in either of the two devices.  Next, 
 switch back to Marion and high jump over to the vine, then to the next 
 platform, where there's another Key.  Use it on the second device.  Once 
 both are inserted, use both to raise up a platform.  Now, it's time to fight 
 the Giant Snake.  Fortunately, he's pretty easy.  Dodge his spit shots, then 
 grab a torch on the left and throw it at him.  Do this five times and he'll 
 blow up.  Reassemble his... pieces, you'll make a lift.  Ride up, then push 
 the block at the top and you're home free.

New Characters:
Sallah (Desert)
Marion (Evening Dress)
Indiana Jones (Desert Disguise): 27,500
Belloq: 50,000
Enemy Officer (Desert): 30,000
Bandit: 15,000

5E. Pursuing the Ark =

"Where are you going?" - Sallah
"I'm going after that truck." - Indy
"How?" - Sallah
"I don't know, I'm making this up as I go." - Indy

Starting Characters: Indiana Jones (Desert), Marion (Evening Dress)
Added Characters: Sallah (Desert)
Enemies: Enemy Soldier (Desert), Enemy Officer (Desert), Enemy Boxer

True Adventurer at 47,000: Lots of stuff in the first two areas.  Don't forget 
 to ride the motorcycle or other cars around into the gray cans to smash them 
 up for good studs.

Dig Site: Okay.  The first step (after beating up all the bad guys) is to 
 get that track completed in the back of the area.  You need three pieces.  
 The first is right next to you.  The second is further to the right.  Push a
 mine cart down the tracks into the wall to get the pieces for it.  The third 
 one is further down to the right, and it's buried.  Lots of shovels in the 
 area, so pick any gray barrel to find one.  With the track complete, you now 
 need to get up there.  Go back to the left.  Put a blue box onto one of the 
 gray panels, then go to the right of the crane to find a whip platform, which 
 will pull down a ladder.  Climb up and get the other blue box.  Place it on 
 the other green panel.  Assemble the rest of the crane, then hop in the cab.  
 Use the B button to grab the brown cylinder and move it to the right side and 
 onto the button.  With the other panel up, Marion can hop up to the top area.  
 Have her jump over to that tall cart on the track, then switch to Indy and 
 have him push it to the other side.  Hop off as Marion and assemble the rope 
 so Indy can join you and pull the two ropes to the right.  Cross the platform 
 and head up the stairs.

Base: This area's a pain in the butt, because there are a lot of bad guys.  
 What you need is to get an officer's hat (they throw grenades) and use the 
 soldier door quick, then head on through.  Take out all the soldiers in the 
 next part (these guys are actually finite).  You now need to open the gate on 
 the east wall.  To the right is one of the propeller pieces you need, so 
 assemble it and place it.  The other is in one of those watchtowers.  First, 
 find a shovel and dig up the chest near the tables, which has a Key in it.  
 Now, go to the tower to the left of the north gate.  Pull the rope inside to 
 release the parts for the crank.  Assemble it, then have your person with 
 the Key hop on the right-hand rope.  Have the partner turn the crank so the 
 rope goes to the right.  Hop off the rop and place the Key.  Turn the crank 
 to move the next rope, then hop from it to the right.  Throw the switch in 
 this tower to lower the propeller piece and place it next to the gate.  The 
 gate opens and you can go through.

Airport: Ah.  Remember this guy?  The Boxer is confined to the circle (the 
 Circle of DEATH).  Punching him is useless.  The way to beat him is to pick 
 up anvils and walk up to him so he punches them.  The first one is right 
 nearby.  After that first punch, a truck drives in with some soldiers.  Now, 
 it's time for some fun.  Go up to the plane and hop into the cockpit.  You 
 can rotate and fire the plane's guns, so do so to waste the soldiers and the 
 truck.  The remains of the truck will make your second anvil.  Repeat the 
 owie.  Another truck will show up, so do the same thing again to finish the 

Truck Chase: You're now on a truck.  The basic premise of this sequence is 
 to beat all the enemies, and hijack the truck that the last guy comes out of, 
 holding down A to accelerate to the next group.  The trucks all have railings, 
 so don't worry too much about falling.  Keep moving up the trucks until you 
 reach the last one and ram Belloq's car.

New Characters:
Enemy Boxer: 25,000
Captain Katanga: 18,000
First Mate: 12,500

5F. Opening the Ark =

"Don't look at it. Shut your eyes, Marion. Don't look at it, no matter what 
 happens." - Indy

Starting Characters: Indiana Jones (Army Disguise), Marion (Nightgown)
Enemies: Enemy Soldier (Desert), Enemy Officer (Desert), Belloq (Priest)

True Adventurer at 40,000: Not too hard.  In fact, you can hit it before 
 leaving the sub dock.  When you reach the end (the catwalks in back), don't 
 forget to go all the way left for the purple stud.

Sub Dock: Okay, one of the important things to do in here is to get the sub's 
 main gun working.  There's a box near where you start.  You just need another 
 now.  Cross over to the north side of the dock, and go the furthest left to 
 find a whip platform.  Use it to remove a ladder, then climb up and move to 
 the platform.  Switch to your partner so they can turn the crank nearest to 
 the platform to move it across.  Pull the orange panel on the other side to 
 drop a ladder and let your partner up.  Have both of you hit the switches to 
 open the big door.  Beat up all the soldiers and grab the small brown box in 
 the corner.  Carry it to the gun (your partner should move the platform for 
 you as you get close to the sub).  Some panels will open up in the back, so 
 use the gun to blast the green parts of each one four times, which will 
 extend a ladder.  Climb up and move to the right.

Base: Head right and find a whip platform near the ground.  You'll use it to 
 drop pieces for a railing, so climb up, then whip across the gap.  Assemble 
 the railing so Marion can follow, then take out the soldiers to your right.  
 I suggest grabbing a gun, because there are several soldiers in this area, 
 and they'll make a mess of you if you let them.  On top of the building with 
 the "7" on it is a wrench.  Use it to repair the truck, then drive it through 
 the gate separating the two areas.  Now, go to the horse pen.  You can open 
 the door by grabbing the two vines in front of it.  Get on a horse and ride 
 over to the area with the big "4".  Press A to be launched off the horse and 
 land in that upper area.  The idea here is to make a "4" on that gray panel 
 in back, and the seven buttons here will each light up part of the panel.  
 You need to push the box onto the lower right button.  Put the basket on, for 
 example, the middle one, and have the two of you stand on the other two 
 buttons (top right, top left) to make a "4" and open the gate below.  Grab a 
 bazooka and blast the metal gate just to the right and pass through.

Ceremony Site: Things take a turn here, so it looks like you'll actually get to 
 do something except just watch.  The plan here is quite simply to climb up to 
 Belloq and smack him upside the head, then follow him to the next area he 
 perches in and get him there.  First, head up the ledge on the left to see a 
 green panel.  Put the box that's right near it onto the panel and hop up to 
 the top using Marion.  This should allow you to jump across to Belloq and pop 
 him.  Next, he'll hide off to the right.  Put together the gray platform near 
 the gray girder structures.  Grab the rope to flip it out, then hop on and 
 over to Belloq.  Next, he'll hide in the back.  Indy can juuust make the 
 ledge in the back near the glyph panel.  Jump to the rope, then to the 
 railings, then to the whip platform and use it.  Hop up the ledges you made 
 and hit Belloq again.  He'll fight normally for his last two hearts, so just 
 finish him off.

New Characters:
Indiana Jones (Army Disguise)
Marion (Nightgown)
Belloq (Robes): 50,000
Enemy Guard: 18,000

5G. Shanghai Showdown =

"Well, I always thought archeologists were always funny little men searching 
 for their mommies." - Willie
"Mummies." - Indy

Starting Characters: Indiana Jones (Dinner Suit), Willie
Added Characters: Indiana Jones, Short Round
Enemies: Shanghai Hoodlums

True Adventurer at 52,000: A somewhat tall order.  There's nothing special to 
 say about this, except keep your eyes open for blues tucked out of the way.

Club Obi-Wan: Here's something interesting.  Indy is poisoned, so you can't do 
 much with him except slowly walk around and jump a few inches, so Willie will 
 have to pull most of the weight.  There are four mobsters in the upper levels, 
 and one has the antidote.  What you need to do is grab a blue diamond (with 
 Indy specifically) and toss it to the mobster that has the antidote.  He'll 
 toss it to another guy, so you need to toss more blue diamonds, etc. etc. 
 until you get the last one.  The blue diamonds are in the following places.  
 One is on the center table.  Another is found by pulling the rope in the 
 center, dropping all the balloons.  The third is in a cabinet on the right, 
 behind some glass.  Press Z as Willie to scream and shatter the glass.  The 
 last is in a cabinet on the left side, and requires both characters to 
 step on buttons.

 Once you have the antidote, Indy's back to normal, but we're still in trouble, 
 because now the mobsters are shooting at you.  Go up to the dragon in back and 
 step on both buttons to find a sword.  Throw the sword at either of the 
 hanging gongs, which will allow you to board the "gong-mobile".  Ride it 
 around and out the gate on the right side.

Streets: Well, you picked up Short Round, but you're minus one car, so you need 
 to get it back together.  There are two pieces you need.  First, clear the 
 debris on the wall to your right and crawl through the vent as Shorty by 
 pressing Z near it.  Use the railings to move around the buildings to the 
 right, then bounce off the awning to an upper ledge, where the engine piece 
 is.  Grab it and place it.  Next, take Indy (or Shorty) up a rope on the left 
 side.  You need Willie on the ground so she can jump to the blue awnings and 
 pull them down so you can cross.  Do so for both and grab the engine piece 
 in the corner and place it.  Assemble the car.  Now, to fix the engine.  Go 
 the garage on the left and beat down the mobsters.  Take the wrench and fix 
 the car.  Hop in and crash through the back gate.

Airport: Now, to get that plane working.  Use Willie to jump up to the white 
 box on the ledge to the left of the plane, and push it off.  Assemble the 
 vent, then have Shorty crawl through it and climb up to the top.  Smash the 
 white boxes, one of which has a brown box for you to take to the plane.  For 
 the other one, take Indy to the left hangar.  Hop up the boxes to the railing 
 on the left, then jump to the railing in back, then whip swing across to the 
 right and grab the other brown box.  Place it and assemble the propeller.  
 Now, you're not done yet.  Grab the forklift with anyone but Indy and Indy 
 will automatically jump on its end.  Drive it to either of the two platforms 
 flanking the plane and Indy will jump onto them.  Switch to him and use the 
 whip to get the other propellers working.  You have to do it for both.  Once 
 all three propellers are spinning, you're done.

New Characters:
Indiana Jones (Dinner Suit)
Short Round
Kao Kan: 25,000
Wu Han: 20,000
Lao Che: 19,000
Chen: 18,000
Dancing Girl: 27,500

5H. Pankot Secrets =

"Why, you are not eating?" - Guest
"I had bugs for lunch.  Give me your hat." - Willie
"Why?" - Short Round
"Because I'm gonna puke in it!" - Willie

Starting Characters: Indiana Jones, Willie (Evening Dress), Short Round
Enemies: Red Spiders, Asps, Crocodiles, Pankot Assassin, Pankot Guard

True Adventurer at 60,000: The palace has a lot of stuff to break, so you'll 
 get your biggest contribution from there.

Jungle: These elephants are here to help.  You can use them to cross patches 
 of mud that you would otherwise sink into.  You can also use them to wreck 
 the landscape and any bugs or snakes that show up.  Cross the first mud hole 
 and break the box to release the vine so the others can cross.  Now, take the 
 elephant across the back mud hole and use its trunk (Z Button) to pick up 
 the box.  Carry it back and to the left and drop it near the drawbridge.  
 Now, switch to Willie.  She's going to towards the screen and to the left.  
 There's a snake pit here, and only she can high jump enough to reach the 
 railing above it.  Cross and pull the panel to raise a bridge across.  Pick 
 up the box and place it next to the other, then assemble the whip platform 
 so you can pull the bridge down.

 Across the bridge is another mud hole.  This one has a whip platform which 
 Indy can use, and he should, to grab the shovel.  Whip back and dig up the 
 Key, then go back and open the gate.  Willie and Shorty can use the elephants 
 to cross.  Also, have Indy use hiw whip to grab a banana from the left side.  
 Go through the gate and toss the banana to the monkey to get another Key with 
 which to open the second gate.  Ride the elephants up the path to the top, 
 smashing all the snakes.  Drive the elephant onto the big button so he weighs 
 it down, then take all three characters over to the buttons on the right to 
 open the gate to the palace.

Palace Halls: Beat up the guards that show up.  Go over to the right side of 
 the room and use the whip platform to ring the bell.  Take the Key and put it 
 in the device on the left side of the room.  Also, take the part in the middle 
 of the table and put it on the wall as well.  Turn the crank to open the 
 panel, and then pull the switch to open the door and leave.  The next few 
 minutes are literally just a trudge up the halls smacking bad guys, so get 
 that over with, and when you reach the end, hang a right into the open 

Bedroom 1: Once you turn all the bad guys into various bits, have Willie let 
 loose with her vocal chords again on the glass to get the book, then leave.

Palace Halls: Push the shrubbery here back a way to open the bookcase and 
 reveal a glyph panel.  Decipher it with the book, then enter the passage.

Bedroom 2: Once again, smash bad guys.  Push the bed to the right, then, as 
 Indy, hop up on the stool, then onto the bed, then to the whip platform and 
 swing across.  Pull the switch to drop some pieces, then put together the 
 rest of the statue and pull it out to open the door.

Secret Passage: Use the vine to jump across, then exit by the far doorway.  
 That's it!

Caves: Head to the right along the ledge.  Okay, now there's a double switch 
 that needs to be pulled by two characters, specifically Indy and Shorty.  
 For Indy, pull the nearby switch, climb the ladder, and swing across.  Grab 
 the vine and stay there.  Switch to Shorty and assemble the vent near where 
 Indy is now.  Crawl through and grab the other vine.  Now, switch back to 
 Willie and have her climb up using the railings on the newly risen stone.  
 Head through the doorway.  Wow, that's a lot of bugs.  Swing across as Indy, 
 then grab a torch and walk into the bug pit.  Escort Willie across, then 
 step on the three buttons to open the door.

Ceiling Trap: Ah, the famous scene.  Use the whip platform to get things 
 moving, then two skeletons will drop down.  Smash both of them and place the 
 boxes they leave behind.  Assemble the statue, which will open the door to 
 your escape.

New Characters:
Willie (Evening Dress)
Maharajah: 40,000
Pankot Assassin: 25,000
Pankot Guard: 18,000
Village Elder: 15,000
Village Dignitary: 15,000
Willie (Dinner Suit): 15,000
Willie (Pajamas): 15,000
Chatter Lal: 40,000

5I. The Temple of Kali =

"I'm not gonna have anything nice to say about this place when I get back!"
 - Willie

Starting Characters: Indiana Jones, Short Round
Added Characters: Indiana Jones (Kali)
Enemies: Thuggee Acolyte, Thuggee, Chatter Lal (Thuggee)

True Adventurer at 50,000: There are some caches hidden around, but also a lot 
 of danger.  Weigh your options before you take a leap of faith.  I had this 
 shortly after entering the second area.

Temple: Your way forward is by the statue to your right, which you'll need 
 two boxes for.  Hop down to the lower ledge, deal with the bad guys, then 
 assemble the ladder.  Climb up and push the red and green statue off the 
 ledge and assemble it into a panel.  Place it on the shaft to the left.  
 Pick up the nearby box and jump onto the pillar directly to your left.  
 Switch characters and have him push the rotator switch to raise the box up, 
 then place it.  For the other, head left and whip swing across.  Take any 
 two torches from the wall, and attach them to the bridge to make it 
 connect so Shorty can cross.  Have him go through the vent, then pull the 
 switch, go back, and quickly grab the box.  Place it near the statue, then 
 assemble it.  You now have railings on the statue with which you can climb.  

 Cross the rocks to the right.  Grab onto the railings on the rotating pillars, 
 and cross from the left one to the right.  Drop all the way down to the 
 bottom rotating part on the right pillar (going clockwise), then climb up 
 when another set of railings passes you going the other way.  Quickly climb 
 up, then grab another railing going clockwise so you can reach the opposite 
 ledge.  You may have to do it once with each character because the AI may 
 not be able to make the crossing.  Anyway, once you're both on the other 
 side, pull the switches near the gate to open it and pass through.

Sacrificial Pit: Now, you need to save Willie (for what reason I can't 
 fathom).  There are two switches that need to be pulled.  Start by going to 
 the right.  Smash away the debris in front of the vent.  Assemble the nearby 
 statue and push it onto the gray spot.  Then pull the other statue into 
 position.  Now, send Shorty through the vent so he can hop across the statues 
 and pull Switch #1.  Now, go back left.  Smash the debris to the left of the 
 statue in the back corner and turn the crank so the statue moves forward.  
 Climb the ladder as Indy and swing across the newly-formed gap.  Hop across 
 the statues and pull the other switch.

 Now, Chatter Lal will show up, looking a bit less friendly than before.  
 Punch him a couple of times and he'll retreat to one of the orange panels.  
 Take down one of the white-shirted Thuggees and pick up his turban.  Now, 
 press Z in front of both of the statues, which will start flames leaping out 
 of the orange panels.  Now, whenever Lal steps on the panel, he'll be singed, 
 so finishing him off is easy. 

New Characters:
Indiana Jones (Kali)
Chatter Lal (Thuggee): 40,000
Thuggee Acolyte: 30,000
Thuggee: 18,000

5J. Free the Slaves =

"Let's get out of here!" - Willie
"Right.  All of us." - Indy

Starting Characters: Indiana Jones (Kali), Willie (Ceremony)
Added Characters: Short Round
Enemies: Thuggee, Thuggee Slave Driver

True Adventurer at 65,000: Not too difficult.  As always, make sure to smash 
 lots of debris, and look for blues in corners.

Mine 1: Okay, you've got no Shorty for the moment.  Have Willie jump up the 
 left side and assemble the railing so Indy can follow.  Grab one of the 
 boxes to the right of the cart and place it, then use the whip platform to 
 raise the scaffolding.  High jump up and grab the other box and place it.  
 Assemble the mine cart so it rolls into the far wall.  Now, head down and 
 jump to the rope in back.  Cross the ledges and railings to where the mine 
 cart crashed and head through.

Mine 2: Climb up to the right of the cage and turn the crank to free the 
 slave.  He'll play temporary Shorty and open the next door for you.

Mine 3: Swing to the back of this room and bust the barrel to reveal a golden 
 piece of something.  Place it on the green lift, then turn the crank to get 
 it across.  Swing back, grab the piece and place it near the green panel.  
 What we're going to do here is jump across, then whip the piece so we pick it 
 up again, all the way across the gaps.  It's a bit tricky to get the spacing 
 right so you don't fall off yourself, but keep trying.  Once you're across, 
 set the piece down in its marked spot.  Now, head over to the closed door 
 at the back and smash the nearby barrels to find a wrench.  Fix the engine 
 to make a lift.  Before going up, go to the right and smash the barrels to 
 find a shovel.  Go further right to find the dig spot, and dig up the Key.  
 Place it in the crank and turn it to flip up a whip platform.  Now, go back 
 to the lift, ride it up, and whip across.  Smash the cage to free the slave, 
 who will pull a switch.  In the next room, fend off the bad guys, and grab 
 the dynamite in the green crate.  Toss it at the shiny rubble in back to 
 clear the way.

Mine 4: Make your way right and smash the boards blocking the tunnel.  Behind 
 it is a panel.  Pick it up and place it on the green spot back to the left.  
 Pull out the stairs, then climb up.  In front of the cage is a shovel in 
 the rack.  Grab it and dig up the spot to the left.  Dig up the panel and 
 place it on the green spot.  Pull it to free the slaves.  One of them will 
 raise the platforms in the middle of the area, so cross those, bash down 
 the boards blocking the passage out of here, and leave.

Mine 5: You're fighting the Slave Driver, here.  First of all, although you 
 can drain his hearts by punching, he'll only be healed by the Maharajah, so 
 first, grab some dynamite from the brown box and toss it at Shorty's cell 
 to free him.  Switch to him and crawl through the vent.  Punch the Maharajah 
 to send him running.  Naturally, you can't follow him the same way.  That'd 
 make too much sense.  Smash a nearby barrel and get the wrench.  Fix the 
 lift to your right so it runs again, then cross using the lifts.  Whack the 
 Maharajah again and he'll scamper off once more.  Now, you need help from 
 below.  Switch to one of the others and have them push the green trolley 
 all the way to the end.  Now, Shorty can cross and finish the Maharjaha.  This 
 leaves the Slave Driver on the famed conveyor belt chucking rocks.  It's a 
 little unintuitive how to finish him, though, and rather drawn out.  What 
 you need to do is grab some dynamite, and as soon as the guy picks up a rock, 
 toss it at him.  Make sure you hit him, and he'll drop the rock on his head.  
 Do this five times.  The problem lies in the fact that if you throw it as he 
 moves, you might miss, so either get at a shallow angle to minimize that risk, 
 or wait until he stops to throw it.

New Characters:
Willie (Ceremony)
Slave Child: 3,000
Thuggee Slave Driver: 18,000

5K. Escape the Mines =

"Big mistake, Indy!  Big mistake!" - Short Round

Starting Characters: Indiana Jones (Kali), Willie (Ceremony), Short Round
Enemies: Thuggee

True Adventurer at 120,000: I know.  Seems huge, but you get a TON on the 
 minecart ride.  Smash things and lean over to grab studs lying around.  That's 
 a rough estimate, by the way, as I got a bunch at once and probably way 
 overshot it.

Mine: Okay, before the rollicking kart ride can begin, there are a few items 
 to be taken care of.  First, those Thuggees charging you.  Done?  Good.  
 Next, the track seems to be missing a few pieces.  First set of pieces are 
 in boxes right next to the track, and there's a big rail off to th 

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