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LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues

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About The Game

LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues combines the fun and creative construction of LEGO bricks with the wits, daring and non-stop action of one of cinema's most beloved adventure heroes. With a unique, tongue-in-cheek take on all the Indiana Jones films -- including for the first time ever Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull -- LEGO Indiana Jones 2 follows Dr. Jones' escapades from the jungles of South America to the Peruvian Ruins and beyond. Fans can experience the most authentic LEGO experience yet by designing and building their own levels brick by brick, and by fusing their levels with the ones in the game to create a custom experience. In LEGO Indiana Jones 2, everyone can build, battle and brawl their way through their favorite cinematic moments -- or create their own.

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LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues Review

By Chris Commodore |

When we first heard about the original LEGO Star Wars game, we were taken aback by the very unique idea and wondered if it would actually wind up being a fun experience. It turns out that it was indeed great fun, and subsequent releases only improved on the formula by offering more content, more unlockables and simply an overall bigger experience. Now, after the release of three Star Wars takes, a Batman title and one Indiana Jones game, things have started to get a little stale, and LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues doesn't help. It does offer some tweaks to the formula, but unfortunately, none of them are for the better.

At its very core, the gameplay remains nearly identical to past LEGO titles. You wander into a stage, smash everything in sight and collect studs as your reward. Really, the only notable change to the gameplay mechanics is the ability to use Indy's whip to a greater extent. In the previous game, you had to be near a certain spot to use it to latch onto something or someone. Now, you can hold the attack button for a second and an aiming reticle will pop up, allowing you to choose what you want to lasso. You can still only use it on characters or specific hooks in a level, but being able to do so from any reasonable spot rather than a specific, highlighted area is nice.

Click the image to watch our video review.Other than that, it's the same old song and dance in terms of what you can do. Two-player co-op returns once again, and as you can't actually die (you just lose some studs and then respawn), it can make for a fun game to play with pretty much anyone of any age.

Having said that, Traveller's Tales did make some missteps in terms of level design with this title. Some sections will have you fight wave after wave of enemies, and as combat isn't the game's strongest suit in my opinion, these segments just act as clock tickers to make the experience last longer. Likewise, some vehicle-based sections have you hop into a ride and take out wave after wave of enemy vehicles. This happens once for every major film segment in the game, and it quickly gets annoying.

Now, though the core gameplay hasn't really changed much, a lot of the presentation has and pretty much all for the worse. Firstly, while LEGO Indy 2 focuses on the fourth film, The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it does include the first three movies as well. The problem is that these first three films are really rushed here and only take about an hour each to complete. They all skip major segments of the films, including the classic opening to Raiders where Indy snatches the golden idol, runs from the giant boulder and flees from the natives. What's left is a mish-mash of random parts from the films, and if you haven't seen them before, you'd have no idea what was going on.

The new hub worlds are a mess.Furthermore, a ton of liberties were taken with regards to what happens in each of the four films. At the end of each of the first three movies and after each of the three major chapters for the fourth film, you'll fight some sort of giant boss monster. I don't remember seeing Indy face off against a giant antman monster in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull or a giant electric "ghost" creature at the end of Raiders. Lots of other things happen that don't actually take place in the films, and the result is that the game feels more like a mockery of the movies rather than a playful homage to them.

But that's not all. One of the best parts about all of the previous LEGO games was buying new characters and vehicles and then going back into previous levels to find and unlock new secrets. That doesn't really happen here the same way that it used to. The main story levels don't actually contain any secrets of any sort, so playing them again in the original manner is only good for collecting more studs. Instead, you'll find a number of bonus stages in each hub (which I'll come back to in a second), and playing through these net you the golden treasures. By and large, these bonus stages are uninteresting and boring, and a number of them are very simplistic in terms of visuals.

LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues Game Walkthrough


    ____________________  __  __         ____  __  __
   |                    |   ||   |  || | __    ||     /   |  ||   / 
   |                    |   ||   |  || ||  ||   ||    //  |  ||  //
   |   _    __  ____ __ |   ||   |||| ||__||   ||   /____ |||| /____
   |  / /  / _//___//  /| __||__ ||  | |____/ __||__ |    | ||  | |    |
   | / /_ / _///  ///// |    __  __  ____          ____  ____      ____
   |/___//__//___//__/  |      ||   / __  |  || | ___|/  __|    |__  
   |                    |      ||   ||  || |  || ||__            /  / 
   |                    |    __||   ||__|| |||| ||___  _       /  /_
   |____________________|    __|   ____/ ||  | |____||____/    /_____|

               = T H E   A D V E N T U R E   C O N T I N U E S =

LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (PS3 Version)
A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
Version 1.0
E-mail: cyricz42 at

1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Basics
   3A. Controls
   3B. Menus/Displays
   3C. Items
   3D. Hints/Tips
4. New Gameplay Setup
5. Raiders of the Lost Ark
   5A. Main Hub/Characters/Vehicles
   5B. Story Missions
   5C. Treasure Missions
   5D. Bonus Levels
6. The Temple of Doom
   6A. Main Hub/Characters/Vehicles
   6B. Story Missions
   6C. Treasure Missions
   6D. Bonus Levels
7. The Last Crusade
   7A. Main Hub/Characters/Vehicles
   7B. Story Missions
   7C. Treasure Missions
   7D. Bonus Levels
8. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 1
   8A. Main Hub/Characters/Vehicles
   8B. Story Missions
   8C. Treasure Missions
   8D. Bonus Levels
9. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 2
   9A. Main Hub/Characters/Vehicles
   9B. Story Missions
   9C. Treasure Missions
   9D. Bonus Levels
10. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 3
   10A. Main Hub/Characters/Vehicles
   10B. Story Missions
   10C. Treasure Missions
   10D. Bonus Levels
11. Creator
12. Characters/Vehicles
   12A. Raiders of the Lost Ark
   12B. Temple of Doom
   12C. The Last Crusade
   12D. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 1
   12E. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 2
   12F. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Part 3
13. Miscellany
   13A. Trophies (Achievements)
   13B. Fastest Way to 100%
   13C. Secret Codes
14. Standard Guide Stuff
   14A. Legal
   14B. E-mail Guidelines
   14C. Credits
   14D. Version Updates
   14E. The Final Word


Hello, everyone!  Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthough for LEGO Indiana Jones 2 for 
the Sony Playstation 3!  In this guide, you'll find the means to explore the 
vast world of this game, as well as help navigating the new and updated 
interface.  Join famous adventurer Indiana Jones as we relive his three 
greatest adventures and that other one!

2. FAQ

Q: What is LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues?

A: This is a LEGO-styled action game released in 2009 based around all four 
 movies of the Indiana Jones series.

Q: What is the ESRB rating of this game?

A: This game is rated E10+, with the added descriptor of Cartoon Violence.

Q: Would this game be good for my kids?  I remember there being a lot of 
 objective content in the movies.

A: All violence is done towards LEGO bricks, so there's no blood, and all 
 "dismemberment" is taken in a humorous stride.  Any references to religions 
 or the Nazi regime has been removed (the bad guys are just "enemy soldiers", 
 although all named characters keep their names, including Dietrich and 
 Vogel).  As far as positive aspects of the game towards kids, the gameplay 
 is focused on exploration, discovery, and critical thinking.  The 
 co-operative gameplay style and forgiving difficulty is also a plus.

Q: How many people can play?  Can I play online with others/

A: Two, and no.

Q: All right.  What's changed from the first one?  Is it just the first game 
 with tacked on Crystal Skull levels?

A: Actually, this game is VERY different from the original LEGO Indy.  There 
 are no levels from the original.  Everything is retooled from the ground 
 up.  I go into rather exhaustive detail about it in Section 4.

Q: W... wait.  All your other LEGO FAQs have been for Wii.  Why suddenly 
 change systems?

A: Trophies, mostly.  I've been getting e-mails asking about how to get 
 trophies/achievements, and playing on this system will allow me to access 
 and report on them.  Don't worry.  It's not a commentary on what system I 

3A. Controls =

General Controls -

Control Stick: Move your character.
X Button: Jump.  Some characters can double jump if you press A again.
Square Button: Attack.
Circle Button: Use item in hand or interact with environment.  Used for 
 building piles of LEGOs, pulling switches, or picking up items.
Triangle Button: Shift focus to another character.
Start Button: Brings up Pause Menu.

Controls can slightly change depending on your situation.  If something 
specific changes per a mission, I'll mention it in the walkthrough.

3B. Menus/Displays =

Main Menu -

New Game: Start a new game.
Load Game: Load a previously saved game.
Options: Opens Options Menu.


Options Menu -

Music: Toggle music on/off.
Audio Volume: Adjust the volume of the audio.
Brightness: Adjust the screen's brightness
Screen V-Sync: Adjusts V-Sync, whatever that is.
Motion Blur: With this on, movement will result in a motion blur.


Pause Menu -

Resume: Get back to the game.
Options: Opens Options Menu.
Extras: Opens Extras menu, where you can select any extras you've purchased, 
 as well as toggle the Adaptive Difficulty.
Exit: Return to the Hub or Warehouse depending on where you are.

3C. Items =

Items are basically things your character can carry around that are not bolted 
to the floor.  Many characters come with their own items.  Other times you'll 
find items on the ground.  Pick them up using Circle.  Depending on the item, 
use it either with Circle or Square.

Happily, you can carry more than one item in this game.  Cycle through the 
items your character is carrying using the Circle button.  I believe you can 
carry a maximum of three items on one character, but there aren't too many 
points in the game to actually test those limits, so it shouldn't be a 

Targeting is a new feature in this release as well.  Whereas the last game 
relied on a somewhat shaky auto-targeting, now holding down Square will bring 
up a targeting reticule, which has hotspots on viable targets (for instance, 
an enemy for a bar stool).  Release Square while over that target to throw, 
shoot, or whatever your item in that direction.

Whip - A long leather strand that was originally used to cause minor amounts 
 of superficial pain in work animals (or people) to get them to move faster.  
 Dr. Jones has apparently modified it to serve as a grappling hook, tie-up 
 device, and whirling dervish of death.  

 So, unlike the first game, the whip is actually a proper item that Indy needs 
 to select.  If you simply tap Square repeatedly, you'll spin it around your 
 head, making it actually rather useful as a room clearer.  

 With targeting, you can use the whip for many things.  If you target a 
 special whip target (an orange circle hook), you will either yank on it or 
 hang from it.  If you target any item on the ground, you can use the whip to 
 automatically bring it to you.  If you target any living character, friend or 
 foe, they will be tied up.  You can then drag them around to a particular 
 spot, or pick them up and carry them with Circle, to set them down later.  
 Pressing Circle while not next to them will detach the whip, but leaved them 
 tied up (how that works I have no idea).  If you find yourself the unfortunate 
 target of a tie-up, press X repeatedly to jump out of it.
  Carried by: Indiana Jones, Dovchenko


Box, Chest, Undefined Block or Device - Oftentimes, you'll find items that 
 quite simply need to be picked up and put somewhere else.  You'll know these 
 items from background objects because they don't respond to being punched, 
 and have a blue downward arrow pointing at them.  Simply pick them up with 
 Circle then press Circle to set them back down again.  Look for more downward 
 pointing arrows where you can set them down properly.  Most of the time, the 
 items are heavy to the point where you walk more slowly when carrying them.  
 Also, you cannot attack while lugging them around.

Throwable - Mostly, this will be in the form of bar stools or chairs.  Pick up 
 the object with Circle, then target as described in the beginning of this 
 section.  You'll tend to need to use these when your enemies are just out of 
 reach of your punches in certain missions.


Bazooka - Just as useful for demolition as combat.  Each Bazooka has four 
 rockets.  Use them on enemies for quick destruction, or use it on shiny 
 LEGO objects to bust them open.  There is also a more sizeable missile 
 launcher weapon which is more or less the exact same thing.
  Carried by: Bazooka Trooper (Raiders), Dietrich, British Commander, Bazooka 
   Trooper (Crusade), General Ross, Russian Officer

Black Sleep - This foul concotion renders the recipient under the wielder's 
 total mind control.  If you connect this to an enemy, you will then take 
 control of their actions.
  Carried by: Maharajah, Mola Ram

Book - Books are used to "translate heiroglyphs".  Basically, while carrying a 
 book, walk up to the 3x3 block of glyphs on the wall and press Circle.  A 
 series of four of them will light up.  Match that series in order to activate 
 whatever they do.
  Carried by: Village Elder, Henry Jones, Brody, Stanforth

Crystal Skull - The eponymous cranial case is kind of an everlasting torch, 
 in the sense that if there's a carpet of bugs/snakes near you, they will 
 disperse if you run at them while carrying one.
  Carried by: Oxley

Dynamite - That special "auto-lighting" dynamite.  Picking up a cluster of 
 this stuff will immediately give you about ten seconds to throw it before it 
 explodes in your hands.  Target and throw and you can even take out shiny 
 LEGO objects.

Grenade - Tend to be on the belts of bad guy officers.  Grenades, like all 
 explosives, can bust up shiny LEGO objects.  Simply target and throw.
  Carried by: Enemy Officer (Desert), Russian Grenadier

Key - These look like little gold wind-up keys.  The "lock" is generally a 
 device with gold gears.  Once you place the key using Circle, press and hold 
 Circle again to turn the device.

Machine Gun - A rapid-fire long-range weapon.  Fires in bursts of 3 for a 
 total of 24 shots per gun.  You can find this with certain bad guys.
  Carried by: Major Toht, Lao Che, Enemy Soldier (Machine Gun), Panama Hat Man, 
   Donovan, Russian Machine Gunner

Perfume - Toss this purple bottle of olfactory delight and enemies will cease 
 to attack you and will attack each other.
  Carried by: Willie, Dancing Girl

Pistol - This is a standard six-shot pistol.  In addition to putting holes 
 in your enemies, you can also use guns for hitting red and yellow bullseyes 
 that activate some ancient mechanism.  To properly use it, put some distance 
 between yourself and the enemy, else you'll just punch.
  Carried by: Sherpa Brawler, Enemy Soldier (Desert), Shanghai Hoodlum, Enemy 
   Guard, Enemy Pilot, Colonel Vogel, Mac, Russian (US Disguise), Hangar Guard, 
   Agent, Taylor, Soldier

Rifle - Yet another long-range weapon.  A few later soldiers will carry this. 
 In the end, it works the same as a pistol, except it holds 12 shots.

Shovel - Can be used for combat, but is meant for excavation.  Certain 
 piles of rubble glow with sparkles.  Hold Circle near these piles to unearth 
 whatever's under them.
  Carried by: Sallah, Satipo, Russian Digger, Ugha Digger

Spear - Tend to be a weapon of indigenous peoples.  A nice traditional weapon, 
 of course, but in LEGO Indy 2 they provide the added bonus of an impromptu 
 pole.  Look for white circles on the wall with an orange triangle above and 
 you have a place to target your spear, where it will stick in the wall, 
 allowing you to hang and jump from it.
  Carried by: Hovitos Tribesman, Thuggee Acolyte, Cemetery Warrior, Ugha 

Staff of Ra - Originally used to pinpoint the exact location of the Well of 
 Souls in Raiders, this can also cause a good amount of blunt damage if swung 
 hard enough.  For the purpose of puzzling, you'll come across several 
 illuminated light sources in the game that require some manipulation in 
 order to use their Ancient Egyptian Laser Beams.  Just make sure you aim 
  Carried by: Belloq

Sword - A wicked piece of metal (not unlike Motorhead's "Ace of Spades"), the 
 sword is meant for slicing and dicing.  Most enemies will fall with one 
 well-placed chop, and certain blade-wielding enemies must actually be "dueled" 
 to disarm them.  Furthermore, it can be used as a puzzle implement.  If you 
 see a vertical hanging rope with some sparkles on it, throw the sword at it 
 to sever it.
  Carried by: Masked Bandit, Bandit Swordsman, Thuggee, Pankot Assassin, Hatay 
   King, Grail Knight, Agent Spalko

Torch - Used to burn things, mostly dynamite fuses.  Can also be used as an 
 impromptu weapon.  If carrying one, creepy crawlies on the ground will 
 avoid you, and if there's an area with another torch sconce, you can set the 
 torch there to keep them away.

Water Bottle - Water bottles are used for dousing fire, particularly obvious 
 pointy LEGO fire.  Target and throw the patch of fire to toss the bottle at 
 it and put it out.

Wrench - Can be used for combat, but is meant for repair jobs.  You'll find 
 blue engines that are spitting out smoke.  Hold Circle near these engines to 
 fix them up, activating the engine.
  Carried by: Jock, Captain Katanga, Short Round, Coronado Sailor, Mutt

There are a couple of other items that are specific to one or two characters 
that serve no practical purpose, like the Janitor's Broom or the Ugha King's 
Scepter.  I mention them in the Characters section at the bottom, but making 
separate entries here wouldn't help much.

3D. Hints/Tips =

This is for quick reference of things to remember.  If you want a more 
exhaustive version of how to play the game, look at the next section.

Smash freakin' everything.  Lay waste to the area and rack up an awesome 
stud total.  One of my favorite tactics is to spin Indy's whip around as I 
run around.  It really clears the area out.  If they don't go down from 
whipping, pull out some firepower, or run over it with a vehicle.

Studs are available in four denominations, each worth a different multiple of 
Silver - 10
Gold - 100
Blue - 1000
Purple - 10000

Studs can be hidden in the darnedest of areas.  Make sure to check behind 
things, including the "front wall".  You'll never know what could be hidden 
there until you check, because the camera angle sure won't let you know.


Yes, this seriously does warrant its own section, because they changed 
everything around on us.  Well, not EVERYTHING.  You're still a little LEGO 
person running about collecting studs, breaking stuff, and completing 
missions, but I thought I'd take a section to explain exactly how you go 
about doing that in this game, because it's different from every other game 
in the LEGO action series.


Main Game Structure

The game opens in the warehouse (from the end of Raiders and the beginning 
of Crystal Skull), where you are presented with eight crates as a sort of 
main menu.  In the beginning, one crate will open, allowing you access to 
a LEGO playset (Crystal Skull Part 1).  The major parts of this game are 
separated by playsets.  Once you open the first playset, you'll only have one 
choice: to start the Story.

The fifteen question marks in the top of the menu are the missions in the 
playset.  The top row is the Story Mission set, the second row is the Treasure 
Mission set, and the bottom row is the Bonus Level set, which I'll explain in 
turn in a moment.  Once you find these within the story, you can access them 
again at any time from this menu.

In the upper-left corner of the menu is the record of your progress with 
Treasure and Power Bricks.  Note that this game now has sets of red, green, 
and blue Power Bricks.

The bottom part of the menu is for characters and vehicles.  As you unlock 
them in the game, they'll be visible down here.

Once you complete the first mission in KCS1, you'll unlock Raiders of the Lost 
Ark, and the Creator.  After that, playsets will unlock in chronological order 
as you complete their Story Missions.


Starting the Story (The Hub)

Once you begin a story, you'll be placed in the Hub for that story.  The 
first thing you may notice is that, unlike the old games where the hub was 
nothing but a gallery to quickly access each mission, in this game the Hub 
is a level unto itself.  It's a large open area with lots of places to 
explore and stuff to find.

When you first reach a hub, you will more than likely be in a confined space 
and will be led right to the first Story Mission.  Just follow the arrows.  

As you progress through the Story Missions, more of the hub will open up to 
you, prompting you to explore further.  Take that opportunity.  Often you'll 
be required to perform some kind of task to open the way to the next mission, 
or perhaps buy a certain vehicle to clear the way.


Story Missions

Green arrows lead to Story Missions.  Usually you'll have to perform some 
minor puzzle to open the way, but sometimes not.

As soon as you enter, you'll automatically be given the characters needed to 
progress through the mission.  Sometimes it will be more than two.  Remember 
you can switch characters at any time by pressing Triangle or any of the 
L/R Buttons.

Each mission has its own requirement for completion, but most of them follow 
one of the following four archetypes:

Exploration Mission - Proceed through the puzzles to reach the end.  Sometimes 
 might involve constructing something or finding something.
Combat Mission - Fight off waves of bad guys.  You'll be tasked with busting 
 up certain particular bad guys in order to proceed.
Vehicle Mission - Basically a glorified combat mission, in that you're again 
 tasked with smashing certain enemies, only you get a large open area to drive 
 vehicles around in.
Boss Mission - Naturally winds up a set of missions.  You'll face off against 
 something sizeable, and will need to solve puzzles in order to defeat it.

Once you finish the mission, you'll be returned to the Hub where the studs 
you picked up in that mission will be tallied to your grand total.  If this 
is your first time through the mission, there's a possibility you'll be put 
in an entirely different part of the Hub once you exit, ideally close to your 
next mission, but not necessarily.


Treasure Missions

Once you beat a Story Mission, there will still be an arrow pointing to its 
entrance in the Hub.  The difference is that the arrow will now be yellow.  
If you enter the mission again, you'll start the Treasure Mission.  This puts 
you in a different version of the same level (such as in the aftermath of 
what you've done, ie. if you blew the place up in the Story, you'll now be 
in its ruins).

The rules have changed in a Treasure Mission.  First of all, unlike Story 
Missions, where you're automatically given characters, in a Treasure Mission, 
you'll only play as the two characters you're running around with.  Also, 
instead of reaching the end or fighting the bad guys, you'll now have to solve 
puzzles in order to make a Treasure appear.

Furthermore, as soon as you enter the mission, you'll be given pop-up messages 
telling you what you need to complete it.  For example, you'll be told if you 
need a character with a whip, or a wrench, or a sword.  Since you take the 
characters you enter with, you'll need to prepare beforehand.

Usually, this will be only two stipulations, but sometimes the game will get 
cute and give you three requirements.  For instance, if they mention needing a 
whip, security access, and explosives, then you obviously need Indy, but also 
an enemy soldier who carries explosives.

If you have the proper characters you need already, you won't get any pop-up 
messages, so you'll know that you're good to go.  Solve the puzzles and find 
the treasure.  You'll have it added to your tally and will, of course, keep 
all the studs you collected.

Once you complete the mission, the arrow pointing to it in the Hub will 
alternate between green and yellow.  This means that when you enter, you'll 
have the option of choosing which you want to play: story or treasure.


Bonus Levels

These are missions hidden throughout the Hub, and the means to access them 
isn't always obvious.  Entry may require buying certain characters or 
vehicles, or it may just mean bashing the right blocks or moving a puzzle 
piece around.

Once you enter the level, you'll automatically be given two specific 
characters to play as.  Note that if it's a character you haven't yet 
purchased, you will NOT keep it after leaving.  

Anyway, once inside, you'll find that these are pretty much extra Treasure 
Missions.  Solve the puzzle to find the Treasure, then you'll leave and reap 
your rewards.  Once you complete it once, you can always return or access it 
from the playset menu.


Power Bricks

These are no longer in missions, but scattered throughout a Hub.  
Specifically, there are three sets of ten Power Bricks each in a Hub, each 
set a different color: red, green, and blue.  They are hidden, though, and 
require you to demolish particular objects to find them.  Each set is hidden 
differently, but all bricks in a Hub of the same color are hidden in the same 
object.  For instance, in Crystal Part 1, all the Red Power Bricks are hidden 
under fire hydrants.

Like most hidden stuff, you may not be able to find all the bricks without 
purchasing particular characters or vehicles in order to get around.

Once you find all ten of any set, the "Extra" is parachuted in to a particular 
spot on the map via parcel.  You need to walk up to it and purchase it (often 
for a healthy amount of studs) and then it will be added to your Extras Menu.  
Then, you can pause the game, access the Extras Menu, and turn the Extra off 
and on as you like.

Typically, Red Power Bricks refer to score multipliers, Greens refer to silly 
aesthetic stuff, and Blues refer to things that get you around faster.


Treasures and Super Bonus Levels

Five Treasure Missions and five Bonus Levels in each playset add up to a 
grand total of ten Treasures.  As you find Treasures, they are placed in a 
particular spot in the Hub, around a particular conspicuous object.  Smash 
them as they appear to find pieces.  Once you get all ten, you can use the 
pieces to assemble a vehicle which will take you to the playset's Super Bonus 

In the Super Bonus Level, you'll be put in a LEGO Town setup and will have to 
collect one million studs to pass.  Fortunately, there are plenty of purple 
and blue studs to boost your total handily, so the effort isn't as daunting as 
it sounds, nor as it has been in past games.

As a final bit of good news, once you pass the one million threshold, you 
CAN FINALLY KEEP THE STUDS.  Yes, that's a cool million tacked onto your 
total.  The only caveat to that is that score multipliers cannot be used for 
Super Bonus Levels, so no matter how many of those you have, you will still 
only get a million, no matter what.


Characters and Vehicles

In past games, there was one major character bank where you bought all the 
characters/vehicles and then took them into missions.  Not so much in LEGO 
Indy 2.  Each playset now has its own set of characters/vehicles that can 
only be used in that particular playset.  Furthermore, there's no one place 
you can go to buy them.  You now have to wander around the Hub to find them.  
You may even be required to solve certain puzzles to access them.

Also, in the case of certain enemy characters, you'll be beset upon by several 
of a single type of enemy.  After beating them up, you'll find one with a 
question mark over it.  Beat up that guy so he's stunned and the Circle prompt 
will appear above its head.  At that point, you can purchase that enemy 
character, after which they will no longer attack you.


True Adventurer

One thing that's maintained since the old games is collecting a certain 
number of studs in a mission.  Attaining True Adventurer only relates to your 
percent complete, so it's not necessary for unlocking anything, but hey, 
everyone likes more studs, right?

So, anyway, all fifteen missions in any playset (Story, Treasure, Bonus) have 
a True Adventurer threshold.  Once you hit the mark, you cannot lose that 
status by having your studs lowered through dying, so don't worry about that.

Some of the marks can be pretty stringent, and you might need at least the 
x2 multiplier to comfortably hit it.  I notify which missions might have a 
tight goal for you.

5A. Main Hub/Characters/Vehicles =

Setup - The western area is a Tibetan mountainside.  A large portion of the 
 center is the Egyptian desert, which includes the city of Cairo to the 
 north, and a small airport to the south, along with several other buildings 
 dotted around, as well as the Well of Souls to the south.  A bridge to the 
 east leads to a harbor.  The island where the Ark was opened (Geheimhaven) is 
 in the south, and the Hovitos temple is an island to the north.  There are 
 also several tiny islands dotted around the landscape, but they're mostly 


Restricted Areas - You can access most of this area from the get go, except 
 for the harbor to the far east, until after Map Room Mystery, and the island 
 of Geheimhaven after After the Ark.  The fenced-in airstrip in the desert 
 is only accessed once you purchase Belloq.



Indiana Jones (Crystal Skull)
 Available from the beginning

 Available after Raven Rescue

Sherpa Brawler - 15,000
 Just outside of the tavern after Raven Rescue.

 Available after Market Mayhem

Masked Bandit - 17,000
 Available after Market Mayhem, just outside Cairo.

Army Jeep - 30,000
 Once you unlock Sallah, dig it out of the sand just east of Cairo.

Passenger Jet - 100,000
 Once you unlock Sallah, dig the plane out near the tavern.

Captain Katanga - 25,000
 Once you unlock any plane, go to the Hovitos island to the northeast.  
 Use the crank near the top of the temple twice to rotate the lever at the 
 top, then grab onto it to toss out the race pylons.  Fly the race to make 
 Katanga appear.

Bazooka Trooper (Raiders) - 30,000
 Once you unlock the Army Jeep, beat the race just to the southeast of Cairo.  
 He'll appear near the bridge between Tibet and the desert.

Bandit Swordsman - 27,000
 Once you unlock someone with explosives, blow up the gate at the camel 
 enclosure, then take a camel on the race to the west.

Snowmobile - 15,000
 After you unlock a soldier of some sort, use the security hut southwest of 
 the tavern to get this.

Biplane - 100,000
 Once you unlock someone with explosives, go to the Hovitos island to the 
 northeast and blast the chains holding this down.

Hovitos Tribesman - 30,000
 Once you unlock someone with explosives, go to the Hovitos island to the 
 northeast and enter the Hovitos Temple bonus level.  Upon completion, 
 hostile tribesmen (and not just the dancers) will start spilling out of it.

Blue Speedboat - 20,000
Green Speedboat - 20,000
 After unlocking the Hovitos Tribesman, use his Spears on the winch near 
 the Temple to and grab them to lower the box of parts to reassemble these 

Satipo - 25,000
 After unlocking either of the Speedboats, take it to the nearby race.  Win 
 and you'll find Satipo on the temple.

Enemy Soldier (Desert) - 15,000
 After Map Room Mystery, just outside the Well of Souls.

U-Boat 26 - 30,000
 After After the Ark, bring someone with explosives to Geheimhaven and blow 
 up the shiny box.  Bust up the objects underneath and you'll find a Key.  
 Put it in the nearby crank to open up the sub dock where you'll find this.

Major Toht - 50,000
 After Belloq Battle, you'll find a snowman head near the tavern.  Take the 
 arm twigs and put them on the green panels to make a firepit, then take the 
 Torch from up the stairs and set it there to melt the snowman.

Colonel Dietrich - 75,000
 After Belloq Battle, you'll find a new box on Geheimhaven.  Smash it to find 
 pieces for a pump.  Stand on the pump's button for a moment and you'll 
 reinflate Dietrich.

Belloq - 500,000
 After Belloq Battle, head back to Geheimhaven and reassemble him.

Enemy Officer (Desert) - 25,000
Flying Wing - 250,000
 You need Belloq for this.  Put the yellow lights in the light fixture.  Most 
 are in front of the fixture, but there's one near the ice cream stand to the 
 north, and another further to the east near the race marker.  Once that's 
 assembled, direct the light into the reflector to open the gate.

Enemy Boxer - 20,000
 You need the Flying Wing.  Take off with the Wing with both characters in it 
 (so you can shoot) and seek out hot air balloons.  Shoot down all five to 
 make this guy appear.


Power Bricks

Red Bricks - Brown Barrels
From the beginning:
 1: In a stack to the east of the tavern.
 2: In a stack to the east of the tavern.
 3: In a stack to the east of the tavern.
 4: Pull on the rope just west of the tavern.
 5: In the south part of the desert area, near the roasted pig.
 6: In the south part of the desert area, west of the roasted pig.  Use the 
  whip switch.
After purchasing someone with a gun or Map Room Mystery (and taking a gun).
 7: Another near the roasted pig, only high up on a tower.  Shoot it.
After After the Ark:
 8: In the harbor area.  Use the whip switch to drop it.
 9: In the harbor area, use the switch to move the magnet above the water.
After Purchasing Belloq:
 10: In the enclosed airstrip area.  Reassemble the light fixture, then use 
  Belloq's Staff to reflect the light.
Extra: Score x3 (2,000,000)

Green Bricks - Christmas Trees
From the beginning:
 1: To the left of the tavern door.
 2: Further left of the tavern door.
 3: To the east of the tavern.
 4: To the east of the tavern.
 5: Southwest of the downed plane.
 6: Southwest of the downed plane.
 7: Southwest of the downed plane.
 8: Southwest of the downed plane.
 9: Southeast of the tavern.
 10: Southeast of the tarvern. 
Extra: Poo Money (60,000)
 With this extra, if riding an animal, press 

Blue Bricks - Satellite Dishes
From the beginning:
 1: To the left of the tavern door.
 2: In the south part of the desert area, near the roasted pig.  Throw a 
  nearby chair at it.
 3: On the white building west of the drawbridge leading to the harbor.
 4: On the white building southwest of the drawbridge leading to the harbor.
 5: Just outside the door to Cairo.
 6: Near the security hut southwest of the tavern.  You'll probably need to 
  throw something or shoot to reach it.  If you don't want to unlock someone 
  with a gun, you can always use the Masked Bandit's sword or something.
After After the Ark:
 7: In the harbor on the west side.
 8: In the harbor near the gate.
 9: After riding on the ship, on the west side of Geheimhaven.
After Purchasing Belloq:
 10: In the enclosed airstrip area.  Reassemble the light fixture, then use 
  Belloq's Staff to reflect the light.
Extra: Fast Build (500,000)

5B. Story Missions =

Starting Characters - Indiana Jones, Jock

Having already come and gone to the Hovitos Temple, you'll begin at a crashed 
landing strip right outside Marion's bar in Tibet.  Head on inside.


Raven Rescue - 

TA @ 25k - Once the guns start firing, it'll be tough to hang on to your 
 studs, so focus on the studs early, since you pretty much have the whole 
 area open to you.  It's possible to hit the mark as early as assembling the 
 second dish.

Characters - Indiana Jones, Marion

Boss Mission

Uh oh.  Seems like someone's figured out how to use the Ancient Egyptian Laser 
Beams.  In case you didn't know by this point, light beams are not instantly 
deadly, but are harmful if you stand in them for a while.  At just about any 
point in the mission, you can throw something solid at Toht to stun him 

Anyway, smash up the objects near the bar in the foreground and you'll find 
pieces to make a push track, as well as a reflector dish.  Once Toht's beam 
is on the dish, push it along the track so it reflects directly back at him.  
After the hit, he'll open up with his machine gun for a bit, and some Sherpas 
will attack.  Hold off the bad guys until Toht starts using the beam again, 
then go to the right side of the room and assemble another track and dish.  
Now, note the lit-up portion of each track on the floor.  Push each dish onto 
that lit-up spot to properly reflect the beam.

Next follows another machine gun barrage, only one of the Sherpas will be 
armed with a gun, too.  To properly take him down, tie him up with the whip, 
then punch him.  Once Toht moves back to beams, push the two dishes to the 
new lit spots and lure Toht's beam over to the right side.  Toht will now jump 
down to fight you directly, so punch his hearts away.


With Marion on your team, you can now go just west of the Cairo location and 
jump up and grab the lever to drop a Key.  Use the Key on the door to the 


Market Mayhem - 

TA @ 13k - As this is a combat mission, it's best to focus on studs early.

Characters - Indiana Jones (Desert), Sallah

Combat Mission

Wave 1: Five Masked Bandits.  Fight normally.
Wave 2: Five Enemy Soldiers (Desert).  Masked Bandits will continue to harrass 
 you.  Use a Sword or Pistol to clear the area quickly.
Wave 3: Eight Enemy Soldiers (Desert) and two green-clad Camel Riders.  Either 
 shoot or throw a sword at the camels to knock the riders off, then tie up 
 the soldiers with the whip so you can finish them.
Wave 4: Two black-clad Riflemen and eight Masked Bandits.  Use the whip 
 beneath each Rifleman to unseat them.
Wave 5: Five Bandit Swordsmen.  The game will tell you this, but you need to 
 find a Sword and repeatedly press Square against one of these guys to disarm 
 them.  Take out the first three on the ground, then go to the back right of 
 the area, find a Banana, and toss it at the monkey to get the key for the 
 platform on the right.  Climb up and deal with the last two.


Head south from Cairo and dig up the area near the Sphinx.


Map Room Mystery - 

TA @ 25k - There are two areas to this, so don't think you have to get ALL 
 the studs in the first area.  Howeer, a Purple hiding behind some of the map 
 blocks will definitely give you a nice boost.

Characters - Indiana Jones (Desert Disguise), Sallah (Desert)

Exploration Mission

You'll automatically begin with a Staff of Ra in hand.  Mind the snakes, 
because there are several in here, and Indy won't budge near them.  Anyway, 
dig in the back right corner to uncover some pieces to put on the track.  
Also, smash the walls back here to assemble the rest of the statue.  Push it 
to the left and its staff will tilt into a railing.  This will let you jump 
up to the scaffolding in the back.  Take the Torch and bring it to the snake 
pit on the right.  Press Circle to place it so the snakes don't come back, 
then throw the switch to extend a ledge.

Now, use the whip target in the bottom right, then smash the statue.  Grab the 
dish and place it up the ledge to the right.  Now, head to the platform on the 
left end of the room and press Circle to use the Staff.  Aim the beam at the 
statue on the back wall, which will open up a compartment on the left wall.  
Put together the whip target, then yank on it to pull out a block.  Hop up to 
the Key and use it near the platform.  Now, use the Staff, which will open 
a hole below you.

You have lost Sallah, but now have Marion (Evening Dress).

Have Marion punch out all the snakes in the area.  Grab the Torches on the 
back wall and put them in the sconces on the left and right walls.  Pull each 
of the switches you have access to now.  The one on the right pulls out a 
ledge, and the one on the left gives you a Spear.  Throw the Spear at a hole 
on the east wall.  The other Spear on the back wall can be whipped, so use 
it on the other hole.  Have Marion hop up the ledge and across the Spears to 
grab the big Anubis statue.  Have Indy hop on while she has it pulled down 
and you'll bust open the wall to your escape.


Use the whip to rope the soldiers off their horses, then have both Indy and 
Marion take them.  Leap them across the downed bridge, then step on both 
vehicle buttons and continue on.


After the Ark - 

TA @ 100k - Standard procedure for Vehicles: Find powerups before getting 
 big studs as you get a double and a Stud Magnet with every powerup.

Characters - Indiana Jones, Sallah (Desert)

Vehicle Mission

Wave 1 - Four Gunner Jeeps.  Ditch the horse as soon as possible and hop 
 aboard an enemy car.  Ram the jeeps.
Wave 2 - Two Gunner Jeeps and two Trucks.  Once the jeeps are down, look for a 
 tan truck, because your car can't hurt the trucks.
Wave 3 - Two Trucks and two more Gunner Jeeps.  Don't be afraid to use that 
 ledge of death on the west side.  You now have (tan) Gunner Jeeps as a ride 
 option if you want to get shooty.
Wave 4 - The Ark Truck.  Smash into it with your own truck, then climb aboard 
 once it stops.  Done!
Wave 5 - Belloq's Car.  Run it down with the Ark!


Smash up the boxes near the water and assemble the rope tow.  Hop aboard 
the ship.  After the ride, walk up to the opening site.


Belloq Battle - 

TA @ 25k - There's a purple behind the outhouse to the east, and another 
 behind some crates to the west.  Should cover most of it.

Characters - Indiana Jones (Army Disguise), Marion (Nightgown)

Boss Mission

Yep.  It's time to duel with the Ark Spirit.  All those lightning bolts 
spilling out of it are very damaging.  The way to avoid all this mayhem is 
to hide in a barrel.  Make your way to the east and remove the barrel once 
the bolts aren't harrassing you anymore.  First, use Marion to jump up to the 
obvious ledge, grab the device and put it near the gray and green machine.  
Use the two nearby whip targets and climb up the ramps, then the rope to the 
top ledge where you'll find another object to place on the machine.  This 
will bust up some pieces so you can create a reflector dish.

Now, make your way to the west side and hop up to the high ledge.  Push the 
box of the edge, assemble the resulting pieces, then push the reflector dish 
off the track.

Now, the spirit is on the ropes.  Get under a barrel and move up to the weird 
engine thing.  Have both characters stand on the buttons and that should do 

5C. Treasure Missions =

Toasty Tavern - 

Needed: Sword (Masked Bandit), Explosives (Bazooka Trooper (Raiders))

TA @ 33k - There are purples in plain sight, so use them.

Throw your Sword at the rope to drop stuff to make some tables so you can 
cross the fire.  Blast the two drums and the hanging drum with your explosives 
to create parts for a button and allow the barrels to be pushed to the back.  
With the barrels in place and the button pushed, go up the stairs and grab 
the Treasure.


Cairo Conundrum - 

Needed: Spear (Hovitos Tribesman), Staff of Ra (Belloq)

TA @ 24k - Just clean up the main area.  That should be enough.

To begin with using our Hovitos friend, use a Spear on a socket to the right, 
then climb up, grab the lever, and place it in the indicated spot to the 
south.  Now, Belloq's the real star here, as the idea is to do a multiple 
light reflection.  First, head to the left side and punch up a gray box to 
find parts to put on the push tracks, which, when pushed to the rest of the 
device, will fire up your light that you need.  Further, head to the south 
and find another box to blow up, which has parts for a rotating reflector 
dish.  Now, situate Belloq on the light spot and start shining light to the 
right.  Move the first dish so it's pointing south and ever so slightly to 
the left.  The second dish (on the right) should be facing west.  The third 
dish (on the bottom) should be facing north.  The last dish should be facing 
east, just a bit to the south.  It's going to take a lot of trial and error 
to get this perfect, but it can be done.


Cryptic Crypt -

Needed: Whip (Indy), Sword (Masked Bandit)

TA @ 23k - There's a purple hidden on the right side near the Anubis statue.

Smash up the map area to find a Wrench, then use it on the engine to raise a 
box of parts.  Place the box, then use the parts to construct an arm.  The 
other arm is in the map area.  To place it, you first need a lift.  Use a 
Sword on the rope on the left side to drop parts for a lever.  Assemble it and 
push the sphinx statue.  Hop Indy onto the front end, then have him whip the 
arm and place it.


Desert Dash -

TA @ 90k - Just don't forget the covered bridge in the middle with the 

Vehicle missions are about popping ten blue balloons to make the Treasure 

Balloon 1: West of the start high above a bridge.  This is probably one of 
 the tougher ones to get in the game.  Get a Jump powerup, then drive from 
 the west and leap just before the bridge ramps downward.
Balloon 2: Leap from a ramp at the western rocks.  The ramp has a Boost in 
 front of it.
Balloon 3: In the market area on the west side, between some buildings and 
 off a ramp.
Balloon 4: In the market area on the west side, on top of a fountain 
 surrounded by blue studs.
Balloon 5: East of Balloon 4 is a ramp over the river, where this one floats.
Balloon 6: At the far south end high above a bridge.  Definitely easier to 
 jump to than #1.
Balloon 7: At the southwest corner of the market.  You'll probably need to 
 jump to reach it.
Balloon 8: Southeast of the starting point above a wooden platform.  You'll 
 need a Jump to reach it.
Balloon 9: In the eastern excavation area is a ramp leading to all the 
 chutes and scaffolding, where this floats.
Balloon 10: At the far east excavation area, at the very end.


Buildozer -

Needed: Spear (Hovitos Tribesman), Shovel (Sallah)

TA @ 43k - Shouldn't be a problem.  Studs are everywhere.

Use Sallah to dig up the dirt under the big skull, which makes a mess, but at 
least you can assemble the bulldozer.  Use the Hovitos' spear on the holes on 
the west wall to climb up to a box.  Push the box off and assemble the ramp.  
Now, drive the bulldozer up to the vehicle button.

5D. Bonus Levels =

Mountain Shack - 

Entry: Buy a ground vehicle of some kind and drive up the mountain to the 
 left of the tavern.  Enter the shack at the top.

TA @ 51k - Plenty hidden in corners and the like.  Be sure to use the water 
 level to go back and get studs you couldn't reach before.

Characters: Indiana Jones, Satipo

Head to the right up the stairs, then spin the crank at the far right to fill 
up the area with water.  Swim to the north then step on the two buttons to 
start up the fan.  Head west then south with the moving platforms, then turn 
the next crank to raise the water higher.  Go north and step on the next two 
buttons to put the water at its highest.  Now, you can reach the two switches 
in the eastern portion to open the door to the Treasure.  


Airstrip Hangar - 

Entry: You need Belloq in order to enter the enclosed airstrip.  Reassemble 
 the pieces of the light fixture and use his Staff to reflect the light.  
 Once inside, throw the switch to open it.

TA @ 6k - Try to stay out of the lava if you can help it.  There's a very 
 small amount here to begin with.

Characters: Indiana Jones, Jock

Jump to the right across the traps, then find the Spear at the far right end.  
Throw it at the hole on the back wall, right side, then climb up to the 
switch.  On the left side, hop across the platforms, avoiding the trap idol, 
all the way to the left.  Use the whip to grab the Spear, then head back and 
throw it at the hole near the center.  Push the box into place and hop up.  
Go left across the sawblades to get a gun, then shoot the target to open the 
door so you can throw the second switch.  Now you can get up elevators in the 
middle to reach the treasure.


Hovitos Temple - 

Entry: You need someone with explosives.  Head northeast to the Hovitos island 
 and blow open the shiny skulls blocking the entrance.

TA @ 50k - There are two lodes you need to consider yourself with.  The first 
 is on the left path.  At the light beams, go south across the platforms, but 
 this is peanuts compared to the right path.  As you go down the path, you'll 
 see a whip switch.  Use it to raise a platform to the south.  On these 
 platforms, push the boxes off the ledges so all the beams are running, then 
 hop across the bottom to the far side to reach the rest of the studs.

Characters: Indiana Jones, Sallah

Climb up the stairs and whip across at the south wall to find three Spears for 
the holes on the north wall.  Cross the Spears and head further to the right.  
Use Sallah to dig up the push tracks so you can move the box, hop over the 
gap, and throw the switch to get some platforms.  Have both characters stand 
on the two buttons and you can proceed north.

Throw the switch at the end to lower the lava a bit.  Smash up the skeletons 
down the next path and step on the two buttons, which will raise more 
platforms north.  You now have to go two different paths.

Left path: Take out the Hovitos, then dig up the push tracks.  Push the two 
 boxes into the top corners, then throw the switch to start the light beams, 
 which will open the door.  Head through, push the box, and hop over to the 

Right path: Turn north with the path, then whip to the north across the gap.  
 Head west then south, then push the box east so that Sallah can get through 
 to dig up the ladder.  Grab some dynamite and toss it at the shiny wall.  
 Hit that switch.  The way is now open to the Treasure.


Bantu Wind - 

Entry: After travelling to Geheimhaven, simply go right back into the ship's 

TA @ 20k - There's a purple hidden in the upper-left corner up the ladder 
 behind the low wall.

Characters: Indiana Jones, Sallah

Have Sallah dig up the ladder, climb up and swing across to turn the crank, 
which opens the door.  Now, ride the bike through the door, and avoid the 
spike traps.  Drive onto the vehicle button, which will raise a platform you 
can cross.  On this side, have Sallah dig up the ladder and assemble it, then 
pull the whip switch to raise the ramp.  Drive the bike onto the new vehicle 
button and then cross the moving platform to the Treasure.


Submarine Base - 

Entry: You must purchase U-Boat 26.  Drive it to the north of its main dock 
 to find another dock.

TA @ 15k - Plenty lying around.  Nothing really hidden.

Characters: Indiana Jones, Jock

Head to the right, smashing bushes so the light beams can pass.  Beat up the 
soldiers and take their guns, then have Jock fix the engine.  Continue up the 
steps.  Use the whip switch behind some bushes on the left, and shoot a gun at 
the target on the right.  You should now have a full set of ramps leading up 
to the vehicle button at the top, so take a bike up there to unlock the 


Lost World -

The ten treasures are placed at the south of the desert area, near the 
fenced-in airstrip.  Assemble the device and throw the switch to blow open 
the volcano.

Characters: Indiana Jones (Crystal Skull), Mutt

Grab a vehicle and cruise around, collecting a million studs.  Use the whip 
for close quarters work.  There are horses in the southeast corner, and you 
should use their high jump for certain high purples.

6A. Main Hub/Characters/Vehicles =

Setup - Shanghai is the northeastern portion.  The Pankot region dominates 
 the rest of the map, starting at a raging river at the north end.  At the 
 end of the river is the village of Mayapore, which sits in the west area.  
 Further south of that is Pankot Palace.  Below that is the entrace to the 
 mines and the Temple of Kali.  Further east is the canyon and its rope 
 bridge.  Other areas are mainly connectors.  There's a beach that stretches 
 all along the south shore, and paths leading to the northeast to the 
 Shanghai area.


Restricted Areas

In the beginning you're confined to the Shanghai area.  Once you beat Lao 
Chase, you pretty much have your run of the entire area, and the gate to 
Shanghai will open.  The only missing piece is a small patch of mountain land 
that you need to drop onto from a plane.



Indiana Jones
 Available at the beginning

Short Round
 Available after Lao Che Chase

Junk Boat - 35,000
 Available after Lao Che Chase, sitting in the water at the south end.

Dancing Girl - 25,000
 Once you buy the Junk Boat, take it to the race just east of its dock.

Chinese Hoodlum - 15,000
Short Round's Car - 30,000
Rickshaw - 25,000
 Go back to the warehouse after Lao Che Chase then return and you'll find 
 the gate to Shanghai open.  These will all be in Shanghai.  You just need 
 to repair the Rickshaw with Short Round.

Lao Che - 50,000
 After buying the Rickshaw, complete the nearby race with it.

Thuggee - 15,000
 Found at the village after Monkey Mischief

Village Elder - 75,000
 After Monkey Mischief, there are three villagers that are being harrassed 
 by snakes.  One is in the village, one is further north on the rocks, and 
 the last is next to Pankot Palace.  Smash all the snakes to make the Elder 

Stunt Plane - 100,000
 After Monkey Mischief, take the elephant and put it on the vehicle button 
 near the plane in the southwest.

Scooter - 20,000
British Commander - 30,000
 After purchasing the Stunt Plane, fly to the race above Shanghai and 
 complete it.

Lao Che's Plane - 100,000
 After purchasing British Commander, blast the chains holding down the 
 plane near Shanghai.

Tractor - 35,000
 After purchasing British Commander, blast the metal door to the west of 
 Mayapore village.

Tuk Tuk - 20,000
Indian Farmer - 20,000
 After purchasing the Tractor run the Tractor race to the east.

Pankot Assassin - 20,000
 After Malice in the Palace, he can be found in front of the palace.

Thuggee Acolyte - 25,000
 After Temple Tantrum, they can be found near the temple.

Mola Ram - 500,000
 After Mola Rampage, drop down into the canyon and reassemble him.


Power Bricks 

Red Bricks - Scorpion on a Rock
From the beginning:
 1: Just east of Club ObiWan.
After Lao Che Chase:
 2: In Mayapore, just outside the entrance to Monkey Mischief.
 3: In Mayapore, just west of the entrance to Monkey Mischief.
 4: Southeast of Mayapore, not far from the end of the river.
 5: South of a wall with bronze fence posts, west of the stone bridge over 
  the river.
 6: Just southeast of Pankot Palace.
 7: South of the entrance to the Thuggee Temple, more specifically just 
  south of a fallen stone skull.
 8: Southeast of the stone bridge over the river.
 9: South of the airfield where Lao Che's Plane is.
After purchasing Stunt Plane:
 10: In the small enclosed mountain area in the north near Shanghai.
Extra: Score x6 (4,500,000)

Green Bricks - Bronze Fence Post
After Lao Che Chase:
 1, 2, 3: In a wall left of the stone bridge across the river.
 4: Northeast of the watchtower near the rope bridge.
 5: South of the watchtower near the rope bridge.
 6, 7, 8, 9: The wall south of Pankot Palace.
 10: Just east of Pankot Palace.
Extra: Ice Rink (30,000)

Blue Bricks - Clay Urn
After Lao Che Chase:
 1: At the building west of the end of the river.
 2: Southwest of the building that #1 is at.
 3: Far west of the building that #1 is at, partially obscured by brush.
 4: In Mayapore, just outside the entrance to Monkey Mischief.
 5: In Mayapore, west of the entrance to Monkey Mischief.
 6: In Mayapore, south of the entrance to Monkey Mischief.
 7: West of Mayapore, south of the tractor.
 8: West of Mayapore, in front of the tractor.
 9: Just north of Mayapore, east of the Thuggee Statue.
 10: Southeast of Mayapore, not far from the end of the river.
Extra: Stud Magnet (200,000)

6B. Story Missions =

Begin by having Willie jump up at the marked spot to step on a button and 
find a whip switch.  Carry that over to the south and have Indy whip it.  
Enter the mission.


Lao Chase - 

TA @ 25k - Seems low for a vehicle mission, which of course means that there 
 aren't many to be had.  Seek ye them powerups.

Characters - Indiana Jones (Dinner Suit), Short Round

Vehicle Mission

Wave 1 - Four Tuk Tuks.  Hop in the nearby car and smash 'em.
Wave 2 - Two Gangster Cars, Two Rickshaws, Two Motor Scooters.  Your car 
 should be fine for it.  Unless you really want to ride shotgun on a Tuk 
Wave 3 - Four Motor Scooters, Three Armored Cars.  For the cars, hijack a 
 Rickshaw, from which you can throw dynamite.  Seriously!
Wave 4 - Lao Che's Car.  You can switch up to a Tuk Tuk, since gunning him 
 down is easier than tagging him with dynamite.


Grab the raft and float downstream.  Get off at the end then head west and 
into the village.


Monkey Mischief - 

TA @ 40k - There's a purple behind the front wall near the palm tree with 
 the monkey on it.  You'll need it.

Characters - Indiana Jones, Willie (Dinner Suit), Short Round

Exploration Mission

Oh the MONKEYS took the stones.  Who knew?  Anyway, the point of this mission 
is to get the three Sankara Stones back from the monkeys.  First thing's 
first.  Monkeys need bananas.  So have Short Round fix the engine near the 
water wheel, then pull the whip switch.  This will cause water to flow in the 
river and bananas to grow on the tree.

Monkey 1: On top of a nearby palm tree.  Toss a banana at him and he'll toss 
 the stone back.  One down.

Monkey 2: Take the Torch from the back wall near the pot, then use it on the 
 pot to make a steam jet that Indy can ride up, then whip across to the right 
 and push the box off the edge.  Assemble the scaffolding then turn the key 
 at the top to raise it up with Willie on it.  Have Willie hop across the 
 railings to the right, then kick the rope ladder down.  Now, get a banana 
 up to the monkey.

Monkey 3: To the east of Monkey 2 is a weak wooden roof that can be dropped 
 into.  Use the Sword inside to cut the rope blocking your way out, then take 
 the Key to the lock to the east.  In the eastern area is a wall that can be 
 knocked down.  Crawl through the vent behind it with Short Round, then have 
 him stand in the gondola (the cable car kind) to your right.  Have someone 
 turn the Key down at ground level to move Shorty to the right, then have him 
 kick down the ladder.  Have Indy pull down the whip switch to grab the 
 Shovel, then hop into the elephant enclosure, dig up the pieces, and put 
 together the panel to push the gate open.  Ride the elephant to the east to 
 find a large button so you can open the gate to the last monkey.  Banana.  
 Stone.  Replace.  Done.


Take the nearby elephant south, then west to Pankot Palace.  Stand on the 
vehicle button and you can enter.


Malice at the Palace - 

TA @ 22k - This one had me stumped for a while, but the means to do it 
 without a multiplier is to make sure you grab onto the elephant statue tusks 
 at either end of the area.  You'll get a good 4,000 from them.

Characters - Indiana Jones, Willie (Evening Dress), Short Round

Combat Mission

Wave 1 - Six Pankot Guards.  Get punchy.
Wave 2 - Three Pankot Guards, Three Pankot Swordsmen.  Throw cups off the 
 table at the swordsmen.
Wave 3 - Five Pankot Swordsmen, Two Thuggee Riflemen, One Pankot Assassin.  
 Use the whip to drop the Riflemen to your level, and duel the Assassin with 
 a sword.
Wave 4 - Three Pankot Swordsmen, Five Pankot Assassins.  More of the same, 
 really.  Get sword-swingin'.


Drop down south and enter the temple.


Temple Tantrum - 

TA @ 45k - The motherlode is in the back right corner.  Smash down the wall 
 and search the area for some purples.  Be sure to poke behind the walls.

Characters - Indiana Jones, Willie (Ceremony), Short Round

Boss Mission

Your objective here is to snap our beloved Maharajah from his Black Sleep 
stupor.  First, head west with Willie and climb up the ladder, jump across 
the railing, and push down the ladder near the blue and white platform.  
Climb up with Short Round and enter the vent.  Wait for the other two 
characters to get on the platform, then turn the switch to move the platform 
to the other side CAREFULLY so they don't get burned by the fire.  Kick down 
the ladder and have Indy whip the two targets to make platforms so you can 
reach the Maharajah.  This won't stop him, but it will give you a Key.

Use this Key on the winch in the middle of the room.  This releases one of 
three blue gears.  Place the gear to the right on one of the green axles.  
You need to get the other two, now.  Punch up some of the Thuggee Acolytes 
(the white guys) and take a hat they drop.  Now use the "Thuggee Statue" in 
the center of the room.  This falls away to reveal an elevator to Blue Gear 
#2.  Place it.  The final gear is on the far right.  Climb up the ladder, 
whip-swing across, and there it is.  Have Shorty fix up the gears.


Take control of the Maharajah and use his Black Sleep on the guard in the 
watchtower to the northeast.  Have the guard throw the switch, then jump up 
to the rope bridge.


Mola Rampage - 

TA @ 30k - The four purples very obviously in the area should have you 

Characters: Indiana Jones (Kali), Short Round

Boss Mission

Admit it.  This is a lot cooler than the bridge standoff.  The giant Kali 
statue stomps towards you, swings a mean sword, and is on fire.  First, grab 
a Water Bottle and chuck it at the flaming foot.  This gives Shorty an 
opportunity to crawl up the foot.  Once at the top, punch Mola Ram.  You'll 
now spot a whip target on Kali.  Pull it.  That's pretty much the entire 
fight.  Water Bottle, crawl, whip.  Sure, Kali mixes it up a bit with some 
flashy moves, such as cracks in the earth spewing fire, but you shouldn't 
need to change your tactics too much.

6C. Treasure Missions =

Shang-High -

TA @ 28k - Difficult given the small amount of studs.  Rely on powerups to 
 help you out.

Vehicle missions are about popping ten blue balloons to make the Treasure 

Balloon 1: On the left side of the buildings in the east area.
Balloon 2: On the railing on the north wall west of the entrance.
Balloon 3: In the market area in the northwest corner, between some stalls.
Balloon 4: In the market area in the northwest corner, on a raised platform.
Balloon 5: In the alley along the west wall.
Balloon 6: Above the ramp west of the open square.
Balloon 7: On the ramp south of the open square.
Balloon 8: In the southeast corner near the fountain.
Balloon 9: On the platform in the northeast corner.
Balloon 10: On the right side of the buildings in the east area.


Wrong Gong Rung - 

Needed: Whip (Indiana Jones), Explosives (British Commander)

TA @ 25k - The purple here is inside the cabin that the Thuggees hide in.

Use the Bazooka to blow up shiny stuff, specifically the cage blocking the 
elephant and the crate which has parts to put together the gong mallet.  Use 
the whip switch to bang it, which will release ten Thuggees to beat up.  Once 
they're gone, ride the elephant and jump off it near the palm tree with the 


Disarming Duel - 

Needed: Whip (Indiana Jones), Sword (Thuggee)

TA @ 18k - Be sure to hang from the elephant statue tusks for a few blues.  Get 
 this done before you start tying up the bad guys.

Five buttons here, so you'll need to get Indy to tie up the swordsmen, which 
only works AFTER they've been disarmed.  Drag each one over to a button until 
there are two left, then stand on those buttons.


Lava Lake - 60k

Needed: Book (Village Elder), Spear (Thuggee Acolyte)

TA @ 60k - The vast majority is found once you get on the lava.

You need to collect five boxes to put on the green panels.  Ignore the 
fighting going on.  The Thuggees are just in panic mode, and the soldiers are 
only targeting them.

Box #1: Right near the cage.
Box #2: Head left and use Spears on the sockets to climb the back wall, then 
 jump around to the middle.
Box #3: At the far left, climb up the ladder with the Elder and head to the 
 back corner to translate the heiroglyphs.
Box #4: Go to the back right corner and smash down the wall.
Box #5: Ride up the elevator near the middle and head to the back and stand 
 on the platform.  Have the other character operate the crank at ground level 
 to send him to the right, then have the first guy push down the box to make 
 a ladder.  Throw a Spear at the socket on the wall, then hop across to the 

Assemble the raft and float to the Treasure. 


Cliff Clamber - 

Needed: Sword (Thuggee), Spear (Thuggee Acolyte)

TA @ 40k - Simply don't stop at the Treasure but move past and keep climbing 
 to find mucho studs on upper ledges.

Toss Spears on the three sockets to the right.  Climb up the ledges and 
across the rope.  Throw a Sword at the rope on the right to climb up the 
ladder, then head to the left.  Keep going left until you come across a 
plunger.  Stand on it to blow up some shiny rocks and uncover another rope 
to throw a Sword at.  Ride the scaffolding up, then go left across the 
moving platform to grab some Dynamite.  Throw it at the pile of shiny rocks 
to blow them away, then cross further to the right to a point with more wall 
sockets to throw Spears at.  Climb up then move left.  You'll find more 
sockets for Spears, so keep throwing and going left until you hit the 

6D. Bonus Levels =

Club ObiWan - 


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