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LEGO Batman: The Videogame

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About The Game

From the creators of LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Batman: The Videogame brings the one-and-only Caped Crusader to life in a completely original storyline. Players will take control of the Dynamic Duo, Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Robin, as well as bonus hero Nightwing to fight Gotham City’s most notorious criminals including The Joker, The Penguin, Catwoman, Scarecrow, and many more. Players can also explore their wicked side and fight their way through the game as the villains, experiencing the game from a completely different point of view with all-new criminal objectives.

With a collection of high-tech suits, gadgets and cutting-edge vehicles on hand, players are able to step into the unique LEGO Batman universe to bring super villains to justice – or, as the villains, to run amok in Gotham City.

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LEGO Batman: The Videogame

LEGO Batman: The Videogame Review

By Chris Commodore |

Traveller's Tales has been in the LEGO business for several years now. LEGO Batman is the company's fifth go at the LEGO franchise and little has changed or evolved in that time. Though it offers almost nothing new, fans of the Dark Knight and Traveller's Tales' tried-and-true formula will get a kick out of LEGO Batman. There's a reason this gameplay has proven so successful -- it's accessible and enjoyable. But all of the issues with past LEGO games (nonsensical puzzles, difficulties judging jumps, bad AI) are all still here. Nothing has changed. By now, Traveller's Tales should have a near-perfect game. It doesn't. The effort hasn't been given to perfecting the formula and the issues are no longer forgivable.

LEGO Batman is unique from past titles in the building blocks' franchise. The story isn't based off a movie or even a comic-book plot. This is an original tale. That gives Traveller's Tales some latitude, since there's no need to follow a well-known plot. There isn't even a direct tie-in to a particular Batman universe. This isn't Batman of movie fame, the campy TV show or the comics. It's Batman from the toy shelves, which means a sort of hodgepodge of ideas and a myriad of costumes meant to sell extra action figures. It translates well into LEGO, though I wonder if the original four movies wouldn't have made for better source material.

What we get in the end is a very basic tale of villains escaping Arkham Asylum and Batman hunting them down. It doesn't get any more complicated than that, but it really doesn't need more depth. If you're playing LEGO Batman, it's because you want to smash objects and beat up some bad guys. Story shouldn't be a major concern.

The charm of the LEGO characters is intact and many of the cutscenes are funny. Batman remains stoic, Robin is a goofball, and the villains are all wonderfully insane. The characters are perfect LEGO representations of their comic-book counterparts, but Gotham City itself is not made up of LEGOs. The non-destructible structures have a more realistic look. It doesn't quite work though. Gotham City is drab and without character. Anything that's not LEGO looks like Anytown, USA. It would have been nice to see a stronger creative vision for Gotham.

If the sounds in LEGO Batman are familiar, there are two reasons: Most of the sound effects are repurposed from past games, and the soundtrack is from Danny Elfman's score for the 1989 Batman flick. I'm not sure why Warner Bros. (who also released the films and owns the rights to the music) didn't put music from multiple Batman films to offer a more robust flavor. As is, you hear the same tracks repeatedly, often without any connection to the current scene.

To its credit, LEGO Batman throws everything and the kitchen sink into the mix. There's a robust cast of characters you'll play as throughout the six acts. The first three acts put you in control of Batman and Robin. There's no switching things up, but don't worry, each has a number of powered suits that can be worn that provide special abilities. Robin has a magnetic suit that allows him to walk up metal walls, Batman has a demolition suit so he can blow stuff up (he is known for such acts of wanton violence, right?). These along with a handful of other suits keep things interesting.

The second half of the adventure puts you on the side of the villains. You'll get to see the flip side of each act and learn how the each member of the Batman rogues gallery sets up his or her master plan. These levels end prior to your showdown with Batman and Robin, I guess to keep the villains from ever having a chance of winning. Even though Batman's name is on the marquee, the villains steal the show. Each Arkham escapee has their own special powers, making each unique. Poison Ivy can make enemies sick with a kiss, the Joker can give joybuzzer shocks to anyone he grabs, Mr. Freeze can put anyone into cold storage, and the Riddler can take control of susceptible civilians and make them do his bidding.

The true gem, of course, is the inclusion of Killer Moth. You remember Killer Moth, don't you? Yeah, me neither. Who was the genius behind putting a guy in a moth suit in this game?

LEGO Batman: The Videogame Cheats

Insert the following cheats at the Bat Cave to unlock the corresponding effect.

  • Extra Hearts - ML3KHP
  • Faster Batarangs - JRBDCB
  • Faster Piece Assembly - EVG26J
  • Faster Walking - ZOLM6N
  • Flaming Batarangs - D8NYWH
  • Frozen Batarangs - XPN4NG
  • Heart Regeneration - HJH7HJ
  • Immunity to Freeze - JXUDY6
  • Invincibility - WYD5CP
  • Minikit Detector - ZXGH9J
  • Multiply Score - 9LRGNB
  • Piece Detector - KHJ544
  • Power Brick Detector - MMN786
  • Score Multiplier x2 - N4NR3E
  • Score Multiplier x4 - CX9MAT
  • Score Multiplier x6 - MLVNF2
  • Score Multiplier x8 - WCCDB9
  • Score Multiplier x10 - 18HW07

Unlock the following characters and vehicles by performing the actions below:

  • Alfred Pennyworth - Complete the Hero Chapter "The Riddler's Revenge"
  • Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) - Complete the Hero Chapter "The Riddler's Revenge"
  • Catwoman - Complete the Villain Level "Stealing the Show"
  • Clayface / The Riddler - Complete Villan Level "The Riddler Makes A Withdrawal"
  • Commissioner James Gordon - Complete the Hero Chapter "The Riddler's Revenge"
  • Dick Grayson (Nightwing) - Complete the Hero Chapter "The Riddler's Revenge"
  • Dr. Victor Fries (Mr. Freeze) - Complete the Villain Level "On the Rocks"
  • Harley Quinn / The Joker - Complete the Villain Level "A Surprise for the Commissioner"
  • Man-Bat - Buyable After Completeing the Hero Level "Zoo's Company"
  • Penguin / Bane - Complete the Villain Level "Rockin' the Docks"
  • Poison Ivy - Complete the Villain Level "Green Fingers"
  • The Joker's Helicopter / Scarecrow's Bi-Plane - Complete the Villain Level "Biplane Blast"
  • The Penguin's Sub / Killer Croc's Swamp Rider - Complete the Villain Level "Harboring A Grudge"
  • Two-Face - Complete the Villain Level "An Enterprising Theft"

To unlock the characters and vehicles below, insert the corresponding code into the in-game cheats menu.

  • Alfred - ZAQ637
  • Batgirl - JKR331
  • Bat Tank - KNTT4B
  • Bruce Wayne - BDJ327
  • Bruce Wayne’s Jet - LEA664
  • Catwoman - M1AAWW
  • Catwoman’s Motorcycle - HPL826
  • Commissioner Gordon - DDP967
  • Garbage Truck - DUS483
  • Harley Quinn’s Truck - RDT637
  • Mad Hatter - JCA283
  • Mad Hatter’s Boat - M4DM4N
  • Mad Hatter’s Glider - HS000W
  • Man Bat - NYU942
  • Mr. Freeze’s Car - BCT229
  • Mr. Freeze’s Girl XVK541
  • Mr. Freeze’s Henchman (Yeti) - NJL412
  • Nightwing - MVY759
  • Penguin’s Henchman - BJH782
  • Poison Ivy Henchman - GTB899
  • Police Bike - LJP234
  • Police Boat - PLC999
  • Police Helicopter - CWR732
  • Police Officer - JRY983
  • Police Sniper - HKG984
  • Police Van - MAC788
  • Riddler’s Henchman - XEU824
  • Riddler’s Plane - HAHAHA
  • Robin’s Sub - TTF453
  • Sailor - NAV592
  • Scientist - JFL786
  • Security Guard - PLB946
  • Soldier - MKL382
  • SWAT Officer - HTF114
  • The Joker (Tropical) - CCB199
  • The Joker’s Henchman - UTF782
  • The Joker’s Van - JUK657
  • Two-Face’s Truck - EFE933
  • Zoo Sweeper - DWR243

Additions from Inflexo.

LEGO Batman: The Videogame Game Walkthrough


    ____________________   ______
   |                    | |  __  
   |                    | | |  |  |    __    ______  __  __    __    __  __
   |   _    __  ____ __ | | |  |  |   /    |      ||  /  |  /    |  |  |
   |  / /  / _//___//  /| | |__| /   /     |_    _||      | /     |   |  |
   | / /_ / _///  ///// | |  __ |   |  ||  |  |  |  |      ||  ||  ||   |  |
   |/___//__//___//__/  | | |  |   |      |  |  |  |  ||  ||      ||      |
   |                    | | |  |  | |  ||  |  |  |  |  ||  ||  ||  ||  |   |
   |                    | | |__|  | |  ||  |  |  |  |  ||  ||  ||  ||  |   |
   |____________________| |______/  |__||__|  |__|  |__||__||__||__||__|__|

                         = T H E   V I D E O G A M E =

LEGO Batman: The Videogame (Wii Version)
A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
Version 1.1
E-mail: cyricz42 at

1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Basics
   3A. Controls
   3B. Menus/Displays
   3C. Hints/Tips
4. BatCave/Arkham
5. Story Walkthroughs - Heroes
   Episode 1: The Riddler's Revenge
    5A. You Can Bank on Batman
    5B. An Icy Reception
    5C. Two-Face Chase
    5D. A Poisonous Appointment
    5E. The Face-Off
   Episode 2: Power Crazed Penguin
    5F. There She Goes Again
    5G. Batboat Battle
    5H. Under the City
    5I. Zoo's Company
    5J. Penguin's Lair
   Episode 3: The Joker's Return
    5K. Joker's Home Turf
    5L. Little Fun at the Big Top
    5M. Flight of the Bat
    5N. In the Dark Night
    5O. To the Top of the Tower
6. Story Walkthroughs - Villains
   Episode 1: The Riddler's Revenge
    6A. The Riddler Makes a Withdrawal
    6B. On the Rocks
    6C. Green Fingers
    6D. An Enterprising Theft
    6E. Breaking Blocks
   Episode 2: Power Crazed Penguin
    6F. Rocking the Docks
    6G. Stealing the Show
    6H. Harboring a Grudge
    6I. A Daring Rescue
    6J. Arctic World
   Episode 3: The Joker's Return
    6K. A Surprise for the Commissioner
    6L. Biplane Blast
    6M. The Joker's Masterpiece
    6N. The Lure of the Night
    6O. Dying of Laughter
7. Free Play Runthroughs - Heroes
   Episode 1: The Riddler's Revenge
    7A. You Can Bank on Batman
    7B. An Icy Reception
    7C. Two-Face Chase
    7D. A Poisonous Appointment
    7E. The Face-Off
   Episode 2: Power Crazed Penguin
    7F. There She Goes Again
    7G. Batboat Battle
    7H. Under the City
    7I. Zoo's Company
    7J. Penguin's Lair
   Episode 3: The Joker's Return
    7K. Joker's Home Turf
    7L. Little Fun at the Big Top
    7M. Flight of the Bat
    7N. In the Dark Night
    7O. To the Top of the Tower
8. Free Play Runthroughs - Villains
   Episode 1: The Riddler's Revenge
    8A. The Riddler Makes a Withdrawal
    8B. On the Rocks
    8C. Green Fingers
    8D. An Enterprising Theft
    8E. Breaking Blocks
   Episode 2: Power Crazed Penguin
    8F. Rocking the Docks
    8G. Stealing the Show
    8H. Harboring a Grudge
    8I. A Daring Rescue
    8J. Arctic World
   Episode 3: The Joker's Return
    8K. A Surprise for the Commissioner
    8L. Biplane Blast
    8M. The Joker's Masterpiece
    8N. The Lure of the Night
    8O. Dying of Laughter
9. Bonus Missions
   9A. Hostages
   9B. Wayne Manor
   9C. Arkham Asylum
10. Characters
   10A. Hero Characters
   10B. Villain Characters
   10C. Ground Vehicles
   10D. Water Vehicles
   10E. Air Vehicles
11. Secrets/Unlockables
   11A. Main Unlocks
   11B. Extras
   11C. Secret Codes
12. Standard Guide Stuff
   12A. Legal
   12B. E-mail Guidelines
   12C. Credits
   12D. Version Updates
   12E. The Final Word


Greetings, true believers (or whichever saying is associated with the Batman 
franchise)!  Welcome to my FAQ for LEGO Batman: The Video Game, specifically 
the Wii Version!  Like my FAQs for previous Travellers' Tales LEGO games, 
this is a complete exploration through the game, providing you with 
walkthroughs on how to get through each mission, runthroughs on how to 
collect all the elusive items in Free Play, as well as descriptions of all 
the characters and secret stuff.  That said, let's begin the rope-swinging 

2. FAQ

Q: What is LEGO Batman: The Video Game?

A: This is a LEGO-styled action game released in 2008 based around the 
 mythos of DC Comics' Batman.

Q: What is the ESRB rating of this game?

A: This game is rated E10+, with the added descriptor of Cartoon Violence.

Q: Would this game be good for my kids?

A: All violence is done towards LEGO bricks, so there's no blood.  Any 
 references to the grim and gritty nature of the Batman mythos is toned down, 
 without being TOO campy.  As far as positive aspects of the game towards 
 kids, the gameplay is focused on exploration, discovery, and critical 
 thinking.  The co-operative gameplay style and forgiving difficulty is also a 

Q: How many people can play?  Does this game require a Nunchuk?

A: Two, and yes.

Q: So, how is this game different from LEGO Star Wars or LEGO Indiana Jones?  
 I mean, besides the obvious.

A: Much of the concept has remained the same.  You still need to progress 
 through the missions fighting your foes and solving puzzles involving 
 building, jumping, pushing, etc.  One major change is that each episode has 
 two storylines: one for the heroes and one for the villains, with Story and 
 Free Play for each.  As before, certain characters are suited to certain 
 aspects of the game, such as jumping, moving things, etc.  To compensate for 
 just being two guys, Batman and Robin will now have the option of using 
 Suit Swappers found in the game, which will give them new and special 
 abilities to complete missions.  Lastly, there's a new Batarang mechanic 
 which allows the heroes to throw Batarangs at long-distance to hit multiple 

Q: What part of the Batman mythos does this cover?

A: This game is its own continuity.  It doesn't operate under any specific 
 Batman stories in comics, movies, television, or animation.  Still, several 
 of the designs will seem familiar to the animation, and Danny Elfman's 
 theme from the Batman movie (and the animated series) are used, so there 
 are some connecting elements.


Most of this information can be found in the instruction manual, like anyone 
reads those.

3A. Controls =

General Controls -

Control Stick: Move your character.
A Button: Jump.  Some characters can double jump if you press A again.
B Button: Attack.  Hold down to ready a Batarang if you have them.
Z Button: Perform special move or interact with environment.  Used for 
 building piles of LEGOs, pulling switches, etc.
C Button: Shift focus.  As a side note, in this game you don't have to be 
 next to each other to shift to the other character.  It can be done from 
 about a screen away.  Also used to climb on vehicles or animals.
1 and 2 Buttons: Only used during Free Play.  Switch between characters you 
 selected for this mission.
+ Button: Brings up Pause Menu.
Pointer: Used in conjunction with holding down B.  Point to the screen and 
 highlight any objects you want to target with a Batarang.  Can also be used 
 with certain other abilities.

Controls can slightly change depending on your situation.  If something 
specific changes per a mission, I'll mention it in the walkthrough.

3B. Menus/Displays =

Main Menu -

New Game: Start a new game.
Load Game: Load a previously saved game.
Coming Soon: Shows a preview trailer of TT's next game.
Options: Opens Options Menu.


Options Menu -

Surround Sound: Turn on for the full surround experience, where available.
Audio Volume: Adjust the general volume of the audio, if you can't be 
 bothered to find your TV remote.
Music: Toggle music on/off.
Widescreen: Toggle widescreen functionality.
Screen V-Sync: Toggles V-Sync, whatever that is. >_>


Pause Menu -

Resume: Get back to the game.
Options: Opens Options Menu.
Extras: Opens Extras menu, where you can select any extras you've purchased, 
 as well as toggle the Adaptive Difficulty.
Quit: Return to the Main Menu, the Batcave, or Arkham depending on where you 

3C. Hints/Tips =

Unlike LEGO Star Wars, there are no Gold Bricks in this game.  Progress is 
based on the missions you complete, the number of times you get "Super 
Hero/Villain" status, the amount of Minikits you collect, and the amount of 
Power Bricks you find.

Keep collecting studs.  Collecting a specified number will give you "Super 
Hero/Villain" status at the conclusion of the mission.  Once you hit the Super 
threshold, you cannot lose it, no matter how low your studs get afterwards.  
You only need to get Super once, either on Story or Free Play.  However, the 
thresholds are different for each.  For the sake of simplicity, I've only 
given the Story thresholds, because they're far easier to get, given how 
the Free Play thresholds require a ton of exploring and a lot of extra 
characters.  There is one exception, but I'll get to it when I get to it.

On the note of studs, if you're looking for a little boost, here's a tip: 
you may notice while punching out streams of bad guys that you'll see a 
little combo multiplier racking up as you take out successive dudes.  That 
combo can then be transferred to your stud collecting for a brief moment, so 
consider the possibility of luring enemies to a pile of junk and beating both 
up and you might get some cool multipliers to your studs.  Unfortunately, 
opportunities for this are rare, and the window to grab these studs is pretty 
small, so I wouldn't rely on it.  Furthermore, the threshold for Super Hero 
is generally low enough that you don't need to do this, so I won't focus on 
it much for the purposes of this guide.

To add on to the previous paragraph, certain characters (Batman and Robin 
plus some villains) have a "grab and attack" move, where you press Z when you 
get close to them, then hit B or Z to finish them.  If this happens, you'll 
get a small amount of studs for the move.  Not a ton, but if you're a few 
away from Super status, it might just be enough.  Consider using it in areas 
with infinite enemies.

Collect Minikit Canisters to assemble a vehicle.  Collecting all ten and 
completing the vehicle will get you 50,000 studs and will place the completed 
vehicle in the Hero Trophy Room.  The last minikit in either the Hero or 
Villain missions will give you 500,000.

Each mission has a red Power Brick in them.  Collect that Power Brick, then 
complete the mission to unlock a Suit Upgrade or Extra for purchase in the 
Batcave/Arkham.  Some of these can be pretty expensive, mind you, but they're 
the most useful ones.

Punch.  Freakin'.  Everything.  If it's made out of LEGO bricks and not 
obviously part of the background, bash it down, or whatever you have to do, 
because a lot of stuff to move ahead in the game requires you to go on a 
destruction frenzy.

DON'T FORGET YOUR BATARANGS.  This is a new aspect of gameplay that allows 
you to hit far off targets, so use them whenever you think you can't progress 
through a mission.

Explore everywhere.  Run into walls and behind them to look for any areas 
you might be missing.

If you die, you'll drop a portion of your studs: usually 2,000, but that can 
vary if you have Adaptive Difficulty turned on.  You can die as many times as 
you want and you can still finish the mission.  However, losing too many 
studs means you'll have a harder time getting Super status, so be sure to 
recollect those lost studs when you croak.

Look out for visual cues to see how you can progress in a mission.  Many of 
the spots that hide Suit Swappers are under brightly glowing objects.


Although you start the game with the first mission in the first episode, 
you actually have the option of returning to the Batcave at any time during a 
mission.  The Batcave serves as the main hub for your missions, with several 
points of interest.



Hero Mission Room: Or as I like to call it, "The Garage".  This is where 
 three vehicles are, each representing one of the three major episodes of 
 the game.  On the left is the Batmobile, allowing you access to the 
 missions in "Riddler's Revenge".  In the middle is the Batboat, allowing 
 you access to the missions in "Power Crazed Penguin".  On the right is the 
 Batwing, where you can access the missions in "The Joker's Return".  On the 
 far left of the room is an elevator leading down to the lower Batcave.  On 
 the right is an elevator leading up to Wayne Manor and the Hero Trophy Room.

Hero Trophy Room: Here is where all the minikits you've picked up in the Hero 
 Missions are displayed.

Batcave: This area contains Suit Swappers for Batman and Robin, allowing each 
 to become any suit that you've currently unlocked, which you can use to 
 explore.  Also, on the far right is a computer that will start working once 
 you complete all the missions in an episode, allowing you access to Arkham 
 Asylum.  In the center, the Batcomputer occupies this area, which you can 
 use to buy things and check your progress:
  Data - This is mostly flavor info about the Batman mythos.  I suggest not 
   paying good money for this stuff until you've unlocked everything else.
  Characters - Certain characters become available for purchase upon certain 
  Enter Code - If you find any codes online (or in this walkthrough) you can 
   input them here, which will unlock the item for purchase.
  Extras - Some are unlocked already, but the rest you must purchase after 
   finding the proper Power Brick.  Fifteen of the thirty apply to this.  
   These tend to be the generic Extras that anyone can employ, like score 
   multipliers and invincibility.
  Suit Upgrades - The other fiteen Power Bricks will let you access these for 
   purchase, which are specifically tailored to Bats and Bird-boy and their 
   myriad suits of awesome.


Arkham Asylum

Only accessible after completing your first full episode, and you can only 
play whatever episodes you've already beat from the Hero perspective.

Arkham Asylum: The main room has two computers in it, one can hack the 
 Batcomputer so you can access it there, the other will switch back to the 
 Batcave.  To the left is the Villain Mission Room, and to the right is the 
 Maximum Security Area (the door on the right) and the Villain Trophy Room 
 (the door on the left).

Villain Mission Room: The parking lot of Arkham features three vehicles 
 for you to access, much like the Batcave's vehicles, each pertaining to 
 one of the episodes.  The Armored Van is the Riddler's episode.  The 
 Penguin's Sub is the Penguin's episode, and the Joker's Copter is the 
 Joker's episode.

Villain Trophy Room: This nice wide-open area allows you space to view all 
 the minikits you've been working on for the villains.

Maximum Security Area: Well, there might be some use for this area, but 
 danged if I can figure it right now.  As for now, it's just a connector 

Experiment Room: This is the famed "Create-a-Character" room.  Walk up to 
 the tank to access the creator.  You can modify every aspect of their body: 
 their hat/hair, head, shirt, hands, belt, legs, and weapon (which will be 
 their main weapon in game).  You can even "test drive" them in the room 
 itself, although you can't leave the room while controlling them.  Once 
 finished, you can select them in any Free Play mission.


Below you'll find walkthroughs for all the main missions in the game.  These 
walkthroughs take relatively few diversions from the main path, nor do they 
stop to find minikits along the way.  We'll cover all that in the next 

5A. You Can Bank on Batman =

Starting Characters: Batman, Robin
Enemies: Riddler Goon, Riddler Henchman, Clayface

Super Hero at 38,000: Shouldn't be too hard.  General rules are to make sure 
 you smash everything and go out of your way for little extras.  Blues tend 
 to hide in corners, for example.

Streets: Begin by beating up any nearby bad guys.  I won't point out EVERY 
 set of bad guys that shows up, mind you.  I'll largely be assuming you know 
 the concept of "bad guys over there, kill they butt".  So, to move ahead, 
 walk to the right and you'll find a grapple point marked by a white circle.  
 Press Z and you'll get grappled up to the ledge.  Move to the right and 
 jump onto the tightrope.  Make your way across and you'll be past the toxic 
 waste on the street.  In this next area, you'll find plenty of goons, with 
 some in high ledges gunning at you.  A perfect opportunity to use your 
 Batarang (hold B and point at your target if you're close enough to hit 
 it).  You may have dropped off the ledge, so grapple back up to it and 
 assemble the tightrope anchor so it stretches off to the right.  Cross it 
 to your first Suit Swapper, giving you the Demolition Suit for Batman.  With 
 this, you can set bombs using Z, then hold down Z to detonate them.  Drop 
 down to street level and start blowing shiny objects up.  To move ahead, go 
 to the right and blow up the cement mixer blocking your way.  Past that, blow 
 up the semi to move on.

Park: Continue to the right.  Your next landmark to move ahead is the the 
 tree-lined park.  Note the glowing coming out of the ground.  That means 
 there's a Suit Swapper that will appear there.  Bust up all the trees and 
 park benches in the immediate area and you'll eventually find the pieces 
 to build a Suit Swapper.  This is Robin's Technology Suit.  Head for the 
 green panel on the back wall and press Z.  You'll control a little robot 
 dude.  Drive it along the stud trail to the little ramp leading into the 
 building.  Drive it into each of the three red lights on the back wall to 
 turn them green and open the door.  Press Z and you'll regain control of 
 your team.  Head inside the building and smash the right wall to move on.

Bank: It's time for the Clayface fight.  Punch him a few times to knock off 
 two hearts and he'll retreat behind the iron bars.  At this point, you need 
 to use the Demolition Suit's bombs.  First, lay one on the left side of the 
 bars to blow up the safe behind it, then lay another on the right side to 
 blow up the safe and the door.  Finally, Clayface will perch himself on the 
 top of a cage.  Use the Batarang and target all three yellow valves above 
 him to drop him into the cage and complete this mission.

New Characters: 
Demolition Suit
Technology Suit
Riddler Goon (6,000)
Riddler Henchman (7,000)

Power Brick Upgrade: Fast Grapple (10,000)

5B. An Icy Reception =

Starting Characters: Batman, Robin
Enemies: Riddler Goon, Riddler Henchman, Freeze Girl, Mr. Freeze

Super Hero at 60,000(?): This is probably the hardest one to get in Story, 
 which I can say having NEVER got it.  The closest I got once was 90 short, 
 which was very distressing.  I'm sure it's possible if you're completely 
 frugal with studs, never die, and make sure to catch just about all studs 
 before they get knocked off the edge, but you're better off going through  
 Free Play to try to get it, where the threshold is 86,000, so go in with 
 all possible people.

Parking Lot: First step is to remove the trucks that are spitting out bad 
 guys at you.  Looking towards the screen from each truck you'll find a pile 
 of stuff.  Smash it up, then assemble the pieces.  You'll make a launcher.  
 Step on the valve near the launcher a few times and you'll launch a... well 
 I guess it's a balloon bomb at the truck to blow it up.  Do this for both 
 to remove headaches from the trucks.  Now, focus your attention on the main 
 gate.  Use a Batarang on the four yellow clamps holding the gate shut to 
 knock it down (you need to at least use it on the top two).  To get into 
 the factory itself, head to the left of the gate and smash up the objects 
 to make a Suit Swapper, giving Robin the Magnet Suit.  Head inside the 
 gate and to the left.  Scale the magnetic wall by walking into it.  At the 
 top, pull the lever twice to match up the colors of the ice cream cones 
 at the top.  Do the same at the bottom and the factory will open up.

Ice Cream Factory: Smash up all the objects to find parts for a rotator 
 switch and a Suit Swapper, giving you the Glide Suit for Batman.  Push the 
 green side of the rotator switch to lower the ice jet so you can glide across 
 to the back.  Assemble the two brown wheels near the end of the bridge so 
 Robin can cross.  Now, note the two hanging blocks of ice.  Use a Batarang on 
 both to drop them and make pieces.  Assemble the stairs and climb up, then 
 have both characters stand on the yellow valves to remove the ice jets 
 blocking your path.  Mind the ice cream, as it's very slippery.  Keep going 
 to the right and have Robin climb up the wall and assemble the grapple point 
 so Batman can follow.  Continue to the right.  Have Robin climb up the 
 curvy pipe to the top.  Break the objects and assemble the box so you can 
 push it over the edge.  Assemble the pieces that result to get the nearby 
 platform moving.  Ride across and climb the magnet wall.  Pull the lever 
 to open the door.

Inner Factory: Glide Suit Batman can make the jump off to the right to the 
 other side.  Push the rotator switch so Robin can use the grapple point, 
 then push it back to your side.  Stand on the yellow valve and stay there 
 so your partner can climb the stairs and stand on the other valve to let 
 you up.  Head to the right and hop across the platforms quickly so they 
 don't sink into the steam.  Slide down the ramp and hop onto the freeze 
 gun turret.  Fire at the yellow valves in the distance to drop molten lava 
 into the tanks, which will then freeze under your ice gun.  Head to the 
 right and onto the tanks to get to the back of the room.  Climb up the 
 magnet wall and pull the lever to raise the grapple point all the way up, 
 then use it to get to the top.  You need to remove three ice jets to 
 proceed.  For one, push the crate into the far end of its path to break one 
 of the pipes.  For the other two, stand on the brown and red switches 
 together.  Head on through.

Cold Room: Time for the Mr. Freeze fight.  The trick to beating him is to 
 goad him into using his freeze gun, then running circles around him so he 
 can't hit you.  After a little while, he'll tire, which is your cue to 
 punch him.  Do this twice and he'll jump up to the top and pull a lever, 
 starting up a fan.  Assemble the launcher near the front of the room and 
 fire it at the fan.  Hit Freeze two more times.  For his next trick, he'll 
 fill the containers on the sides with hot stuff.  Climb up the magnet wall 
 on each side, then hop over to the lever and pull it.  Assemble each box 
 that appears and push them to the end.  After both are pushed all the way, 
 a big ice block will drop on Freeze, so he'll jump back down where you can 
 punch him two more times.

New Characters:
Glide Suit
Magnet Suit
Freeze Girl (4,000)

5C. Two-Face Chase =

Starting Characters: Batmobile, Batcycle
Enemies: Riddler Truck, Two-Face's Armored Truck

Super Hero at 64,000: Does saying "blast everything" help?

Monarch Theatre: The object of this mission is to shoot up your enemy's 
 vehicles.  Specifically, you want to be targeting the green trucks.  These 
 trucks will not be destroyed, but will tip over after you blast them enough 
 times.  At that point, you need to press Z near them to use your tow cable.  
 Then, drag them to a Batman symbol so a police chopper comes and takes them 
 away.  Once that's done, the police trucks will move out of the way, 
 allowing access to the next area.

Streets: In this large area, there are three green trucks you need to 
 snag.  The area is pretty much a big circle, with a jump to the northeast 
 allowing you access to that area, and another which goes to the left at the 
 south end, so basically you can travel in a clockwise direction.  The first 
 green truck is just north of you.  The second is further south at the far 
 end.  The last is on the east side of the area.  Drag them all to the police 
 copter in the northeast corner.

Office Building: Now it's a big fight against Two-Face's Armored Van.  
 Blast the van multiple times to get it to stall, then drag it all the way 
 to the right under the police copter.  Instead of carting it away, the 
 copter will drop a mine on it.  That needs to happen three times to finish 
 the mission.

New Vehicles:
Police Car (10,000)
Police Bike (11,000)
Police Van (13,000)
The Joker's Van (60,000)

5D. A Poisonous Appointment =

Starting Characters: Batman, Robin
Enemies: Poison Ivy Goon, Riddler Goon, Riddler Henchman, Poison Ivy

Super Hero at 78,000: Shouldn't be an issue.  There are a lot of plants and 
 a lot of studs to be had from them.

Garden: Your way forward is to the right.  Either smash up the garden to the 
 east of the water or to the south and assemble a bulldozer.  Drive it to 
 the right and over the fountain.  This Suit Swapper gives you the Sonic 
 Suit, which will allow you to fire sonic waves that can break glass.  Take 
 it and use it on the glass door to the greenhouse and enter.

Greenhouse: Plants block your way forward.  Time to make further use of 
 your sonic powers.  Blast the glass lines that are feeding stuff to the 
 plants to remove them.  Further on, blast another set of three glass tubes 
 (one is behind a glass wall) to remove more plants.  In this little alcove, 
 smash everything and build a Suit Swapper that gives you the Attract Suit.  
 You may have noticed that when smashing stuff in the area, little red, 
 yellow, and green objects are left behind which you can't interact with.  
 Well, now you can.  Hold Z to start sucking, then aim the crosshair at the 
 objects to mop them up.  Now, head all the way right and you'll find the 
 container you need to deposit them in.  Put 25 in the container and you'll 
 kick out a bomb which will blow up the plant blocking your exit.  Put 
 another 25 in and you'll get a bunch of studs.

Caves: Use a Batarang on the blue object to drop the ladder so you can jump 
 to the other side of the water.  Break some objects and you can assemble 
 a Suit Swapper with a Heat Protection Suit.  Using it, you can touch 
 anything that's glowing red, like the red railings nearby, although that 
 won't move you ahead.  Go to the right.  To get across these plants, simply 
 hop on them when they're closed and bounce off the leaves.  Head to the 
 right.  You should have the HP Suit on, so walk onto the red-hot stuff to 
 the right and put together the tightrope.  Cross and leave to the right.

Laboratory: This area's kind of a pain because the enemies just do not stop 
 coming.  What you need to do is smash open all the cupboards because each 
 has five blocks for the Attract Suit.  Deposit 25 to open the door to the 
 next room.

Toxic Pit: Bust up all the lockers on the back wall, then put together 
 three flowers, which will cause other flowers to pop up in the muck.  Jump 
 across, then smash the trees to make a rotator switch to open the door.

Hidden Garden: The fight against Poison Ivy is one of patience.  As you 
 fight her goons, parts of a bomb will be spit out of the other plants.  
 Wait until you can build, then build the bomb, destroying one of the 
 plants.  Continue for the others.  At the third plant, Ivy herself will 
 attack, but can't be hurt.  Try to avoid her while you set the last bomb.  
 After that, Ivy's hearts will appear, so wear her down.

New Characters:
Heat Protection Suit
Sonic Suit
Attract Suit
Poison Ivy Goon (25,000)

5E. The Face-Off =

Starting Characters: Batman, Robin
Enemies: Riddler Goon, Riddler Henchman, Two-Face, The Riddler

Super Hero at 65,000

Outside: Head to the right.  That Bank Van is your ticket in, but you can't 
 get it past the pylons.  Head to the right and start smashing.  You need to 
 first assemble some wheels near the gate, and a cage of several steel bars 
 from the nearby pile.  Once that's done, pull both levers to lower the 
 pylons and drive the van onto the marked spot.  Head down the street and 
 smash some lights at the end to find a Glide Suit Swapper.  Put Batman in 
 the nearby elevator and turn the rotator switch with Robin.  Once it's up, 
 quickly switch back to Batman and glide to the right.  Use a Batarang on 
 the very obvious spinning thing to remove the lasers so you can pull the 
 lever and extend the bridge.  Drive the van across the bridge and park it 
 on the platform to open the gate.  Now, put the van on the red dollar sign 
 switch further to the right to bust open a Magnet Suit Swapper.  Take it, 
 then head back to the left.  Climb up the magnet wall, the pull the lever 
 to reveal a ladder for Batman.  Glide across to the railings and scale 
 them all the way to the top.  Put together a tightrope for Robin, then 
 head to the scaffolding and assemble another lever so you can both operate 
 to ride up and enter the vent.

Offices: Toxins in a bank?  Well, why not?  Punch Two-Face a couple of times, 
 then he'll run off.  Smash the stuff on the left to find an Attract Suit.  
 Use it to sweep up 25 blocks, then deposit them in the container on the far 
 right, which will make a boat for you.  Hop on, then steer back to pick up 
 Batman and head for Two-Face.  Punch him a couple more time to get him to 
 retreat.  Assemble the parts to make platforms to jump across.  Climb up the 
 stairs to the right and pull a lever, then glide across to the left to get 
 the other one.  Head back through the door.

Security Hallway: In this hallway, you need to avoid the moving lights and 
 step on all four blue squares.  This will open the far door.

Vault: Time for the showdown.  First is Two-Face.  Continue to fight him 
 down to his last heart, taking care of the goons when he runs off.  Once 
 he's drained, bust down the two nearby steel boxes and the gold inside, 
 then make a mirror out of the pieces.  That will reflect the Riddler's 
 beam back at him.  Then, use the pieces made from the last blast to 
 assemble locks on the other two steel boxes.  Smash those and make another 
 mirror.  With that done, the Riddler will attack.  Knock him down three 
 hearts and he'll retreat to let goons fight.  Once they're down, knock him 
 down another three hearts.  He'll start controlling Two-Face to send him 
 to fight now.  Bash Two-Face and the Riddler will drop down for a bit.  It's 
 all just a straight-up brawl until you finish off the Riddler.

New Characters:
 The following characters are actually earned at the completion of any one 
 complete episode.  I just put them here because here's the most likely 
 place you'll run across them.
Bruce Wayne (100,000)
Alfred (75,000)
Batgirl (100,000)
Nightwing (125,000)
Police Officer (5,000)
Military Policeman (17,000)
Security Guard (10,000)

5F. There She Goes Again =

Starting Characters: Batman, Robin
Enemies: Penguin Goon, Penguin Henchman, Catwoman

Super Hero at 110,000: A fairly large total, but there's a lot to be had, so 
 spend a lot of time clearing out the initial area and looking in nooks.

Streets: Go to the right and to an alley that has the Suit Swapper light.  
 Clear out the area and assemble a Magnet Suit.  Take it and clib up the 
 magnet wall to the right, then pull the lever so Batman can follow.  Climb 
 up the ladders and cross the tightrope.  Grapple up to the next catwalk 
 and assemble the next tightrope.  Assemble the ladder and climb up.

Rooftops: Head up and to the back.  Grapple up to the top roof to get a 
 Glide Suit, then glide across to the right.  Assemble the bridge to let 
 Robin across.  Continue to the right across another bridge, then magnet 
 up the wall.  Assemble the grapple point for Batman, then glide across to 
 the far side.  Move the rotator switch so Robin can follow, then drop down 
 and fight Catwoman for a bit.  Knock down her four hearts and she'll run 
 off.  Glide across to the right and build a tightrope for Robin.  Magnet up 
 the wall to the right and throw the switch for the ladder.  Have Batman take 
 the Demo Suit and Robin take the Tech Suit.  Head right and blow up the 
 shiny object blocking the greenhouse, then build the little robot.  Have 
 Robin use the panel to roll the robot into the greenhouse and roll over the 
 two red lights.  Now, blow up the shiny objects that just appeared and make 
 a little copter thing.  Hop in and your partner will grapple to it.  Go to 
 the right and crash.  Smash the junk to the right to make two levers and 
 pull both to open the hatch.

Buildings: You're inside a building, now.  Fight your way out to the ledge, 
 then cross the tightrope.  Head into the building and out the right 
 side to corner Catwoman.  This fight is mainly a brawl.  Smack her around, 
 and if she starts jumping around, give chase, or take care of any goons 
 that have shown up.  Drain her hearts and you're done.

New Characters:
Fishmonger (4,000)
Penguin Goon (3,000)
Penguin Henchman (5,000)
 Also, you'll unlock Magnet Suit, Glide Suit, Demolition Suit, and Technology 
 Suit if you hadn't already.

5G. Batboat Battle =

Starting Characters: Batboat, Robin's Watercraft
Enemies: Penguin Goon Submarine, Crocodile, The Penguin's Submarine

Super Hero at 19,000: A nice low total, but then, there isn't much to be 
 had throughout the mission.  Make sure you make the jumps to try to grab 
 some blues, because you'll need all you can get.

Harbor: Speed to the right.  Use the Batboat's tow cable (press Z) on an 
 orange mine and drag it into the gate on the right.  Continue to the 
 next area.  You can't take down the gate on the back wall from this side, 
 so speed the Batboat up the ramp and launch over to the other side of the 
 wall.  Blast the gate from this side to knock it down.  Now, take Robin's 
 Watercraft and use its torpeodes to shoot out the wall on the right.  Take 
 the mine as the Batboat and slam it into the back gate to proceed.

Wharf: Shoot the enemies and more will break in via a wooden gate.  Cruise 
 down the canal, blasting anyone that gets in your way.  In the larger open 
 area you need to open a gate on the right side.  There are four targets 
 you need to hit.  Two are right by the gate and easily shot.  A third 
 needs a mine dragged into the wall blocking it, and the last needs a 
 torpedo shot at it.  Continue on once all four are down.

Marina: This last area is a fight against The Penguin's Submarine.  Take a 
 mine and drag it into the side of the sub to blow open a hatch, then another 
 mine into the other side.  Now a mine-layer will pop out and drop off some 
 mines.  Fire a torpedo at it to get rid of it, then drag another mine into 
 the back of the sub.  With two hearts left, all you need to do is blast 
 it with laser after laser to finish it off.

New Characters:
Robin's Watercraft
Robin's Submarine (30,000)
Penguin Goon Submarine (15,000)
Harbor Helicopter (16,000)

5H. Under the City =

Starting Characters: Batman, Robin
Enemies: Penguin Goon, Penguin Henchman, Crocodile, Killer Croc

Super Hero at 59,000: Exploit the Score Multiplier area and Water Suit to get 
 the best return on your studs, because I found a good percentage of this 
 amount in the water in the first area.

Sewer Entry: Head straight back and bust the items for a Magnet Suit.  
 Climb up the wall and pull the lever to drop the ladder, giving Batman 
 access to the Demolition Suit.  Blow open the door to the right, then move 
 on right.  Bust some items further right to make the parts for a rotator 
 switch, which can lift Robin up to a Water Suit.  This Water Suit allows 
 him to safely sink to the bottom of any body of water.  Now, go back left 
 and grapple up to the water tanks.  Drop into the water and walk to the 
 right, then hold down A to swim up.  Step on the button multiple times to 
 drain the water, allowing Batman to come in so he can blow up the shiny 
 hatch with a bomb.

Reservoir: Jump across the pipes to the structure to the right.  Blast the 
 fan and assemble it as a grapple point.  Grapple up and change your suits 
 to Glide and Magnet.  Take Robin across by the wall and Batman across by 
 gliding.  Step on both buttons in the back to extend a platform.  Now, 
 go back as Batman and get the Demolition Suit again.  Head back to the 
 right and blow up the manhole cover.

Sewer Depths: Head to the right and slide down the path.  Bust all the 
 objects and place the gears on each of the green ramps.  Use a Batarang 
 on the two valves in the back to fill the water.  Climb up to the pile and 
 assmeble it.  Pull the lever to fix the stairs.  Climb up to the right.  
 Go up the stairs to the right and smash the object to assemble a lever.  
 Pull it to drop some magnetic tiles.  Assemble them, then climb up and take 
 the Water Suit.  Drop down into the water and pull the lever to move the 
 water to the other tank.  Hop across the lids that just rose up.  Climb the 

Solitary: Killer Croc's a pretty simple fight.  Pound him, then dodge the 
 stuff he throws at you.

New Characters:
Water Suit

5I. Zoo's Company =

Starting Characters: Batman, Robin
Enemies: Penguin Goon, Penguin Henchman, Man-Bat

Super Hero at 58,000: Not a hard threshold.  Be sure to sit on the ride 
 until it spits out studs.

Zoo Entrance: First, head inside the gift shop and grab the Magnet Suit.  
 Head back outside and throw a Batarang at the back door to open the 
 arcade.  Smash up the machines and assemble the Glide Suit Swapper.  Now, 
 climb the magnet wall.  Break the windows and assemble the grapple point so 
 Batman can climb up.  Glide across to the right, then behind the gate.  
 Assemble the bulldozer and barrel over the gate, then to the left through 
 the gate.

Lion Exhibit: Head straight right and bust down the gate.  At the far 
 right end, glide across and bust down all the objects to construct a 
 rotator switch to extend the bridge, and also assemble a turtle.  Head 
 back to the left and bust down the objects next to the shack, as well as the 
 lower boards on the shack itself.  Take the Tech Suit and use it on the green 
 panel to control the turtle.  Steer it into the shack and have it stand on 
 the button so you can take the Sonic Suit.  Go to the right and use it on 
 the lever near the gate.  Pull the lever.

Jungle Exhibit: Head to the right and to the riverboat.  Smash everything 
 to uncover a shiny grate in the floor and to assemble a plank sticking 
 out to the right.  You need to get over to the shore on the far side, 
 and it's easier if you bounce across the lilypads.  On the far side, smash 
 stuff to find a Demolition Suit pad, so put it on and go back to the 
 boat.  Set an explosive and drop down.

Observation Room: Now to fight Man-Bat.  Punch him to knock off three hearts, 
 then head for the objects on the left side of the room.  Put them together 
 and push the rotator switch so that the megaphone makes sound that disrupts 
 Man-Bat.  Punch him some more then repeat the process.

New Characters:
Zoo Sweeper (12,500)
 Also, you'll unlock Sonic Suit if you hadn't already.

5J. Penguin's Lair =

Starting Characters: Batman, Robin
Enemies: Penguin Minion, Freeze Girl, Red Freeze Girl, Catwoman, The Penguin

Super Hero at 26,000: Not an easy goal, but doable.  Just punch everything 
 and try to avoid dying.

Icy Cliffs: Head right and smash the stuff near the Suit Swapper to find 
 ladder pieces.  Climb up and switch to the Glide Suit.  Glide across the 
 gap and bust up the place.  Assemble pieces near the green and red thing 
 and you'll make an air pump.  Jump on it three times to inflate a raft so 
 Robin can cross.  From here, fling a Batarang at the icicles above the 
 shack to find pieces to make a heater, which will melt the ice in front 
 of the shack so you can enter and take the Water Suit. Head into the water 
 and pull the lever in the back to raise the bridge so you both can cross, 
 the head into the cave in the back.

Ice Cavern: Well, this was a short chapter.  It's time for the fight with 
 the Penguin and Catwoman.  Catwoman's job is simply to get on your case 
 while you work.  Beat her back so she retreats, then she'll come back 
 again a little later.  First, throw a Batarang at the two nodes on the 
 side of the machine to shock the Penguin.  At this point, he'll start 
 sending out Penguin Bombs.  The idea here is to use the rotator in the 
 center of the room to redirect the bombs, because he always sends them 
 out in a straight line.  Aim them at any of the purple objects.  Once 
 it hits one of those, he'll fire up the machine again and you can start 
 again.  Keep doing this for all four purple objects.  Once they're all 
 gone, the Penguin will attack himself.  Strike him until he floats away, 
 then hit him with a Batarang to bring him down.  Continue this until he's 

New Characters:
Penguin Minion (30,000)
Yeti (9,000)
Man-Bat (40,000)

5K. Joker's Home Turf =

Starting Characters: Batman, Robin
Enemies: Joker Goon, Joker Henchman, Mad Hatter

Super Hero at 60,000: This one shouldn't be too much of a problem.  I had 
 it well before I hit the last area.

Factory Entrance: Head straight back and bash the gate down.  Go back and 
 to the right.  Use a Batarang to knock down the two parts near the Swapper 
 light.  The boxes will fall, so assemble the Attract Suit Swapper.  
 Clear the area of blocks and you should just have 25.  Deposit them in the 
 container to make a toxic sucker.  Ride it around sucking up the toxins, 
 particularly the ones on the right.  Next to the tank are some railings, so 
 attach them to the wall and climb up, then grapple up to the Glide Suit.  
 Drop down to the left and assemble valves to stop the toxic gas flow, then 
 glide across the gap.  Assemble the tightrope so Robin can follow, then 
 climb up the ladder.  Have both characters hang from the scaffolding to 
 drop it on the grate, then drop down.  Slam the gate on the left wall to 

Factory, West Side: From here head to the back of the room and push the 
 box off the ledge, then glide to the other side and push that box off.  
 Drop down to the lower floor (y'know, AWAY from the slime) and find 25 
 blocks for the nearby Attract Container, which will blow open the door to 
 the right.  You can now get the toxic sucker and bring it back to this 
 side to suck up all the gunk in front of the door.  Assemble both levers 
 and open the door.

Factory, Interior: Head to the right past the gunners and up to the red 
 boxes.  Push down the two that are here, then glide across to the one on 
 the opposite side.  Assemble all the pieces to make a forklift.  Ride it 
 into shiny things.  You can make another forklift, as well as a ladder and a 
 switch for the wall which you can step on to remove the toxic gas on the 
 upper platform.  Glide to the right and you'll find another panel you can 
 use to remove the toxic gas on the lower floor.  Drop down and take the 
 forklift to the shiny objects, with which you can make a rotator switch.  
 Take Batman up the railing and glide to the left.  Assemble the chute, 
 then push the rotator switch to move it to the right.  Throw the lever to 
 fill up the tank with toxic stuff, then jump across the platforms.  Glide 
 to the right and hop up to the lever.  Pull it to extend a bridge.  Now, 
 drop down to the lower floor again and take the forklift to the right.  
 Leave it on the big orange switch to start an elevator working.  Head to 
 the right and into the red-lit tunnel.

Factory Depths: Head to the right and fling a Batarang at the five red lights 
 to uncover the parts for a Magnet Suit Swapper.  Climb up the magnet wall 
 and assemble the box.  Push it to the end to partially extend the bridge so 
 Batman can glide over.  Assemble the pieces on the right side to finish 
 the bridge.  Now, magnet walk up the wall on this side and push the 
 rotator switch to open the shutter.

Control Room: Time to fight Mr. Raven-like-a-writing-desk.  Slap him twice 
 so he retreats up the right side.  Have Robin walk up the magnet wall and 
 walk onto the catwalk so it collapses.  Have both characters stand on the 
 button and you'll drop him into the muck.  Now, he'll start using mind 
 control on you.  When he grabs one character, switch off and have the 
 other pound him.  When he retreats this time, go to the left and assemble 
 the lift.  Ride up and have both characters step on the buttons.  Hit the 
 Mad Hatter once more to finish him.

New Characters:
Joker Goon (7,000)
Joker Henchman (9,000)
Mad Hatter (35,000)
Mad Hatter's Steamboat (23,000)
Mad Hatter's Glider (18,000)
 Also, you'll unlock Glide Suit, Magnet Suit, and Attract Suit if you hadn't 

5L. Little Fun at the Big Top =

Starting Characters: Batman, Robin
Enemies: Joker Boxes, Joker Goon, Joker Henchman, Harley Quinn

Super Hero at 68,000: Take the time to smash all the stuff you can and 
 explore.  There's nothing really special about this area.

Circus Outskirts: Head to the right past several buildings.  You need to 
 go inside the third building to get the Demolition Suit, then head for 
 the gate to the right.  Assemble the shiny objects and blow them up to 
 enter the next area.

Plaza: Head all the way to the right and back to get the Sonic Suit, then 
 break the glass on the doors and assemble the Magnet Suit Swapper.  Smash 
 objects near the water to find a rotator switch which raises a magnet 
 wall.  Assemble the grapple point so you can grapple to the other side.  
 Smash the patio furniture to find the pieces for an Attract Suit Swapper.  
 Explore the area for colored blocks, then deposit them in the container to 
 make a ladder.  Climb up and head to the right.

Big Top: Head to the right and smash up some bricks near the gate to make a 
 rotator switch and open the gate.  Head to the right and back to the 
 checkered floor to face off against Harley.  Fight Harley is pretty basic.  
 Simply chase her around as she backflips all over the place.  Eventually, 
 she'll get tired of flipping and get dizzy.  Smack her then.  After a 
 couple of hits, she'll start summoning enemies, but her pattern won't 

New Characters:
Clown Goon (100,000)
 Also, you'll unlock Demolition Suit and Sonic Suit if you hadn't already.

5M. Flight of the Bat =

Starting Characters: Batwing, Batcopter
Enemies: Goon Helicopter, Scarecrow's Biplane

Super Hero at 29,000: If you're judicious, you'll get this just as you enter 
 the last area, even though the last area has a ton of studs to get anyway.  
 Try to shoot everything and not die too much.

Rooftops: Blast everything.  Go straight back from your starting position 
 and you'll find a "bat-labelled" torpedo launcher.  Snag some torps as the 
 Batwing and fire one at the missile turret.  Pass through and fire another 
 torpedo at the launcher near the train to drop the tracks (a little 
 structural damage never hurt anybody).  Now, head back to the upper left and 
 smash the structure near the two turrets to find a mine.  Use the Batcopter 
 to grab it with a tow cable and drag it through the hole in the tracks and 
 into the flaming gas tank.

Industrial: Blast everything.  Head to the right and grab a mine near 
 the orange stuff.  Slam it into the metal box nearby and shoot it to open a 
 torpedo launcher.  Fire torps at the guns flanking the gate to knock out 
 the electrical field and press on.

Skyscrapers: Time for the shooting fest against the Scarecrow.  Go to the 
 right to find a torpedo launcher.  Now, snag the Biplane as the Batcopter.  
 While he's snagged, switch to the Batwing and blast him with a torpedo.  
 Do this three times.

New Characters:
Bruce Wayne's Private Jet (15,000)

5N. In the Dark Night =

Starting Characters: Batman, Robin
Enemies: Joker Goon, Joker Henchman, Killer Moth

Super Hero at 73,000: There's one thing here that's really worth the effort.  
 After you get the Demolition Suit, blow up the shiny boxes near the 
 toxic waste so you can assemble a pump to remove the waste and reveal three 
 purple studs.  Very worth it.

Street: Head to the right and smash some stuff near the scaffold and assemble 
 it.  Climb up the railings, then hop over to the other side of the fence.  
 Head all the way to the right and KM will hop into the nearby club.  A shiny 
 van will block your way, so it's time to find some high explosives.  Smash 
 all the stuff to the left of the club and assemble the fan.  Pull the lever 
 to start it up so you can get to the ledge on the left.  Go across to 
 the boarded up room and bash everything down to find a rotator switch.  Use 
 Robin to push the switch so Batman can be raised up to the Demolition Suit 
 Swapper.  Now, you can go to the club and a-splode your way in.

Nightclub: Okay.  On the lower floor, the object is to get those two blue 
 thingies pushed into the far right wall.  The lower one is easy.  Smash all 
 the objects nearby to assemble it fully, then push.  For the second, we'll 
 need to fix the floor.  Head near the door and smash some stuff to make a  
 grapple point, then grapple up and assemble the tightrope.  You also need 
 to make the other side, so smash objects near the fish tank to find the 
 parts.  Walk across the tightrope and set bombs near the purple lights to 
 drop the tiles.  Assemble them and push the other blue thing.  Pull both 
 levers and ride up the elevator.

Dance Floor: Head to the right and blow up the statue.  Take the Tech Suit.  
 Now, blow up the objects on the dance floor so you can build a disco ball, 
 which opens the floor.  Step on both lit-up panels at the same time, and 
 do so for all sixteen.  Yikes.  At least he's on your side.  Go to the 
 green panel to take control of him, then walk him into the multicolored 
 wall in the back.  Head outside.

Alley: Bash some objects near the building to find a Magnet Suit Swapper.  
 Switch up and head to the back.  To the left of the fire is a magnet wall, 
 so cross over.  Assemble the pump to remove the toxic waste, then assemble 
 the magnet wall.  Climb up and cross the tightrope.  Pull the lever to 
 drop a ladder so Batman can get up, then set a bomb next to the obviously 
 breakable fence to cross.  On this roof area, use a Batarang on the blue 
 objects overhead, and break everything else to assemble a water spigot.  
 Have both characters stand on it to dump water on the fire.  Blow away the 
 barrier to move on.  Head straight into the building at the far end.

Abandoned Building: Time to fight Mr. Colorful.  Punch him a couple of times 
 and he'll fly up and out of range.  First, blow up the back left grate to get 
 Robin a Tech Suit.  Now, blow up all the shiny boxes near the generator on 
 the left and assemble the parts.  Use the green panel to fire up the levers, 
 the pull both to drag KM towards the lightbulb so he drops down, then punch 
 him a couple more times.  Now, for the right generator.  Assemble the 
 pieces, then break through to the right room.  Push the blue object into 
 the other object (it's tough to describe these things really) and you can 
 use the green panel again.  Pull the levers again to finish this fight. 

New Characters:
 You'll unlock Techonology Suit if you hadn't already.

5O. To the Top of the Tower =

Starting Characters: Batman, Robin
Enemies: Joker Goon, Joker Henchman, Harley Quinn, The Joker

Super Hero at 96,000: Nothing really special to mention here.  Just don't 
 be afraid to go out of your way to find studs.

Cathedral Grounds: Smash up the objects near the police shootout here to find 
 a Demo Suit.  Head to the right and climb up the railing to the tower.  Set 
 a bomb near the shiny grate to get the Magnet Suit.  Head over to the left 
 tower and set a bomb near the base of it to find magnet wall pieces.  
 Assemble them, then push the statues to the right.  Climb up as Robin, 
 jump across and push the rotator switch.  Now, it's another fight against 
 Harley.  Clean up the goons on the ground, then hop in one of the water 
 cannons on the trucks.  Fire at Harley and she'll throw a bomb to blow up 
 your truck.  Do the same with the other truck, then assemble the pieces to 
 another water cannon for the final shot.  Now, put together the pieces she 
 just dropped and ride up the fan.  Enter through the window.

Balconies: Head to the right.  At the end, assemble the lever pieces and 
 pull it to lower the gargoyle so you can cross to the right along the 
 wall.  Head up the stairs, then assemble the magnet wall and walk up.  Go 
 right and pull the lever to move the chandelier.  Hop across using it.  Go 
 up the little set of stairs and take the Glide Suit.  Climb up and glide 
 across.  Use the rotator to move the railing so Robin can cross.  Smash 
 the nearby objects to find a button to lower the statue.  Stay on it as 
 Batman so Robin can walk up the wall and cross.  Have Robin assemble the 
 grapple point so the two of you can head to the left and pull both 
 levers to open the door.

Bell Tower: Okay.  First thing to do is get Harley and the Joker out of those 
 bells.  Head to the left break some stuff so you can make an anvil that 
 will pull up a grapple point.  Grapple up and glide across.  Assemble the 
 railing so Robin can get up, then both of you step on the hammer device to 
 ring Harley out of it.  Now, go to the right.  Assemble the floor and push 
 the statue into place.  Climb up the magnet wall and assemble the railings, 
 then hop across to the other hammer device.  Now, you have to take out the 
 Joker's Helicopter.  Assemble the water cannons and fire at the choppper 
 when it stops to shoot.  Don't worry too much about getting knocked out of 
 the cannon.  Just keep firing at it.  Once it's broken, it's a hand-to-hand 
 against Laughing Boy himself.  Punch him a few times.  After a bit, he'll 
 start using his electric buzzer.  When he gets one of your guys, switch to 
 the other and punch him.  

New Characters:
Bat-Tank (200,000) after completing all three episodes


See the beginning of the above section for info on this, not that it needed 
to be said in the first place.

6A. The Riddler Makes a Withdrawal =

Starting Characters: The Riddler, Clayface
Enemies: Policeman, Police Officer, Military Policeman, Security Guard

Super Villain at 45,000: Should be a walk in the park.  There's a nice 
 purple stud in the street area.  Just after you pull down the fire escape, 
 climb up and smash the red window and explore the whole inside of the area.
 There's another one in the street area to the right after you fire up the 
 wrecker, under a dumpster you have to lift as Clayface.

Parking Garage: Being by heading to the right.  Clayface has super 
 strength, so watch for anything that has an orange handle on it, because 
 he can toss it.  Do so on the dumpsters here.  Demolish whatever you can 
 and you'll eventually find some pieces that make a lever.  Pull it and 
 you'll unblock a window where you can see a guy wandering around inside.  
 The deal here is that you have to use the Riddler's mind control, so get 
 close to the guy and press Z.  You now have full control of the person, and 
 The Riddler is entirely safe while this is going on.  Have the person push 
 the rotator switch to open the way up to the garage itself.  Inside, have 
 Clayface pull on the garbage truck in the back, which is blocking the 
 exit.  Have both characters pull the levers and enter the elevator.

Street: Have Clayface jump up and grab the blue and gray awning so he can 
 leap up to it.  From there, go left and double jump so you grab the fire 
 escape and lower it.  Now, both characters can climb and proceed to the left.

Impound: Have Clayface toss all he can here and bust down all the objects.  
 One item to throw needs to have its handle put on it, so do so.  The last 
 orange vehicle Clayface needs to pull to the marked spot.  Now, switch to 
 the Riddler and have him control the operator in the enclosure.  Have him 
 throw the switch, which will put the crane on top of the orange wheels.  
 Assemble the last two parts and you've got a nice wrecker to work for you.  
 Head out to the right.

Street: Simply ride your awesome wrecker to the right, through the next 
 gate.  Demolish all the metal objects to the right, then have Clayface 
 grab the vent cover so you can enter.

Bank: Head towards the screen.  Assemble the ladder near wall and climb up.  
 Put together the tightrope and cross.  Now, use Mind Control on the guy 
 in the window and have him pull the hanging switch to drop the gargoyle 
 on the street below.  Grab the Police Car and run over everything in the 
 immediate area.  Assemble all the pieces into a bomb then step on the 

New Characters:
The Riddler

6B. On the Rocks =

Starting Characters: The Riddler, Mr. Freeze
Enemies: Policeman, Police Officer, Military Policeman, Security Guard

Super Villain at 58,000: You'll get a considerable percentage of this at the 
 beginning if you explore properly.  After that, just keep searching and 
 you should get this pretty easily.  There's even a purple off to the far 
 left of the third area.

Parking Lot: Clear out the area, then use Mr. Freeze (who has Super Strength) 
 to pull off the cover to the pipe in the back left.  Float up and move to 
 the right.  Note there are two red and white ice cream structures on the 
 wall.  Drop down to each, smash them, and create a lever from the remains.  
 Pull both levers and enter the factory.

Processing Area: Pull out the crate in the wall using Mr. Freeze, then cross 
 over the ice slope using the railing above.  Now, drop down onto the blue 
 platform in the red river.  Hold down Z and Mr. Freeze will fire his Freeze 
 Cannon at the blue sparkly spot and freeze it.  Cross all the way across, 
 then bring the Riddler along so he can Mind Control the guard up on the 
 next platform.  Have the guard assemble the rotator switch and turn it to 
 fill the river.  Now you can climb up to the other side.  Smash an object 
 near the orange and blue structure on the back wall and assemble it, which 
 will then blow up so you can put a handle on the big door.  Push it open 
 with Mr. Freeze.

Deep Freeze: Head to the left and place Mr. Freeze on the elevator platform.  
 Have Riddler Mind Control the guy in the ice block, bust the object and 
 assemble the lever so the block can go up.  Push the block off the edge with 
 Mr. Freeze to break open a hole in the floor.  Drop Mr. Freeze down and 
 cross the toxic waste.  Pull the pipe to drop it so the Riddler can reach 
 the far right area.  Climb up the ladder.  Now, have the Riddler stand on 
 the valve and Mind Control the guy across the gap.  Have that guy jump on 
 the other valve so the stairs unfold.  Climb up and drop down the other 
 side.  Break the object here and assemble the lever.  Pull it to raise the 
 red liquid, then freeze it.  Now, this last part as a "?" panel on the wall.  
 You may think this corresponds with the Riddler, but actually this area 
 works with anyone that has mind control abilities, Riddler included.  Have 
 him press Z on the white circle and the hatch will open.

Cold Room: Take out all the cops and assemble the launcher in the middle of 
 the room to stop the fan.  Use Mind Control on the cop on the upper ledge to 
 push the box off the ledge so you can assemble the ladder.  Now, you have to 
 step on the buttons in a specific order.  The order is blue, green, yellow, 
 and red.

New Characters:
Mr. Freeze
Mr. Freeze's Kart (25,000)
Mr. Freeze's Iceberg (23,000)

6C. Green Fingers =

Starting Characters: The Riddler, Poison Ivy
Enemies: Policeman, Bio-Hazard Scientist, Janitor

Super Villain at 87,000: Make sure you clean up all the plants you can in 
 the third area, as they'll give you a good percentage.

Outside: From the start, bust up the brown, green, and blue boxes in the 
 front of the building.  Assemble a flowery vehicle.  Use it to bust down 
 the metal gates both on the left and right of the building.  Head through 
 the right-hand gate and bust down all the flowers to find a rotator switch.  
 Turn it to raise the basket on the back wall so your partner can jump onto 
 the other one.  Now, you can get on the basket too as it's automated.  
 Switch to Ivy and double jump to the railing to cross.  Smash the statue 
 on the other side to make a tightrope so the Riddler can catch up.  Now, 
 walk across the toxic sludge as Ivy and pull the left lever.  The Riddler 
 should pull the right one, opening the door inside.

Toxic Pit: Have Ivy hold down Z near the plant pots to create platforms 
 for the Riddler.  Hop across and create another red mushroom so you can 
 bounce up to the top ledge.  Push the statue off to remove the cage around 
 that poor defenseless plant.  Now, use the "?" mark door with the Riddler 
 to open it up.

Courtyard: Head down the stairs and to the back right of the area.  Demolish 
 everything here.  Also, use Mind Control on the Janitor in the back enclosure 
 and have pull the lever.  Assemble all the pieces and you'll make a ride-able 
 plant.  Oh, they only get more awesome from here on out, believe me.  
 Stomp over the entire garden, then head to the right through the gate.  You 
 do have to leave him behind, though.

Pond: Bust up the nearby boxes and assemble the swan.  Ride it carefully 
 around the mines and to the far right side.  In the next area, use Mind 
 Control on the scientists in the enclosure.  Have one of them bust up the 
 top object to get a lever to build (opens the inner door) and then bus 

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