LEGO Alpha Team




LEGO Alpha Team

Developer:Digital Domain Genre:Action Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

Dash and company have their work cut out for them in this brain-bending, LEGO-style challenge. Squelch the evil plans of Ogel as you redirect your team by placing stairs, trampolines, chutes, Changer Tiles, and other pieces on the board. The game is full of great devices and items: two team members can seesaw or use anti-gravity generators, and there are explosive dynamite detonators, cutting lasers, and other items as well. These aren't exactly like the LEGOS you're used to, since they don't take up all of the space under your bed!

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LEGO Alpha Team Review

By Ed Teal |

The game is excellent, really fun, really entertaining and original, because it gives another perspective of playing with Legos. I have enjoyed playing every single Lego game, as every one of them are really fun and amazing so that children and adults will have fun playing them. I highly recommend buying Alpha Team and if you are a Lego collector there are action figurines that are sold separately and can be found anywhere. Overall, the given score to this amazing game is a perfect five. If you want to buy the game, go to Amazon, or to Toys R Us, and you will find it; but I recommend more Amazon as they have a bigger selection in their products.

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