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Legion Gold

Developer:Slitherine Software Genre:Strategy Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

Legion Gold is a revolutionary, high-level strategy game that incorporates strategic and tactical elements in a unique Roman Empire adventure. Players control vast armies and attempt to carve an Empire at the strategic level and at the tactical level, position their armies and make use of the best formations to achieve victory. Each map can be replayed a number of times in different settings, with different nations, giving players hours of gameplay.

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Legion Gold

Legion Gold Review

By Curtis Altman |

dont waste you time or money on this. wait for TOTAL WAR: ROME

to come out. If you have the upgraded version of the original legion, stick with it instead. On my machine, running winxp home, pIII 933, 512k ram, the game locks up too many times to make it an enjoyable diversion.

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