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About The Game

Legie is the unique combination of a 3D adventure and "classic" dungeon crawler. It features a dark story about an innkeeper, beer, and the devil that takes place in the medieval Czech town of Jilemnice.

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Legie Review

By Curtis Altman |

There are a few quick, simple abstracts that I enjoy playing, such as Pentago - and Legie will most likely be added to that list. It's a game that I can use in my math logic classes, as it is simple to explain and understand. However, it seems to lack a certain spark to keep it from being a game that I play more often - perhaps it is TOO simple for me. If you're looking for a light, easy-going abstract game, then Legie might be what you want; but if you're looking for deep, heavy strategy, there are perhaps dozens of others that would fill your needs in a better way.

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