Legends of Terror -- 12 Game Mega Pack




Legends of Terror -- 12 Game Mega Pack

Developer:Viva Media Genre:Classics Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

Seek and find your way through 12 scary stories where nothing is quite what it seems!

ECHOES OF SORROW -- Reveal a tragic past and discover dark secrets from a haunted childhood in a stunning dreamworld.

EXORCIST -- Enter the inner sanctum of evil where you are cursed with the ability to see demons and cursed to find and expel their spirits!

STRAY SOULS -- Discover the awful truth behind a horrible childhood where you wish it were only make believe!

TWISTED LANDS: SHADOW TOWN -- Explore the emotion of fear on a haunted island full of terrifying and blood curdling clues!

AMANDA ROSE -- Use your hidden object skills to track down and free a prisoner from the past using a magical stone!

TREASURES OF MYSTERY ISLAND 3: THE GHOST SHIP -- Stop fate in it's tracks as you explore a deserted island where captive ghosts await!

VAMPIRE MANSION: A LINDA HYDE MYSTERY -- Discover the hidden world of vampires in this race against evil to stop a sinister plot!

BEHIND THE REFLECTION -- Dare to explore an alternative reality where the lair of true evil resides!

VAMPIRE SAGA -- Unravel chilling secrets and find out what is behind a series of grisly murders in a tale of a love that will never die!

MIND'S EYE: SECRETS OF THE FORGOTTEN -- Gabrielle Jennings' investigation leads her to the laboratory of a mysterious scientist, whose experiments enable her to enter other people' minds to search for clues in a mysterius death.

CURSE OF MONTEZUMA -- Embark on an amazing match-three journey to find the legendary Fountain of Youth and stop the spread of a deadly virus.

TREASURE MASTERS, INC. -- Join the team at Treasure Masters Inc. for an exhilarating hidden object adventure.

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Legends of Terror -- 12 Game Mega Pack Review

By Curtis Altman |

I felt the need to post immediately to let customers know that there ARE ONLY 8 GAMES, NOT THE 12 AS ADVERTISED. Ok, so the 8 games that come with this Mega Pack may be great and well worth it, I dont know since I just got this item today and just installed it on my computer.

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