Legends of Pegasus




Legends of Pegasus

Developer:Novacore Studios Genre:Simulation Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

Legends of Pegasus takes players into the depths of space. This 4X space simulation will put players in control of the last surviving humans, as they explore space in a quest to expand their galactic empire. Players will conquer and explore an incredibly detailed 3D universe as they use economic, diplomatic and scientific means to expand their empires. Through a deep technology tree, players will unlock new technologies to customize their ships and prepare their fleets for the next alien encounter ... be it hostile or friendly.

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Legends of Pegasus

Legends of Pegasus Review

By Curtis Altman |

Last but not least, it wouldn't be a 4X sim game without a starship editor, and Legends of Pegasus aims to offer customization in spades. We were shown multiple basic ship hulls, which offer hard points upon which to mount customization modules. The modules are mostly weapons based or defensive in nature, though others, such as colonization pods, are necessary for hauling freight or colonists. The ship design interface is designed to be drag-and-drop, much like the colonization interface, so newcomers should find it easy to quickly craft ships that strike fear in the hearts of their alien foes.

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