Legacy: Dark Shadows




Legacy: Dark Shadows

Developer:Razbor Studios Genre:Adventure Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

In the year 2138, private investigator Ren Silver is up against a case that is quite a bit beyond her typical cases of of unfaithful husbands and missing pets ... beyond anything imaginable. She's been booted off of the police force for her own stubbornness, and she's only got a few friends left -- Ted, the journalist and computer hacker, Charles, the lab technician, and Winny, a taxi driver -- to help her solve a case that ends up involving terrifying medical and cloning experiments from WWII and perhaps even deeper mysteries of human evolution... This point-and-click adventure game combines 2D and 3D elements to create a gigantic world of interactive objects to experiment with, filled with people to talk to, all wrapped up in an innovative non-linear stucture that allows deep exploration into all aspects of the mystery.

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Legacy: Dark Shadows

Legacy: Dark Shadows Review

By Curtis Altman |

It somehow seems fitting that whenever you exit Legacy, it starts to play a cheesy little rap song and then crashes. In fact, Legacy crashes during gameplay, too, so save often. Better yet, save your money for one of the many superior adventure games released this year.

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