Left Behind 3: Rise of the Antichrist




Left Behind 3: Rise of the Antichrist

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About The Game

Left Behind 3: Rise of the Antichrist is a real-time strategy game based on the best-selling Left Behind book series, created by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. Join the ultimate fight of Good versus Evil, commanding the Tribulation Forces, the Global Community Peacekeepers and the American Militia! Gamers will enjoy all new building graphics, improved missions and over 40 new interactive movies to enhance the storyline.

The game includes 46 single player missions including tutorials, 3 multiplayer modes, 39 maps, and a robust skirmish mode allowing you to play against the computer by yourself or with up to 7 friends online. Geared toward players of all ages 13 and up, three levels of computer difficulty will challenge even the most experienced RTS gamer. Easy to understand controls and a comprehensive tutorial will ease even the most inexperienced gamer into a thriving, relasitic depiction of a future New York City on the brink of World War III.

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Left Behind 3: Rise of the Antichrist Review

By Curtis Altman |

Game stroryline has challenging missions. And encourages non violence! I understand the Graphic set up is like various strategies games because of the layout of an entire city and controlling key characters. But could be more thrilling if game progression incorporate theaterical movies between completing mission instead of in between Chapters since it takes time to complete. Excellent Strategy Game!!! It's focused more on strategy and game play than theaterical graphics.

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