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About The Game

Setting out to do for co-op gaming what Counter-Strike did for team combat, Left 4 Dead is an ambitious survival horror game. Running on the Source engine, Left 4 Dead leaves four armed survivors of a world overrun with zombies, and they must fight their way out to escape the outbreak.

Designed for co-op play, the four players must work together to finish each stage of the game, lending each other artillery support, sharing ammo and rescuing each other when zombies are on top of them. In addition to the standard four players as humans, another four players can be amongst the masses of assaulting zombies, seeking to take down the other players. Zombie players might even find themselves become one of the four mutant "boss" zombies, who have unique powers that can be used to devastate, injure, tie up, mark and track, confuse, or even humiliate the gun-toting human survivors.

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Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead Review

By Michael Richter |

Despite the love of Hollywood to turn games into movies, there doesn't seem to be a need for a movie based on Left 4 Dead, as it's already been made several times over. Left 4 Dead is a game that venerates zombie movies throughout the ages, from George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead to Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later. In the game, you and up to three other survivors must battle a zombie apocalypse with a simple goal; you aren't trying to eradicate the undead horde, you're just trying to survive.

However, Left 4 Dead is also a completely different kind of game, and it feels as much of an experiment as it does an amazing gameplay experience. Valve has moved against convention and delivered a game that is built almost entirely around cooperative multiplayer action. Sure, there is a single-player mode that lets you play through the game with bots, but that feels like practice. Bots lack the dynamic play, the interaction and the interplay, and the social aspect of co-op play. This is a game that comes to life when you play with at least one other human player, and it's even better if there are four humans in each game.

Video Review - Watch or download the video here (HD available).
Let's start with the basics. Left 4 Dead is about the seemingly hot new fad in storytelling: the dreaded zombie apocalypse has finally come to pass, turning the vast majority of the population into a mindless, ravenous undead hordes. A handful of humans remain immune to the zombie virus, and you play as a small group of them. There's Zoey, a young woman; Bill, the grizzled veteran; Louis, the middle-class office worker; and Francis, the biker. Armed with real and makeshift weapons, these survivors must battle their way to salvation. It's a simple plot that anyone can recognize, and Valve pulls it off with its trademark incredible attention to detail.

In each of the game's four scenarios, you must battle your way to a series of safe houses that lead to a rescue point. You can have up to four players in a game, controlling each of the characters, but if you're short of humans, the AI can fill in and control the bots. The AI is generally solid; it's good about killing zombies, not hitting you with friendly fire, and even patching you up with med kits if you're down. The downside is that the bots are passive; you always have to be in the lead, which is problematic when you're hurting. If you're playing with other humans you can tell them that you're hurting and can switch the formation around. That doesn't happen with bots. Still, you can play the game with the bots on almost all the difficult levels save for expert. Frankly, expert is so brutal that you'll need four human players to prevail, and even then it's not a sure bet you'll make it through.

Each scenario is presented like a movie, which is a nice touch. At the beginning there's a movie poster showing the cast. If you survive, the "credits" display the statistics for the game, like who killed the most zombies, who inflicted the most headshots, who delivered the most friendly fire, and the like. The final credit shows how many zombies were killed in the making of the film, and a nice touch I really like is that if only some of the survivors make it to safety, the film is dedicated to the memory of those who didn't. Even the scenario titles are awesome in a cheesy sort of way. There's No Mercy where you battle through a hospital, Dead Air which requires you to fight to an airport, Death Toll has you make your way to a dock, and Blood Harvest where you take shelter in a farmhouse.

There was a firefight!The zombie horde that you battle is based on the "fast" zombies seen in movies like 28 Weeks Later. These zombies don't shamble. Instead, they sprint at you with inhuman speed, scale fences, and bust down doors to get at you. Horde zombies aren't smart, but they are dangerous in large numbers. The real danger comes in the form of some special zombies. There's the hunter, which can leap across large distances to pin a survivor to the ground. Then there's the smoker, which has a frog-like tongue that can grab a survivor by the throat. The boomer is a corpulent zombie that vomits or explodes to spray survivors. Getting hit by the substance will not only temporarily blind survivors, but it drives the zombie horde into a feeding frenzy. The tank is just that; he's a brick of a zombie that can take an enormous amount of damage and dish out a fair amount. And finally, there's the witch; she's an enormously powerful zombie that can take down a survivor with a single swipe.

The game is paced almost perfectly so that you're always pushed to the edge. You'll run low on health. You'll run low on ammo or you'll run out entirely, requiring you to rely on pistols, which have unlimited ammo but aren't as effective as shotguns, assault rifles, and submachine guns. There are pipe bombs and Molotov bombs that you can scavenge, and you can turn propane tanks and gas canisters into weapons. The latter are particularly useful in the many "crescendo" elements in the game. These are points where you must initiate an action in order to open the way forward like having a van drive through a steel fence to open the route. The kicker is that the moment you initiate the action the zombie horde are going to come down on you like a tidal wave. The good news is that you have time to prepare and place down fuel canisters and discuss the battle plan. If a player falls victim to the zombie menace, a respawn mechanism reintroduces them back in the action as another survivor who has been found (though don't ask why the new survivor is exactly the same as the old survivor).

Left 4 Dead Cheats

To insert the cheats below, call-up the in-game cheats console by pressing the tilde (~) key. Then, insert the cheats on the left for the corresponding result on the right.

  • Buddha - Receive damage, but will not die
  • give X - Give any item (where X = item name)
  • god - God Mode
  • impulse 10 - All weapons and ammunition
  • nb_blind 1 - Infected cannot see you
  • noclip - Walk through walls
  • sv_infinite_ammo 1 - Infinite ammunition (no reloads)
  • warp_all_survivors_here - Teleports all survivors to your position
  • warp_all_survivors_to_checkpoint - Teleports all survivors to the nearest checkpoint
  • warp_all_survivors_to_finale - Teleports all survivors to the finale
  • warp_to_start_area - Teleport yourself to the next chapter

Additions from noobie.

In Part 2 (The Crane), jump on the fence by climbing onto the vent cover. Head across the fence and jump to the other side of the horizontal fence. Turn left, and head to the end, jumping up and to the right to the AC unit / box on the corner of the next building, allowing you to bypass the crescendo event. On the next building, go to the left corner and jump into the highest branch of the tree below. You may lose up to 80% of your health, so heal up before you leap. This leaves you right at the next safe room.

In Part 3 (The Construction Site), by the barricade that you burn is a metal door and a raised fence. Jump on the railing / fence and follow it until it begins to start downward. Here, hop onto the metal siding / door (a difficult maneuver).

Left 4 Dead Game Walkthrough

Left 4 Dead
Crash Course   Part 1

Foreword) -  This guide is for the Xbox 360 version of Left 4 dead.
This Guide will include basic facts and ever tips along with cheats 
that i have personally tested and know work, along with easy ways to get achievements.

WARNING) This game is really fun, but if you are below the age of 10 you really 
should not play this game. I say all people 10+ could play this.


A[THE BASICS])- If you have played the game before than you really don't need to read 
this unless you die a lot.

                1. Stay with someone! No matter how good you are you need someone to go 
with you. If you are not playing with a friend than wait for an AI to accompany you. The
main reason why is because if a hunter, boomer, witch, or smoker gets you and no one
can help you.

                2. Always look both ways! - In some cases (Like No mercy in the hospital) There
are two ways to go when you leave a room. Like always one is the right way, but the other
will contain rooms with zombies. There are two ways to deal with this V

              i) (For use with friend only) This only works if you are playing with a human. 
Simply go out the door and do a "Back to Back" (<<Term described below) One of 
you clear the left and the other the right. Simple

             ii) (For use with AI) This is harder of course but clear the dead end side out first,
then the correct way, the A-I's typically stay behind you and will cover you, but if you do 
the other way first for some reason they go ahead of you because they are programed to
continue to go forward. But if you go back they will follow you.

    >>* Back to Back -  (For use with friend only) If you have ever played Army of two you get
the idea. But basically put your back to your friends back and shoot in 2 different directions.

                3. AIM!!!!!!!!! - Simple AIM! I can't even tell you how pissed i get when people don't 
 One they miss Zombies and waste shots, Two they might hit you and take precious health.

                4. Melee!!!! - This is very important. When there is a horde and you are surrounded 
melee! This knocks them back and if done multiple times can kill a zombie. (Ref. Cheat tips at 

           Those are the basics.  From here down includes tips, cheat discussion, achievements, 
much more!

      ! Lets Talk Weapons !!

 Basic Weapons --

        Remington 12 gauge shotgun - 8 shots -  This weapon is usually the first one i use. 

   PROS -   a - Can kill a group of Zombies if shot correctly
                    b - A lot of damage
                    c - Can shot through walls and doors! 
                    d - Useful during hordes!!!!!

                   a - Actually causes you to walk slower. believe it or not.
                   b - Only 8 shots, which means a lot of reloading which can be a pain is the butt.
                   c - A waste of shots if you miss!

          Uzi 9mm - 30? i am not sure - Useful but not one i use.

    PROS -  a - A lot of shots
                    b - Accurate
                    c - Quick reload
                    d - fast walking

    CONS - a - Bullets inflict about 50% damage
                   b - Not effective against smoker, hunter, or witch
                   c - Runs out of ammo very quickly

Advanced Weapons 

          Tactical shotgun 10 gauge- 10 shots- 

            PROS - a - 2 extra shots
                           b - rapid fire

          M-16 - ?? - 

             Same as Uzi 9mm but longer range and more powerful

          Springfeild rifle- ??- 

                Don't even....this thing SUCKS!!!!!

         TIPS  v

    -- I recommend the shotgun. Either one. I always use it and i always get
the most kills along with most damage to the witch and tank.

    -- If you are playing with AI's and you are near a safehouse run in, close the door
heal yourself (if you already have one good, if you don't grab one
) Then grab another. Then you can let them in.

    -- If you have a shotgun try to get a horde in a postition where they are in a large group
all close to each other. Shoot as much as you can!!!!!!

    -- If you see a smoker and he runs away follow him!!! he will hide and wait 4 you!!! kill him!

    -- Don't run from the tank, kill him. If you run he will follow!!!!!!

       How to kill special Infected

  -- Witch ----  She is a PAIN!!!! But I am very good at killing her. Below are some tips V

                 1. Turn your light off. She gets scared quicker if your light shines on her. 

                 2. Grab a shotgun. A shotgun inflicts the most damage to the witch. 

                 3. Aim for the head. That will inflict the most damage.

                 4. Molotov. You will get an achievement for this as well. But it inflicts extra damage.

   Correct procedure V

                 * Turn off light
                 * Grab molotov
                 * Grab shotgun ( Make sure it is reloaded)
                 * Throw molotov
                 * Aim for the head!

  --Tank----- This can be a pain but is basic. Reload and shoot. But aim for his head or spine.

  -- Hunter ---- This guy you can usually hear a certain noise before he is going to pounce of a survivor.

                  1. If he pounces at u melee. You will get an achievement for this and it will knock him to the ground
                  2. Shoot! He takes about 3 shots to kill so aim!

 -- Smoker -- Simply a pain in the butt.

                  1. Shoot! Right when he grabs you you will automatically turn his direction for one moment, fire away.
                  2. Hunt him down. If he releases you and he is not dead go find him. (with a friend) He will just get you again.

 --Boomer (AKA FATTY)-- This guy i really hate, but actually can help you if u handle it right.

                 1. He will run and hide if he see's you. Always around the corner like a trap. Usually you 
can help if he gets you, but if you are in a street you can get him.

                 2. If you get puked on get in a corner. This means the zombies have 1 way to come at you. Melee and shoot.
This can get you most infected killed award alot.

   Things you should do in campaigns! 

 No Mercy -   Some of you have probably heard the cheat about jumping off of the roof and landing on the H-VAC and surviving!
Well it is true. You can do this and skip the apartments completly. But when there is a horde they will come from behind so basicly 
you will have 3 hordes surrounding you. 2 from the building, one from the street. So if you like dying have fun, go ahead and jump.
    The sewers are a breif part of the no mercy story. The easiest way to get to the ladder is to follow those small service tunnels. But be careful
the game creators have placed a boomer and a smoker in there. So if you see a smoker, watch for a boomer because the smoker is a warning 
for the boomer.

 Ok so are you ready for the ultimate No Mercy cheat!  (You need a pipe bomb)
(Easiest done with partner)
 At the end when you are atop the rooftop you will pop up from the ladder and see buildings. Wait there until you see a building with the ramp to the helipad 
next to it. The building is stubby L shaped and has a greenish door with a short set of stairs. Go to the supplies room and grab all the supplies you need, including an extra health.
Don not start the helicopter yet.Make sure you know where the room is. Send your partner to that door and have him wait there. 

         Press start, go to options, turn on subtitles. leave.

         Start the evac process and run to the door. as you will see it is locked and a horde will come. this door can only be opened by the zombies. Let them up the stairs until the door breaks open.

         Run inside! Go to the very very back of the small room. Some zombies will follow you in, just kill them. Once you are against the back wall crouch down turn off your light and DO NOT SHOOT! 

         You will see there is a line right in front of you. do not cross it. The zombies will know you are there

 The secret about this place is that they totally overlook you. After you kill the ones that follow you and croos that line with all those requirements meet you will be safe until the evac arrives

           Wait! When the helicopter arrives a horde will come. wait a little bit before going out.

       When you leave - 

          1. Go onto the landing and halfway down the stairs throw the pipe bomb. then gun it towards the helicopter

 truth is that 1 of you might not make it.

Ok, There you have it. Part 2 will come soon! 

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