League of Legends (Collector's Pack)




League of Legends (Collector's Pack)

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About The Game

After an age of warfare, the superpowers of the land of Valoran have come together to form a governing body that will settle all disputes behind the closed doors of the Institute of War. Their task is a noble one — to lift the impossible weight of bloody war off the shoulders of the world and place it upon a select few — The League of Legends. On the Fields of Justice, legendary Champions forge alliances and resolve their differences in battle arenas. In the League there is one rule that reigns over all else: Winner rules all.

The Collector's Pack contains a bonus Collector's Map as well as a number of exclusive in-game items including Kayle -- the Judicator Skin, 20 Champions, 4 Equipment Upgrades & a starter set of Riot Point In-Game Currency.)

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League of Legends (Collector's Pack) Review

By Curtis Altman |

MatchMaking also tries to balance the teams, meaning you will probably lose around 50 percentent of your matches no matter how good you are. But that doesn't mean the match will be close- matches are usually one-sided. It often becomes clear very early that one team will need a miracle to win. If you're on that team, you'll probably have to play for another ~15 minutes, getting stomped the whole time, until it finally ends. If you're on the winning team, it's nice knowing that your rank will be higher, but it's not very exciting.

The company is heavily focused on creating new characters because that's how they make money . And playing new characters usually is pretty fun. But it seems that they devote very little time or resources to addressing any other issues. There are numerous client bugs which often go many months before being addressed .

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