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L.A. Rush

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About The Game

Developed internally by the team at Midway Newcastle, L.A. Rush is the next installment of a long line of popular arcade racing titles made popular in previous generations. Set in such well known Los Angeles locales as Beverly Hills, Compton, Hollywood, LAX, and Santa Monica, L.A. Rush enables players to participate in a variety of different modes that are highlighted by a free-roaming mission-based gameplay system. Additional features include: highly destructible objects and environments, more than 50 licensed street and concept cars, and creative input from Ride Magazine and West Coast Customs.

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L.A. Rush

L.A. Rush Review

By Ed Teal |

spectacular wrecks and generally enjoyable driving can't make a game fun forever, and once the grind of the story mode's mission structure starts to catch up with you, you'll be too busy cursing L.A. Rush for its highway robbery. You start out the story mode with just one clunker of a car and a couple of base-level street races open to you. The first race is a freebie, but after that, every race requires an entry fee.

OK, that's fair, since real-life street racing is based on wagers. The problem is that the story is progressed by placing in the money in these events, which can often be a task easier said than done. Granted, the only way you can lose your fee is if you place dead last in the four-car race, but all it takes is one random piece of ancillary track flinging itself into you at the wrong time or one misjudged turn to effectively ruin what chance you have to advance. Like in any open-ended street racing game, you need to play through a lot of the races multiple times to get a feel for the tracks--but this is not something encouraged by the game's wagering system, since you can't go back and do those races again until you've earned back the money you've lost. It's entirely too easy to lose a key race, then have to go and again play through one or two races you completed forever ago just to get back and do that race over again. Later in the game, it seems like that trend might shift, since you start winning bigger chunks of change, but as always, one or two races will come along with an unpleasant finish, and then you're basically back to square one.

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