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About The Game

La-Mulana is an Action Archaeological Ruins Exploration game. Your destination is La-Mulana itself, the legendary place that is said to be the origin of all culture and life. Set in these huge mystical ruins, you must solve many mysteries, battle enemies and find the secret treasure of life that remains in its vast tunnels.

As the hero, Dr. Lemeza Kosugi, solve these great mysteries hidden inside the enormous ruins and fight any monster standing in your way. You must go to deep within the ruins! Of course, getting there won't be easy. The further you go in, the more difficult the traps that await you. The so-called Guardian is waiting...

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La-Mulana Review

By Ed Teal |

The all-new remake of La-Mulana features stunning new graphics, new sound, re-tuned gameplay and new secrets for the budding archeologist inside all of us. The fantastically re-imagined La-Mulana features hand-drawn pixel art by game director, Takumi Naramura. Specifically created for the Wii and built on a fresh, new game engine, La-Mulana takes full advantage of the Wii and WiiWare service.

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