La Grande Armee at Austerlitz




La Grande Armee at Austerlitz

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About The Game

La Grande Armee Campaign Series aim is to reconstruct the main confrontations of the Napoleonic period from 1805 to 1815, as faithfully as possible. The first game in this series is La Grande Armee At Austerlitz.

The La Grande Armee Campaign series game map will be without Hexagons, with an accuracy of one meter. Each confrontation, the losses are evaluated from the numbers, from their organization, their level, and the layout of the battle's place.

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La Grande Armee at Austerlitz

La Grande Armee at Austerlitz Review

By Ed Teal |

Although Austerlitz is the only battle in this release (there's a smaller battle that is little more than a tutorial), Mathe intends to cover some of Napoleon's other battles with the same engine. Mathe's unique and historically meticulous approach make La Grande Armee a series to look forward to. It may not be as accessible as Sid Meier's Gettysburg, but it's different enough from the traditional turn-based, hexagonal wargame that wargamers should sit up and take notice.

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