Developer:Invictus Genre:Simulation Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

Insane will make you face a multitude of off-road racing challenges, all geared up for the best in network LAN / Internet gaming - including the new Codemasters Multi-player Network. And if the world is not enough, create the course of your nightmares with the unique Environment Generator.

Go for broke and go Insane, the all-new off-road game that bends the rules and rules the bends.

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Insane Cheats

Type these codes at the main menu and press enter:

  • bigheadz: Big heads.
  • boxerz: Big heads and feet.
  • bigfootz: Big tires.
  • INEEDMORECARS: Get all cars.
  • INEEDMOREMAPS: Get all terrains.
  • gokartz: Little tires.
  • greasy: slippery track.
  • terraformers: Unlock "generate track" feature.


  • balloonnuts: Big heads.
  • fistfighter: Big heads and feet.
  • monstertruck: Big tires.
  • fillmygarage: Get all cars.
  • worldtraveller: Get all terrains.
  • rollerbearing: Little tires.
  • kingofthehills: Unlock "generate track" feature.

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