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IGI 2: Covert Strike

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About The Game

Ex-SAS soldier David Jones is once again a man with a mission: to infiltrate key airbases, harbors and secret government installations spread across Russia, Libya and into China. Set soon after the original Project IGI, this first-person shooter brings back key characters from the first game and places them in new situations and locations. Throughout three linked campaigns, Jones continues to rely on stealth, rather than firepower, to penetrate and destroy the enemy. Cunning and careful tactics are the name of the game.

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IGI 2: Covert Strike

IGI 2: Covert Strike Review

By Chris Commodore |

Two years ago, Innerloop and Eidos entered the stealth shooter market with a game that not only had the distinction of one of the lamest names in gaming history, but also a slew of AI and gameplay problems. Project IGI: I'm Going In had all the makings of a decent sneaker with interesting level design and some tricky little gadgets, so it was nice to see Codemasters pick up IGI 2: Covert Strike and drop the stupid name along with many of the terrible issues that the first in the series had. While the series hasn't reached perfect proportions yet, the mix of action, stealth and planning involved can be incredibly fun. If it wasn't for some AI issues, lack of detail in some areas, and a couple of levels I can only describe as un-fun, I would heartily recommend this to everyone. IGI 2 is a good game, even if the obscenity scale in my house hit red more than a few times as I managed to offend even myself with my cursing.

IGI is an organization created to make sure that the western world is protected. From whatever angle may come, whether that be from other nations or independent terrorists. Missions are completed covertly when possible, with force when necessary. David Jones is an IGI agent. One adept at killing quietly and completing very tricky assignments efficiently with as little mess as can be helped. At the beginning of IGI 2, you find yourself infiltrating a mountain base in order to recover EMP technology that could be extraordinarily bad in the wrong hands. As the game progresses, you'll realize things are quite a bit trickier than originally thought. Time for some good old fashioned killing for vengeance and a little bit of fun.

The mix of action and stealth in IGI is a pretty good one. You can mark it somewhere in between Splinter Cell and an action shooter. While it's possible to complete most levels by running through shooting everything that you see, it's insanely difficult. Enemy AI are incredible shots (marking my first AI complaint) and can hit you from a few hundred feet with an Uzi. So in order to get through most of the missions, you'll need to resort to stealth and planning. This is how the game was designed to be played and it works well in most cases.

You'll begin missions with a quick cutscene outlining why you're in the area and what you'll be doing. After that, you're dropped into place with your wits a couple of handy dandy toys to help you on your way. The first and foremost of these is the GPS map, a welcome return from Project IGI. With this satellite positioning map, you can zoom in, out, down, up, over, and around pretty much anywhere outside. Not only will it show you building, terrain, and cover positions, but also any cameras and enemies. You can zoom in up close to each enemy and camera to get a picture of what direction they're looking to plan your advancement through a level. Watching patrol patterns, picking out the weak points and choosing where you need to either make a move towards a kill or move past guards is pretty fun. The one thing you have to be careful about when using this system is that it is a satellite meaning you can not see inside of buildings or under cover. Enemies will temporarily blink out of view when walking under tree canopies or awnings, so be careful what you do.

In order to combat this, there is an extra peak function that allows you to peek around and over obstacles like walls and boxes while remaining hidden. Simply hit Q and move the mouse around and you've got your view of the surroundings.

Once you make your target, killing them off needs to be as silent as possible. The quietest and cleanest way to do away with an enemy is to sneak up behind an enemy and use the action button. A quick yank and snap goes the neck with barely a grunt. Next comes the knife which takes less time and also is nearly silent. Then you have the silenced guns that can be used for quick takedowns, but if guards are nearby, there's a chance they'll hear the commotion and come running. Sniping enemies is also a fun and frolicky way to get things done. Watching a group of enemies on patrol suddenly stop drop to a knee and raise their weapons as one of their comrades' falls to the ground is fun. The poor bastards never have a chance if you have a silencer on your snipe. Otherwise, you had better clean them out fast because the sound will clue the rest of the baddies to your location and the amazingly accurate fire will soon be giving you an unwanted makeover.

The one thing that I really am sad wasn't put into the game was a move body function. The Hitman series has it. The Thief series has it. Splinter Cell has it. Crap, even the non-sneaky Red Faction has it. Leaving bodies where enemies can find them is bad business for covert ops it seems to me. How hard would it have been? Thief was release five years ago, it should have been in there. Next time please.

So if all else fails, an alarm goes off, someone finds a body, you go into a berserker rage, it's time to break out the big guns, which you can find in the hands of most enemies, or even your own at the beginning of a level. I tried not to use these weapons because of the noise, but occasionally, there is no help for it and to get out of a jam, you're going to have to make with the bang stick. This means all enemies in the vicinity, including those in the guard houses that you would like to stay in the guard houses, will come pouring to the commotion looking for some action. They'll run around until one of them finds you and then it's on. As I said before, the AI is an incredibly good shot, but this doesn't mean that they're the smartest blokes in the world.

IGI 2: Covert Strike Game Walkthrough

  BZ         BaWMi /     :r         MBZZW         XB00X8M               rMM0
  0M        W02@ /      MMMi         BaaBM        M888XaM                 M0
  8M        0Z2B       8@8WW2MMMMMMMMWMZ28@        MZ8B2a@iZMMMMMMMMMMX    MB
  ZM        Za20     2MM0X78i@:70MM..i Z2ZB        M080Z80MMMaSri,         MZ
  8M ------ 8aSB --- MBZZZZ8Z@MM ---  88SZB ------ M8   2Z@               M8Z  
  8M        Za20     M8ZaaaaaM        BaXa0        M8MMM80,    7XaSZ0WMMMMMBZ
  8M        8ZaW    @M8aa0MMM      / @8a8W        M222aaW.   :aX7ii:,...  @Z
  0M        2@,W     r@BBM           WW WZ        MB8ZaZW                 M8
  WS ,,,,,,  @ iMMW;: r;,,ri ,SM.::7. .8 a, ,,,,:, 7 78aZ0i :,,,,: .....,. 0a

      ___________________ C O V E R T  S T R I K E _____________________

          /::::::::::::SINGLE PLAYER WALKTHROUGH ver 1.11:::::::::::

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faq ver:date/ /            ver. 1.11 / August 1,2003 |
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This faq is Copyright 2003 Ervin Tapas. All rights reserved.                 |

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::: Table of Contents :::

A. Intro / Revision History
B. Quick Tips
c. Walkthrough
    5. AMBUSH
D. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
E. Cheats
F. Credits/Final Notes


A. Intro / Revision History

  June 11,2003
  Welcome to my very first walkthrough... I did this because Gamefaqs doesn't
  have one (yet). I've been playing IGI2 for one week now after almost 2 months
  of desperately finding a way to install it and avoid crashing the game
  during it's intro sequence. And after that looking at Gamefaqs I found out
  no one have created a guide yet so here's the first attempt and hopefully
  other gamers will contribute or make their own as well. I must tell you that
  if you want the exact way on how to get the highest rank - AGENT for every 
  mission... I don't really know if this walkthrough can provide you that. In 
  my experience most of the time I get Desk Officer or Operative ranks, this 
  is because there's always an enemy that spots me and sometimes I can't 
  reach the fastest target time to complete the mission. I don't have the 
  time to repeat a finished mission because loading one is like waiting for 
  eternity on my low end system, and I hate that (restarting a mission is 
  faster though). The only missions where I got an Agent rank are Missions 
  9,10,11 and 13.

  For your questions, opinions, contributions (I still need more help for this
  faq) e-mail me at ervntps@yahoo.com. Don't worry I'll give credit to you. 
  Last note, please forgive my english... i'm an Asian.  c",)

  ::: Revision History :::::::::::::
  ver 1.11 = August 1,2003
           = Added another mission 19 walkthrough by Sameer Verma
           = Added grenade throwing strategy for mission 3
           = Some minor additions on FAQs & Cheats section

  ver 1.00 = July 4,2003
           = Added walkthrough for mission 19 - The Launch Pad
               contributed by Bernd Wolffgramm

  ver 0.85 = July 2,2003
           = Added the FAQs section, containing most questions I 
               received the past month.
           = Cheat code for accessing all missions added
           = Added an alternate (chaotic but fun) strategy for 
               mission 10 (Priboi's Villa)
           = Added an ASCII map for Border Crossing (mission 7)
           = some minor changes and spelling corrections
           = still no walkthrough for mission 19 - The Launch Pad

  ver 0.75 = June 11,2003
           = Walkthrough submitted, you can also find this file at 
           = No walkthrough yet for Mission 19 - The Launch Pad
           = No official cheats (yet)

B. Quick Tips

  1. Always check your map/objectives everytime a mission starts. It's 
      important so you'll get familiar with the place, guard positions etc.
  2. Use your silenced weapons as much as possible to avoid noise. Always aim
      at the head so they won't react and call for help or sound the alarm.
  3. Always look for security cameras around. You can either shoot them with
      a silenced pistol or just sneak with it while it's rotating at the 
      opposite direction. If you get caught by one of these it will start the
      siren and lots of guards will go out and hunt you down. 
  4. Make good use of your binoculars / thermal goggles. Thermal goggles can
      see through most surfaces (wooden walls/boxes/crates). Binoculars are 
      good for long range peeping.
  5. The most obvious way is not always the safest way. Look for other routes
      like backdoors, ventilations, sewers etc.
  6. Don't always run. Learn when to crouch, crawl, and walk. The peek command
      is also useful.
  7. Move in the shadows. Guards might not notice you even if your close as
      long as your in a dark place. Stay away from the lights as much as
  8. SAVE your game, when in doubt... SAVE. It's accessible through the map
      (IGI HQ - upload for save; download for load). 
     ***Warning***  Saving (uploading) takes almost 5 seconds. So frequent
      saving will really affect if your aiming for an AGENT rank.
  9. What's important here is your patience, strategy, keen eye (gamma 
      correction will help) and proper timing for your actions. Of course at 
      some point you really have to use brute force (kill-em-all-as-if-youre-
      playing-deathmatch) so you're Counter-Strike/Quake skills are still 
      useful here.  

c. Walkthrough

1. INFILTRATION                /            

   |1.1. infiltrate main compound    |
      You'll start outside the enemy compound, don't go to the main gate as 
    guards will sound the alarm when they see you (you don't wanna mess with
    lots of bad guys at the start of the game). Instead go a little bit to
    the right from starting position where there is a gate with camera, shoot  
    that cam w/ your silenced pistol before you get close. Picklock the gate
    (when you get close to the lock a key icon will appear) and go inside the
    building. There are just 3 guys here, so you can handle them one by one 
    even with your pistol, or shoot the first guy and sneak past the other 
    two (you can turn around the cargo containers and jump to the crates 
    avoiding the 2nd guy and and the guard at the top walkway). Now go to 
    the back door and head to the huge cargo containers.
                    main gate |
                  |           |* | <-- gate (*=>camera)
                  |warehouse  |__|
                  |building   |
                  |           |
                 back door

   |1.2. cross the river to gain access to upper compound |
      There's a space between the two cargo containers ahead of you (near the
    2 big water tanks). Walk inside the gap so the guards to your right won't
    notice you. You'll notice the camera at the leg of the water tower in 
    front of you, shoot it with your SD (pistol). On your map check the 
    southern house with the two guards standing at the front. Go behind the
    house  (don't run for they might hear you). Quietly kill them (or ignore
    them) and head to the factory (south of your map). While getting close 
    you'll notice through the window a camera so shoot it before you enter. 
    There are two  guys here so you can kill them (sneak behind) easily. Get 
    up the ladder (you'll know it when you see it) and before climbing the 
    second ladder press the switch somewhere on your left (this will reverse
    the direction of the  conveyor belt at the top). After that climb again, 
    but before jumping the conveyor belt use your binoculars and zoom forward,
    you'll notice a camera ahead, get your shooting skills ready and jump to 
    the belt. This moves fast so you really should aim at the camera before 
    it gets a closer look at your face.

     **NOTE** Sometimes when I play this level even if I did not shoot the
    camera it doesn't notice me (the cam light will go red and blink but
    only once and the alarm will not sound) maybe  the movement of the belt
    is fast and I arrived when the cam is rotating at the sides.

                  |           |* | <-- gate (*=>camera)
                  |warehouse  |__|
                  |building   |
                  |           |
                  |    __
                  |   <__> 
             _ s _|    __  / 
            | |p| |   <__>          
            | |a| |
            | |c| | <- cargo containers

                   *<_>  <-- water tank w/ camera

          / @ |  |
    guards- @ |__| <- southern building

        * |   
         / = 
   factory|= stairs (*=> camera)   

   |1.3. Activate, and use lift down to mines  |
      Now we're inside the next factory building turn left until you
    reach the back door. Move quietly so the guard won't notice you then
    shoot him (take note of the camera stuck on the wall). Use your action
    key on the panel to open the door and head to the bunker.  
      Use your thermal goggles so you can see the last two guys of this
    level. Before you get trigger happy check the camera at the left side
    of the wall. Shoot it first then finish the two guards. Now to get down
    you must activate the power by picking the gate lock and turning the
    generator on (it's near the camera to your left). Press the button on
    the wall near the generator (the one with the up arrow) then when the
    lift goes up, press the button on the other wall (the one with the 
    down arrow) and stand on the lift to complete the mission. 	

2. DEEP IN THE MINES           /            

   |2.1. gain access to lower cave system |
      Once the lift lands be careful and move forward quietly so you won't
    be noticed by the guard that walks back and forth. Crouch and hide
    behind the rocks. You'll notice there are two guards on your way, one
    that is patrolling and the other is guarding the elevator to your left.
    You'll also see a camera w/c FYI cannot be destroyed. Do not worry for
    you won't be using that elevator, there's a metal door at the front of
    the truck ahead of you... that's where you're going. In order to get
    there though you have to shoot the guy near the elevator while the 
    patrolling guy is going the other side or you can also shoot them 
    both (quietly and fast). There are some guards far to your right and 
    also inside the near building and they'll come if they   hear some 
    shouting or gun fires. After that go to the metal panel and open it, 
    this will lead you inside the ventilation shafts all the way down to 
    the mines.
   |2.2. disable security system     |
      Your objective here is to go to the office on the left part of the
    cave where the security system must be deactivated. It's the elevated 
    room  on the left side. You'll see two guards moving back and forth just
    in front of you. I suggest not to shoot them because there are other 
    guards who might notice some ugly bodies on the floor. Wait till they 
    turn their backs then move slowly (crouch mode) to the stone outcrops 
    (shadow of the stones to your right). While the 2 guards are still 
    moving far from you go straight to the space between the crates and the
    small house/shack a little to your left. After that cross the tracks 
    and the train silently and hide behind the crates. There are 3 guards 
    talking to each other here, but they won't notice you if you crawl up 
    to the stairs. What you have to be careful with is the single guard that
    patrols near the office. Use your thermal goggles to see the guard's
    movement. When the area is clear quietly crawl/crouch to the office and
    disable the security system. Don't run coz there's a guy hiding on the 
    other door.

                      { ------ }  
                        == ==G *2             |
                        == ==                 | S = starting position
                  D    = = ==                 | L = lights
     ____         _   ==||==                 | r = rocks
         |       | | == |_|==                 | # = crates
       *1|-      |_| == |t|==                 | G = guards
     ____|-       #  == |r|==                 |
          -	     == |a|==    ___   G G    |suggested way:
               # c   == |i|==   |   |         | A = rock outcrops
         ##    ##    == |n|==   |___|         | B = space bet. crate & shack
        ####         == |_|==     B           | c = behind the crates
       G G      @       == ==    ###          | D = side of the north shack 
        G       @@                            |  (after you disabled 
               @@@@                   L  rr A |      	security system)
            G  @@@@@@                      ___|
               @@   @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@( S )   
                           G G         | |       *1 = security system office
                                       | |       *2 = tunnel switch

   |2.3. open doors to tunnel        |
      Go back and still check the patrolling guard on your way down. Your
    next target is the guy guarding the switch that opens the tunnel doors. 
    Move around the small shack near the tunnel doors and wait for the pair 
    of patrolling guys on the other side to move away. Now silently sneak 
    behind the guard and pop him once in the head with your SD. Turn the 
    switch and run (that's right RUN) back to the train and activate it. 
   |2.4. ride the train to the ventilation shaft |
      Once the train moves jump to the middle coaches of the train and duck
    or crawl because you will be joined by another train with 2 guys in its
    cabin. Wait till the train stops, jump and move back along the tracks 
    till you see the ventilation shaft to your left. 
   |2.5. use ventilation shaft to gain access to the weather station |
      I think this is the hardest objective in this mission :)

3. THE WEATHER STATION         /            

   |3.1. pick up laser cutter from air drop |
      Check you map and run to the air drop location. There are two
    guards here, equip your weapon of choice (SD for silent killing or SMG 
    for quick kill) and shoot them both. You must be quick here because 
    there are 5 patrolling guards going to your location. After  you picked
    the laser cutter (and the sniper rifle) go find some place to hide, or
    move around far to your right to avoid encounter. My suggestion is to 
    kill them all with your rifle (you have 15 ammo anyway).

      This one was sent by Mark Wynne:
      "If you are carrying a grenade or two when climbing the hill at the 
    beginning to pick up the airdrop, and can haul ass fast enough to get to
    the rocks that line the edge of the air-drop clearing before the patrol 
    comes down the hill, then loiter with intent behind the rocks until the 
    patrol has come down to the airdrop spot. A carefully lobbed grenade right
    into the middle of them makes them turn tail and run for their lives, and
    if you time it right you get them all. It's fun to watch them fly up into
    the air. Seven kills with one piece of ordinance; elegant!"
   |3.3. disable the security system & override airlock... |
     ***Note*** This is the 3rd objective but I suggest to get this one 
    first because it will be more easier if the security alarm is 
    deactivated first. And the guards on the 2nd objective building have
      Now check your map again, there's only one way to get to the
    next place... and there are lots of guards on that direction.But there's
    a way to avoid passing that house over the hill and even the 2 guards 
    on the mountain ridge. Walk on the sides of the hill, that's the left
    side on your map. If you decided to kill the guys on the house you'll 
    be rewarded with a dragunov (from the guy at the balcony) and some 
    grenades. But if you don't want to waste your rifle's ammo (& your 
    health) then move on the slopes of the hill. Continue moving around the
    sides until you reach the weather station. Be careful though coz you
    might fall if you stray too much on the sides. 
      Position yourself on the southwest part of the weather station
    (E on the map below) and wait for the two patrolling guards to walk near
    the ridge. Shoot them down with your sniper rifle so you only have 4 
    guards left patrolling the area of the station. Get a little closer and
    wait for them to walk far from the compound (they usually go to the 
    southern part) and shoot them with your rifle as fast as you can so
    they won't react or shout or do anything stupid that might get attention
    from the men in the buildings. If you do it right you won't hear the 
    sound of the alarm. Now go near Building 3 (building with #3 in it, duh)
    and crawl as much as possible. Don't crawl on the side where the camera
    is, coz there's also a guy on the balcony at that side. Crawl on the left
    side of the generator. Now when you're inside continue crawling until
    you reach the room with the security system and a security camera on 
    the side of the stairs. Position yourself under the camera and time its
    rotation. Go into crouch mode and wait for the camera above you to 
    rotate right into the door then move forward to the computer. The 
    camera will beep but only once and will not sound the alarm, by the 
    time it rotates back you've already deactivated the security system.

            |         1 
             |    |             
             |	  |	
            /	   ___	
           | 	 G ||  			1 = objective 1
           |     G |__| -> house		2,3,4,5 = objectives 2 to 5
        h >|		/                       G = guards
        i  |           /                
        l ->|       _/ 
	l    |     |
          --> |	  |				 
        s      |  |				
        i ---> |GG|
        d      |  |
        e ----> |  |       
        s       |   __/ 
		 |	4    2	  |	
   		 | 	3  5	  |
                   |E_          __/

   |3.2. steal papers from the safe |
      Still move quietly and crawl your way outside and head to Building 2.
    Check the guy at the balcony of Building 3 using your thermal goggles 
    before moving. You can't do the same thing that you did with Building 3
    coz there's a guard on the other side of the room here. And what I hate 
    here is that if you're wearing your thermal goggles and JUST switch your
    weapons he  will quickly stare at your direction. That means if you open 
    the door he will definitely see you. So just continue switching your 
    weapons and wait for him to shout and go up to tell the other guys then
    run to the corner of the room (the space below the stairs). Equip your
    pistol (by now you already spent most of your sniper's ammo) and wait for
    them to go down one by one. They will be staring and throwing grenades 
    at the previous room so you can shoot them at the back. Once all of them
    are dead, get the papers and head to Building 4.
   |3.4. steal prototype EMP chip from the lab |
      Head to the lab and open the door. Still on crouch mode open 
    the first panel of the air lock door and close it with the switch at the
    back of that same panel. Then hack the second panel and quickly pop the
    2 researchers in the head with your SD. Open the safe room and get the 
    EMP chip and head outside.      
   |3.5. raise the weather balloon & await evacuation |
      Check your map (sometimes there's one guard left outside 
    looking for you) then head to the weather balloon and raise it.

4. BRIDGE ACROSS THE DNESTR    /            

   |4.1. infiltrate warehouse & acquire four C4 charges |
      Head to the warehouse up north, there are two ways to get inside the 
    compound. One is the obvious way w/c is the gate while the 2nd is an 
    opening in the fence in the south part (check the map below). There are
    four guards in the first warehouse area, sneak in to them one by one by
    hiding behind the trucks or below the trucks. Shoot them in a manner 
    that will not create too much noise. Once the other guy reacts blow his
    head and do the same with the others... fast. Now on to the next area,
    study the movement of the 2 patrols here and notice they move up and 
    down almost at the same time. Sneak behind the truck then unto the
    first cargo container and wait for the mid guard to pass and stop at 
    the bushes. Pop his head once and if you're far enough from the 2nd 
    guard he will not hear you. Crawl your way to the bushes on the south-
    east part and wait for the 2nd guy to get close and shoot his head too.
    If you're lucky the two remaining guards will only stare but not 
    approach your area. When that happens you can also try two ways here:
    1) crawl again until your reach the 2 guards and hide under the nearest
    truck,destroy the camera first and quickly shoot the two guys; or 2) 
    Head back and hide to the left side of the first cargo container and
    aim at the camera from long range (use your pistol). After the camera's
    shut aim for the guards shoot any of them and wait for the remaining 
    guy to run and sound the alarm button, he will get close so you can
    shoot him easily before he presses the alarm. Once the area is clear
    head to the warehouse and still crouch your way inside. Hide behind the
    crates and shoot the closest guard. Then before shooting the two far 
    guards aim for the camera first. After that kill the remaining guards 
    including the guy at the top walkway. Unlock the gate, pick the C4 and 
    use the backdoor to get out. There's still a guard here but he has his
    back on you so quietly approach and shoot him in the head. Use the 
    eastern gate and position yourself on the hill.

	|	 | |	      G		| G G G	 | 	 
	|	 | |	|________|		
	|	 |	       |	   |	 |	T = truck
	| T	G| warehouse   |		 |	G = guard
	|	 |	       |   T   T   |	-|-	ccc = cargo container
	| T	 |_____________|*___GG_____|	 |gate	* = camera
	|   G       G |	      a			-|-	a = alarm button
	| T	     -|-	   G	   G   b |	b = bushes	
	|	 G    |	 T			b|	
	|   T	T    -|-     ccccc   cccccc   bb |
		fence hole	

   |4.2. acquire the timers & fuses from a patrol near the bridge |
      Observe the area here and check the location of the timer/fuse.
    Quietly crawl 	on the side of the hill and hide from the bushes. 
    Most of the guards here are facing the river side so you can sneak
    behind them and you only have to worry about the two patrolling guards
    so better check their movements. Once you get the timer/fuse crawl
    until you reach the road and get ready to dodge some bullets.	
   |4.3. set a C4 on each on of the 4 supporting pillars of the bridge |
      Run (that's right RUN!!!) to the pillars and shoot the patrolling
    guard on the bridge while dodging the bullets from the previous camp.
    Set the C4 on each pillars run around the other side of the bridge 
    and do the same. Then head to the 4th objective location.
   |4.4. get to safety before the bridge explodes...  |
      Just wait for the bombs to explode... the timer is set to 20 seconds
    so better have at least a minute or more left when your planting the 
    C4s so the bridge will fall before the convoy arrives.

5. AMBUSH    /            

   |5.1. destroy the APC using the rocker launcher found in the convoy |
      I did this mission the fast way so I can avoid those guys unloaded by
    the APC and the baddies from the choppers. When  the mission starts run
    to the convoy and massacre all those who breathe (except you). Use your
    m16 grenades before getting close and kill the rest. Quickly pick the 
    rocket launcher at the back of the 2nd truck and aim at the APC before
    it unloads more soldiers.
   |5.2. pick up the EMP chips from the trucks in the convoy |
      After that run to the first truck where the chips are and activate 
    the panel on the back to open the door. Pick the EMP chips and you'll
    notice two choppers landing on your starting point. That's a No No, 
    because that's not your chopper. 
   |5.3. await the helicopter for evacuation  |
      Head far north before more enemies approach you, I ran on the hill
    north of the first objective compound. Check your map and look for your
    helicopter (the chopper with #3 in it) and wait for it to pick you up.
6. PRODUCTION FACILITY  /            

   |6.1. disable the security cameras |
      This is one difficult mission I must say, you must have enough PATIENCE
    and careful study of the patrol routes here. It took me hours to find the
    best way w/o sounding the alarm and fighting the monsters (i mean guards).
    Use your SAVE slots wisely. You'll be in crouch mode most of the time and
    the PEEK command will be very useful here too, so better configure it 
    near your directional buttons.
      When the mission starts check your map and run to the nearest guard on
    the hill. Approach from the back and when you get close shift to crouch 
    mode. To save your ammo break his neck(Damn! It was only in this mission
    when I found out you can snap you enemy's neck from behind). Pick his 
    dragunov and from where you're standing locate the other guy whose out 
    of the compound (in the trees), use thermal goggles to trace him easily.
    Aim from here so the nearby guards won't hear or know where the shot 
    came from. Move to the hill on your left and aim for the guard whose 
    patrolling the northern wall (the wall closest to you). I suggest shooting
    the guard on the north-east corner first because he sometimes shoots back.
    After that snipe the patrolling guard on the wall, I must say it's 
    important that you take care of him early coz you'll be passing that wall
    on your way to objective 4.
      Now using your binoculars check if the rest of the guards we're 
    alarmed... if not then you did the right way. Head to the trees on the 
    west and locate the body of the guard you just shot, he also has a 
    dragunov so you'll have more rifle ammo (actually after the guards on 
    the wall, I never used my primary weapon on this mission). Your next move
    is to get inside the parking area. Study the movement of the two guards 
    here and when both of them are walking far from the main gate run and 
    lock pick it. Head to the truck on your right and time your movement 
    again. When	they're going the same way as before run to the main door 
    and avoid being caught by the camera. I suggest saving here.
      Now activate the panel and switch to crouch mode, enter the building 
    quietly. Move to the left side of the building, just across the stairs 
    going up. You'll notice the camera on the top (opposite the outside 
    camera), don't worry coz the cam will not rotate to your direction. What 
    you have to time right is the camera just above you. The security system
    by the way is located on the left room in the 2nd floor from where you're
    standing. Still on crouch mode move a little on the first steps of the 
    stairs facing the location of the cam above. Peek to see where its 
    rotating, and crouch your way to the top of the stairs. There's also a 
    post here so you can hide behind it. Peek again so you'll know when to 
    move then crouch to the security room. Most of the times one cam will 
    see you and beep once but after you get inside the room they'll stop. 
    Disable the security system.	
   |6.2. steal the blueprints for the EMP chips |
      Before you get out peek outside because the room across you is now open
    and there's a guard walking back and forth. Time his movement once again, 
    crouch and head back down and into the basement where the blueprints are 
    located. Make your way up again to the security room and check the 
    movement of the guy in the 2nd floor.I suggest saving again here.
   |6.3. turn off the power for the electrical fences |
      Your next target is the switch for the electrical fences, head to the
    door next to the security room (not the door leading to the balcony). 
    Here study the guards patrol routes again. Check your map, when the 2 
    ground guards start walking north-east and the guard at the balcony is 
    turning back south... that's your time to crouch the walkway up to the 
    end post. Don't kill the poor guy coz the nearby guard will see, instead 
    just turn the switch off while his busy over-looking the forest. Check 
    your map again and wait for the same opportunity and jump the walkway 
    (that's right JUMP!).
   |6.4. Turn on the power for the factory machinery |
      The purpose of objective 3 is for you to be able to climb the fence to
    the main facility compound (you can now climb the fence left of the mid 
    gate), but I find it difficult to run forward w/o being detected. What I 
    did is I moved around and climbed the northern wall, thus my suggestion
    of killing the patrolling guard earlier on the mission.
      Check the map below so you'll know where to go. From your landing spot
    move slowly to the crates and cargo container a bit north. Still on 
    crouch mode jump the crates and also on the container, once above crawl 
    to the end and let yourself	fall. If you're fast enough you're already 
    crouching to the next cargo container before one of the guards see you. 
    If you prefer to wait, he'll move around and you will be seen but before 
    he make some noise shoot him in the head with a pistol. 
      Check if the other guard notices... if not then we're still cool. 
    Crouch to the next cargo container and climb the ladder behind the 
    building. Still crouch and head to the next compound, climb down and 
    head to the door behind the factory. Hey have you been saving your game 

      ||	   4		|	5			||
      || c      ||       |                               ||   
      ||3 	|_______|	|	      C			||    
      ||c			| C     c	6 C		||    
      ||2  			|	     C 			||    	 
     [G]			|  ____________________ 	|| 	   
       |			|  |		      |	7	||    
       |			|  |	    backdoor->|_	||	   
     [G]			|  |			|	||    
      ||1			|  |			|	||    
      ||			|  |	factory		|	||    
      ||			|  |			|	||	   
      ||			|  |____________________|	||    	
      ||			|				||

         [G]= guard posts
          c = containers
          1 = jump here
          2 = jump over container
          3 = hide behind crates
          4 = climb ladder 
          5 = go down
          6 = hide behind containers
          7 = use the back door

      Watch out for the patrolling guard on the eastern wall, there are cargo 
    containers here so you can hide and wait while he passes. Go to the back 
    door and still on crouch mode enter the factory. Hide behind the crates, 
    you'll see a camera just ahead and if you peek above the crates you'll 
    notice the two guards beside the truck. Equip your SD and shoot the 
    camera, crawl to the left near the conveyor belt and from here you can: 
    1) jump the crates quietly and open the door; or 2) crawl under the truck
    and shoot the 2 guards fast before heading the next room. Open the door 
    and shoot the camera on the wall. Crawl your way to the stairs far ahead
    and	turn on the power for the factory machinery.	

   |6.5. Hack the computer controlling the assembly line machinery |
      Crawl your way back, cross the conveyor belt and sneak past the two 
    scientists/factory workers. If you get caught shoot both of them and 
    hope that the guards across don't hear you. Crawl up and do some hacking.
   |6.6. Get to the helicopter for evacuation |
      After that you'll hear the alarm (just when you thought you finished the
    mission w/o that sound). Run (that's right RUN) the hell out of this 
    place, climb the wall and jump wherever you want (outside the compound 
    or to the parking area). Run to the trees while swaying left and right 
    to avoid "friendly" fires and wait until the chopper lands for a big 

7. BORDER CROSSING  /            

   |7.1. ambush the communications vehicle guards |
      Actually I already have the gut feeling that this will happen, and I
    miss Anya since the first game so it's good to hear her again.
      Run straight to the truck and move slowly when you get close to the
    first guard. Break his neck, get the rifle and move under the truck. Aim 
    at the two guards in a way that both of them will be shot by just one 
   |7.2. send radio signal for rescue helicopter |
      After you killed the three guards activate the radio signal and head to 
    the extraction zone.
   |7.3. move to extraction zone |
      This is the hard part, after you activated the signal the place ahead
    will be swarming with enemies/choppers/APCs. I found two ways for this 
       1) After you've sent the signal face right, cross back to the
    other side of the road and	crawl to the south. When you think your far 
    enough from the communications vehicle run (that's right RUN) south until
    you reach the land mines.
       2) After you've sent the signal face left and run (that's right RUN 
    again) straight to the open space until you can see the lake. Don't go 
    further coz there are APCs on the lake side, instead head to the trees 
    south and either shoot or sneak the enemies there (about 3 I think). 
    Then head to the land mines. 

      There's only one way to the extraction point & there are LOTS of baddies
    here. I assume you already saved your game, hide under the bushes and 
    wait for them to leave the south area. Most will leave while some will 
    stay and patrol the area (most of the time 5 enemies). When that happens
    aim your rifle on the 5 guards and also the guard on the southern tower. 
    When the south is clear (sometimes a group of guards still go back) crouch
    your way to the tower and climb the fence. Head to the chopper.

            |              | |              |
        obj. 1 & 2         |r|              |
                           |o|              |
                           |a|              |
                           |d|              |
                           | |              |
   ---        -------------XXX--------------- <-mine ropes
      | go   |
      | here  |       mine field
        |         |
    _________________________________________ <- fence         
          [G]  ^
          climb here


8. LIBYAN RENDEZVOUS /            

   |8.1. meet the bribed local militia man to be guided... |
      Sneak the guard on the docks, hide behind the crate and when he's
    returning back follow and break his neck.Before approaching your contact,
    I suggest killing the rest of the nearby guards first. Your contact has 
    the habit of running all the way to the surveilance room even if there 
    are guards ahead, thus shooting him and restarting your mission. Run 
    straight to the front road. Then move slowly and turn left, you'll see
    a guard on his back. Approach and kill then shoot the guy on the balcony
    with your SOCOM. 
      After that you can shoot the two guys on the road ahead but most of the
    time they will react and return fire causing the three guards far south 
    to approach your area or worse sound the alarm. What I did here is I 
    climbed first the ladder on the nearby building, then crouched and turned
    left, till I have a close view of the guard on the balcony. I shot his 
    head alerting the nearby guards (just the guards not the alarm). Then I 
    ran (that's right RAN) back the ladder (so one of the guards will get 
    close) and hide behind the drum. I shot him on the head with my SOCOM and
    when the other guy gets close I did the same way. After that move to the 
    alley where the remaining nearby guard is standing. Climb the crates to 
    have a closer look, use your SOCOM and pop him in the head. Go back to 
    the local militia man and head to the surveilance room.	
   |8.2. shut down the surveillance cameras for the hotel |
      There's is still one guy inside the room, so shoot the camera on the 
    wall first then kill the guard and get to the computer.
   |8.3. pick up explosive charge |
      Check your map and now the rest of the objectives can be seen. Head
    to the balcony where you shot one of the guards. That's where the 
    explosive charge is.
   |8.1. blow up refueling vehicle in the market place |
      From where you're standing head to the balcony of the next building and
    jump to the ground. If you are on crouch mode and jumped you won't loose 
    health. Head to the vehicle in the market place while crouching to avoid
    any sound, place the explosives at the back of the truck then run to the 
    crates on the south west corner of the market place and hide. Wait till 
    all of the guards get close to the bon fire then run (that's right RUN) 
    to the west exit and move along the wall sides so the guard on the 
    balcony can't see you. 
   |8.1. neutralise the intelligence operatives guarding priboi |
      Move along the alleys till you get close to the hotel. There are two 
    snipers on the roof, if you picked the sniper rifle from the guard at 
    objective 3 then get some nice position and shoot the snipers or just 
    run ahead to the wide open doors of the hotel.
   |8.1. get to the hotel and rescue priboi |
      Once inside, turn left and find the room where Priboi is held.

9. PRISON ESCAPE /            

   |9.1. escape from your cell |
      Once the mission starts crouch and sneak behind the guard outside your
    cell and break his neck. 
   |9.2. get your map computer and lockpicks back |
      Head to the place where your map computer and lockpicks are. There is a
    guard ahead and a camera at the top of the stairs. Wait for the camera to
    rotate and sneak behind the guard then break his neck. Get your things 
    and head back.
   |9.3. locate priboi in main prison building |
      Open the room just across, and climb up the stairs. There's also a
    security camera here so peek first before heading to Priboi's room. After
    you checked Priboi's cell, head to the room near the stairs to pick your 
    SOCOM. Then get down and go back to the place where you got your 
   |9.4. get to the security control building and hack the terminal...|
      Shoot the camera on top of the stairs, and head outside. Hide behind 
    the crates and you'll see an opening on the fence. Head behind the second
    crates, sneak past the guard/s and enter the nearby hut. There's a ladder 
    here going down the sewers. There are four guards here which you can kill
    w/o them noticing you. Find your way on the other end of the tunnel and 
    climb up. If your fast on doing the previous objectives you'll enter this
    area without guards patrolling outside the hut.
      Climb the watch tower and kill the guard atop. Get the sniper rifle 
    down the wire. After that move around to the walls and into the security 
    control building. Sneak past the camera outside the building and get 
   |9.5. open gates to the inner and outer yards and the main gates |
      Head to objective 5 building and kill the guards inside using your 
    SOCOM. Climb up the roof and kill the sniper. Pick up the rifles and 
    from here shoot all	guards that you can see. Just avoid any guard 
    running to the alarm button. Once your done showing off your sniping 
    skills, head back down and press the buttons to the inner,outer yard and
    main gates. 
   |9.6. take down the 2 guards covering the gate |
      If you did objective 5 (sniping all guards on the ground) you definitely
    killed the 2 guards whoever they are. Head back to the top of objective 5
    building and just wait for Priboi to come out.

10. PRIBOI'S VILLA /            

   |10.1. take backup of Priboi's computer records |
      From where you're standing aim at the 3 guards outside the villa and
    kill them with your sniper rifle. Head to the front wooden gate, shoot
    the guard that patrols the roof and open the gate. Crouch and check
    the guards on your map. Destroy the camera on one of the buildings
    and shoot the patrolling guards using your SOCOM, shoot also the 
    remaining guards on both building roofs. Crouch your way to the 
    building on your right. Head to the roof, use the wire to get to the
    other building, then slide on the other wire down to Priboi's main
    house. Hide behind the posts and check the 2 security cameras rotation.
    Shoot them if you like, open the door panel and head inside.
      Still on crouch mode close the door behind and check the guards
    patrolling the northern side of the house. They'll see you through
    the glass windows if you're not careful so time their movement then
    jump down on the middle and head to the kitchen at the back. There's
    a guard here but he won't notice you if your crouching. Snap his neck
    then head down to Priboi's room. Don't forget to close the middle door
    you just passed for guards might still see you. 
      The left door leads to the computer records, open the door and peek
    through the window. You'll see a security camera and 2 guards as well.
    crawl to the corner and close the door behind. Peek again to see the
    camera's rotation then crawl to the back of the sofa. Move around to 
    the computer and take the backup, then head out the same way you 
   |10.2. pick up the envelope located in the safe in Priboi's bedroom |
      Go to the right door, and simply crouch to the safe. The guard here
    has his back on you and there's no security camera around. If you 
    still prefer to kill the guards outside like I do then crawl near the
    door to Priboi's computer. Shoot the camera outside with your sniper
    rifle and quickly shoot one of the guards below it. Crouch back to the
    door corner, wait for one of the guards to enter and sound the alarm,
    but before he presses that you should be able to kill him with your
    SOCOM. If no one enters then good, if you peeked and they seemed not
    alarmed then better... shoot the one behind the window and silently
    approach the other and break his neck. Don't kill the guard patrolling
    on the other side of the pool coz lots of guards can see him both above
    and below. 
   |10.3. get out of there in Priboi's limousine...|
      See the map below to know where you're going. Crouch to the left side
    of the pool area and head down to the lower level of the compound. Crawl
    on the left side of the railing, to avoid being seen. Jump down to the 
    south east room of the garage and use the ladder to get inside. Hide
    behind the truck and move behind the northern buildings to avoid enemies.
    Check the patrolling guards and head to the limousine.  

          |  _____    _____    |
          | |___*_|  |_____|   |
          |                    |
          |____  G    G   T____|
          |   |            |   |
          |   |            | L |<-climb down here      G = guards
          |   |            |   |                       L = ladder
          |         T = truck
                         |              G G            * = limousine
            crawl here-> |
                          |      G   
                          |  ||
             crouch here->|  | pool         |
                          |  |______________|
                          |  |GGG|                 
                          |  |(balcony)  G  |

    Sameer Verma e-mailed me with this one, including the computer that I 
    missed. This terminal disables the cameras for 1 minute. Here's what he

    "I would like to bring one thing in notice to you that in PRIBOI'S VILLA
    stage when we have climbed the stairs to building to the right and have 
    used the wire to get to the roof of the other building, then you 
    straightaway grabbed the other wire and went down . However what i did 
    was something else. I crouched and opened the door of that building and
    head to the door just right after opening the door. Still crouched i went
    slowly down the stairs ,checking with thermal maps for guards position 
    and entered the door right on the first floor . There were two guards 
    on the two windows facing it. I broke the neck of both and took the jack
    hammer from the  stockpile.
    It has enough ammo to massacre all the guards . Then i walked to 
    the computer and disabled the cameras for one minute.
    After that i crouched and head to the roof,used wire to get to the 
    door of main villa.As cameras were diabled for 1 min. i quickly 
    went inside and took hide in one of the rooms in the kitchen and 
    waited for all the guards to come and killed all the rascals . MY 
    GOD! jack hammer was so effective . It's the best gun i have found 
    up till now."

    Note: doing this one will definetely not result an Agent ranking, it's 
    just for the fun of using jackhammer w/c is one of the most powerful
    weapons of the game. Just be sure to pick your sniper rifle back before
    ending the mission. ^_^

11. THE AIRFIELD   /            

   |11.1. infiltrate compound |
      Run to the main gate, you can climb the fence on the left part of
    the gate but before that check the patrolling guard and when straying
    to your left sneak closely and shoot him once in the head with your
    SOCOM. Climb the fence and crouch your way to the truck near the 
   |11.2. sabotage radio |
      I just hope you still have some ammo left for your sniper rifle...
    I have one left myself. If you don't have any ammo or if you brought
    the wrong gun (AK47?! who told you to bring that?!) then head to the
    guard house at the main gate, there's a rifle inside along with two 
    guards as well. Snipe the guy standing at the radio tower, there are 
    3 guards patrolling around the house and they also get inside so 
    better enter while they're out. Head up and sabotage the radio. 
      Climb down the stairs and wait for one of the 3 guards to stop below 
    the tower. Snap his neck from behind, head to the guard at the kitchen
    and snap his neck too. You probably noticed a computer on the other 
    room, use it to disable the security cameras for 2 minutes. Nevermind
    the guard inside the comfort room and go out.
   |11.3. acquire ammunition for helicopter's gun |
      Use the backdoor of the southern warehouse, if you disabled the security
    system on objective 2 then just get in... if not then just shoot it before
    it sounds the alarm. Enter the warehouse (still crouching of course) and
    jump to the crates on your right. This will take you up to your chopper's
    ammunition and some ammo for your SOCOM, proximity mines and other guns as
    well. Head back down the and leave the same way you got in.
   |11.4. power up fuel pumps |
      Run around left of the helipad and to the fuel pumps. Shoot the guard
    while his standing at the front gate, shoot the other guard inside and 
    then the camera. Activate the panel to open the gate and power up the
    fuel pumps.
   |11.5. activate the fuel pump |
      Activate the fuel pump and wait for less than 3 minutes. Anya will 
    report that 2 enemy helicopters are going to your location so better
    get some place to hide. You can hide inside the guard house near the
    fuel pumps so you can activate it again in case an enemy turns it off.
    If in case an enemy enters your hiding place, just shoot with your 

    *** A BETTER(?) SUGGESTION ***
      After objective 2 do objectives 4 and 5. This way the enemy will 
    approach the compound while your heading to the warehouse for the
    ammo. You don't have to wait and hide to a place nearby for almost 3 
    minutes, besides this is a big building and  you can hide behind
    the crates on the upper section. You won't be noticed and in my 
    experience in this mission if you hide at the warehouse enemies outside
    will not turn the fuel pumps off. 
12. ZALEB'S STRONGHOLD  /            

   |12.1. exterminate the enemies heading for the radio station |
      This is a hard one. When you get close to the first enemy compound
    shoot those enemies on the roofs especially those with RPGs followed
    by the enemies on the ground. There's also some enemies near the first
    truck so you might as well shoot that.
   |12.2. get Priboi's briefcase, and eliminate Zaleb |
      You'll pass another convoy with RPG armed men, just shoot the barrels
    beside the trucks and they will explode along with the enemies near them.
    You'll pass another building shoot the barrels at the front door and 
    kill the enemy on the roof. After that is Zaleb's Compound, shoot the 
    guards at the watchtowers and the enemies on the roofs. Shoot the vehicles
    as well. 
      After you land shoot the rest of enemies on the ground and enter Zaleb's
    building. Zaleb and Priboi's briefcase is on the second floor. Use your
    thermal googles to know where guards are located in each rooms.
   |12.3. get back to the helicopter with the briefcase |

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