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What at first glance seems to be easy, quickly becomes a "triangliophobe's" worst nightmare.
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Icebreaker Review

By Roxanne Distefano |

How hard can it be to shoot colored pyramids? Think about it, have you ever met a pyramid you couldn't outsmart? Well, in Icebreaker by Magnet Interactive, the pyramids rule. The objective of the game is simple -- eliminate all the pyramids on each level –but with pyramids like Seekers and Immobile Dudes, what at first glance seems to be easy, quickly becomes a "triangliophobe's" worst nightmare.

Graphics are extremely bright and presented in slick 3D format. It's easy to differentiate between all the different colored pyramids and their functions. Control is equally pleasant, but has its share of anomalies. Although you can use the mouse to move around, the arrow keys, in the end, offer more control. Shooting diagonally seems easy, but some of the pyramids are slightly out of line so you can't take out an entire row by simply firing to your heart's content. As for the sound, most of the tracks are upbeat but if you do get tired of a certain one you can omit it through the option feature. Believe me, if you play a level enough times, you'll want to change the music.

Put away any silly notions of quickly defeating this game. Even though Icebreaker offers a plethora of levels and a wide range of skill settings, the game is pretty tough to master. A few rounds set on "Easy" or "Medium" will boost your confidence and minimize your fear of rabid polygons, but the “Hard” level is just that, and the ultimate challenge, “Insane” is only for the bold and brazen. After a few tries of shooting Seekers with your plasma blaster as they mercilessly converge on you, you'll be set for the funnyfarm.

Be sure to keep your eyes open for those Seekers while avoiding certain Immobile Dudes. Don't let their name lull you into a sense of security. Some Dudes are just as deadly as the Yeller and Cyanide Seekers. Run into a Red Dude and watch your pyramid soul float off the screen. Nothing to do but try the level again (perhaps for the hundredth time) or simply admit defeat to a bunch of pyramids. Take what's behind door number one and play the level again, you'll conquer it - eventually. After all, they're only pyramids. Pyramids with minds of their own.

Playing Icebreaker will give you many tortuous but delightful hours of entertainment as you try to rid the world of those evil pyramids.

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