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Icarus: Sanctuary of the Gods

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About The Game

When the servants of an evil god descend to slaughter you village, you vow to get revenge if it's the last thing you do. Play as Colias, a mercenary with a taste for vengeance. Along with your wife, Helena, you'll set out on a mission to eliminate the minions of Ercanet and restore peace to the panic-stricken countryside. With tons of weaponry and equipment to help you through your battles, you'll decide on strategies tactics, and then hop into combat in this 3D adventure for the ages.

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Icarus: Sanctuary of the Gods

Icarus: Sanctuary of the Gods Review

By Chris Commodore |

Every now and then a low-budget game comes through that while lacking in special-effects polish or marketing glitz still wins us over just though its sheer depth of play. Icarus: Sanctuary of the Gods, a new strategy/RPG from a small developer called KRGsoft is definitely NOT one of those games. Self-touted as a game that Diablo fans will love, Icarus is instead an exercise in linear storytelling, interminable combats, and irritating themes. The most entertainment most Diablo fans will actually get out of this game is in finding and laughing at the title's countless grammatical errors.

One of the first things you'll notice about Icarus is that, for most of the game, you won't really have all that much control over what's going on. As the story begins you'll watch screen after screen of different characters speaking s-l-o-w-l-y, and while you can hit the escape key to skip the dialogue altogether, there's no option that allows you to speed up the characters' speech. Once you get into the game, you'll realize that you might as well skip the dialogue bits because there's nothing you can do to affect the decisions your characters make anyway. Think it's a bad idea to try and escape from the king's prison? Too bad! All you can do is sit back and watch in horror as your characters make more and more stupid decisions and recruit more friends to help them make 'em. The only time you'll have control of your characters is in combat and in towns.

Wandering around towns is kind of quaint in a hey-let's-dig-out-the-Commodore-64 kind of way and many old-school RPG fans will probably feel a tug at their heartstrings as they buy new weapons, sell old weapons, and grill the townspeople for info. Unfortunately, the townspeople talk so damn slowly that you'll probably give up on chatting with them after your first encounter. It's not like you can put any info you get from them to use anyway. These village encounters are also the only time this title ever bears even the slightest resemblance to Diablo, and this mostly because the developers of the game obviously 'borrowed' rather heavily from that game's interface. Each town contains a couple of shop and an inn in which players can rest up, as well as one house that will act as a plot device. There's not much gaming to be had here folks, it's all just walk, buy, and chat. Let's move on to combat.

Icarus' combat system is actually not as bad as the rest of the game might lead you to believe. You take control of how ever many characters you have at that point in time and take on whatever foe the story is throwing at you in a turn-based squad level combat reminiscent of Sega's Shining Force series. Each round you can move your character and then choose to attack (if you're within range of your target) with either a hand-to-hand attack, a special attack (if you're a fighter), or a magic spell (if you're a mage). Once all of your characters have had a shot, the enemy goes through the same thing, and combat is resolved. If you choose not to attack on any given round, your character can rest and recover hit points. Although I must admit I found fighting fairly enjoyable at first, as the game progressed and the fights became a little more evenly matched, the game showed its true colors and became nearly unplayable. The main problem is this like your characters, the enemy can heal simply by choosing not to fight in any given round. What this means in the higher level battles is that, even after killing everyone else on the screen, your entire team will have to spend hours running around a battlefield trying to finish off the boss as he avoids you and continues to heal himself. As the bosses get more resistant to your attacks, this can become even more frustrating imagine how long it takes to finish off an enemy's last 60 hit points when each turn your team dishes out 24 points of damage and your foe heals up 23 of them. If you're anything like me, your instinct will be to cut off your computer and look for something interesting to do after the second time this happens.

Icarus could have been a pretty cool game if a little more effort had been taken in spell-checking the dialogue boxes, balancing the gameplay, and seeking to give the story at least the impression that it was interactive in some way. As it stands, this title may provide a good diversion for fans of really old console RPGs, but will almost certainly irritate and alienate almost everyone else.

-- Trent C. Ward

Icarus: Sanctuary of the Gods Game Walkthrough

                 |   | ____ _____ _______ __ __  ______ / 
                 |   |/ _____  _  __   |  /  ___/ / 
                 |     ___ / __ |  | /  |  /___   / 
                 |___|___  >____  /__|  |____//____  > / 
                            /     /                 /     
 _________                     __                                      _____ 
/   _____/____    ____   _____/  |_ __ _______ _______ ___.__.   _____/ ____
_____  __    /    _/ ___   __  |  __  _  __ <   |  |  /  _    __ 
/        / __ |   |    ___|  | |  |  // __ |  | /___  | (  <_> )  |   
_______  (____  /___|  /___  >__| |____/(____  /__|   / ____|  ____/|__|   
        /     /     /     /                /       /                    
             __  .__               ________           .___      
           _/  |_|  |__   ____    /  _____/  ____   __| _/______
              __  |  _/ __   /     ___ /  _  / __ |/  ___/
            |  | |   Y    ___/      _  (  <_> ) /_/ |___  
            |__| |___|  /___  >  ______  /____/____ /____  >
                      /     /          /            /    / 

Icarus: Sanctuary of the Gods Guide                         version 1.3a
Last updated: 30th of September 2000
Created by: Clement Chan Zhi Li
e-mail address: clementchan@pd.jaring.my

Table of Contents

    <1> Introduction <1>
        [1.1] About Icarus [1.2] Copyright info [1.3] Patches
        [1.4] How to Best View this Guide [1.5] Review

    <2> About the Characters <2>
        [2.1] Dreus [2.2] Helena [2.3] Argon [2.4] Pares [2.5] Lydia
        [2.6] Hermes [2.7] Raisha [2.8] Sereyanne

    <3> Game Explanation <3>
        [3.1] Abbreviations [3.2] Level Up & Class Up

    <4> List of Magics <4>
        [4.1] Flames [4.2] Lightning [4.3] Restoration 
        [4.4] Supplementary [4.5] Recall [4.6] The Dark World 
        [4.7] The Mental World [4.8] Characters using Magic 
        [4.8A] Helena [4.8B] Lydia

    <5> List of Special Attacks <5>
        [5.1] Dreus' Special Attacks [5.2] Argon's Special Attacks
        [5.3] Pares' Special Attacks [5.4] Hermes' Special Attacks
        [5.5] Raisha's Special Attacks [5.6] Sereyanne's Special Attacks
        [5.7] Characters using Special Attacks [5.7A] Dreus [5.7B] Argon
        [5.7C] Pares [5.7D] Hermes [5.7E] Raisha [5.7F] Sereyanne

    <6> Guide for Icarus <6>
        [6.1] Battle 1 [6.2] Battle 2 [6.3] Battle 3 [6.4] Battle 4
        [6.5] Battle 5 [6.6] Battle 6 [6.7] Battle 7 [6.8] Battle 8
        [6.9] Battle 6 [6.10] Battle 10 [6.11] Battle 11 
        [6.12] Battle 12 [6.13] Battle 13 [6.14] Battle 14 
        [6.15] Battle 15 [6.16] Battle 16 [6.17] Battle 17
        [6.18] Battle 18 [6.19] Battle 19 [6.20] Battle 20
        [6.21] Battle 21 [6.22] Battle 22 [6.23] Battle 23
        [6.24] Battle 24 [6.25] Battle 25 [6.26] Battle 26
        [6.27] Battle 27 [6.28] Battle 28

    <7> Cheats <7>

    <8> Credits <8> 

    <9> History <9>

<1> Introduction <1>

Hi! Welcome to Icarus: Sanctuary of the Gods Guide. This guide will help out 
those who are stuck in this PC RPG game.

This FAQ contains some spoilers that may spoil the game. So, if you are really 
stuck, refer back to this FAQ.

If there are some mistakes that you noticed, want to send in info or make some 
comments and ask questions, feel free to e-mail to me at 

[1.1] About Icarus

Icarus: Sanctuary of the Gods is an RPG game for the PC. As I like RPG games, 
I bought this game and give it a try. 

There are up to 8 characters to control with also lots of magics and special 
attacks can be used.

The graphics and musics may not be as good as other games but the storyline is 
really nice and interesting.

[1.2] Copyright info

This FAQ is Copyright 2000 Clement Chan Zhi Li. You can distribute this FAQ as 
long as its contents are not changed. 

Only Clement Chan Zhi Li can make changes and updates to this FAQ. Any 
unauthorized changes and updates without my permission is prohibited by law.

Note that some parts of this FAQ is copied from the Icarus manual book. Some 
of its contents are changed a bit.

[1.3] Patches

Before you continue playing the game, it is recommended if you download a 
patch for this game at http://www.game-club.com/icarus/ 

This patch fixes Stage 19 and other bugs and changes the game to version 1.3. 
Also, this allows you to use cheats. Cool, huh?

[1.4] How to Best View this Guide

If you view this guide of the Internet and noticed that some words are filled 
in with spaces and etc., it's because your browser did not view it at the 
right width. Save the guide and open it up with WordPad (recommended).

Click File, then Page Setup. At the section where they put Margins (inches), 
look for Right and type 0.8" in it. That way, you could view this guide neatly 
as it is meant to be!

[1.5] Review

I caught my eye on this game as the game stated, ''Very different feeling for 
strategy RPG'' and I spend my money on it, thinking it will be a good change 
after playing Worms 2 and other strategy-based RPG for a long time. At least, 
all RPGs I played before are definitely good and last for a long time though 
some RPGs such as Final Fantasy Mystic Quest and is two times better than 
Icarus: Sanctuary of the Gods. The title itself sounds incredibly stressed 
out. The developer wanted to make the game looks cool and sophisticated but 
ends up making the RPG terrible. 

Graphics - 7

Despite all the hype that it has fantastic 3D modeling and realistic graphics, 
it don't have the real feel to it, whether 'cartoony', realistic, plain-
looking or not. Not to mention that it does not have nice graphics though I 
guess they just fit into a game like this. Lightning, smoke, fire, water and 
all other elements in this game looks perfectly stupid. The so-called detailed 
characters are not true at all as they look horrible. The enemies just look 
quite like mud-ghost haunting around the dungeons, not even realistic as this 
game had bragged about.

The background itself did not even enhance anything towards the graphics but 
make the game even worst. I don't know whether the developers are just too 
lazy to create beautiful graphics or just plain lazy. Just to say that I'm not 
criticizing, this game could be one of the best RPG if the developers are more 
concern and take more initiative to upgrade Icarus to a better game.

The FMV sequences are certainly better than the graphics in the game but sadly 
enough, there are only two or three such cut-scenes that you can see. One at 
the beginning and one at the end when you finished the game. I just prefer the 
FMV sequences most of all but still, they could be much better and can be 
improved. The characters themselves look odd with odd names.

Music - 8

The background music that is played throughout the game is definitely 
original. They're pleasant to hear and most music comes through in the right 
time and right situations. The sound effects are not really that great but 
just nice for this game. Example, the sound of lightning doesn't really sound 
very real but at least, they add something to Icarus.

Gameplay - 7

An original feature in this game is to have a new type of system, Class Up and 
the usual one, Level Up. The levels will have some sort of relation to the 
Class Up system because certain classes that your characters will obtain are 
based on the levels that you are now. Although that is a nice feature, this 
game can be your worst and hardest game you've ever played.

You need to think and spend you money wisely because the only way to defeat 
enemies and bosses are to have the right equipment, shields, accessories and 
other stuffs, other than having a high level. Let say if you have spent all 
your money buying items but less on weapons, you're 100% risked that you will 
lose in a battle because the more powerful your weapons are, the better chance 
and faster you'll win a battle.

Every battle you're engaged in, it will be noted (well, all battles here must 
be entered, no secret battles or such) and there are more than 50 such 
battles. Even the battle system is quite original and unpopular as most RPGers 
may never heard of it before. This battle system will have square boxes around 
the whole area and you can be in dungeon, forests, city and all sorts of 
places. The treasure boxes which contain important items and weapons will be 
in the battle instead of outside of the battle.

The magic system uses MP (Magic Power) which usually consists of lightning 
attacks, fire, water and the rest. Some magic have 'summon-type' from Final 
Fantasy VII which calls the demon from hell, king of lightning and etc. to 
come and join the battle with you (the person that you have called are 
controlled by the computer. You can also expect healing powers later on by one 
of the characters, Lydia. Now, the special attack will use your HP (Health 
Points) and you have to be careful using it or end up easily killed. The 
special attacks are certain much more powerful than magic so use them when you 
are in tight situations.

Other than that, you're mostly in battles, battles and more battles. You'll 
fight with pirates, human, soldiers, archers, gnomes, monsters and when the 
whole game is focused only on battles, you will see how boring it is.

Story - 8

The story is about Dreus, the main character to avenge against his closest 
friend's death, Guile after Colias, a wizard killed him and destroyed the 
Coshark Mercenary (what a name!). Helena, his fiance, together with his other 
friends joined the Mercenary and promised to rebuild it. This story is mostly 
about tragedy and it's a pretty exciting story line.

Replay Value - 5

What replay value? This game is so terrible that I would dearly give it a 1 
and the replay value is certainly out of the game. As the game is difficult, 
added with astonishingly dumb graphics, you won't spend your time replaying 
all over again a game like this, provided it has special features that will 
keep you tuning over.

Overall - 6

As we approach to more advanced year and new millenium, you can certainly 
consider this game worthless to buy as super-advanced graphics truly beat this 
game a hundred times. You better spend your money on other games as Icarus is 
a real disappointment. 

- Cool Class Up system.
- Nice soundtrack music.
- Unique square battle system.

- Boring to play after you complete the game.
- Simply terrifying graphics!
- I repeat, simply terrifying graphics!

<2> About the Characters <2>

This section is created to know more about the main characters of Icarus.

[2.1] Dreus

Age: 23
Blood Type: O
Talent: Knight
Weapon: Swords

Dreus is quite famous in Inashus Kingdom as the leader of Coshark Mercenary. 
He is always afire with justice and starts his journey to rebuild the 
mercenary that had been fallen to pieces because of Colias.

[2.2] Helena

Age: 20
Blood Type: A
Talent: Sorcerer
Weapon: Canes

The granddaughter of the great wise man Recardo. She is Dreus's fiance and 
therefore is always praying for him. But she does not seem to be comforted by 
her prayers as she follows Dreus on his journey.

[2.3] Argon

Age: 28
Blood Type: 0
Talent: Combatant
Weapon: Swords

Originally, he was but a common peasant, but after losing his parents in 
the 'Bromarose', he becomes a professional combatant. He is very proud of the 
fact that he is only one eye, and though he lusts after money, his nature is 
pure and naive, contrary to his looks.

[2.4] Pares

Age: 24
Blood Type: B
Talent: Archer
Weapon: Bows & Arrows

The Head Archer of the Inashus Kingdom. He saves Dreus and his companions who 
have been unfairly trapped in the underground water canals, ending up in him 
also being chased by the palace guards. He is stubborn-minded in respect to 
the fact that once he believes he is right in something, he never changes his 

[2.5] Lydia

Age: 21
Blood Type: A
Talent: Sorcerer
Weapon: Canes

The daughter of Keros, who is the leader of Sebire village. She has had a 
clear spirit from when she was little, and one day a passing wise man teaches 
her spiritual magic. Even though she has a very tender heart, she changes 180 
degrees when she is in battle.

[2.6] Hermes 

Age: 36
Blood Type: AB
Talent: Warrior
Weapon: Axes

He was once a great general of the Darsian Kingdom, but because of the 
conspiracy masterminded by Porntes, the King, his title was taken away from 
him. He then move to the country where he farmed for living, but due to his 
destined meeting with Dreus, he partakes in their adventure. He is famous for 
his wilfull and straight lanced character.

[2.7] Raisha

Age: 26
Blood Type: O
Talent: Knight
Weapon: Swords

She is the leader of the Black Rose Cavalry, the Darcian Kingdom knights that 
composed of all women. She is also the niece of Hermes. She goes into battle 
with Hermes because of Porntes, but the misunderstanding is soon dissolved, 
and she joins in the adventure.

[2.8] Sereyanne

Age: 24
Blood Type: A
Talent: Archer
Weapon: Bows & Arrows

The tomboy woman-archer who thinks that she's the best archer in the Darcian 
Kingdom. She joins the team because of a simple reason, her father's dream of 
winning the Mercenary Tournament. But due to her father's (Reyran's) wish, she 
becomes an official member of the mercenary. 

<3> Game Explanation <3>

Before playing the game, it is recommended that you read this section to 
understand some parts of the game.

[3.1] Abbreviations

In the village, when you right-click the screen, you'll bring up a set of 
menu. Click on the first menu, Items Menu.

You'll find that there are some abbreviations and numbers there. To find out 
what is the meaning of it, read below. The abbreviations may be used at other 
menus and shops.

Condition: When a character's condition reached 0 HP, he or she cannot 
participate in the battle that makes his or her condition Down. The only way 
to cure this is to use the item Ajell.

Class: The occupation class of the character. 

LV: The level of the character.

EX: The amount of experience of the character has acquired up to now.

HP: The physical power of the character up to now.

MP: The magic power of the character up to now.

AP: The assalt power of the character up to now.

DP: The defense power of the character up to now.

IT: The mental capacity of the character up to now.

SP: The speed of the character up to now.

PW: The physical force of the character up to now.

SW: The strength of the character up to now.

MA: The magic assault of the character up to now. 

MD: The magic defense of the character up to now.

[3.2] Level Up & Class Up

You acquire some experience points if you hit an enemy or use magics. If you 
acquire a certain amount of experience, you can upgrade your level. This is 
called Level Up. When this happens, a screen where you can divide points in 
the parameters will appear. 

IT: Related with MP and MD.
SP: Related with DP.
PW: Related with HP and AP.
SW: Relateds with HP, AP, DP and MD.

If you become a certain level, your class will be upgraded. This is called 
Class Up. When this happens, you will be able to use more special techniques 
and magics. This happens only except for the class Droiyan.

<4> List of Magics <4>

This section is made to give useful information on Magics used throughout the 

[4.1] Flames

Fire Ball: Discharges Fire Ball at the enemy. Uses 10 MP.

Fire Wall: Makes a wall of fire and attacks enemy within the assault
range. Uses 20 MP.

Fire Bomb: Drops a powerful Fire Bomb on the whole screen. Uses 60 MP.

Fire Phoenix: A huge Fire Phoenix flies across the whole screen. Uses 
120 MP.

[4.2] Lightning

Lightning Bolt: Fires powerful Lightning Bolt at the enemy. Uses 15 MP.

Double Lightning: Fires 2 powerful Lightning Bolt at the enemy. Uses 25 

ThunderBolt: Drops thunder on the enemy. Uses 20 MP.

Mega Thunder: Drops thunder on enemies within assault range. Uses 40 MP.

Giga Thunder: Drops powerful thunder on the whole screen. Uses 130 MP.

[4.3] Restoration

Healing: The selected person on our side will recover 15% of his or her HP. 
Uses 20 MP.

Recovery: All the people within the range will recover 40% of their HP. Uses 
40 MP.

Bless: All the people on the screen will recover 70% of their HP. Uses 150 MP.

[4.4] Supplementary

Confusion: Confuses the enemy and turns them into our side for a short while. 
Uses 20 MP.

Protection: Highers the DP of our army for a short while. Uses 60 MP.

Blade: Highers the AP of our army for a short while. Uses 70 MP.

Clone: Clones people on our team and put them into combat. Uses 150 MP.

[4.5] Recall

Effreit: Recalls the Spirit of Fire to take part in the combat. Uses 100 MP.

Dao: Recalls the Spirit of the Earth to take part in the combat. Uses 150 MP.

Lamu: Recalls the Spirit of Thunder to take part in the Combat. Uses 200 MP.

[4.6] The Dark World

Hell Fire: Drops fire from hell on the whole screen. Uses 150 MP.

Dark Stone: Throws the Dark Stones on the whole screen. Uses 200 MP.

Armageddon: Covers the whole screen with cloud of darkness. Uses 250 MP.

[4.7] The Mental World

Turn Undead: Kills undead monsters with one assault. Uses 300 MP.

Armekia Lance: Armekia Lance fly around the screen with clear minds. Uses 250 

[4.8] Character using Magic

Characters who used Magic are only two, Helena and Lydia. Both of them can 
only use magic at certain Class and Level.

[4.8A] Helena

Level 1 and above (Mage) - Fire Ball, Fire Wall, Lightning Bolt and Thunder 

Level 10 (Magician) - Double Lightning and Mega Thunder.

Level 24 (Wizard) - Fire Bomb, Effreit, Fire Phoenix, Giga Thunder, Hell Fire 
and Lamu.

Level ??? (Droiyan) - Dark Stone, Armaggedon and Dao.

[4.8B] Lydia

Level 1 and above (Priest) - Healing, Recovery, Confusion, Protection and 

Level 23 (Bishop) - Bless, Clone and Turn Undead.

Level ??? (Droiyan) - Armekia Lance.

<5> List of Special Attacks <5>

Only certain characters can use certain Special Attacks. This section can 
provide many useful information about it.

[5.1] Dreus' Special Attacks

Fire Wave - A straight fire is used at an enemy. Uses 10 HP.

Mega Wave - Fire in all directions. Uses 15 HP.

Flame Wave - Fire in a certain range. Uses 80 HP.

Ultra Wave - Fire on the ground at a certain range. Uses 120 HP.

Dreus Wave - Fire in the shape of stars at the whole screen. Uses 200 HP.

[5.2] Argon's Special Attacks

Flare Power - Straight shadow slashes. Uses 15 HP.

Iron Cross - Shadow slashes in a 'X' way. Uses 30 HP.

Metal Clash - Shadow slashes at a certain range. Uses 110 HP.

Argon Quake - Earthquake happened at the whole screen. Uses 220 HP. 

[5.3] Pares' Special Attacks

Hunting Eyes - A fire arrow shot at a certain range. uses 15 HP.

Sniper Missile - A missile arrow shot at enemies in a certain range. Uses 30 

Eagle Arrow - A arrow in a shape of eagle shot at enemies in a certain range. 
Uses 80 HP.

Pares Revenge - Gigantic arrows shot at the whole screen. Uses 150 HP.

[5.4] Hermes' Special Attacks

Flare Beam - An electrical wave is used at a straight line. Uses 25 HP.

Mega Blaster - An electrical wave is used in all directions. Uses 50 HP.

Metal Clash - Three electrical wave is used at a certain range. Uses 100 HP.

Hermes Energy - A big fiery fist appear and slams the whole screen. Uses 250 

[5.5] Raisha's Special Attacks

Fire Wave - A straight fire is used at an enemy. Uses 10 HP.

Mega Wave - Fire in all directions. Uses 15 HP.

Flame Wave - Fire in a certain range. Uses 80 HP.

Ultra Wave - Fire on the ground at a certain range. Uses 120 HP.

Raisha Wave - Clouds of fire moves in a circular motion. ses 200 HP.

[5.6] Sereyanne's Special Attacks

Hunting Eyes - A fire arrow shot at a certain range. uses 15 HP.

Sniper Missile - A missile arrow shot at enemies in a certain range. Uses 30 

Eagle Arrow - A arrow in a shape of eagle shot at enemies in a certain range. 
Uses 80 HP.

Sereyanne Revenge - Fire meteors falls on the whole screen. Uses 150 HP.

[5.7] Characters using Special Attacks

There are only 6 characters using Special Attacks. This section is listing 
certain characters that can only used certain Special Attacks at certain Level 
and Class.

[5.7A] Dreus

Level 1 and above (Knight) - Fire Wave.

Level 10 (St. Knight) - Mega Wave.

Level 20 (Palladin) - Flame Wave.

Level 32 (Crusader) - Ultra Wave.

Level ??? (Droiyan) - Dreus Wave.

[5.7B] Argon

Level 1 and above (Fighter) - Flare Power

Level 10 (Combatant) - Iron Cross

Level 23 (Gladiator) - Metal Clash

Level ??? (Droiyan) Argon Quake

[5.7C] Pares

Level 1 and above (Archer) - Hunting Eyes

Level 10 (Eagle) - Sniper Missile

Level 23 (Sniper) - Eagle Arrow

Level ??? (Droiyan) - Pares Revenge

[5.7D] Hermes

Level 1 and above (Berserker) - Flare Beam and Mega Blaster.

Level 26 (Genosider) - Clash Energy.

Level ??? (Droiyan) - Hermes Energy.

[5.7E] Raisha

Level 1 and above (Paladdin) - Fire Wave, Mega Wave, Flame Wave.

Level 32 (Crusader) - Ultra Wave.

Level ??? (Droiyan) - Raisha Wave.

[5.7F] Sereyanne

Level 1 and above (Sniper) - Hunting Eyes, Sinper Missile, Eagle Arrow.

Level ??? (Droiyan) - Sereyanne Revenge.

<6> Guide for Icarus <6>

This guide is created to help people who have difficulties on getting certain 
treasure chests and defeating enemies. Note that I too have difficulty on 
defeating some enemies. 

If you know how to defeat enemies that I have not wrote down, please e-mail to 
me at clementchan@pd.jaring.my . You will be credited. 

Also, sometimes I may give some advice what to buy equipments and sometimes 
not. Just plan carefully what to buy and you will end up sucessful.

The adventure begins as Colias destroyed the Coshark Mercenary. Guile was 
killed by Colias but Dreus escaped. After that, the next scene showed Helena 
and Recardo.

Dreus came in and fainted. Later on, after some conversations and scenes, 
Recardo gave them 1500 dinas (dinas is the currency) and both of them set off.

Then, Goblins came near them and wanted to kill Dreus and Helena. So, the 
Battle 1 begins.

[6.1] Battle 1

There are 4 treasure chests here altogether. They have Cab, 3 Lemons, Short 
Sword and 2 Powders. Try and get all of them on your way. Be warned, if you 
kill all enemies before getting the treasure chests, you'll automatically go 
to the next part.

The Goblins are a bit easy. Just attack them with normal attacks, special 
attacks and magics.

After that, they'll arrive at the village Inerheim. Go to the weapon shop and 
buy a Robe for Helena. Be sure to equip the Cab for Dreus. You may also sell 
the 1 Short Sword.

Among all the houses, there will be one clickable. It is located north of the 
well. Enter that door to meet Mrs. Guwen. She will talk for a while and give 
them 2 Red Wines.

Exit the village by going to an opening at the fences. You'll arrive at 
Padran. You may want to buy Flamberge, Staff and Leather for both of them. Go 
to the house right of the mine cart to talk to Kejal.

Now, head to the mine cart to start Battle 2.

[6.2] Battle 2

This battle is a bit easy with the help of Mr. Guwen. There are three treasure 
chests here that contains 3 Pills, 3 Powders and 3 Blue Lemons. 

To get all of them, try not to kill all the enemies. Leave some alone and 
they'll keep following you.

About the enemies, don't worry. You may not kill all of them if you want; Mr. 
Guwen will finish them all. Unless you want to build up your level, then kill 
the enemies.

After defeating the beasts, Kejal will come out and speak to them. As a 
reward, he give Dreus and Helena 1000 dinas. Mr. Guwen will speak to them and 
give Helena the sorcery book. 

Then, exit the village. At Tursha, you'll come across the Orcs. Argon will 
come out from the inn and help them. After some talkings, the Battle 3 starts.

[6.3] Battle 3

There are three treasure chests that contains 400 Dinas, 400 Dinas and Open 
Helm. Once you get the Open Helm, you may want to give it to Dreus. Give the 
Cab to Helena.

To get all the treasure chests, try not to kill all enemies. Kill some that 
get on your way.

The battle is a bit easy. Just use normal attacks, special attacks and magics.

Later, Argon will tell them about a reward from King Yulian. Go out from the 
village Tursha to go to Regal.

Here, buy Saber for Dreus and Power Staff and Ring of Sun for Helena. Go to 
the castle to meet King Yulian. You'll need to find Tarsha in the Tower of 

[6.4] Battle 4

In Battle 4, the monsters will be a bit tough. Use Special Attacks and Magics 
on the ghosts. Normal Attacks won't work. 

To get Flamberge, 300 dinas and 500 dinas, try and get them on your way.

[6.5] Battle 5

This battle is almost the same as Battle 5 except that the enemies is a bit 

There are three treasure chests. Each of them contain 500 dinas, Leather Armor 
and Ring of Fight. Just get them on your way.

[6.6] Battle 6

Battle 6 is the battle between the three and Tarsha. There are only two 
treasure chests located in separate ways. 

To get 500 dinas and Scimitar, use 2 characters to get them while leaving 1 
character alone.

If your attack is strong, just rest and don't bother to attack Tarsha until 
the two treasure chests is collected.

If your attack is weak, attack Tarsha until he is almost dying.

After defeating Tarsha, he'll give you the scale and disappear. Then, you'll 
go to Regal. This time, SPEND all your money on weapons and shields. If there 
are money remainding, you may want to buy items or wines.

After spending, go and meet the king. The group will give the King the scale, 
receive 5000 dinas and went off.

Then, the royal guards will come and take them off to jail. They will also 
take all of the remainding money (that's why earlier, I told you to spend ALL 
of the money).

Pares will come and rescue them but spotted by the guards. 

[6.7] Battle 7

To get 2000 dinas, 500 dinas, 500 dinas, Power Staff and 300 dinas, form 2 
groups (consisting 2 members in each) and set off in a different direction.

The enemies will be a bit hard. Just use Special Attacks and Magics whenever 

After that, they will be spotted again by Idos. Lydia will come and help them.

[6.8] Battle 8

There are treasure chests that contain 500 dinas, 1000 dinas, Dokyu Bow and 3 
White Wines. To get them, form 2 groups again and get them in separate ways.

Idos is a bit hard. If you have problems defeating him, just wait until Lydia 
come to defeat him.

After that, Idos will run away. Lydia will invite them to Sebire to ask them 
for help. 

Keros, father of Lydia will speak to them. Then, you may want to buy Red Robe 
and Ring of Magic for Helena. 

[6.9] Battle 9

To get 800 dinas, 800 dinas, Metal Helm and 3 Rose Wines, get them on your 

To defeat Monga, the boss, ask Lydia to use Blade on someone. That should kill 

Go out from the village and you'll meet the loan shark because of Argon. After 
some talkings, the battle begins.

[6.10] Battle 10

There are treasure chests containing 800 dinas, 1000 dinas and 1000 dinas.

To get them, just move a character that have 'Class Up' to get all treasure 
chests. Be sure to move the group near him so when there is any trouble, the 
group can rescue him or her.

C'share may be a bit hard since he'll keep on run away. Just use the most 
powerful Special Attacks and Magics and he'll lose. Lydia will then join 

Once you arrive at Rebens, I recommend that you buy the Curse Sword, Ring of 
Wind and Necklace of Land. Then stay at the inn.

Idos and C'share will come out to battle with you.

[6.11] Battle 11

To get the powerful Mabel Sword, 800 dinas and 2 Rums, head right at the 
beginning while destroying enemies.

The loan shark and Idos is easy for now. Just keep on using magics and Special 
Attacks. The magicians may be Confused but on a random occasions.

After that, the Captain will give you life on the ship for free. On the way, 
the ship are conquered by pirates. 

After Helena attacked the pirate, the battle begins.

[6.12] Battle 12

To get the Ruby Wand and 2000 dinas, try and get them on your way. 

Just use the most powerful attacks and Magics at the pirates and they will be 
defeated in no time.

At the harbour, the Captain will thank you and go off. Hermes will come and 
invite them to his house. 

He'll explain about himself and Raisha came in to capture him. he escaped but 
the Battle still begins.

[6.13] Battle 13

To get Small Axe and 2400 dinas, you need to get them on the way. Just use 
Special Attacks and Magics at the Black Rose.

Then, Raisha and Hermes will go to meet the King. Dreus and his companions 
decided to follow them.

At Robita, you may want to buy the most powerful weapons now. I suggest that 
you buy the Bastad Sword, Arbalest, Bullova, Ring of Spirit and Necklace of 
Soul if you have enough money.

Head to the castle and the next battle begins.

[6.14] Battle 14

There are no treasure chests here. The guards can be killed easily by using 
magics and special attacks. 

Inside the castle, Hermes will meet Porntaes and just when he is about to be 
executed, he was saved by Pares' Sniper Missile.

They, including Raisha ran into the dungeons.

[6.15] Battle 15

There are treasure chests that contained Silver Helm, 2000 dina, 2000 dina and 
Knight Shield. Just get them on your way.

The enemies, espeacially Lich, can be really difficult. Make sure all 
characters have high protection here.

[6.16] Battle 16

There are three treasure chests here. Two of them contained 2000 dinas while 
the other one are unknown.

You have to fight here again. Just use Special Attacks and magics.

Outside, they will meet a group of bandits robbing a kid. Dreus and his 
companions decided to help him.

[6.17] Battle 17

There are two treasure chests here. One of them are hidden behind the tress. 
The treasure chests contained 2000 dinas and 1500 dinas. Use a character to 
get both.

Just use Special Attacks and magics at the bandits.

The kid will introduced himself as Taro. As the Coshark Mercenary are going to 
Adeline, Taro showed them the way.

At Adeline, Millen, the village leader appears and thanks them. He then needs 
the help of Coshark Mercenary to destroy the bandits again.

Before going, buy some useful and powerful weapons. Rest at the inn if needed.

Now, exit the village to reach the bandit's den. Then, you'll fight outside.

[6.18] Battle 18

There are treasure chests contained 2000 dinas and Great Sword. Try and get 
them on the way. 

The enemies can be defeated by using Special Attacks and magics.

The village leader will thank them and give them 5 Holy Water. He recommend 
that they should go to Potos.

Exit the village again to reach Potos village. There, you'll meet Sereyanne 
who said that she knows where the Tower of Death is. 

She'll tell them on one condition, and that is that they must join the 
Mercenary Tournament with her.

Before going, prepare yourselves by buying some weapons and equipments. Then, 
head north-east. You'll see a gate with grey road outside. Go as near as 
possible to that gate and you'll automatically be in the tournament.

[6.19] Battle 19

At Battle 19, there are three treasure chests that contained 2000 dinas. Use 
Sereyanne and other character to get the treasure chests.

Just use Special Attacks and Magics. That should complete the battle and get 
10000 dinas.

After that, Sereyanne admits that she doesn't know where the Tower of Death 
is. But, her father knows where it is so you have to go to Gares.

After talking with the father, you may want to buy the most POWERFUL shields 
and weapons as there will be a tough battle ahead.

You'll see a scene about Colias, Ercanet, Yulian and Pornteas. Then, you'll 
see the Coshark Mercenary ready to battle against the imposter King Yulian and 
King Pornteas.

[6.20] Battle 20

This may be the toughest battle. To get the 2 treasure chests that contain 
4000 dinas, get them on your way. 

Use the most powerful attacks and magics. Be sure to have a very high defense 

Then, Dreus and his friends will arrive at Berhims. You'll need to solve the 
A.M.D.R. puzzle here. Before going anywhere, you may want to buy the most 
powerful weapons and armors here too. If you don't have enough money, try 
selling old equipments and items.

If you speak to the villagers, you'll notice that the beginning of their talk 
begins with A or M or D or R.

Speak to the villagers in order and that should complete the puzzle. If you're 
still confused, I'll tell you how. 

If you speak to a villager, his beginning of speech is A.M.D.R. The next 
villager will use the word 'Mmmm...' The third villager will use the 
word 'Damn' and then 'RALF'.

If you speak them in order, you should complete the puzzle. Then, they will be 
transported to the Tower of Death.

[6.21] Battle 21

Another tough battle. Make sure you have a very HIGH defense here. To get 5 
Cognae, 5 White Lemons and 10 Meats, try getting them on the way.

[6.22] Battle 22

Another battle. To get 5 Armagnacs, 10 meats and 10 White Lemons, get them on 
the way. 

You should have very powerful Special Attacks and Magics by now. Use them.

At last, Dreus met Colias. Just as they are starting a battle, Recardo 

[6.23] Battle 23

The battle between Colias begins! There are no treasure chests here. 

With Recardo's help, this battle should be easier. Just use Special Attacks 
and Magics.

After that, Colias will be defeated. The five Gods appear, including Pesues, 
the God of Creation.

The Gods talk to the group and tell them that they have to defeat Ercanet. 
They also tell that they are Droiyan, the representative of them. 

When they become Droiyan, they will Class Up and will have the Droiyan weapons 
and shields.

The next scene shows the scion betraying Ercanet. 

[6.24] Battle 24

The next battle is between the God of Desire, Ilamas and the Droiyans. Again, 
there are no treasure chests here since you don't need them anymore.

Just keep on using the character's Droiyan's power. Don't use them to much.

[6.25] Battle 24

There, you have to fight against the God of War, Yaros. Just use the Droiyan's 

[6.26] Battle 26

The next battle shows the God of Destruction, Merdeka. Keep on use Special 
Attacks and Magics if you are low on HP. If you're not, use the Droiyan's 

[6.27] Battle 27

The next battle is against the God of Jealousy, Coronia. Use the Droiyan's 
power again.

After defeating them, the scion appears and turns out to be Guile, Dreus' 

It turns out to be a plan to kill Dreus. Then, the final battle begins! 

[6.28] Battle 28

The final battle! Guile can be an easy enemy if you keep using Special Attacks 
and Magics. 

Keep your HP to full now. Use items to cure. Good Luck!

After the final battle, Guile realized that they are the true Droiyan. He 
asked Dreus to bury him at a place where they used to play. Dreus agreed.

The next FMV shows Dreus burying Guile. Dreus, Helena and the rest sparkled 
and fly off to the sky.

<7> Cheats <7>

There are only three cheats I know. I got it from http://www.game-club.com/ If 
you type correctly, a message 'cheat enable' should appear.

In a battle, before you attack an enemy with magic or other attacks, 
type 'baby' without the commas to kill an enemy immediately.

Before attacking, type 'waac' to preserve your HP & MP. Even when an enemy 
attack you, your HP will still maintain.

Before attacking with attacks or magics, type 'upup' so that you can Level Up 

I got the cheat below from Al Amaloo of http://vgstrategies.com/

This 'jjun' cheat is unknown to me. In a battle, if you type 'jjun', a 
message 'cheat disable' will appear. If you activate one of the cheats above, 
type 'jjun' and the message 'cheat enable' will appear. Strange, isn't it?

<8> Credits <8>

Clement Chan - (clementchan@pd.jaring.my)
Me, of course! I've take a long time to come up with this FAQ!

Eugene Chan - (eugenechan90@hotmail.com)
He helped me with some of the weapons list. Thanks to him.

Game-Club - (http://www.game-club.com)
Thanks to this website for providing useful information like cheats and 

Al Amaloo - (http://vgstrategies.about.com)
This guy from Video Game Strategies putting my FAQ on his website and told me 
about the 'jjun' cheat. Thanks a lot!

<9> History <9>

Version 1.0 - 12th of January 2000
This FAQ is created.

Version 1.1 - 13th January 2000
Added 'jjun' cheat.

Version 1.2 - 14th of January 2000
Changed 'jjun' cheat a bit.

Version 1.3 - 9th of February 2000
Changed e-mail address.

Version 1.3a - 30th of September 2000
Added [1.4] How to Best View this Guide

Added [1.5] Review. 

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