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Hitman: Blood Money

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About The Game

Hitman's back, drawing you closer than ever into his deadly world where staying anonymous, being smart and totally ruthless are the key to a perfect execution. Lucrative contracts on the rich and powerful in high profile locations, make killing for money good business. But when a rival agency enters the scene it's war and only the best man will be left standing.

  • Earn payment for the successful assassination of targets, the more professional your approach, the higher the reward.
  • Play stealthily like a professional assassin or take out everyone in your path, but don't expect to escape the consequences if you leave a trail of evidence behind you. Your notoriety will affect your passage through the game.
  • Use the funds you accumulate to purchase custom built weapon parts, to increase precision and effectiveness and reflect your preferred playing style.
  • The world of the assassin has never been so interactive or looked so good. Living, breathing locations based upon real word environments and scenarios create a multitude of assassination possibilities, potential challenges and re-playable scenarios. Whilst never before seen levels of detail; including next-generation technical effects add even more realism to the game.
  • Use the environment to your advantage, climb, scale and vault through your surroundings, to hunt down and eliminate your targets.
  • New reactionary moves allow you to respond to the situations at hand - use hand to hand combat, distraction, hostages and many new assassination techniques to reach and take down your targets
  • Realistic world simulation, with intelligent civilians and hostiles, observe and react to your behavior and respond to your notoriety.
  • Fully dynamic camera, featuring 1st and 3rd person modes.

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Hitman: Blood Money

Hitman: Blood Money Review

By Chris Commodore |

IO Interactive made its mark on the videogame world with the first Hitman game in 2000 and planted a flag with Freedom Fighters in 2003. The world, especially Europe, loved Hitman, and rightly so. IO has designed a stealth game that, while suffering from some easy-to-notice flaws here and there, boasts some of the most distinguished and well-honed level design in any game of its kind. Perhaps equally important, IO gave birth to a long-lasting, brooding iconic antihero with Agent 47.

With the third game in the series, Hitman: Contracts, IO hit a lull, as the team was simultaneously working on Blood Money and creating the newly fangled engine on which this new game was built. Contracts looked good enough and explored a dark, devious theme that hadn't been done before, but it played like all the others. This fourth game does several things to improve the series, both from a presentation and a playability perspective.

The screen splits to show off important actions.The results are solid -- the new notoriety system functions smartly, the upgraded currency system encourages players to be pennywise, and the text-sensitive controls and up-close fighting systems make this often very un-accessible stealth game more forgiving. The newly added features don't, however, alter the fundamental experience much beyond Contracts. So while fans of the series will notice all the new features in subtle ways, the gameplay is essentially like playing any of the previous games in the series. In other words, IO built a lot of good features around the core play, which was tinkered with and enhanced a little, but it basically left the 47's fundamental game alone. What we're left with is a good, familiar game of Hitman. It's more accessible, looks better -- significantly so on Xbox 360 and PC, anyway -- and is worth your hard earned money if you're a patient and obsessive stealth gamer.

IO's new game is an endeavor based on many little things that work comprehensively. The story is more intriguing, because it finds Agent 47, the ultimate assassin clone, being hunted down by a rival organization and hitman, while following a narrative that traces Agent 47's work via a reporter and an inside man bent on tracking him down. You'll want to see all the cutscenes since they reveal crucial information on yours truly, and they exhaustively -- and in a real-world manner -- explore the political and global issues around cloning. The CG dialog is refreshing and intelligent and doesn't just paint a nice pastiche. Similarly, the series has always relied on CG cutscenes, which have looked drastically different than the actual gameplay up until now. IO's rebuilt game engine features better lighting techniques and character models and the work shows up well on all systems, especially the PC and Xbox 360 versions, which appear unhindered by technical limitations.

The most dramatic changes in Blood Money, however, don't revolve around the story, but Hitman's actions and the systems around those actions. First, the training level is up-to-date. The first level is essentially a training level, which narrates your actions through a real-world level. Many other games have done this before, and now Hitman does it and does it well. The next things you'll notice are contact-sensitive controls, more kinds of control, and added Agent 47 nimbleness. Using a three-button system appearing on-screen, you'll find that doorknobs, items, secret stashes in drawers, and guns all are contact-sensitive. Run by an object that's useable and the right button is lit in the corner of your screen. This technique is done well and thankfully it makes controlling Hitman a little more natural without being too obvious. The only area that's a little wonky is climbing out windows (it's a little sticky and can be confusing in a quick situation).

The additional accessibility from better controls works on different levels. There are always situations in which Agent 47 must do things in a hurry. The more accessible control system makes performing simple acts -- like opening a door or picking up a briefcase -- less painful. The game still fundamentally functions like it did before, but the smarter interface works more intuitively most of the time. Opening a garbage can or a garbage truck, for instance, to dispose of an unclothed dead man, is not only new to Blood Money, but it's an action that can be handled relatively quickly and efficiently. Believe it or not, throwing a coin was one of the harder things we had to figure out, as was handling multiple items simultaneously. It's all do-able, of course, and this Hitman makes these simple things easier to do. But IO hasn't abandoned its former self, so if you've played Hitman before, you'll instantly feel comfortable with this. If you have never handled Hitman before, you might take a chance with this one.

IO worked on a lot of systems that revolve around your actions to tie the game into a more cohesive whole. Weapons carry over from one level to the next now, but they have a series of upgrades, some with as many as 11-12 different kinds. They range from bigger, more powerful bullets that can blast through doors (which is new), to silenced modifications to bridges and expanded clips. You'll handle rifles, sniper rifles (the Dragunov), handguns (SilverBallers), automatic rifles, shotguns, and more. The weapons function exactly like they did in the past, by pressing and holding a button to check inventory and by pressing the same button to unholster or holster a weapon.

Hitman: Blood Money Cheats

Here is a list of all levels and the firearms that can be found on them, this list only includes the weapons which are fired except the nail gun. (note: the weapons collected on the level death of a showman do not count)

A vintage year-snub nosed, SAF SMG, TMP, and the Shotgun

Curtains down-MP5, SLP.40 pistol

Flatline-SLP.40 Pistol, TMP

A new life- SLP.40 Pistol, Bull.480, Air rifle

The murder of crows- Desert Eagle, SLP.40 Pistol, SLP.40S, MP9, SG552, KAZO TRG

You better watch out- SLP.40 Pistol, TMP

Death on the Mississippi- Desert Eagle, Snub nosed, Bull.480, shotgun, FN-2000

Til death do us part- Six shooter, shotgun, elephant rifle (elephant rifle is displayed on the wall)

A house of cards-SLP.40 pistol, SLP.40 S, TMP

A dance with the devil- Desert Eagle, SLP.40 pistol, MP7, MP5, FN-2000, Dragunov Sniper (the Dragunov Sniper is on the top floor where you check the computer it blends in with the desk)

Amendment XXV- Desert Eagle, SLP.40 Pistol, MP5, Custom 1911, M14

Requiem- SLP.40 pistol, MP7, Custom 1911

For launch version. On the final level Requiem -- where you have to wake up and kill all witnesses in the church -- there is a major glitch. As soon as you wake up, exit the church and head south. There will be two stone mausoleums (or sheds). Enter the one that is furthest away from you.

When the doors are closed, the guards cannot open them, and they will all come running down. You can keep opening and closing the doors as you please without worrying about all the guards rushing in to kill you.

Unverified. Version unknown. This involves editing the game's ini file. Back it up before you change it or die.

Locate the hitmanbloodmoney.ini and open it using Notepad. Add the string EnableCheats at the bottom of the file and save the file as an INI file.

When you are playing Hitman, press C on the keyboard to access the cheat menu. The following codes may be entered:

Show OSD 1 or 0 .... HUD toggle.
Invisible Mode 1 or 0 .... Toggle AI Sense Player.
God Mode 1 or 0 ... Agent 47 takes no damage.
InfAmmo ... Set ammo to integer value. Unknown if integer will affect code.
InfClip .... Set magazine capacity to limitless.
Test Cloth ... Randomly changes player clothing to random skin in set stage. Complete Level .... Clears current mission.
Time Multiplier .... Time compression/expansion.
Teleport ... Random player spawn.
Beam here ... Spawn player at selected area on map (map open?).

Hitman: Blood Money Game Walkthrough

        ..........................   ...............................
        ...........................   ..............................
        ......................... ..: ..............................
        ...................... ..=$+. ..............................
        ..................... . .$7=................................
        ...................... ..ZI$................................
        ..................... ...=8+I.,=$ONM$IZZ7$OI................
        ........... ..............?II......,?DI777$$$Z$.............
        ...............~I?::??+?:.,8=:.. .....O$$$$77777I,..........
        .........:$O?~=,$NO7~......O=?.... ...=7$$7$==ZM$,..........
        .....ZO+7$I?I?$............~~?......:?=:8D+,..... ..........
        .....:=$NMI?77?+..........?DM+.....+:ID$:.. .  .............
        .... ....,+8MNIII:........::....,+:,N=......................
        .... ...... :,$MZI+I:.........+~=:.Z,....................7..
        . ..............?M7???77:...$++===,~....................:++.
        .,O,........  ....:$7Z7ZZ$:.Z$7I?II?I7$$$$$Z$$777$ZO$7+?+7:.
        I~7I7,.~7$ZZZZOOOZ?I77I$$7:.Z$Z77ON8?~~~~?ZM7???????I7+N7. .
        .OI?=?+?+=ZMMMMMMD7I77ZO$7:.87O~.........=7II===?NNI:, .....
        .,7N??+?=+=:....,:7DN$Z$Z7:.Z8,......,7Z77I7DMNZ?,.. . .....
        ...:ZM87+?+~........:O8Z$7,,Z:....~$$ZDMM87+,......   . ....
        .........:7DMN8ZO?.....:N7:................. ...............
        .............,~IOOI+II..~I~. ...............................
        ............ .. ....::. . ..  ..............................
        ............   .. ....    . ................................

                             Hitman: Blood Money
                         Silent Assassin Walkthrough
                               Version 1.0

                             By Scott Wilson 

                               Completed On:
                               22th July 2008




1. Introduction                                 [INT]

2. Version History                              [VER]

3. About The Game
    3.01. Game History                          [GAM]
    3.02. Controls                              [CON]
    3.03. General Tips                          [GEN]

4. Walkthrough
    4.01.Mission 01 - A Vintage Year            [M01]
    4.02.Mission 02 - Curtains Down             [M02]
    4.03.Mission 03 - Flatline                  [M03]
    4.04.Mission 04 - A New Life                [M04]
    4.05.Mission 05 - The Murder Of Crows       [M05]
    4.06.Mission 06 - You Better Watch Out...   [M06]
    4.07.Mission 07 - Death On The Mississippi  [M07]
    4.08.Mission 08 - Til Death Do Us Part      [M08]
    4.09.Mission 09 - A House Of Cards          [M09]
    4.10.Mission 10 - A Dance With The Devil    [M10]
    4.11.Mission 11 - Amendment XXV             [M11]

5. Contacting Me                                [COM]

6. Legal/Copyright                              [LEG]

7. Thanks/Credits                               [THA]

*** To skip straight to a particular section simply use the find function and
    search for the code contained in the square brackets


                             Introduction [INT]


Q: Ok. First thing's first. Why, when there are loads of Hitman: Blood Money
   walkthroughs/FAQs, many focusing on achieving Silent Assassin (henceforth
   referred to as SA) ratings, already out there are you creating one?

A: Simple. I've found many guides out there simply supply SA strategies that
   only work on the lower difficulties. Furthermore the guides are written
   with this in mind. For example many guides will tell you to "head to the
   point of interest here" when on professional difficulty, they are not on
   your map. I'm not criticising these guides as many of them are great
   however I just wanted to make a guide that gave SA solutions on ANY 

Please note that the sole purpose of this guide is to allow you to attain an 
SA rating on any difficulty for all missions in Blood Money. As such I will
only list what I believe to be the best way of doing this in each mission. I
will not list the many other ways that you can complete each mission. If you
disagree with any part of my guide then please feel free to e-mail me (check
the Contacting Me section for details). With your permission I will gladly add
your suggestion(s) provided I find it (them) to be accurate. Of course, full
credit will be given.

Also I will not list walkthroughs for Death of a Showman and Requiem as you
cannot receive an SA rating in either of these missions.

Below are the criteria to attain an SA ranking on professional. Any items that
have asterisks(*) after them need only be met on certain difficulties which
will also be listed below.

- no bodies can be found unless cause of death is 'deemed' to be accidental
- there can be no witnesses
- you must leave each mission with your suit*
- you must leave each mission with any custom weapons (silverballers etc)*
- your cover must not be blown at anytime during the mission
- you must retrieve surveillance tapes if you have been caught on camera

* are only in effect whilst playing on EXPERT and PROFESSIONAL difficulties


                           Version History [VER]


Version 0.10 - 14/07/08

- designed basic layout for guide
- started Contents
- completed Introduction
- completed walkthrough for A Vintage Year
- started General Tips

Version 0.20 - 16/07/08

- completed walkthrough for Curtains Down
- started walkthrough for Flatline
- added completion stats to A Vintage Year and Curtains Down
- added objectives to A Vintage Year, Curtains Down and Flatline

Version 0.30 - 18/07/08

- completed walkthrough for Flatline
- added completion stats to Flatline
- completed walkthrough for A New Life
- added completion stats to A New Life
- added to General Tips
- completed Game History
- completed walkthrough for The Murder Of Crows
- added completion stats to The Murder Of Crows 

Version 0.50 - 19/07/08

- completed walkthrough for You Better Watch Out...
- added completion stats to You Better Watch Out...

Version 0.60 - 20/07/08

- completed Controls
- started walkthrough for Death On The Mississippi
- completed Thanks/Credits
- completed Legal/Copyright
- completed Contacting Me
- updated Contents

Version 0.80 - 21/07/08

- completed walkthrough for Death On The Mississippi
- added completion stats to Death On The Mississippi
- added chapters to A Vintage Year
- added chapters to Curtains Down
- added chapters to Flatline
- added chapters to A New Life
- added chapters to Murder Of The Crows
- added chapters to You Better Watch Out...
- added chapters to Death On The Mississippi
- completed walkthrough for Til Death Do Us Part
- added chapters to Til Death Do Us Part

Version 1.00 - 22/07/08

- completed walkthrough for A House Of Cards
- added chapters to A House Of Cards
- added completion stats for Death On The Mississippi
- added completion stats for Til Death Do Us Part
- added completion stats for A House Of Cards
- completed walkthrough for A Dance With The Devil
- added chapters to A Dance With The Devil
- added completion stats to A Dance With The Devil
- completed walkthrough for Amendment XXV
- added chapters to Ammendment XXV
- added completion stats to Ammendment XXV

- the guide is now complete!


                              Game History [GAM]


Hitman: Blood Money was developed by IO Interactive and published by Eidos
Interactive. The game was released on May 26 and May 30 in Europe and the US
respectively. Blood Money is the fourth iteration of the life of Agent 47.

The game was released on Playstation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PCs formats. There
is also a mobile phone version of the game however (obviously due to the
limitations of mobile phones) this version of the game bares no resemblance
to the other four versions.

Blood Money saw the introduction of many new features in the Hitman series:

- a notority system that tracked 47s wanted level and made guards more aware
  of who 47 was in the player had a high notority.
- the ability to hide bodies in large dumpsters/containers etc
- much improved unarmed combat
- the ability to upgrade weapons and equipment
- the ability to use NPCs as human shields
- the ability to climb over/through more obstacles


                                Controls [CON]


|Reload Weapon                    |RB Bumper                                 |
|Crouch/Sneak                     |LT Trigger (pull and hold)                |
|Movement                         |L Stick                                   |
|Aim                              |R Stick                                   |
|Use Action                       |A Button (tap)                            |
|Action List                      |A Button (hold)                           |
|Drop Item                        |Y Button (tap)                            |
|Throw Item                       |L Stick (click and hold then release)     |
|Pickup Item                      |B Button (tap)                            |
|Pickup List                      |B Button (hold then release)              |
|Fire/Use Weapon                  |RT Trigger                                |
|Holster/Un-holster Weapon        |X Button (tap)                            |
|Open Inventory                   |X Button (hold)                           |
|Close Inventory                  |X Button (release)                        |
|Open/Close Sniper Scope          |R Stick (click)                           |
|View Mode Switch                 |R Stick (click)                           |
|Zoom Sniper Scope                |Up/Down Directional Pad                   |
|Scroll Through Actions           |Up/Down Directional Pad                   |
|Scroll Through Inventory         |Left/Right Directional Pad                |
|Map                              |LB Bumper                                 |
|Pause                            |START Button                              |
|Objectives                       |BACK Button                               |


                             General Tips [GEN]


Walk before you run:

 When in disguise try to limit the amount time you spend running to an
 absolute minimum. Whilst it is not so important on the lower difficulties, on
 the higher ones guards will become very suspicious of you very quickly.

Pistol whipping:

 If you find that you have run out of sedatives but need to knock out another
 guard/innocent use any pistol-type gun that you have, sneak up behind your
 target and take them as a human shield (press the A button). Then simply
 press the A button again to knock them out cold.

Quick change:

 When changing into a new disguise, push the left analogue stick/ movement key
 forward to cut short the animation and reduce the amount of time it takes 47
 to change.

Quick sedate/poison:

 When trying to sedate or poison someone, if at all possible, line 47 up with
 his back to a wall or in a closed area. The animation will cut short,
 dropping the person to the ground in half the time.

Infinite saves:

 When you save during a mission, press the START button before the save has
 completed. The game will still save and will continue on as normal but your
 number of saves will not decrease.

 Note: you still will not be able to save on Professional difficulty.


                      Mission 01 - A Vintage Year [M01]



- Kill Don Fernando Delgado
- Kill Manuel Delgado
- Escape

Guard Disguise

As soon as you start this level, head to the left of the complex and follow
the outer wall right around. Turn right around the corner and you should see
an abandoned burnt out truck. Continue past it until you come to a section
where the wall cuts in to form a small alcove (it has bushes in it). 

Wait here until you see a guard wander by. Sneak up behind him and sedate him.
Now drag his body into the small alcove and take his uniform. Head back out to
where you sedated the guard and pick up his shotgun. Now you can either:

a) Hide the shotgun in the small alcove
b) Take it with you

I prefer the second as the shotgun cannot be put away and as such just gets in
the way. It's of no use to you anyway.

Kill Fernando

Once you have hidden/collected the shotgun head back towards where you started
the level. Here you will see to large doors leading into the complex. The one
in front of you (with the doors closed) leads to the main area. However you
want to head through the door on the left (with one door slightly ajar). This
will take you to the restricted area where only guards and workers are

As soon as you enter this area head to the far right hand corner of the map,
right into a small little area next to the main house. Climb the drain pipe
that is on the wall and then, once at the top, shuffle along the ledge until
you're on a roof. There will be an open window to your right. Climb through
and crouch down. The room that you're now in is also the room of your first
target: the Don. Hide behind the grand piano and simply wait for him to stand
up and head into another room. Follow him through making sure to avoid his
line of site. He will head out onto the balcony here, simply edge up behind
him and shove him over the ledge.

VIP Guard Disguise

With that taken care of you should notice a guard asleep on the sofa. Walk
behind him and sedate the him. Then take his uniform (you can leave his gun
this time though). With the VIP Guard uniform you will be able to go anywhere
in the complex. 

Make Escape Route

Head out of the door you came in from (the East one on your
map) which will lead you back into the Don's room. Locate the window you
climbed in through but do NOT climb through it. Instead, opposite the window
is a door. Pick the lock and head through it into the upper hallway.

Now walk alone the hall and head down either staircase that is on your right.
At the bottom turn head right (heading into the downstairs hall) and head
left. Go through the door at the end of the hall. In the next room there
should be a large plant to your left. Head behind it to find another door
leading to the drug lab.

After you have gotten to the bottom of the stairs exit the room and take a
left until you see an elevator. Enter the elevator and take it down to the
hangar. Now, in the hangar there are two guards, one to your left as you exit
the elevator and one across the pier. Head to your right and get behind the
worker standing at the edge of the pier, then push him in. Do the same to the
guard standing in front of the elevator but leave the guard across the pier
(he's sleeping). Whilst doing be aware that another worker comes down in the
lift ever few minutes just to look around then returns to the lab. Just ignore

Kill Manuel

After you've sorted out your escape route head back up to the lab in the
elevator. At the top head left and walk through the lab until you reach a
circular room with a smaller room on your right. Here head left into the
tunnel shaped from a wine barrel and open the door at the end. From here walk
straight through the lab until you reach some stairs. Climb up them. At the
top is a guard (note he may be down the stairs walking). If he's at the top of
the stairs, wait until he walks down the stairs and then place a bomb on the
winch located on your right.

Now this bit can be a bit of a pain. The idea is to wait for the target
(Manuel) to walk into the alcove under the stairs allowing you to detonate
the bomb and drop the barrels on him however the guard at the top of the
stairs must be away from the winch (i.e. on the stairs on down in the hall)
otherwise the explosion will kill him and there goes your SA ranking. If you
see Manuel approaching the alcove simply select your coin and throw it down
the stairs. The guard will proceed to head after it allowing you to blow the

Retrieve Suit

With Manuel taken care of head through the double doors behind you into the
courtyard. From here head straight across the yard and out through the double
doors at the other side. You should now be right back where you started from.
Head back round to the burnt out truck (right). Locate your suit and put it
back on. 


Then continue to walk to the end of the cliff. To your right will be
some plants. Walk through them to find a whole in the fence and path. Follow
it down to the hangar.

Now this area should be empty as you've taken care of the guards. However
remember the worker will still come down the elevator every few minutes so
hide and wait for him to come down and then when he goes back up head past the
elevator. Follow the pier around, past the sleeping guard, making sure to be
quiet. Then escape in the plane.

Mission Complete:

Total Kills             0
Shots Fired             0
Shots Hit               0
Close Combat Kills      0
Accidents               4
Head Shots              0
Bodies Found            0
Covers Blown            0
Witnesses               0
Caught On Camera        No

Noise                   0
Violence                0

Time                    00:11:05
Rating                  Silent Assassin


                      Mission 02 - Curtains Down [M02]



- Kill Alvaro D'Alvade
- Kill Richard Delahunt
- Escape

Worker Disguise

From the start head through the door in front of you head to the cloakroom
counter on your left. Talk to the security guard there to retrieve the WW1
gun. After this head into the bathroom that is located to the right of the
counter. Now wait for the worker dressed in green to enter the room and head
into one of the booths. Sedate him, take his clothes and dump his body in the
container nearby.

Kill D'Alavade

Now exit the room and walk around the cloakroom counter to find a door on the
other side. Head through it and follow the stairs down. Take a right at the
bottom and proceed through door in front of you. Take another right here and
head to the door at the far end of the room. Pick the lock on the door and
carry on through. Now you're in the main hallway. Follow the room all the way
around until you see a door on your left with a green fire exit sign above it.
Head through it and climb the stairs into the dressing rooms. Continue through
them and out the double doors into the upper hall. 

Now you'll notice a guard in black sitting at the far end of the hall. Wait
until he gets up and heads to the toilets. Now head into the executioners
changing room (it's the second furthest door from you on the right hand side
of the wall). Hide in the closet and simply wait for the executioner to enter
the room. After a little while he will leave for toilets so exit the closet
and head over to his desk. Pick up the prop WW1 gun and place the real WW1 gun
on it. 

Kill Delahunt

Then exit the room and head through the double doors straight ahead of

Climb the stairs to your right and when you get to the top you will notice a
worker. If you don't then just wait for him to enter this room. Sneak up
behind him and sedate him. The reason for this is simply to stop him being
caught in the blast and lower your rating. With the worker sedate head through
door into the next room. At the centre of the room is a large winch. simply
place a bomb on it and make your way back down the stairs your came up. Head
back into the upper hallway and head right through the curtain with fire exit
sign above it (make sure though that the actors are on stage or the two actors
in the dressing room will alert the guards). Head to the back of the room and
head back down the stairs and out the door into the lower hallway.

From here head to your right and follow the hallway around until you reach
the door at the other end (which you came in through). Head through doors on
your left and follow the stairs up back into the lobby. Now head back into the
toilets here and change back into your suit. After this exit the toilets and
take the stairs on your left down. There will be double doors in front of you.
Do not head through then, just stand to the left or the right of either door 
so that you can still just press A and open it. Keep doing this to keep an eye
on the stage.

Eventually the executioner will fire the real WW1 gun killing D'Alvade. After
seeing this Delahunt will panic and proceed to run out of his box, past you
and run down the main walkway in the seating area. He will promptly trip and
fall down. Now detonate the bomb.


Now with both targets taken care of head quickly to the exit (still walking)
to the exit (the main doors you entered through). If hang around to long the
body of the sedated worker will be found.

Mission Complete:

Total Kills             0
Shots Fired             0
Shots Hit               0
Close Combat Kills      0
Accidents               3
Head Shots              0
Bodies Found            0
Covers Blown            0
Witnesses               0
Caught On Camera        No

Noise                   0
Violence                0

Time                    00:14:03
Rating                  Silent Assassin


                             Mission 03 - Flatline [M03]



- Find Agent
- Identify Target
- Smuggle Out Agent
- Kill Lorenzo Lombardo
- Kill Carmine DeSalvo (optional)
- Kill Rudy Menzana (optional)
- Escape

*** Quick note before we begin this mission. If you are playing this on Expert
    or Professional difficulty then in order to attain SA you will have to
    eliminate all targets, even optional ones.

Security Guard Disguise

From the start follow the winding path up until you come across a bench area
to your left with a guy standing having a cigarette. On the bench behind him
will be a piece of paper. Making sure not to alert the smoker, pick up the
piece of paper. Now continue up the path until you reach the main building.
Do not head for the main entrance though, instead head up the stairs to your
left and follow the path around to the lower section of the building. There
will be a door here that is locked. Simply pick the lock and head through.
In the next room is another door straight ahead of you. Again, pick the lock
and head on through.

You will now be outside again. From here head to your right, making sure to
hug the wall as not to be seen by the staff on the balcony. Climb the small
set of steps and locate the fuse box to your right. Burst the utility box and
run over behind the container on your left. Wait until the security guard
walks out to fix the fuse. Sedate him, take his uniform and dispose of his
body in the container.

Orderly Disguise

Now enter the door that the guard came out from. You'll now be in the security
room. Take the security tape and the keycard from the desk on your right. Then
head through the door on your right and follow the hall to the door at the end.
Use the keycard and proceed through it. Now in the next room there will be a
counter with an open window straight across from you. Run to it and crouch
down so as not to be seen by the orderlies.

On the other side of the counter will be two orderlies. Wait until the one
walking about leaves the room and then jump through the window and sedate
other one sitting in the chair. Again, take his uniform and the cell keycard
dispose of his body in the container located at the far right of the room.

Find Agent/Identify Target/Smuggle Agent Out (1)

Head through the door that you saw the first orderly exit through. Walk along
the walkway and take the stairs down. Now Agent smith is located on the 3rd
closest door to you on your right. Head through it to trigger a cutscene after
which you will be prompted to sedate him. Do so.

Patient Disguise

With the agent taken care of you will now be contacted by Diana informing you
of two new contracts coming in. As mentioned earlier, these contracts must be
completed in order to attain an SA rating (though only on EXPERT and
PROFESSIONAL). Make your way back into the room where you got your orderly
disguise and exit out the door/window back into the small hall. From here head
forwards, back to the large mesh door with the keycard scanner. Carry on
through it and head out the door on your left here. Again stick close to the
wall here as you head to your right and back to where you suit is lying.
Change back into your suit.

With your suit back on, head back through the door you just exited and carry
on through the door straight ahead of you. You'll now be back out in front of
the centre. Head left and proceed through the main entrance. When inside take
the doors that are a head of you on the right and present your admission paper
to the receptionist. Now make your way into the small room behind her and
change into the patients robes. Exit the room and walk towards the guard on
your left. Wait until he frisks you and then he will let you enter the main

Kill Carmine DeSalvo

Now that you're in the main complex you'll notice a room straight ahead of
you. It will have a large decorative atlas in it. To the right of this room
is a flight of stairs leading to the 2nd floor. Head up them and when you are
at the top take  a right into the room with a small balcony. You should now
be above the room with the atlas in it. On the wall to your right with be a
small mechanism that holds the chandelier in place. Make sure no one is around
(the centre's psychiatrist often likes to show up and talk to you) place a
bomb on it. Head back down stairs and keep a safe distance from the atlas room
whilst still being able to see into it. Wait until the target approaches and
opens up the atlas (his alcohol is stashed there), then bring the chandelier
crashing down on top of him.

Kill Rudy Menzana

Now head as you're facing the atlas room head through the double doors on your
right and then head through the last door on your right here again. You should
now be in the gymnasium, where your next target can be found. Simply wait
until a man walks in and starts using the weights - this is your target. Now
this can be a bit awkward. There are several people that can walk into this
room at any point so check you're clear and run over to the target. Drop the
weights on him and quickly (but calmly) head back out through the door you
came in through.

Kill Lorenzo Lombardo

Time for the last target. Head back into the main hall (with the atlas room)
and head to the far end of it. There will be another flight of stair to your
left. Head up them and you will find four rooms on your left. Room A is the
room you're looking for. Head into it and proceed out to the balcony. From
here head left. Now before you head through the door on your left here, check
that the target is not in there room. Wait until he is not and then head in. On
your right will be a stove. Tamper with the small gas cylinder (by pressing A)
and then head back out to the balcony and exit through your room.

Retrieve Suit/Smuggle Out Agent (2)/Escape

Head back down to the main hall and back through to reception. Enter the little
room again and change back into your suit. Exit via the main doors and follow
the winding path back down to the two buildings at the bottom. The one on your
left is the morgue so head into it, don't worry the guards don't mind. Head on
over to the agent and administer the antidote, making sure that no orderlies
or guards are about to enter the room. Then head to the escape point on your

Mission Complete:

Total Kills             0
Shots Fired             0
Shots Hit               0
Close Combat Kills      0
Accidents               3
Head Shots              0
Bodies Found            0
Covers Blown            0
Witnesses               0
Caught On Camera        No

Noise                   0
Violence                0

Time                    00:11:31
Rating                  Silent Assassin


                        Mission 04 - A New Life [M04]



- Kill Vinnie Sinistra
- Retrieve Microfilm
- Escape

FBI Agent Disguise

When you start this mission head over to the jogger standing to your right.
Run into him once or twice until he starts to jog away from you. Wait for a
few seconds and then head over the caterers truck on your left (parked in the
driveway). Wait for the caterer to leave the truck and then head to the back
of it. Take the donuts that you find here and head back to where you started
the mission (behind the bushes). Take out the donuts and use a sedative on
them. Now head over to the white van parked on the right hand side of the road
and approach the rear doors. Wait until the A button says "put down donuts".

Press A and then run round to the right of the van. An FBI agent will emerge
from the truck and take the donuts. Wait a few seconds until both agents have
passed out and then enter the van. Take the tape from the machine on your
left and then take one of the agents suits and one of their guns too (you'll
need it to knock out some guards). Exit the van.

Kill Sinistra

Now head over to the house on your right (the one with the caterers van parked
in the driveway). Proceed through the front doors and then head straight
through the next set of double doors. Climb the staircase to your right up to
the second floor. This is where you are going to take out Sinistra however
there are two agents who must be taken care of firstly.

The first agent (who wanders around the second floor) will frequently sneak
into the little girls room (second door on your left if you're standing at the
top of the staircase) and have a sniff of her underwear. Wait for him to head
into her room and follow him in. Bring out the gun you picked up earlier,
sneak up behind him and take him as a human shield. Now walk him through the
door on your right into the large closet. Knock him out and leave him here.

Head back into the hallway and wait for Sinistra (accompanied by the second
agent) to walk up the stairs and into his study. The guard will then turn and
face away from. Again, sneak up behind him with your gun out and take him as a
human shield. Walk him into the girls' bedroom and knock him out here. Quickly
head back out and wait for Sinistra to emerge from his study. Follow him to
the top of the stairs and just as he starts to descend the staircase, push
him. Then head back along the upper hall and down the stairs on your right.
If done correctly Sinistra will be dead and it will look like an accident.

Poolboy Disguise

Now for the microfilm. You'll now be in the kitchen, take a right and head
through the double doors. You should now be facing the staircase that you
pushed Sinistra down. From here head out the doors on your left and into 
the garden. Head to the far right of the garden to find a large shed. Pick
the lock and wait for the poolboy to wander round. Sedate him and drag him
into the shed. Take his clothes and then exit the shed. 

Retrieve Microfilm

Make your way towards the pool and wait for Sinistras' wife (black bikini) to
show up. Walk over to her and she tell you to follow here. Do so and she will
lead you up to her bedroom. 

She will now head into her bathroom. Just wait in the bedroom for her. She
will re-emerge from the bathroom and tell you to leave. However just wait in
the room (even on Professional she won't get suspicious - she's blind drunk).
Eventually she will pass out on the bed. Walk over to her and pick up the

Retrieve Suit/ Escape

Now exit the bedroom and head down the stairs straight ahead of
you. Again, take the doors on your right into the main hall and then take the
doors of your left into the garden. Retrieve your agent suit from the shed and
walk back through the house exiting via the front doors. 

Head back into the FBI van and retrieve your suit before making your way back
towards the main gates where you started the mission to escape.

Mission Complete:

Total Kills             0
Shots Fired             0
Shots Hit               0
Close Combat Kills      0
Accidents               1
Head Shots              0
Bodies Found            0
Covers Blown            0
Witnesses               0
Caught On Camera        No

Noise                   0
Violence                0

Time                    00:13:34
Rating                  Silent Assassin


                    Mission 05 - The Murder Of Crows [M05]



- Kill Mark Purayah Jr
- Kill Raymond Kulinsky
- Kill Angelina Mason
- Protect The Politician
- Escape
- Retrieve Diamond Case (optional)

*** just like with the Flatline mission you will need to retrieve the diamond
    case if you're playing on EXPERT or PROFESSIONAL difficulty in order to
    get an SA rating. Don't worry though, the mission is actually easier if
    you retrieve the diamond case.

Red Bird Disguise/Retrieve Diamond Case (1)

From your starting stand still. You'll notice a man dressed in a red bird suit
will enter the restaurant and walk over to the bar. He will talk with a
civilian before leaving. He has the diamond case. Now the case is important
for two reasons. One, you need to retrieve that case to get an SA rating as
mentioned above and two, if that case reaches Mark Purayah then Kulinsky will
make his move on the politician. In other words if that case does NOT reach
Purayah then you will have no time limit what so ever on this mission.

Now when the red bird leaves the restaurant he will either head left or right.
If he heads right just restart the mission as it's much easier if he heads
left. Follow him making sure to stay on the opposite side of the road from
him. After a little while he will head down a narrow alleyway and into an open
square. Quickly sedate him as soon as he enters the square. Drag his body
through the door on your right and hide his body in here. Take his suit and
head back out to the square. Pick up the case and place it in the room where
you dumped the red birds' body. You'll pick it up later on.

Yellow Bird Disguise

Now you want to head to the top left of the map. Look for the bookstore sign.
When you see it locate the alleyway that is to the left of the store and head
down it. Now head to the right of this small square and hide behind one of the
brick walls. Eventually a yellow bird will walk out and stand where you are to
have a smoke. Wait until the yellow bird at the door has gone back inside and
sedate the bird standing next to you. Take his suit and dump his body in the
dumpster. Make sure to pick up his gun.

Kill Purayah

Now head through the door that you saw the other yellow bird come in and out
of. Take a left and proceed through the next door and then take a right. Head
to the back of the room and ascend the staircase here. Now there should be yet
another yellow bird here (if there is not then he will emerge from the door
ahead of you soon enough). Sneak up behind him with your gun out and take him
as a human shield. Then knock him out. Now throw him over one of the railings
making sure that no one is below. With him taken care of proceed into 
Purayah's room. 

Wait for purayah to get up and head over to his balcony. He will stand just at
door way meaning you will have to push him twice to get him over the railing.
This bit can be quite annoying hence why I take Purayah out first. Better to
get caught on the first hit than the third. The trick is to push Purayah once
and when he is on the ground run move slightly to your right so that when he
gets up you're still behind him and you are able to push him over the
railing this time. As soon as you've done this quickly head out the room and
back down stairs as to avoid suspicion. Exit through the main doors on your
right and cross the street into the alleyway. 

Kill Mason

On your right you will notice two civilians but don't mind them. On your left
is a large wooden/mesh box that you can climb. Climb up it and follow the path
all the way around (shimmy along the narrow ledge) and when you get the broken
staircase, jump off the side of it onto the other ledge in front of you.
Continue round until you reach the winch and place a bomb on it. Then make
your way back down and wait for Mason to walk under the large piano. Now
detonate the bomb and again quickly leave the scene. 

Bartender Disguise

Now make your way toward the Salsa bar (located at the far right of the map).
When you get there walk into the alleyway and simply wait by the dumpster for
the bartender to come out. Take him as a human shield and then knock him out.
Take his clothes and hide his body in the dumpster.

Kill Kulinsky

Now I've split the guide here for each of the three bars that Kulinsky might
be hiding in.

-|    Salsa Bar      |--------------------------------------------------------
||-------------------|                                                       |
|                                                                            |
|Head through the back door near the dumpster. Climb up the stairs on your   |
|left and turn left at the top. Kulinsky is through the door on you left.    |
|Wait until he is facing away from you then rush into the room and take him  |
|as a human shield. Knock him out and then drag him back to the staircase.   |
|There is a small railing here so push him over it.                          |

-|     Rock Bar      |--------------------------------------------------------
||-------------------|                                                       |
|                                                                            |
|Head over to the Rock Bar (it's the one on the top of the map). The back    |
|entrance is too risky so just head through the front door. Cross the room   |
|to you right and then head through the door on your left. Cross this next   |
|room, past the toilet and pick the lock on the door ahead of you. Head      |
|through and climb the stairs on your left. Head through the door on your    |
|right at the top and then pick the lock on the next door on your right.     |
|Kulinsky is in here. Just sneak up and poison or fibre wire him.            |

-|    Blues Bar      |--------------------------------------------------------
||-------------------|                                                       |
|                                                                            |
|Make your way over to the Blues Bar (it's the one at the bottom of the map).|
|Head into the back alleyway and head right at the dumpster. The door is on  |
|your right. Head through it and drop down from the ledge you are on. Head   |
|past the door on your left and climb the staircase (also on your left).     |
|Continue through the door at the top here and then turn left. Head through  |
|the bar and turn left again. Now take the door that is on the wall straight |
|ahead of on the left hand side. Head through the kitchen and out the other  |
|side. Take a right and head up the stairs.                                  |
|                                                                            |
|At the top there will be a waiter and civilian. Just wait for them to leave |
|down the stairs. Now make sure that Kulinsky is facing away from you. When  |
|he is, pick the lock on the door and run in. Hide behind the cupboard on    |
|your left if needs be. Sneak up behind him and take him as a human shield.  |
|Knock him out and then drag him back to the staircase. Throw him over the   |
|railing that is straight in front of you.                                   |

Retrieve Suit/Retrieve Diamond Case/Escape

With Kulinsky taken care of make your way back to the central square with four
paths leading into it (where you sedated the red bird). Once you arrive there
head into the small room where your suit is and change back into it. Then pick
up the diamond case and head out the room. Take the southern path out of the
square, walk over to the small metal barriers and escape.

Mission Complete:

Total Kills             0
Shots Fired             0
Shots Hit               0
Close Combat Kills      0
Accidents               4
Head Shots              0
Bodies Found            0
Covers Blown            0
Witnesses               0
Caught On Camera        No

Noise                   0
Violence                0

Time                    00:17:00
Rating                  Silent Assassin


                 Mission 06 - You Better Watch Out... [M06]



- Kill Lorne De Havilland
- Kill Chad Bingham
- Retrieve Video Tape
- Escape

*** There is a hidden assassin in this mission who will try to eliminate 47 if
    you give her the chance. She is represented by the ? on the loading
    screen. Seeing as how she is not mentioned in either the objectives nor
    the briefing for this mission, I will completely ignore her. She only 
    complicates things.

    I will however point out her location during the course of the walkthrough
    but as stated above I will not take it any further than that.

Santa Disguise

You start the mission on a pier. Make your way along the pier and head to your
left. Now hug the wall as soon as you get to the end of the pier here as there
is a camera just next to the elevator. If you hug the wall  you can get into
the elevator without the camera spotting you. Take the elevator up and then
exit it and head left. There will a set of double doors in front of you. Head
on through them and, again, and take the second left into the bar.

Walk up to bar and talk the bartender to receive an aphrodisiac. Now on
the right hand side of the bar there should be a martini glass (if there is
not, don't worry, one of the waiters will bring it shortly), add the
aphrodisiac to the glass. Now turn around and head back towards the door you
came in through, however before you reach it follow the hallway to the right.

You will notice a door straight ahead with a "staff only" sign next to it.
Head through the door and then take a left at the end of the hall and proceed
through the next door. You are now in the kitchen.

There is a drunken Santa in here but you don't have to worry about him.
Just located one of the sausages lying around the kitchen and inject it with
a poison. Pick the sausage up (you'll need it later). Now sedate the Santa,
take his suit and dump his body in the freezer at the far end of the kitchen.

Kill Bingham

Now exit the kitchen, again, via the same door you entered by and follow the
hallway out through the "staff only" door you entered just a few minutes ago.
Take a left and then head out through the double doors on your right. You
should now be outside. Take a left and stand (a distance away) so that you
can see Bingham in the hot tub.

Just wait until he has taken a drink from his martini. A girl will come and
sit by him in the hot tub. After a little while they will both get up and
leave. Follow them round the pool and in through the door. They will then
turn right and turn right again at the end of the hallway. Continue to follow
them through the double doors. In this hallway you will see a girl with jet
black hair and one of the members kissing. The girl will motion to you to come
into her room but ignore and follow Bingham (note: she is the hidden assassin
that I mentioned earlier).

Eventually Bingham and his girl will enter a bedroom. Just walk in (they won't
get suspicious). The girl will however leave as will Bingham. Follow him
through the door and down the stairs. He will then walk out onto a balcony at
the bottom. Just push him over it. With him taken care of make your way back
up the stairs and out through the door.

Photographer Disguise

From here follow the hallway around to your left and head back through the
double doors here. In the next hall on your right will be a waterfall. The
waterfall actually hides a passageway so just walk right through it. Do not
emerge from the other side though. Get out a sedative and then move forward
until you can sedate the guy sitting in front of you. Drag him back into the
passageway and take his clothes. He's the photographer by the way.

Kill Havilland

Now head back out the side of the waterfall that you entered as not to alert
the guards. From here head right and walk along the hall heading through the
door on your right. In this next room, just walk across it until you see a
door with two guards standing either side of it. Head through this door and
head through the next door into the elevator. Select "Studio" and wait for the
elevator to arrive there.

Now when you exit the studio head through the doors straight ahead and then
head straight forward (and to the right slightly) and head through the door
there into Havillands private quarters. If he is not there then head out to the
balcony and drop the poisoned sausage (for his dog) then hide and wait for him
(the toilet on your left is handy). If he is already out on the balcony you
can just take him out there and then. Sneak up behind him and push him over.
His dog will start barking at you which will alert the guards to the fact that
you killed him (somehow). If you have already placed the sausage then the dog
will most likely have eaten it and will be in no condition to warn any guards.

If the dog has somehow not eaten the sausage or you didn't have time to place
it then just make sure that when you exit the balcony, you shut the doors
trapping the dog out there.

Retrieve Video Tape

Now you should be in Havillands room again. Exit out of the door you came in
(straight ahead of you) and then head through the doors ahead of you again.
Take a right into the studio's main room and then take another right and stick
close to the right hand wall. Head through the door that's on your left when
you reach the end. You will now be in the room with the video tape. If there
are two guards wait until one leaves. Once there is just the one wait until he
heads to the far corner of the room (straight ahead of you). He will then
turn around and walk to the opposite corner. When he gets there grab the tape
(located on the table on your left) as he won't be looking behind him.

Retrieve Suit

With the tape head back out the room into the main studio and then head left
and out the door on your left. Head through the doors on your right into the 
elevator. Take it back down to the first floor. Head back out through the
door in front of you and head across the room again exiting via the door that's
located in the top left hand corner.

Take a left and then a right and exit through the door ahead to bring you back
out to the pool area. Head right and walk back toward the main building. Enter
through the double doors and head left then immediately right and back through
the door with the "staff only" sign. Head left into the kitchen and recover
your suit. Now re-exit the kitchen and head right and straight out the door at
the end of the small hallway. Take a right through the doors on your right at
the end of the hall.


You should now be outside again. Walk around to your right and enter the
elevator. Take it back down to the pier. Now exit it BUT make sure to hug the
left hand wall again as not to be caught on camera. When you are past the wall
simply walk over to the yacht and escape.

Mission Complete:

Total Kills             0
Shots Fired             0
Shots Hit               0
Close Combat Kills      0
Accidents               2
Head Shots              0
Bodies Found            0
Covers Blown            0
Witnesses               0
Caught On Camera        No

Noise                   0
Violence                0

Time                    00:10:13
Rating                  Silent Assassin


                 Mission 07 - Death On The Mississippi [M07]



- Kill Skip Muldoon
- Kill The Gator Gang (0/6)
- Retrieve Pictures
- Escape

Sailor Disguise

From your starting point head forwards until you see a staircase leading up to
a platform on your right. Wait for the guard standing there to leave and climb
the stairs. At the top head right and open the door ahead of you. Sedate the
guard in front of you and take his clothes and the engine room key. Now head
back out of the room and back down the stairs. At the bottom turn and walk
around the stairs to reveal a door on the left. Unlock it (using the engine
room key) and head inside. 

Kill Gator #1

Your first target will be in here. Wait until he heads to the far side of the
room (where there are no workers) and follow him. He will soon lean on one of
the railings here. Just walk up behind him and push him over it. Make your way
back out of the engine room via the door you came in through. From here
continue along the right hand side of the boat until you reach the large split
staircase. Climb up it and head through the double doors at the top.

Kill Gator #2

In the next room head through the double doors that are between both sets of
stairs. You should now be in a long hallway, with another one of the gator
gang members just ahead of, joined by a woman. They will both enter his room
so simply keep your distance and wait for him to come back out. Follow him
along the hallway and then to the right. Continue on through the door and out
to the deck where he will stand by the railing. One quick shove and your
second target will have been taken care of. You may have to wait for the
civilian standing close by to walk away.

First Class Purser Disguise

With Gator number 2 taken care of head back inside the hallway. Take your
first right up the corridor and proceed through the double doors. Head left
around the corner and head up the staircase here. At the top will be a guard.
Let him frisk you and then continue on. Head through the doors in front of you
and then head through the doors that are behind you and to the left here (in
other words you are doing a U-turn).

On your right will be a door with a "Staff Only" sign next to it. Enter the
room (obviously making sure no one sees you). You will find a first class
Purser suit in here (next to the cabinet). Take it and exit the room. Head
right and into the Kitchen (look for the "Private Sign"). Once the chef has
finished his dialogue pick up the cake and exit through the other door in the
room (out onto the deck).

Kill Gator #3/Kill Muldoon

Two things to do here. First check that the coast is clear and then drop the
cake. Inject it with poison. The second thing to do is take care of another
gator gang member. Once again, this one will walk about the deck before
deciding to lean on a railing. Just shove him over.

With that dealt with head up the stairs here to the top and walk forward until
you get to the front door of the private area. Here a guard will frisk you
again. Wait until he does so and then head through the door in front of you and
straight through the next door. Cross the room and proceed through the door to
find yourself in Muldoons office. Simply place the cake on the desk. Hide in
the closet to watch his death. That will see to Muldoon. To your right is a
door leading into the Muldoons' bathroom. Someone will be showering in here.
Sneak up behind him and sedate him. Drag Muldoon into the bathroom. Now you
need not worry about Muldoon being found.

Retrieve Pictures

With him taken care of, exit the bathroom head through the that's straight
ahead of you. You'll now be in another small room. To your right is the safe
containing the pictures, so grab them and make your way out via the door you
did NOT use to enter the room. Beware that a gator gang member and a purser
walk around out here so check it's clear before you head through the door.

Kill Gator #4

Locate the gang member who wanders around on the deck and wait for him to stop
and, you guessed it, lean over a railing. Shove him over, but keep an eye out
for the purser. 

Kill Gator #5

Now head back to the front entrance (with the gator member) and walk through
the door again. This time take a left into the toilets here and simply wait
for the fifth gator gang member to enter. Sneak up and fibre wire him. Don't
worry about the body. No one finds it (oddly).

Kill Gator #6

Now sneak back out the front entrance door (so that you're just behind the
final gator member who frisked you). Fibre wire him and drag him back into
the toilet where the other body is. Leave him and exit the toilet and then
exit through the door on your right out onto the deck.

Retrieve Suit

Head back down the stairs in front of you and follow the deck around to the
right. Re-enter the kitchen and carry on through it. Take a left and head
back into the "Staff Only" room to retrieve your sailor suit. Now exit the
room and head back to the stairs here and down them. Turn right and proceed
through the double doors and head straight through the whole hallway. Exit
via the doors at the end and then head straight through the doors on either
your right or your left. Follow the stairs down to the lowest level of the
ship (where you started) and head along the right hand side until you return
to the set of stairs next to the engine room. Climb back up then and head into
the room on your right to retrieve your suite.


Now exit the room and head back down the stairs and enter the engine room
behind you. Now you are not allowed to be here so keep yourself hidden.
Head along the far right of the room keeping an eye out for the workers.
If any get in your way just shove them over the railings and proceed through
the door at the other end.

Find the life boat and escape.

Mission Complete:

Total Kills             3
Shots Fired             0
Shots Hit               0
Close Combat Kills      3
Accidents               4
Head Shots              0
Bodies Found            0
Covers Blown            0
Witnesses               0
Caught On Camera        No

Noise                   0
Violence                0

Time                    17:07
Rating                  Silent Assassin


                    Mission 08 - Til Death Do Us Part [M08]



- Kill The Groom
- Kill The Brides' Father
- Ensure The Brides' Safety
- Escape

Party Guest Disguise

From your starting point walk along the pier to your left and then head right
up the narrow gap. You'll now be facing the estate. A little bit in front of
you, you should notice a guest staggering about, vomiting. Follow him into the
barn like building and simply wait for him to pass out of his own drunkenness.
Take his clothes along with his invite.

Guard Disguise

Now head towards the main building and proceed through the main doors here.
Head past the stairs and through the double doors into the main room (with the
piano). From here take the door at the far left of the room and you'll end up
outside on a porch with a guard seated in front of you. Quickly sedate him and
drag his body along the porch. Take his clothes. Down the steps is a container.
Just dump his body in there. 

Kill The Brides' Father

The Bride's Father will appear very quickly out of the door to your right.
Follow him along the grass and past the guardhouse. Take a left and continue
to follow him up to the open grave of his late brother. Wait for the guards
down the bottom of the hill to leave and push him in.

Kill The Groom

With him taken care of, the groom is next. Walk back down the hill and along
the wooden path, past the guardhouse. Continue back toward the porch where you
sedated the guard and enter through the door where the Brides' Father came out
of. Locate the spiral staircase here and head up to the attic. Head over to
the left hand side of the chandeliers and place a bomb.

Now make your way back down the stairs and our the onto the porch. Walk back
into the building via the door on your right. Just wait for the Groom to
come in and sit at the piano, then just detonate the bomb.

Retrieve Suit/Escape

Now head out the room via the main doors and continue forward out of the house
onto the front grass. Walk across it until you reach the little barn again
with the drunken guest. Take your suit back and exit. Head to your right, down
the gap and left along the pier to your boat to escape.

Mission Complete:

Total Kills             0
Shots Fired             0
Shots Hit               0
Close Combat Kills      0
Accidents               2
Head Shots              0
Bodies Found            0
Covers Blown            0
Witnesses               0
Caught On Camera        No

Noise                   0
Violence                0

Time                    00:07:57
Rating                  Silent Assassin


                       Mission 09 - A House Of Cards [M09]



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