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About The Game

Details on this amazing-looking title from virgin studio Adhesive Games are scant, but if E3’s gameplay videos are in any way representative of what Hawken has to offer, this game is going to be amazing. Set in the distant future, you’re part of a team of mechanical battlesuit pilots sent to rescue a female scientist who holds the cure to the Hawken Virus, a deadly chemical contagion that has covered most of the game’s unnamed planet in a toxic crystalline substance. Join one of two clans in your battle for the cure. Hawken launches onto PCs on 12.12.12.

Game Features:

  • • Flying robots ensure the battlefield is both horizontal and vertical. Rain death from above
  • • Huge variety of mech-weapons including sniper rifles, flak canonns, Gatling guns, rocket launchers, grenade launchers and rail guns
  • • Incredible graphics give a sense of scale to climactic battle sequences
  • • Totally free to play!
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Hawken Videos

Hawken - Extended Gameplay Trailer

Action-packed footage from Adhesive Games' mech shooter, Hawken.

Official Hawken Gameplay

Robots battle it out in this trailer for Adhesive Games' Hawken.

Hawken – Story Trailer

A brief look at Hawken’s doomed world.


Hawken Review

By Gus McZeal |

Damn, I feel kind of bad for those guys over at Piranha Games who are hard at work on MechWarrior Online. Have you seen the trailers for Hawken? My god! It just fucking blows it out of the water. Excuse mon français. I’m just, uh, enthusiastic about this game.

Developed by the as-yet-unproven studio Adhesive Games, Hawken lets you live the dream of fighting in a giant robot battlesuit. Details on the plot are pretty scant, but maybe that’s for the best: I’ve kind of lost faith in the ability of these games to tell any kind of decent story. The game’s rather hilarious live-action trailers (sorry, these kinds of things are always consummately cheesy) talk about some woman who has been kidnapped because she knows how to cure the “Hawken Virus,” but that’s really all we have to go on here besides various stereotypically rebellious dudes jumping around in their battlesuits yelling about “bringing the big guns” and shrieking “WOO!” interspersed with a BWANHHH sound that reminded me of Inception. Yeah, doesn’t exactly smack of originality, does it? The storyline is pretty obviously tacked on when you learn that the game was almost called Bolthead… There’s something considerably less legit-sounding about “The Bolthead Virus.”  Ultimately, Hawken’s thin narrative doesn’t really matter, because the gameplay is what shines here.

Players can use a variety of weapons like sniper rifles, flak cannons, Gatling guns, and rocket and grenade launchers to blast each other apart. These weapons sound pretty run-of-the-mill, but the fast-paced gameplay looks excellent. The robots jet around both horizontally and vertically, able to fly with rocket boosters over environments awhirl with destructive activity. The trailer’s cityscapes are immensely varied; buildings fall apart around you as you hurtle through the air through clouds of dust and debris, avoiding gunfire and launching rockets at flying battlecruisers bent on taking you down. Hawken’s environments are real warzones, unlike the watered-down sloths-in-molasses battles seen in rival title MechWarrior Online.  

MechWarrior Online failed to excite me for the simple reason that it looked kind of boring. The robots are bigger, sure, but they’re mega slow, and the gameplay looks just as torpid: the only weapons seemed to be lasers, lasers you’re aiming at huge-ass targets moving slower than a herd of elderly grandmas grazing over an antique store. The world looked barren and empty, too—I get that it’s set on a war-torn earth ravaged by battling bots, but come on, the environment can still be made to look interesting. Hawken takes these problems and eliminates them completely. The game looks jaw-droppingly action-packed, and I consider myself a pretty tough guy to impress, especially when it comes to games with bros flying about in their bro-bot suits.

Like MechWarrior Online, Hawken promises to be free-to-play, doubtless with some kind of microtransaction system so that the studios can actually profit off of their efforts. Speaking as a cynical gamer, I found it pretty goddamn heartening to see a product of this high calibre come from a studio with so little under its belt. Although, with talk of a high profile movie tie-in and a number of “Best of…” awards from E3, Adhesive Games look set to make their mark on the gaming world very soon. Hawken will be unleashed on PC on December 12th, 2012.

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