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The defeat of the Covenant in the first Halo game was only a temporary victory, as the alien attackers have renewed their mission to wipe out all of humanity. Despite the human military force's and Master Chief's efforts, the Covenant have breeched the Earth's defenses and have left its inhabitants in a dismal situation. In the midst of desperation, players assume the role of Master Chief and lead the resistance against the Covenant to save the people of Earth from a gruesome demise.

The long-awaited PC version of Bungie's FPS, Halo 2 offers the full single-player campaign and multiplayer maps of the original Xbox version, with the addition of the content in the Multiplayer Map Pack as well as a tool for building and customizing levels. The game requires Windows Vista.

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Halo 2

Halo 2 Review

By Jimmy Vails |

Well, after three years of waiting (not to mention several last-minute delays) Microsoft has finally managed to deliver up a PC version of Halo 2. Beyond just being a port of a very popular Xbox game, the new PC version of Halo 2 also happens to be one of the launch titles for Microsoft's new Vista platform and its new Games for Windows Live! features. For gamers who missed Halo 2 when it came around on the Xbox, the experience of playing the PC version will be rewarding but more than a little dated. For gamers who already blasted their way through the Master Chief's second adventure, Halo 2 for the PC is a very tough sell.

The game really doesn't offer many surprises to those who already played it on the console. There's no new content and very few graphical improvements. But if the last time you saw Master Chief was as he was driving down that ridiculously long hall in the first Halo, then you're in for a treat. There's a new dual wield system for the weapons now, new opportunities to steal enemy vehicles, more interesting and varied locations and even a few other surprises in store. Better still, the pacing has improved and there are no incredibly long backtracking sections.

We were skeptical that the keyboard controls could approach the ease of use of the original gamepad configuration. Happily, the developers have done a very good job of laying out the keyboard controls in a way that makes sense. It's still a little tricky moving and looking while also executing a melee attack but, overall, the mouse and keyboard controls are intuitive and in some ways actually preferable to the gamepad.

The dual wield system is a wonderful addition to the game. Being able to pick up and use two one-handed weapons at once allows for much more mayhem in each level. Picking up, switching, firing, and reloading dual weapons is just as easy as it can be which leaves the player free to consider just how best to use the weapons he or she has equipped. This system is nicely balanced by restricting the player only to one-handed weapons (a carbine and a shotgun would just be too much) and keeping them from being able to toss grenades. Whatever the limitations are, being able to charge into battle armed with two weapons is hugely exciting.

Many of the weapons have been tweaked a bit. The original game's main rifle has been basically split in two. The new SMG gives you that same volume of fire while the new assault rifle focuses on high damage hits. Having two such varied yet equally effective weapons gives players a great sense of choice as they progress through the game. The new alien weapons are, in some cases, even more effective. The carbine and energy sword are two particular favorites but there are others that, used appropriately, are just as effective.

We're also big fans of the new vehicle hijacking system. In the previous game all you could do when facing a reckless alien driver was to blow up whatever vehicle they happened to be in. Now if you get close enough you can actually jump onto their craft and toss them out on their heads. You can even plant grenades on some of the larger vehicles before hoping off yourself. This new trick is a real blast, particularly when you can then use the same vehicle to run over its previous driver. A new physics system and an new incremental damage model makes vehicle combat even more exciting.

The AI in Halo 2 exhibits real behavior, both on the friendly and enemy sides. Sure, you'll still have folks driving Warthogs repeatedly into huge walls, but for the most part, the folks in Halo 2 act in a way that's believable and tactically challenging. Enemies seem not to want to get shot so they'll make effective use of the abundant cover. Fire off a shot as you enter a room full of unsuspecting enemies and they'll all immediately run for cover. Well, the weak ones at least. The really tough guys will turn and start shooting the crap out of you. Enemies also seem to know when it's advantageous to attack in groups, to circle around your flank or to charge straight ahead and hope for the best.

As in most games, the real challenge is found online. Designed, like Shadowrun, to take full advantage of the new Games for Windows Live service, Halo 2 has a lot to offer in the multiplayer arena. The maps and player limits have been kept down at the levels they were at when the game was released. Gamers looking for Battlefield style matches won't find them here. What they will find are intelligently designed maps that offers lots of tactical excitement for small numbers of players. The wide variety of game types and abundance of maps will ensure that the experience stays fresh for some time to come.

Halo 2 Game Walkthrough

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           | |   | |     | |          |_ _ _ _ _ _  |
           | |__ | | ____| |  ____     _ _ _ _ _ _| |
           |  __)| |/ _  | | / _     |  _ _ _ _ _ _|
           | |   | ( ( | | |( (_)  }  | |_ _ _ _ _ _
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Version 1.45
Username: Cool Z
Email: idshanks@gmail.com
Copyright 2004-2005 Iain Shanks

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This FAQ/Walkthrough contains many, many spoilers. If you use the level guide, 
I suggest you only do so after having attempted the level and seen the story 
up until that point. Once you have read the part you need help with, I suggest 
not looking any further until you've played through it in game.


Author Notes: [11/09/04]
'Lo peeps.

Anything that I just feel like saying but doesn't really relate to the game 
will be posted here.

I've had many projects set up for GameFAQs, and many were put up on my own 
websites, but I always lost interest in them. This one actually looks like 
it'll get finished.

Wish me luck... Cool Z.

UPDATE: For the New Year [01/05/05]

Due to the slow speed of update demonstrated by most sites, I've chosen to 
make my top priority submission choice. In other words, the latest version 
of my guide will be on IGN.


EMAIL NOTES [last updated 18/11/04]
Please, no more emails requesting help with a specific mission! I am working 
my ass off at this thing, trying to improve it. I find Legendary pretty hard. 
I don't have the time to write a walkthrough for one specific person. Please 
have patience and wait for that specific levels walkthrough. Either that, or 
find another walkthrough, if that's even possible at this stage. I believe I 
have one of the first on the net just now. I'm not doing this for money, and 
it drills into my free time.

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   0. Version History
   1. Weapons

      a. Battle Rifle
      b. SMG
      c. Shotgun
      d. Magnum
      e. Sniper Rifle
      f. Rocket Launcher

      g. Plasma Pistol
      h. Plasma Rifle
      i. Brute Plasma Rifle
      j. Needler
      k. Covenant Carbine
      l. Beam Rifle
      m. Fuel Rod Cannon
      n. Brute Shot
      o. Energy Sword

      p. Sentinel Beam (Silver)
      q. Sentinel Beam (Gold)

      r. Fragmentation Grenade
      s. Plasma Grenade

   2. Vehicles

      a. Warthog
      b. Scorpion
      c. Pelican

      d. Ghost
      e. Spectre
      f. Shadow
      g. Wraith
      h. Banshee
      i. Phantom
      j. Scarab

      k. Orbital Drop Pod

   3. Allies and Enemies

      The Humans
      a. Navy Crewman
      b. Marine
      c. Orbital Drop Shock Troopers

      The Covenant
      d. Grunt
      e. Jackal
      f. Drone
      g. Hunter
      h. Brute
      i. Elite
      k. Prophet

      The Flood
      l. Infection Forms
      m. Combat Forms
      n. Carrier Forms

      The Forerunner
      o. Sentinel
      p. Enforcer

   4. Characters

   5. Level guides
      a. The Heretic [TBC]
      b. Armory
      c. Cairo Station
      d. Outskirts
      e. Metropolis
      f. The Arbiter
      g. Oracle
      h. Delta Halo
      i. Regret
      j. Sacred Icon
      k. Quarantine Zone
      l. Gravemind
      m. Uprising
      n. High Charity
      o. The Great Journey

   6. Theories

   7. FAQs

   8. Credits

Note: Copy and paste the contents title (including the number) into the Find 
box (CTRL + F), then press find twice to bring you straight to that section of 
the guide.


Version 0.0 - 09/11/04
This is currently just a blank page with nothing more than this text placed on 

It is here that I begin the Great Journey.

Version 1.00 - 11/11/04
First posted version at GameFAQs.com
When this guide is updated, the next version will be 1.1, 1.2, and so on. 
Level guide section is currently in pieces. I've done up to "The Arbiter" 
level, including part of it. Then, I went on to the ODST Assault and then High 
Charity. It's basically just the ones fresh in my mind. I'll be updating the 
rest in order from here on out.

Version 1.10 - 13/11/04
Minor updates. Just had a taste of the email madness that FAQ writers have to 
put up with everyday. It's been up on GameFAQs for one day and I've already 
received about 100 emails (good thing I recently changed to Gmail). Heh, as 
much as I'd like to credit you all, I can't. It's way too much work. Sorry to 
all those that don't get a mention. I plan on having another couple of levels 
done by the weekend.

I've corrected some minor errors like rounds per clip and such. I've also 
completed the guide for the Arbiter level.

Version 1.11 - 14/11/04
Cosmetic update. I've simply added a few things that I feel make the guide 
easier on the eyes. Also a few minor errors corrected, like shots per clip and 
such. The Outskirts guide has also been improved slightly. I've put more 
detail on the harder part of the mission.

Version 1.20 - 16/11/04
Due to popular demand, I've written a proper guide to what I considered a 
simple enough level. The Cairo Station guide is complete. I've also... at 
least I think I've finished the Outskirts guide. Minor notes have been added 

Version 1.25 - 21/11/04
Bits and bobs added around the place. Nothing Veteran. Finished the Guide for 
the level "Oracle". Done a little bit on "Delta Halo". Completed the guide 
on "The Great Journey".

Version 1.30 - 28/11/04
Delta Halo walkthrough completed, Regret started. Some other walkthroughs have 
been improved. Smaller additions as usual. I've updated the Elite and Grunt 
ranks. If you see any more ranks that need to be added, please email me.

Version 1.35 - 10/12/04
The guide now covers everything up to the end of Quarantine Zone. It won't be 
long until the entire thing is finished. 

Version 1.37 - 05/01/05
Had a long break over the Christmas and New Year period. Hope you all had a 
good time. Back to work now. I've made minor changes to the guide. Gravemind 
has been started.

Version 1.40 - 06/01/05
Minor changes made. Added Vegechan's great theory to the file. Changing the 
look of contents. Some things in contents are in the wrong order right now. 
Done a bit more of the Gravemind level.

Version 1.45 - 06/01/05
Gravemind guide completed. Yet to start the next mission. As usual, minor 
changes have been made.



Battle Rifle

This is a great weapon. The bullets are fairly powerful, and with the three 
shot bursts it can be devastating. A great weapon for clearing out jackals, 
especially those damned snipers. 

On legendary, if an enemy sniper spots you, you will probably have no more 
than 2 seconds at the very most to react. If you can peek out of a corner with 
your scope set in the general direction of the Jackal, one quick burst should 
at the very least injure him, giving you the chance to set your sights for the 

There is no single fire for the Battle Rifle. I believe it is to make the 
Carbine more useful. Otherwise, I doubt many people would take much notice of 

36 rounds per clip. 2x Zoom.


In game, it is known as the SMG. For those [few] of you who don't know, this 
stands for Sub-Machine Gun. This weapon is, in my opinion, the best for Drones.

On legendary, I very rarely used it for anything more than Drone and Grunt 
cleanup. Every now and then, it served well against a single Elite. If a 
tricky Elite is hiding in a corner, and you have no available grenades, this 
weapon is just screaming for it. Peek around the corner with two of these and 
BAM! No more Elite, lots more purple paint. It can be a bit risky though, so I 
tend to stick with Plasmas for Elites.

60 rounds per clip. Dual Wield.


This is a weaker version of the original. It's still a great Flood stopper, 
but Elites won't go down as easily with it. It used to stun them when hit by a 
point blank shell. Now, it'll damage then, but it definitely won't stun them 
long enough for a clean kill.

12 rounds per clip. 


Thankfully, this is definitely going to be less of a favourite than the old 
handgun. It is still useful, but not so much past the first level. At least 
this shows it won't be the "One man army" weapon the old one was.

Update: After trying this thing out a bit more, I like it a lot. It is pretty 
powerful. Add that with the good rate of fire, and you have a nice Elite 
stopper. I like using this with an SMG. Think about it: The SMG gradually eats 
the Elites shield away, and the Magnum packs a small punch every half second 
or so. The Elite will go down in no time.

12 rounds per clip. Dual Wield.

Sniper Rifle

It's the same as the one in Halo. I can't really say any more than that. I'm 
not sure there is a Night-Vision feature anymore, but it wouldn't really be 
useful in Halo 2 anyway. A couple of headshots should take out the average 
Elite. Pretty useful, nothing special.

4 rounds per clip. 5x Zoom. 10x Zoom.

Rocket Launcher

Just another Halo replica. It has a new homing feature. You must hold your 
sights on the enemy vehicle. Once it turns red, hold "R" until a beeping sound 
plays, indicating a lock-on. Fire away. This feature is best used over a fair 
distance, but nothing too exaggerated.

For the melee, the Spartan/Elite swings the launcher round the shoulder, and 
hits the enemy with the butt of the weapon from above.

2 rockets per clip. 2x Zoom.

Plasma Pistol

Halo replica, 'nuff said. The charged bolt takes 10 charges from the gun. It 
used to instantly deplete an Elites Shield. Now, there is one that can take a 
blast and still have decent shielding. The Spec Op Elite (Silver) has a much 
more powerful shield than the rest.

If you have something like an SMG as an alternative weapon, a good strategy is 
to dual wield Plasma Pistols and send two charges into the Elite. Not only 
will it be stunned momentarily, it will also be vulnerable to bullets. Quickly 
switch to the SMG and fire away. 

For the melee, the Spartan/Elite thrusts his fist straight at the head of an 
enemy of equal height.

100 charges per pistol. Dual Wield.

Plasma Rifle

This thing fires weak plasma charges. This paired with an SMG is an amazing 
anti-Elite combo. The Rifle takes out the shield with ease, and then the 
bullets pierce the physical armour, killing the Elite in the process.

This is great against anything with a plasma shield of any sort.

100 charges per rifle. Dual Wield.

Brute Plasma Rifle

This is a Plasma Rifle with a faster rate of fire and slightly stronger bolts. 
It also overheats faster.

100 charges per rifle. Dual Wield.


It feels slightly different from the original one, but it is essentially the 
same thing. The needles blow slightly faster. This thing is an awesome Brute 
stopper. Dual wielding these is all you really need to take down those 
stubborn Brutes. If they won't budge, it's all the better to pierce their skin.

30 needles per clip. Dual Wield.

Covenant Carbine

This thing is a single shot version of the Battle Rifle. I think this weapon 
is the sole reason that the Battle Rifle doesn't have a single shot. I haven't 
thought much about this, but I think this is my favourite weapon. It is a 
great weapon for Brutes. Two or three shots should remove the helmet, and the 
next couple should finish him. It is also quite useful for stationary drones 
and both types of Jackals.

18 rounds per clip. 2x Zoom.

Beam Rifle

It's basically the Covenant sniper rifle. Two consecutive shots will overheat 
it. One hit from this on legendary will usually finish you. [I think] It 
depends on where you are hit, but you will die 90% of the time with a full 

100 charges per rifle. 6 charges per beam. 5x Zoom. 10x Zoom.

Fuel Rod Cannon

I never actually used this thing, but my friend did when we we're player co-
op. I remember him saying that it's more powerful that the rocket launcher. It 
may just be that the target happened to be weaker to this than to rockets, in 
the same way Plasma Shields are weaker against plasma than bullets. I've found 
that it takes approximately four rods to kill a Hunter. However, I never got 
the rods to make contact with the skin. The Hunter was hit head on.

5 rods per clip.

Brute Shot

It's a grenade launcher, and a favourite of the Brutes. The grenades seem to 
explode randomly on first or second impact. Now, I am reaching when I say 
this, but I think the grenades explode automatically when locked on. I mean, 
you lock on and fire a grenade, but you can tell it's going to miss. Well, 
just as it's about to pass the target, it blows.

This is a great anti-vehicle weapon. About three or four grenades can take out 
most smaller vehicles. Add this up with the firing rate, and you've got 
yourself a damn useful weapon.

This also has an under-slung blade. This blade seems almost as, if not just as 
powerful as the Plasma Sword.

4 grenades per clip.

Energy Sword

I prefer to call it the Plasma Sword, but that's the official name. The Sword 
has charges (ammo), and these go down whenever you kill an enemy. It starts at 
100 (assuming the enemy you got it from didn't use it first), and goes down 
depending on the enemy killed.

Killing the Flood loses three charges. Killing anything else drops it by ten. 
The lunge attack usually kills lesser enemies in a single swipe. 

Elites, Brutes, and Hunters can survive it. Hunters are practically immune to 
the thing due to their mass amount of armour. Elites without their Shields 
would be insta-killed. The Brute can take the damage directly on their body 
and live. If you hit a Brute with this thing, it will probably get pissed, so 
be sure to finish it quickly.

Another thing to watch out for with this is the Brute Shot, which, as said 
before, has an under-slung blade for close combat. If you do lunge for a 
Brute, back off as soon as possible, then lunge again as soon as you've locked 

The Sword will collapse to nothing once it has run out of charges. The handle 
can still be used, but I really wouldn't advise it.

100 charges per Sword.

Sentinel Beam (Silver)

This shoots the old orange/yellow beam from the original sentinels. It's 
relatively useful against Plasma shields and other Sentinels. This weapon is 
also the Holy Anti-Son-of-a-bitch machine, as far as the Flood go. No other 
weapon compares in power.

Sentinel Beam (Gold)

This is a more powerful, blue beam, which can be retrieved from a Gold 

Fragmentation Grenade

These have a shorter fuse than the one in the original. It's half a second as 
soon as it strikes a surface. Still mainly useful against the lesser Covenant 
and he Flood.

4 frags at once.

Plasma Grenade

It's almost the same as the original. I find it useful for Elites, Brutes, 
Heavy Sentinels, and Vehicles. The fuse is slightly shorter. It starts 
counting once it settles on the ground (or an enemy). It's nowhere near as 
useful if you just get it to land near the target rather than on them.

4 plasmas at once.




Comes with dual Plasma Cannons, There is a boost function. It's single seat 

It's probably the most common Covenant vehicle. Luckily, they aren't that hard 
to destroy. In Ghost-to-Ghost combat, just get a few bursts in right off the 
bat, and the front of the wings will collapse. The Ghost will jump a bit to 
one side and in that time you should be able to finish it.

When boarded from the front, the Spartan/Elite leaps onto the left wing of the 
Ghost and jump-kicks the driver off the Ghost. To finish it off, he lands 
right on the seat.

When boarded from the rear, the Spartan/Elite grabs onto the back of the 
ghost, and punches the driver in the back of the head before hopping into the 
now empty seat. 


These come equipped with dual Plasma Cannons and a Fuel Rod Gun. There is a 
boost function too. It's single seat only. 

These can be a pain in the ass. They have a pretty good aim. If you're in 
a 'Hog or Ghost, they can be safely ignored. If you're in something slower, 
like a Wraith, I would suggest getting out and hiding. Wait for it to swoop 
you and give it a good go with your rifle. Either that, or if you're feeling 
lucky, try to 'jack it.

When boarded, the Spartan/Elite grabs hold of the Banshee. If it is AI driven, 
it will most likely go upwards in an attempt to shake you off to your doom. 
The Spartan/Elite will pull at the driver's leg and toss him out of the 
Banshee, before taking control of it himself. The driver will meet a sticky 


Best described as a Covenant take on the 'Hog. It has a turret on the back, a 
driver seat (obviously), and two side… wing thingies, which two other people 
can sit on. It is similar to the Shadow, which can be found in the pre-halo 
screenshots in Bungie's official site.

When boarded from the front, the Spartan/Elite jumps onto the front of it, a 
foot on either side of the pilot hatch. Then, he gives the driver a good whack 
and sends him out of the vehicle. The Spartan/Elite then jumps back off the 
vehicle to go for the kill.

When boarded from the rear, the Spartan/Elite pulls himself onto the edge of 
the turret stand, and puts his arm around the gunner's stomach. He then swings 
the gunner off the vehicle. The Spartan/Elite then jumps back off the vehicle 
to go for the kill.

Note: Cannot be boarded and driven in the one action. The Spartan/Elite will 
always jump off the vehicle after boarding. You must then treat it just like 
you would any other empty vehicle to drive it.


This is the Covenant tank. It's basically a mortar tank. When AI driven, it 
has two side guns, which fire when a target gets very near. I can't find out 
how to operate them as the player though. 

When boarded from the front, left, or right, the Spartan/Elite jumps on top of 
the Wraith and moves up to the left or right side of the hatch. You must then 
press "B" to beat the hatch. After three or four hits, the hatch will snap 
off, revealing the driver. You can then either press "B" again one or two 
times to kill the driver, or press L to plant your currently selected grenade 
in the Wraith, killing the driver and damaging or destroying, the Wraith. You 
must then press "X" to jump off the Wraith, and "X" again if you wish to drive 

When boarded from behind, the Spartan/Elite grabs onto the back of the Wraith 
and breaks a hole in the back. Once open, a grenade can be thrown in. Getting 
a grenade in here seems much more likely to destroy the thing outright.


This is a Covenant War Bus. It has a gun turret on top, and looks like it can 
carry a Wraith underneath, though I've only ever seen it carry a Ghost. I 
think they can carry passengers in the sides too, but I'm unsure of this just 
now. Every time you destroy one of these, you'll be rewarded with a next to 
perfect Ghost.

They're pretty tough, only because of their armor quality.

This vehicle cannot be driven. However, the topside gun can be both boarded 
and used by you.


This is the primary Covenant Dropship. It can be devastating in legendary if 
no cover is around when it makes a drop, as it has three high-powered gun 
turrets on the underside. These guns can be destroyed with small arms. A few 
bursts from the Battle Rifle should do it. Shooting rockets at the rear 
underside of the ship seems to have a cosmetic effect, but I can't seem to 
down it (as I expected). However, I may simply need more heavy weaponry.

This vehicle cannot be boarded or driven by the player.

Note: This ship seems to be AI driven, rather than driven by completely fixed 
paths that the Pelican and the U-Ship from the original went through.


This is basically a large building, with four legs supporting it. It also has 
what resembles an eye. This eye is a large plasma cannon, and when I say 
large, I mean you haven't seen anything in any way comparable to the 
destructive power of this thing. I found that on legendary, it's very rare to 
get your Scorpion destroyed. In fact, it only happened to me once. 

However, when I came across this beast, there were a few marines with fixed 
machine gun placements on the roof of a building and a Scorpion on a ramp 
right below. The Marines weren't really worth noticing for the Scarab. The 
Scorpion was doing it's best to down the cannon on board the Scarab. However, 
after about 5 well-placed shots (well, it's hard to miss something that big), 
the Scarab had it's cannon fully charged, and unleashed chaos upon the tank. 
The turret of the tank was blown clean off and the rest of the tank was in 

IIRC, you'll only come across two of these in the entire game.

This seems to be driven by fixed paths rather than the game's AI.


Comes with two different turrets.

The first version, the one with the good old chaingun, can be treated in just 
the same way the one from Halo was. The only difference worth mentioning is 
that you must now watch the damage you take because after a good beating, this 
thing is just gonna give in to the strain.

The second version has a Gauss Rifle on the back. I have completely fallen in 
love with that turret. On legendary, it should take no more than two direct 
hits to kill a Veteran Elite. A Spec Op Elite might take 3-4 shots. The best 
way, IMO, to describe a Gauss Rifle is to consider it a very powerful shotgun 
blast, point blank possibly. From what I can make of the word "Gauss", this 
weapon fires a metal rod, or slug, at extreme forces using magnetism.

The passenger seat is now in 3rd person too. I personally think this was a bad 
move. I don't find it very easy to get used to. It could just be that I'm used 
to using the passenger seat in 1st person though. You can now reload in the 
passenger seat. Simply tap "X", since you now have to hold "X" to get in and 
out of vehicles. I know that many of us had a problem with sitting in the 
passenger seat. You'd get to about 20 bullets in your rifle, then hit "X" to 
reload, and would be flung out of your Hog. Not a problem now.

Note: As the AI marines can now drive Warthogs, you are free to use their 
turrets or laze around in their passenger seat. However, the AI is definitely 
inferior to the average player as far as driving is concerned. It can get you 
killed sometimes. And no, I don't mean that every now and then you will happen 
to die, just like you would with a player driving. What I mean is that 
sometimes they will do the stupidest thing possible, and get themselves 
trapped between a couple of Wraiths.

When boarded, a similar scenario to that of the Spectre takes place.


This thing is probably the vehicle with the most similarities to the Halo 
counterpart. It just feels so similar. The only difference I can thing of 
seems more like a bug in the game more than anything else. When a player is 
driving the Scorpion on Coop, the other player cannot sit on the side of the 
tank, while the AI can.

When boarded, a similar scenario to that of the Wraith takes place.


Basically, it's the same as the Phantom. It does have a bit less firepower 
though. It has a high-powered gun on the underside of the nose. It also has a 
chain-gun just like the one on-board the Warthog. The gun is placed right at 
the edge of the passenger section of the ship.

Like I said with the Phantom, it seems to be AI driven.

Orbital Drop Pod

These are the pods used by the Hell-jumpers and Elites for quick insertion 
into hostile territory. Survival is not guaranteed whilst riding in one of 
these. The arrival of these extra troops is enough to turn the tide of the 

Not AI driven. Falls from the sky at preset points.





1. Covenant 
2. Covenant Heretics 
3. Covenant Rebels 


1. Plasma Pistol 
2. Needler 
3. Fuel Rod Cannon 
4. Plasma Turret w/ Plasma Pistol (for backup)


They are pretty much the same as in Halo. Not worth noticing on the two lower 
difficulties. They're a minor annoyance on the higher difficulties when in 
small numbers. In larger numbers, they can be a bit of an ass.

They are the weakest and simplest of the Covenant. Killing a more experienced 
Covenant around them can cause them to break formation and flee. Some of them 
also come with Active Camouflage.

If they get near an empty Ghost, they may attempt to drive it, but they are 
much easier to take down than an Elite driven Ghost.


Minor Grunt: Orange Armor. No challenge whatsoever.

Veteran Grunt: Red Armor. It's barely a step up from the original. 
Occasionally (yet rarely), it comes with a Fuel Rod Cannon. Multiple of these 
Grunts can lead to a bad headache.

Support Grunt: Green Armor. These guys come with Plasma turrets. They're the 
only ones who can set one of the turrets up. Can be a right bitch if you 
aren't careful. Finish them before they complete their job. They sometimes 
come with a Fuel Rod Cannon too.

Spec Op Grunt: Black Armor. Comes with the Fuel Rod Cannon more often.

Elite Grunt: White Armor. The top notch, as far as Grunting goes. They use 
grenades much more often than the other types. Usually hangs around high 
ranking Elites.

Heretic Grunt: Yellow Armor. These seem to be the equivalent of a Veteran 
Grunt, only on the Heretics side.



1. Covenant 
2. Covenant Loyalists 


1. Plasma Pistol w/ Plasma Shield 
2. Beam Rifle w/ Plasma Pistol (for backup)

Description: The first weapon set acts just the same as in Halo. The Beam 
Rifle weapon set takes the role of the Covenant snipers. In legendary, they 
almost never miss a shot. If you shoot the gun out of their hand or scare them 
a bit, they'll drop their Beam Rifle and flee, using a Plasma Pistol from then 
on. They won't have a shield though. 

The shield of a Jackal can be destroyed by being shot with heavy fire... a 
couple of Beams form the Beam Rifle or something similar should do it. They 
break formation and flee when their Plasma Shield is destroyed.


Minor Jackal: Blue Shield & Armor. Lowest Jackal.

Veteran Jackal: Orange Shield & Armor. These are slightly stronger shield with 
higher accuracy.

Sniper Jackal: No Shield & Grey Armor. They're definitely the more dangerous 
of the bunch. Takes fewer bullets than the average minor grunt.



1. Covenant 
2. Covenant Loyalists


1. Plasma Pistol 
2. Needler


They usually come in swarms between 5 and 10, but I have seen slightly larger 
numbers. Can be a bit of a **Female Dog** to hit. Only difficult if surrounded 
by them, especially when they're using Needlers.

The Marines refer to them as Buggers. I think this is a smart assed comment, 
about them being bugs, and a royal pain in the ass.




1. Covenant
2. Covenant Rebels


1. Tweaked Fuel Rod Cannon w/ Large Metal Shield.


The Hunters are actually as fierce as their appearance is intimidating. They 
move at approximately the same speed as in Halo. However, their close range 
attacks are pulled off in a swifter manner, meaning less time for those belly 
shots. No longer can you beat a Hunter senseless whilst standing at it's back. 
It will pull a big leap around on the spot and smash you into the ground with 
its shield. Close range attacks are absolutely devastating on Legendary, and 
almost as bad on Heroic. 

Now, the Fuel Rod Cannon from Halo was embarrassing. This weapon can now cause 
absolute chaos. If Hunters didn't always have a Bond Brother I would still 
consider them a pushover. One Hunter could distract you whilst the other 
demolishes your ass with a well-placed Fuel Rod. It is now slightly modified. 
It handles differently from the average Fuel Rod Cannon - specially modified 
for the Hunters.

The Cannon fires two large blasts which travel through the air faster than a 
rocket, though not by much. The blasts are always fired within half a second 
of each other. The recharge time for the Cannon has been shortened 
significantly, and the Hunter can now fire it whilst moving.




1. Covenant 
2. Covenant Loyalists 


1.	Brute Plasma Rifle 
2.	2x Brute Plasma Rifle 
3.	Brute Shot 
4.	Covenant Carbine 
5.	Unarmed (Last resort)


Their behavior with the Brute Plasma Rifle and the dual Brute Plasma Rifle 
isn't that much different from the Elites. The Brute Plasma Rifle is slightly 
better than the Plasma Rifle though. Their version fires at a slightly faster 
rate, and the bolts are slightly stronger, but it will overheat at a faster 
rate too.

When armed with the Covenant Carbine, they'll stand near the back of the bunch 
and take shots at who ever they can.

With the Brute Shot, they'll stand at a fair distance and bombard you with 
grenades. The grenades seem to blow up on the second impact, but I'm not sure 
of this yet. Also, if you get too close to a Brute with this, they'll take a 
swipe at you with the under-slung blade. The damage dealt by this is similar 
to, but not quite on par with the Energy Sword.

If a Brute is unarmed, you better have an Energy Sword on you, or else you 
better keep as large a distance as possible between you. A Brute is never 
initially unarmed. However, when it gets pissed (in a similar way to the 
Jackal getting scared), it'll toss it's weapon on the ground, and will charge 
any enemy it sees. If you are aware of the charge, and have access to an 
Energy Sword, you can line up your sights and slap it silly with the lunge 
attack (which is an insta-kill on most enemies on legendary).


Minor Brute: 
These ones come with a silver helmet. Pretty basic.

Captain Brute: 
These ones come with a small, red flag on their back. They are always (AFAIK) 
armed with Brute Shots.

Honor Guard: 
These are the Holy Guards of the High Prophets. They are the toughest of the 
Brutes. Watch out for them. They wear a red helmet, and have lighter fur than 
the average Brute... similar to Tartarus' fur. They are also noticeably 
tougher and bulkier than the average Brute. Getting into close combat with 
these things isn't the best of moves.



1. Covenant 
2. Covenant Heretics
3. Covenant Rebels


1. Plasma Rifle 
2. 2x Plasma Rifle 
3. Fuel Rod Cannon 
4. Covenant Carbine 
5. Beam Rifle
6. Sentinel Beam
7. Energy Sword
8. Plasma Rifle w/ Energy Sword (for backup)


For the most part acts like it does in Halo. With the Carbine, it acts just 
like the Brute does. With two Rifles, it acts like it has one, except it fires 
two. Not hard to understand at all. Some Elites come equipped with a thruster-
pack for maneuvering in space and other low-gravity areas. All the Elites that 
the Chief encounters are in full body armor. The true appearance of an Elite 
is seen only in the intro and one later sequence. Their skin is black, and 
Also, Silver Elites (which seem to have replaced Black Elites), now come with 
a Plasma Rifle initially. However, piss it off too much, or get too close with 
a couple of SMGs, and it'll whip out its Energy Sword and show you the meaning 
of pain. Back off quickly enough though, and you have an easy hit, as it 
doesn't seem to use the Plasma Rifle again (though I haven't yet confirmed it).

If you're ever having a specifically hard time with an Elite, try your luck in 
close quarters. Elites have a noticeable weakness to melee attacks. They take 
about a second or so to recover from a hit. 

However, don't attempt close combat with an Energy Sword toting Elite (usually 
Commander), and NEVER attempt to attack a Spec Op up close, whether it's armed 
with Energy Sword or not. If a Spec Op gets pissed at you, you know what 
happens. If you're too near when it happens, you have signed your own death 
warrant. Also note that while Elites attacks are fairly basic to dodge, it 
isn't always the smartest of moves to get into a melee fight with one. The 
Spec Op Elite not only gets pissed at you for smacking it one in the face as 
stated above, but it also gets especially pissed if you dodge its counter-


Minor Elite: 
Blue Armor. It is the lowest Elite rank. On Legendary, even these can be 
challenging. Seems to concentrate mainly on ground combat. It sometimes drives 
a Ghost. These guys also take the Thruster Packs into battle when necessary.

Veteran Elite: 
Crimson Armor. It's just a single step up from the Minor rank. Not a very 
noticeable difference, but still very challenging.

Pilot Elite:
Red Armor. They seem to solely concentrate on piloting. I never noticed them 
before, but recently I noticed two shades of red Elites, so I had a look and 
noticed the difference. These guys can be found piloting the more dangerous 
vehicles, like the Scarab, and Banshees and such.

Spec Op Elite: 
Silver Armor. The Silver Armored rank seems to have replaced the old Spec Op 
[Halo 1 Black Armor] rank. Get them pissed, and they'll pull out an Energy 
Sword and ram it up your rear end. They also come equipped with improved 
Energy Shielding.

Black Op Elite:
Light Brown Armor. These are the Elites with Active Camouflage modules. Elites 
can now wear a weak Energy shield along with active camouflage.

Spec Op Commander:
White Armor. These guys lead Spec Op teams, and are in charge of important but 
small-scale operations. Like the Spec Op, the Commander Spec Ops also carry 
Energy Swords, and improved Energy shielding.

Warrior Elite:
Black Armor. These guys seem to be included in special operations, for 
important, heavy-duty tasks. Whenever the odds are against the Covenant, these 
guys seem to be there.

Commander Elite: 
Gold Armor. This one always has an Energy Sword. These are the commanders of 
Covenant ships and fleets. If you see one of these, a couple of Spec Ops 
usually aren't far behind. 

Heretic Elite: 
Yellow Armor. Seems easier than a Minor Elite, if you ask me. Well, nothing 
special to mention. Most commonly comes equipped with the Covenant Carbine.

Honor Guards: 
Fancy-assed armor. The Elite of the Elites. These are the High Prophets' Holy 
Guards. Be very wary when faced with one of these. With two armor styles, they 
wear red armor similar to that of the Veteran Elite, or the silver armor of 
the Spec Op, but you can tell them apart from the other Elites by the red 
helmet they were.



1. Covenant 
2. Covenant Loyalists


Prophet Chair


Flies around on a chair. The Chair has two yellow circles on the underside. 
These circles are capable of firing destructive lasers. Prophets are capable 
of teleporting from one location to the other within the one room. Prophets 
are also impervious to all firearms available to you. 

The only way to kill a Prophet is to board his Chair. Once on, you can press B 
to melee him. Generally you can get 4 or 5 hits in before he teleports, 
forcing you off. They take quite a beating, but without support from other 
forces, they are almost harmless.


Infection Forms


1. The Flood




These come in large numbers and swamp their targets until they are completely 
overwhelmed. They are just about exactly the same as those in Halo. Infections 
are slightly more damaging, so you shouldn't let them suicide on you as much. 
The Flood, contrary to popular belief, aren't meant to be super-strong life 
forms that mercilessly slaughter all in their path. They are, however, 
supposed to be extremely lethal. They depend on numbers to swarm the enemy and 
infect others. Any Flood lost will be regained once their enemies have become 
infected. They will turn into a Combat Form of the Flood hours later. 


Combat Forms


1. The Flood


The Combat Forms can use all of the available weapons.


These are infected Humans and Elites. They don't bother with strategy anymore. 
They simply charge. They are capable of using all weapons, so their threat 
level varies. Their arms can be shot off to force them to drop their weapon. 
I'm not sure, but I don't think a Flood can dual-wield. I've never seen one do 
so. Combat Forms can drive vehicles - any vehicle in the game in fact.

Human Host:
There is generally no difference between the hosts, except appearance.

Elite Host:
Again, just about no difference. Ah, these guys sometimes have a weakened 
Energy Shield. Nothing much more to note.
Carrier Forms


1. The Flood




These are infected Humans and Elites. They don't bother with strategy anymore. 
They simply charge. They are capable of using all weapons, so their threat 
level varies. Their arms can be shot off to force them to drop their weapon. 
I'm not sure, but I don't think a Flood can dual-wield. I've never seen one do 
so. Combat Forms can drive vehicles - any vehicle in the game in fact.

Human Host:
Carrier Form: 
A badly injured Combat Form or an Infection Form, which has survived a long 
time, is thought to mutate into this form. Other beings, which are deemed 
unworthy of Combat status, like the Grunt or Jackal, are also thought to serve 
this purpose. They are basically a big bag on stumpy legs. Once they come 
within a few meters of a target, they explode, releasing a new bunch of 



1. The Forerunner 
2. Covenant Heretics


1. Sentinel Beam


It's the same as in Halo. They have a new rank, which comes with a blue beam. 
These are stronger than the orange beam.


Basic Sentinel: Silver plating. They fire orange beams.
Enhanced Sentinel: Gold plating. They fire blue beams.



The Forerunner


1. Heavy Needler 
2. Rocket Launchers

Description: First off, these things have a large, 2 part shield similar to 
that of the Jackals. The Heavy Needler acts just like a Needler, except on a 
much larger scale. The needles are also red. The rockets are mainly used 
against vehicles. A burst of about 10 rockets is launched at the vehicle and 
that vehicle is demolished if it doesn't move.

It also has the devastating ability to lift vehicles up and crush them 


Navy Crewman




1. Handgun 
2. Battle Rifle 
3. SMG 
4. Auto Rifle

Description: Actually of some use in Halo 2. You won't see much of them, as 
they are only present near the start of the game. There isn't really much to 
say about them.







They can use all weapons in the game except Energy Swords.


You will see these throughout the whole game. The rest can be read above. 
Note: Sarge seems to be invincible now. He always seems to come to a set part 
of the level and leave all of a sudden. He never seems to die.


Orbital Drop Shock Troopers




They can use all weapons in the game except Energy Swords.


More commonly known as "Helljumpers". Just think of them as beefed up marines. 
There is nothing more to say.



4. Characters


The Master Chief

The Chief (or Spartan-117) is a genetically enhanced soldier equipped with 
state of the art "MJOLNIR" Battle-Armor. One of the few surviving SPARTAN-II 
super-soldiers, he is set to play a huge part in the war against the Covenant. 

He is one of the few survivors of Halo. If not for the Chief, Halo could have 
been set off, extinguishing all life in the galaxy.

The Arbiter

The Arbiter is an Ex-Commander Elite. He was in charge of the Covenant on 
Halo. Having allowed Halo's destruction, and failing to kill the Chief 
afterwards, he is stripped of his position, tortured, and set up for execution.

However, the High Prophets of Truth and Mercy have other plans. They decide 
that, while he rightly bears the blame for his failure, he is no heretic. He 
can be put to other uses. He is then given the ancient armor of the Arbiter.


A Smart AI who works alongside the Chief, Cortana is capable of breaking into 
Covenant security systems, and all sorts of other high security computer 

Based off of Dr. Halsey, the head of the SPARTAN-II Project, she is full of 
smart-ass comments for anyone unfortunate enough to walk into them.


Sergeant A.J Johnson, more popularly known as Sarge, is a hard-assed Marine 
brought up with the pure hatred of the Covenant engraved into his very bones. 
Nothing pleases him more than a dead Covenant soldier... except maybe two dead 
Covenant soldiers.

He is one of the few survivors of Halo. As the Pillar Of Autumn was set to 
self-destruct, he entered a Cryo-pod, and shot off into space, just in time to 
avoid the explosion.

343 Guilty Spark

The Monitor of Installation 04, AKA Halo, he is the reason Halo had to be 
destroyed. After leaving Cortana's side, the Chief was tricked by the Monitor 
into fighting through the Library in order to retrieve the Index.

The Index is a small key, able to fit into the Chief's hand, which is capable 
of activating Halo and destroying all the life in the galaxy.

Once he realized what was going on, the Chief refused to activate Halo. 343 
Guilty Spark ordered his Sentinels to attack.

Since 343 Guilty Spark use the Index by himself, his only option was to kill 
the Chief, and find another to use the Index. The Chief and Cortana had no 
other choice than to destroy Halo.

More to come soon...



Note: The Veteranity of this guide is designed for Legendary, unless otherwise 

Cairo Station

"Alert - Boarders inbound!"

Miranda and a couple of others will take the Tram to their ship.

Follow the Marines down the stairs and grab the weapons on the wall. You might 
want to switch to the SMG and pick up a second one for later.

Sarge will pick up an Automatic Rifle from the crate below. Follow him and the 
Marines through to the next room.

"How's it going Malta?"

"Stand by... they're latched! Check your targets - watch the crossfire. 
They're in standard formation: little bastards up front, big ones in back. 
Good luck Cairo."

Out of the window you will see a large ongoing battle out in space. A Covenant 
boarding craft will close in rapidly before a small pod is inserted into the 
ship and they unload.

Muffled gunfire can be heard from the next couple of rooms.

Sarge will deploy the Auto Rifle at the top of the stairs. The Marines will 
start scurrying around for cover.

The center of the door starts to glow orange/white, as the Covenant burn 
through it. All you can do is sit... and wait.

Home Field Advantage

OBJECTIVE - Repel the Covenant boarders.

The door burns and burns, and then suddenly explodes into small pieces.

Covenant forces come swarming in, and Sarge opens up with the MG. He will kill 
the Veteranity of them. Take out any stragglers with your SMGs. If it's an 
Elite, draw him out in front of Sarge. Watch out for the Elites who come from 
the upper floor. Those ones have a tendency to end the party without you 
having any idea what just happened. They are armed with dual Plasma Pistols. 
They can fire them off at almost the rate of a Plasma Rifle.

Run through the door with the Marines and turn right. A small group of 
Covenant forces will be attacking a lone Marine. He will be attempting to hold 
them off with an Auto Rifle - unsuccessfully. Clear them out and move on.

Go up the stairs and use the Auto rifle conveniently placed at the window.

A bunch of Covenant forces will come rushing at the two Marines below. Protect 
them as best as you can. Remember, an extra Marine is a great help in 
Legendary: You have more bait for the enemies.

Careful - as soon as that Auto Rifle starts rattling, an Elite or two may come 
up the stairs to investigate.

Once the room seems clear enough, move to the lower floor. Move on to the 
other side of the room, with the Marines leading the way. Careful - Elites and 
Grunts will come out from both doors. I suggest concentrating on those on the 
right first. Make sure to find something that covers you specifically from the 
left side of the room. This could take a try or two, but you'll get there.

Once you've cleared them out, take the left door and move up the stairs. 
You'll come to the upper floor of a room similar to the one in which you met 
your first contacts.

"We've got boarders in the fourth Pelican bay!"

In here, a boarding craft has already been latched on and Covenant forces are 
attempting to kill some resisting Marines. There's a bunch of Plasma Grenades 
lying around here. They are going to be very useful here. Finish everyone out 
in the room and then concentrate on the energy barrier fixed inside the craft. 
It shuts off every now and then for reinforcements to come out. Your job is to 
tag a couple with Plasmas before they make it onto the ship floor.

"Hey, check it out. The Malta's already driven off its boarders."

"Malta: what is your status? Over."

"I don't believe it! They're retreating. We won!"

As the Covenant ships withdraw, and the explosions die down, the Malta seems 
free in the distance.

Suddenly, a blinding white light - several times the size of the thing - 
erupts from the Malta. Pieces of the MAC gun fly off into the distance.

"This is bad... real bad."

The Cairo station starts to vibrate from the extreme force of the distant 

Drop down to the floor below and move under the Pelican. Covenant parties will 
move in from the door ahead. A quick Plasma grenade and a few Battle Rifle 
bursts should be sufficient force. Move on through the corridor, ignoring the 
Auto Rifle. There is another Pelican bay ahead. The Marines in this one are at 
a disadvantage... or a bigger disadvantage, at least.

A couple of Grunts above have the Marines pinned with Plasma Turrets. A couple 
of head bursts should do it. Once that has been dealt with, concentrate on the 
boarding craft ahead. Hopefully you are well stocked on Plasmas. Toss any you 
have at the Elites, and kill off the Grunts. Remember, many more boarders will 
jump out of the craft. I believe there are three waves in total.

The third wave includes Spec Ops. Read the Elite description for a hint or two 
on beating them.

"Oh oh! Hey, they're leaving the Athens."

In the same manner as the Malta, the Athens breaks into pieces and falls away 
into the distance.

"Cortana - assessment!"

"That explosion came from inside the Athens - same as the Malta. The Covenant 
must have brought something with them: A bomb."

"Then they sure as hell brought one here. Chief - find it."

Repel the Covenant Boarders - COMPLETE

Priority Shift

OBJECTIVE - Find the Covenant bomb.

Proceed down the stairs and into the lower floor. Kill off the Grunts and 
Elites, the move to the next door. Be aware - an Elite with Active Camo waits. 
There is another Elite with Active Camo walking through the door you didn't 
pass through. Be sure not to get back-whacked.

"Come on, now! Is that a weapon, or a flashlight?" - Marine

Once the door opens, move up the stairs and kill the Veteran Elites. Move on 
through the door. Run over to the other wall, and through the small, dark 
corridor. Quickly take the grunts out with your SMG and then beat the Elite to 
death - that is, assuming he is still in the concealment of the corridor, 
otherwise, grab a Plasma Pistol and charge it up. Quickly burst him then 
finish him with your Rifle. Remember to swap your weapon back.

Go out on the platform and back-melee the Support Grunt sitting at the Plasma 

"Hang on, Everyone!" - Lord Hood

Once you reach the end of this small corridor, charge over to the adjacent one 
and kill off similar forces.

Clear out the Gunners sitting up in the above room. Kill the Elites, with 
accompanying Grunts, in the final branching corridor. This party of Elites can 
vary from a Minor, a Spec Op, and a Veteran Elite, to three Veteran Elites. 
Move into the corridor, kill off the supporting Gunner, and continue up the 
stairs into the Gunners room.

As you move in here, a team of boarders will come storming through the door 
opposite. They are made up of a Spec Op, and Minor Elite, and a few Grunts 
(including a Support Grunt). Finish them and move on through the door.

Ignore the stairs and move through the next door. Help out Miranda and her 
crew, who are pinned down by boarders.

Miranda moves on through a corridor to her ship.

Move on past the bodies and prepare for yet another group of boarders. Finish 
them and move on through the corridor.

Authorized Personnel Only

The door behind you locks and the one ahead opens, only to reveal Elites with 
thruster packs. They have dual Plasma Rifles and are extremely dangerous on 
Legendary. A plasma grenade or two will finish these ones in this one-off 
close quarters opportunity.

Move on out of the door and out into space. This area is low gravity. Watch 
out for the other Thruster Elites.

Once you land below, immediately turn around. This is the way you must head, 
and people are easily lost in this area because of that.

"Sir: Boarders have breached the fire-control center. They have a bomb."

"Can you defuse it?"

"Yes, but I'll need the Chiefs help to make contact with the detonator."

"Chief, get to the bomb - double time!"

"Cortana, prioritize targets and fire at will!"

Move on through the door along this part of the ship. Pick up the ammo from 
the dead Helljumper.

A couple of Marines will be stationed ahead - not fighting though. 

"Registering all hostile vessels in the kill zone. Thirteen Cruisers, two 
Assault Carriers. I'm going live!"

Since Cortana has just started fighting ships using the Cairo, you're going to 
have to put up with powerful vibrations and moving parts of the station for a 

Move along to the end of the room. Suddenly, a swarm of Drones comes rushing 
from the freight elevator shaft! Use your SMG and pump 'em full of lead.

Once they've been cleared out, the elevator starts to rise. Get ready, as 
there are many Grunts and Elites riding it. Clear them out, then jump onto the 
elevator. Hit the switch to descend.

Once you hit the bottom, go through the door, and out into space again. There 
are three Thruster Elites ahead, two of which are dual-wielding Plasma Rifles. 
The other is on a Plasma Cannon. The latter is more threatening at a distance, 
the former at close range. Kill them with your Battle Rifle and carefully move 
up the machinery. Once you reach the door at the other end, move on through it.

The inside turns out to be an elevator.

"Just so you know, there are quite a few Elites guarding the bomb. You may 
need to get creative."

Return to Sender

Once the elevator hits the top, rush for cover behind the crate. Peek out 
slightly, and have a look around. Your best bet is to Plasma grenade the 
Elites as best you can, then dual-wield a Plasma Rifle with your SMG and 
finish everyone else off. The Grunt should be last on your priority list.


Three Pelicans fly from a Human ship towards the city. The Chief stands right 
at the edge of the passenger section. Underneath, four Warthogs are drive 
along the road.

"The message just repeats: Regret, Regret, Regret"

"Catchy, any idea what it means?"

"Dear Humanity, we regret being alien bastards, we regret coming to Earth, and 
we most definitely regret that the Corps just blew up our raggedy-ass fleet!"


"Regret is a name, Sergeant. The name of one of the Covenant's religious 
leaders - a Prophet. He's on that carrier. And he's calling for help."

A sniper and a spotter are laying prone on a rooftop, scanning the area.

"Immediate: Grid Kilo-two-three is hot. Recommend mission abort."

"Roger, Recon. It's your call Sarge"

"We're going in. Get tactical, Marines!"

The Marines grab all their weapons and equipment, preparing for insertion.

"Master Chief? Get aboard that carrier. Secure the prophet of Regret. This is 
the only place on Earth the Covenant decided to land. That prophet is going to 
tell us why."

"30 seconds out, stand by to - whoa!"

A Scarab stumbles around the Corner and faces directly at the Pelican. The 
Energy Cannon charges, and then fires, just scraping the top of the Pelican.  
In an attempt to evade, it pulls a hard left. A smaller Plasma turret opens up 
and gets a few hits into the belly of the Pelican as it passes over. The 
Pelican loses control, hits the roof of the nearby building, flips over, 
scrapes along, falls over the side and finally crashes in a large pile of 

Master Chief is forced to fight through the streets, along with a few squads 
of Marines, to repel the Covenant invaders.

They'll Regret That Too

"Chief, Blink if you can hear me..."

The screen blacks out and back in, indicating the blink.

Sarge quickly takes charge of the remaining Marines.

"Shake it off, Marines. Clear the crash site. Go, go, go!"

From the burning wreckage of the Pelican behind you, move towards the doorway 
ahead. A Grunt will be heaving itself up the stairs. Give him a few shots from 
your SMG, and move on. You'll find yourself out in a courtyard littered with 
Covenant communication equipment and weapon crates. A couple of Grunts and 
Jackals will be walking around. Finish the grunts with your SMGs, and then 
toss a quick frag at the Jackals.

Once they keel over, move into the large building next to you. An important 
thing to take note of is the wrecked, overturned truck that the Jackals were 
next to. This will be a common hideout for Elites and Grunts.

Anyway, move into the building and take care of the Grunts. There will most 
likely be two Elites here. Usually, One of them is a Minor, and the other is a 
random rank. Finish them and have a quick look around. The 2nd floor of this 
building is going to be your home for the next half-hour... if you are 
attempting Legendary.

"If they didn't know we're here before, they do now." Says Sarge calmly to the 

"Yup, here they come. Up high!"

OBJECTIVE - Defend the Marines until help arrives.

A few Jackal snipers will hop onto the rooftops along with a Veteran Elite. 
Sarge will most likely have taken care of the Elite by the time you've taken 
the Jackals.

Once you've cleared the rooftops, swarms of grunts will come rushing down the 
alleys and, with every group, comes an Elite. Dual SMGs are very attractive at 
this moment in time. Pick one up from a dead Marine body. Spray 'n' pray is my 
game here.

"We've got Jackals in the courtyard."

This is pretty self-explanatory. Run over to the Turret, and use it on the 
Jackals. The bullets will easily get through their shields. If you don't kill 
them fast enough, they'll gang up on you from several sides. In this case, get 
off the turret and use your SMG. Watch out for the Elite leader of the group. 
Finish them off quickly.

Suddenly, a swarm of drones comes in from over the rooftops next to your 
Pelican. SMGs are my personal favourite for these gits. I see people using 
their Battle Rifle on them, but I personally consider this a waist. Those 
bullets feel a lot stronger, so I just get a sense of loss after downing one 
with it.

Once they've been downed, another bunch of Jackals (with the customary Elite 
escort) come storming through the building that the last came through.

After these ones, more Grunts and Elites swarm out of the alleyways. Watch for 
reinforcing Snipers on the rooftops.

"Eyes up - the Phantom is back."

Upon hearing this message, hide in the building, and make sure you have a roof 
over your head (glass windows don't count). It'll drop out a few Grunts and 
Elites. Ah, and the drop includes a Commander and a Spec Op Elite, as well as 
one other. As soon as it clears off, make a run for the truck I told you to 
take note of earlier. A few grenades at the side of it should take them all 
out. Finish them off with the SMGs. More Jackals and Elites will come running 
from the Pelican. Finish them off.

Defend the Marines until help arrives - COMPLETE

A Pelican pilot informs Sarge that the courtyard is too small to make a drop 
in, and he'll make a drop one building along. Sarge orders someone to set a 
satchel on the large gate.

OBJECTIVE - Rendezvous with the Pelican.

Suddenly, the gates will start vibrating violently.  After ten good seconds, 
they'll suddenly stop. All of a sudden, the doors come flying off, and two 
Hunters walk out, tall and proud. The Hunters are seriously beefed up now. 
They are slightly more agile, recovering faster from shield swipes. 

They are also MUCH more accurate with their Fuel Rod Cannons. The Cannons can 
still fire two rods between recharges. They always fire two rods, one a  
second after the other. If you attempt to take them from close range, you're 
in for a shock. 

The Bond-Brothers work together a lot more now. If you tease one with close 
range pot-shots, you'll quickly find the other has crushed your bones between 
his shield and his friends back. Luckily for you, this time at least, Sarge 
will make short work of them with his Sniper Rifle.

If, however, Sarge happens to have difficulty with them, take them in the 
rubble out the front of the building. If you hide in the building, they'll 
probably get you in a Fuel Rod crossfire. On the 2nd floor, I'm sure you've 
noticed the crumbling wall around the edge of the building. If you attempt to 
hide behind that, the rods will pound through it with ease, taking you out in 
the process.

If you do manage to get onto the Turret safely, fire away and the Hunters will 
be too busy trying to stand still to fire at you. After a few seconds, they'll 
keel over.

Move on through this building. The Pelican will make a drop in a clearing 
through here. Jackals are on the opposite end of the clearing. Take them with 
your Battle Rifle. Sarge will leave at this point.

Rendezvous with the Pelican - COMPLETE

OBJECTIVE - Find the Marines from the second downed Pelican.

After a while, you'll come across a building full of Marines, at 

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