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About The Game

In Half-Life 2, the ever-silent scientist Gordon Freeman is once again forced to defend planet Earth from a hostile alien race called the Combine, who are harvesting the planet’s resources and enslaving the human race. Mixing first-person shooter gameplay with puzzle mechanics and an engaging, Frank Herbert inspired science-fiction storyline, Valve’s Half Life series quickly became a classic. With a wealth of creative weapons such as the Gravity Gun and the Pheropod, which allows you to control colonies of alien insects, and an interesting cast of characters including a car-sized robot called D0g and Father Grigori, a reverend who slays Headcrab zombies with his shotgun Annabelle, Half Life 2 proves itself to be a more-than-worthy addition to Valve’s much-loved roster of games.

Game Features:

  • • Gruesome enemies like the iconic Headcrab and the Bullsquid offer unique challenges for players
  • • Physics-based puzzles incorporate the Gravity Gun: stack crates to form crude staircases, or blast aside car wrecks to clear paths through abandoned highways
  • • Intelligent AI results in enemies who realistically adapt to particular situations, forcing players to constantly change tactics in order to survive
  • • No cutscenes: Half-Life 2’s story progresses through in-game dialogue, providing an immersive experience
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Half-Life 2 Review

By Gus McZeal |

Valve’s Half-Life series is ranked among the greats of the FPS genre. Half-Life (1) won universal acclaim on MetaCritic, and recently received a fan-made makeover in the form of Black Mesa, which uses Half-Life 2’s Source engine to present the game in a brand new light. Half-Life 2 is available to download on Steam, and I’d definitely recommend playing it once you’ve beaten Black Mesa… Actually, I’d recommend it even if you have no intention of playing Black Mesa, because it’s sick.

Half-Life 2’s story picks up shortly after the original left off. You’re still playing as Gordon Freeman, the silent scientist put into stasis at the end of Half-Life after closing an interdimensional gateway to the alien dimension known as Xen. Unfortunately, although Freeman succeeded in closing the gateway, his efforts to save Earth weren’t totally successful: upon exiting the stasis chamber, he discovers that Earth has been overrun by Xen’s inhabitants, the Combine, who are harvesting the planet’s resources—and inhabitants—for their own nefarious purposes. Freeman reunites with several of his old scientist colleagues as part of the underground network known as the Lambda Resistance, who seek to defeat the Combine and liberate Earth from totalitarian rule. I really don’t want to spoil things, as the storyline is excellent and merges absolutely seamlessly with the gameplay for an unforgettable gaming experience. Admittedly, the ending is less than satisfactory, but it will definitely leave players excited for the inevitable sequel.  

One of Half-Life 2’s greatest achievements is its storytelling, delivered almost entirely through gameplay segments. You’ll spend the entire game inside Gordon Freeman’s head, looking through his eyes at a heavily transformed version of Earth crushed under the iron fist of the Combine dictatorship. You start the game onboard a train, having been relocated to the Soviet-inspired Eastern European city known only as City 17. Every human you encounter wears an identical shabby blue boiler suit; the environments are spartan and bare by design, trash blowing through derelict streets separated by tall wire fences. Masked Combine officers beat people for acts of dissension as onlookers mutter about amnesia-inducing substances in the drinking water. It’s all very creepy, a perfect dystopian vision. And this is all in the first five minutes.

 Half-Life 2 came out in 2004 so its graphics are obviously a bit outdated, but they still hold up reasonably well. Figures are well-animated and expressive, carrying out realistic actions while conversing with Gordon. Almost everyone you meet has something interesting and revealing to say and the voice acting is excellent, truly weaving you into the fabric of Half-Life 2’s disturbing narrative. So much is revealed through small but critical details that really make you care not only about the game’s story and characters, but about this doomed world that you’re trying so hard to save. It’s a powerful game that plays out like an interactive film, hardly ever breaking your immersion. The sound design isn’t only great because of the game’s stellar cast of voice actors: subtle details like clanking air vents, the sound of the game’s cold winds, and the impactful explosions of the game’s various weapons are perfect in their implementation.

Gamers will find a fairly standard first-person shooter in Half-Life 2, for the most part. The game certainly doesn’t offer any substantial changes to the genre in terms of how it plays. What it does include is some really cool weapons, the pheropod and the gravity gun, which provide players with strategic load-out options that really haven’t been seen in any games outside this series. The Pheropod is a bioweapon that lets Gordon Freeman control large insectoid Combine enemies called Antlions. It’s incredibly satisfying to charge into a group of Combine forces flanked by these creepy bugs, which are fooled into being your friend by the pheromones given off by the weapon. The game’s best gun, however, is the gravity gun. Half-Life 2 contains extremely realistic physics that are often incorporated into the game’s puzzles. More often, though, you’ll be using the Source physics engine to your advantage through gravity gun-based combat, picking up enemies and throwing them, using the gun to redirect projectiles flying in your direction, or to manipulate basically any free-standing objects in the game. For example, if an enemy is taking cover behind a heavy object like a car, you can just pick up the car and crush them with it. Pretty badass. Other weapons like the classic crowbar and the pulse rifle also make an appearance, but they pale in comparison to the gravity gun.  

As you should hopefully realize by now, Half-Life 2 is an incredible game and definitely one of the best first-person shooters available on the market even today. The game is so successful because of its perfect intermingling of gameplay and narrative: events unfold while you’re playing, and are not simply limited to preanimated cut scenes drip fed to you between mindless shooting segments.  The puzzles are smart and infrequent enough to remain interesting, the gunplay is fun thanks to the inclusion of innovative weapons like the Pheropod and the Gravity Gun, and the game looks crisp and smooth even by today’s standards. While Half-Life 2 may be a little outdated at this point, think of it like you would think of a classic video game like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Technically, games have progressed far beyond this point, but some games remain timeless no matter what. Half-Life 2 is one of these games, earning a Z-Score of 95/100. It’s available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Mac. A sequel is inevitable: if only I could go into stasis and skip the waiting period…  



Half-Life 2 Cheats

Hit tilde ~ and type "npc_create npc_ [name] to spawn an NPC. Here is a list of the names you can enter for [name]:

  • "alyx" (Alyx Vance)
  • "barney" (Barney Calhoun)
  • "dog" (Dog)
  • "kleiner" (Dr. Kleiner)
  • "eli" (Eli Vance)
  • "mossman" (Judith Mossman)
  • "monk" (Father Grigori)
  • "citizen" (Citizen)
  • "headcrab" (Regular Headcrab)
  • "zombie" (Regular Zombie)
  • "zombie_torso" (Regular Zombie Torso)
  • "headcrab_fast" (Fast Headcrab)
  • "headcrab_black" (Black Headcrab)
  • "headcrab_poison" (Poison Headcrab)
  • "fastzombie" (Fast Zombie)
  • "poisonzombie" (Poison Zombie)
  • "antlion" (Antlion)
  • "antlionguard" (Antlion Guard)
  • "combine_s" (Combine Soldier/Combine Elite/Prison Guard)
  • "metropolice" (Metro Cop)
  • "stalker" (Stalker)
  • "cscanner" (City Scanner)
  • "manhack" (Manhack)
  • "rollermine" (Rollermine)
  • "combine_mine" (Hopper Mine)
  • "combine_camera" (Combine Camera)
  • "turret_floor" (Combine Turret)
  • "turret_ceiling" (Ceiling Turret)
  • "turret_ground" (Ground Turret)
  • "launcher" (?)
  • "combinedropship" (Dropship)
  • "combinegunship" (Gunship)
  • "strider" (Strider)
  • "pigeon" (Pigeon)
  • "crow" (Crow)
  • "seagull" (Seagull)
  • "barnacle" (Barnacle)
  • "ichthyosaur" (Ichthyosaur)
  • "vortigaunt" (Vortigaunt)

Episode One and Episode Two

  • "clawscanner" (Shield Scanner)
  • "zombine" (Combine Zombie/Zombine)
  • "fastzombie_torso" (Fast Zombie Torso)

Episode Two Only

  • "antlion_grub" (Antlion Grub)
  • "antlion" (Antlion Worker)
  • "hunter" (Good A.I. Hunter)
  • "combine_s" (Combine Shotgunner)
  • "antlionguard" (Green Antlion Guard)
  • "magnusson" (Dr. Magnusson)
  • "vortigaunt" (Vortigaunt Doctor)

Episode One Only

  • "ministrider" (Bad A.I. Hunter)

Bring up the in-game cheats console during gameplay by pressing the tilde (~) key. Then, insert the cheats listed below for the desired result.

  • firstperson - Play in first person
  • give env_steam -
  • give item_healthkit - Spawn a health kit
  • give item_healthvial - Spawn a health vile
  • give npc_alyx - Spawn NPC Alyx
  • give npc_barney - Spawn NPC Barney
  • give npc_citizen - Spawn NPC Citizen
  • give npc_kliener - Spawn NPC Kliener
  • give weapon_frag - Spawn a grenade
  • give weapon_pistol - Spawn a pistol
  • give weapon_rpg - Spawn an RPG
  • give weapon_shotgun - Spawn a shotgun
  • thirdperson - Play in third person

This process modifies your game files, so make back-ups of the proper files and directories before attempting this hack.

  • You need both Portal and Half-life 2 for starters. Install or re-install both games now.
  • Back up your Portal directory. Unless you changed the install path, the directory is in ...Steamsteamapps(your_username)portal. If you make a mistake during this hack, you may need to re-download Portal through Steam (or at worse, Half-life 2 through Steam).
  • Download and install GCFScape if you do not have it already. This program allows you to access the cached game files for games using the Source engine.
  • Head into the directory ...Steamsteamapps for all the available GCF archives available. Open the file half-life 2 content.gcf via GCFScape. Click the hl2 folder on the left pane of the GCFScape Explorer window. Right mouse click maps and select the command Extract to place all the contents of the maps folder into the directory ...Steamsteamappsthe_great_bundiniportalportal. This merges Half-life 2 maps with the Portal map folder.
  • Repeat the above step with the scenes folder via GCFScape.
  • Boot up Steam to run Portal. Drop the developer console with ~ (you may need to enable it under your keyboard options or enable it via the -console command switch on the executable's shortcut).
  • On the developer console, type maps * to list all the available maps; this should inclde the Half-life 2 maps imported from the previous steps. Type map and then the name of that map (i.e., map d1_canals_01).
  • Once the map is loaded and you can play, drop the console and enable the cheats for Portal by entering sv_cheats 1. Give yourself all weapons (including the Portal Gun) by entering impulse 101. You may need to input upgrade_portalgun to enable you to fire both portals.
  • Enjoy the havoc. Note that this hack also works with Episode 1 and Episode 2. You will notice that while NPCs from Half-life cannot pass through portals, all other inert objects (including yourself) and weapons fire will pass through with no problems.
  • Submitted by Primotechnology.com

    In the console first type "sv_cheats 1" to enable cheats and then input:

    sk_max_357 no.# .... The numerical value for no.# is new max ammo for .357 Magnum

    sk_max_ar2 no.# .... The numerical value for no.# is new max ammo for Pulse Rifle

    sk_max_ar2_altfire no.# .... The numerical value for no.# is new max ammo for Pulse Rifle energy orbs

    sk_max_buckshot no.# .... The numerical value for no.# is new max ammo for shotgun

    sk_max_crossbow no.# .... The numerical value for no.# is new max ammo for crossbow

    sk_max_grenade no.# .... The numerical value for no.# is new max ammo for hand grenades

    sk_max_pistol no.# .... The numerical value for no.# is new max ammo for pistol

    sk_max_rpg_round no.# .... The numerical value for no.# is new max ammo for RPG

    sk_max_smg1 no.# .... The numerical value for no.# is new max ammo for submachine gun

    sk_max_smg1_grenade no.# .... The numerical value for no.# is new max ammo for SMG grenades

    sk_plr_dmg_pistol no.# .... The numerical value for no.# is new damage value for pistol

    sk_plr_dmg_357 no.# .... The numerical value for no.# is new damage value for .357 Magnum

    sk_plr_dmg_ar2 no.# .... The numerical value for no.# is new damage value for Pulse Rifle

    sk_plr_dmg_buckshot no.# .... The numerical value for no.# is new damage value for shotgun

    sk_plr_dmg_crossbow no.# .... The numerical value for no.# is new damage value for crossbow

    sk_plr_dmg_crowbar no.# .... The numerical value for no.# is new damage value for crowbar

    sk_plr_dmg_grenade no.# .... The numerical value for no.# is new damage value for grenades

    sk_plr_dmg_rpg_round no.# .... The numerical value for no.# is new damage value for RPG rockets

    sk_plr_dmg_smg1 no.# .... The numerical value for no.# is new damage value for submachine gun

    sk_plr_dmg_smg1_grenade no.# .... The numerical value for no.# is new damage value for SMG grenades

    Enable cheats and use the give command.

    • weapon_ar2
    • weapon_bugbait
    • weapon_cguard
    • weapon_crowbar
    • weapon_frag
    • weapon_crossbow
    • weapon_alyxgun
    • weapon_physcannon
    • weapon_physgun
    • weapon_pistol
    • weapon_rpg
    • weapon_shotgun
    • weapon_smg1

    Weapons names for the beta version of the game:

  • weapon_hopwire
  • weapon_iceaxe
  • weapon_binoculars
  • weapon_ml
  • weapon_brickbat
  • weapon_smg2
  • weapon_stickylauncher
  • weapon_stunstick
  • weapon_thumper
  • weapon_sniperrifle
  • weapon_rollerwand
  • weapon_slam
  • weapon_hmg1
  • weapon_cubemap
  • weapon_gauss
  • weapon_extinguisher
  • weapon_flaregun
  • weapon_ar1
  • weapon_molotov
  • weapon_manhack
  • weapon_immolator
  • weapon_irifle
  • List the map by enabling cheats and type maps. Load a map by typing map .

    • d1_canals_01
    • d1_canals_02
    • d1_canals_end
    • d1_tempanals_02
    • d1_town_01
    • d1_town_02
    • d1_town_03
    • d1_town_04
    • d1_town_05
    • d1_trainstation_01
    • d1_trainstation_02
    • d1_trainstation_03
    • d1_trainstation_05
    • d1_under_01
    • d1_under_02
    • d1_under_03
    • d1_under_04
    • d2_coast_01
    • d2_coast_02
    • d2_coast_03
    • d2_coast_04
    • d2_coast_04_dx60
    • d2_coast_05
    • d2_coast_06
    • d2_coast_07
    • d2_coast_08
    • d2_prison_01
    • d2_prison_02
    • d2_prison_03
    • d2_prison_04
    • d2_prison_05
    • d3_c17_03
    • d3_c17_04
    • d3_c17_05
    • d3_c17_06a
    • d3_c17_06b
    • d3_c17_07

    Half-Life 2 Game Walkthrough

    A Half Life 2 Walkthrough with Achievements
    By Steve (OMAC) Eller
    The author wishes to acknowledge that Half Life 2, the lambda symbol, and all
    game content is the sole property of Valve and VU games.
    This FAQ is copyrighted (c) April 10th, 2010.  Copyright infringement is
    punishable by law and will be pursued and/or prosecuted to the fullest extent
    This FAQ is the sole property of the author.  It may not be reprinted or
    reproduced in whole or part--except for personal reference--for any reason,
    without the express permission of the author.  Permission can be obtained in
    writing.  The author reserves the right to deny permission for any reason.
    Game:  Half Life 2
    Platform:  PC/CD
    Type:  Walkthrough including achievements
    Version:  Final
    Contact Information
    Contact me via e-mail at sejay10@aol.com.  Be sure to include HL2 Walkthrough
    in the subject line so I don't delete your mail unread.  Do Not include
    attachments.  Any mail containing attachments will be flagged as spam and
    deleted.  Feel free to contact me if you liked or disliked my FAQ.  No rants or
    raves please.  Constructive criticism only.  Please let me know of errors or
    omissions.  I'll be happy to give you credit in any revision(s).
    It's been 6 years since Half Life 2 came out.  There are plenty of
    FAQ/walkthroughs available.  So why write a guide at this late date?  The
    answer, in short, is achievements.  In May, a major update of HL2 to the Orange
    Box engine, included the addition of achievements.  I've included the
    achievements in my guide.  Most achievements are included at the point at which
    they're awarded.  Others, by necessity, are annotated.  Some achievements are
    story driven and are awarded automatically.  Some are obtained through
    diligence and others require you to complete a series of related tasks.  A word
    of caution if you like to use cheats.  DON'T.  Use of cheats will prevent you
    from obtaining achievements.  Make sure the cheats are set to off.  
    "Lambda Locator," is not awarded until you've found all 45 lambda locations. 
    This achievement is also interactive.  When you spot a lambda you must break
    open supply crates or attempt to collect loose supplies, even if you don't need
    them.  Also, please note that there will some areas where I indicate a lambda
    should be present, but is not.  This is  not a glitch, but rather an effect of
    the update and may or may not affect you.  This will not impede you from
    obtaining the achievement.
    Lastly, this is a FAQ/walkthrough.  It contains spoilers.  That can't be
    helped.  If that's not to your liking, then stop reading here.  Happy gaming
    Cast of Characters (in order of appearance)
    G-Man:  This mystery man is responsible for your current situation.  After the
    Black Mesa incident he put you in stasis where you remained for 20 years until
    your services were needed again.  It's at this point where you find yourself on
    a train bound for City 17.  G-Man's motives are unknown.  He seems to be an
    expediter and observer, who's job it is to make sure events unfold in some
    specific manner.  For the time being he seems to be aiding you, but that does
    not necessarily mean his intentions are for good.
    Dr. Gordon Freeman:  A theoretical physicist and former researcher at Black
    Mesa.  During the Black Mesa incident you were conscripted into service by
    G-Man.  You were brought to the planet Xen where you defeated the Nihilinth and
    freed the Vortigaunts from slavery.
    Barney Calhoune:  A former security guard at Black Mesa before the resonance
    cascade disaster.  He's now the leader of the rebels and works undercover as a
    Civil Protection officer.  He will provide guidance at times and sometimes will
    aid in combat.
    Alyx Vance:  Daughter of Eli Vance.  She was just a child when you last saw
    her.  She'll also provide guidance at times and will sometimes aid in combat.
    Dr. Isaac Kleiner:  A former researcher and colleague at Black Mesa.  He took
    part in the events preceding the resonance cascade.
    Vortigaunts:  An alien species who were once your enemies, but are now friendly
    after you freed them from slavery.  They are staunch supporters of the
    rebellion and aid in whatever way they can.
    Dr. Judith Mossman:  A former Jr. researcher at Black Mesa who was up for your
    job, but got passed over because your qualifications made you a more suitable
    candidate.  Mossman has issues and shouldn't be trusted completely.
    Dr. Eli Vance:  A former researcher and colleague at Black Mesa.  He also took
    part in events that preceded the resonance cascade.
    Dr. Wallace Breen:  Your old administrator from Black Mesa and the one who
    hired you.
    Enemies  (from least to most dangerous)
    Dr. Judith Mossman:  Her issues will cause her to become a traitor.  In a way,
    she is most responsible for the capture of Eli, Alyx and you.  In the end,
    she'll prove herself to be more boon than bane.
    Dr. Wallace Breen:  He's now the administrator of City 17 after negotiating a
    surrender to the forces of the Combine in the 7 hour war.  He flees retribution
    to save his skin.  It's unknown whether his attempt to teleport was successful
    or if he's alive or dead.
    The Combine:  The controlling factor behind the current forces occupying Earth.
    Their only goal seems to be conquest.  Not much is known about them except that
    they seem to be lead by a species known only as Advisors.
    Civil Protection:  (CP's, cops, officers)  City 17 Metro cops.  Humans who have
    sided with the enemy.  Known for using brutal methods, up to and including
    beating you to death.  Fire power is minimal, usually .9mm pistols or SMG's. 
    They are easily dealt with by whacks with the crowbar or head shots with the
    Soldiers:  (troops, grunts)  Basic infantry.  Some human, others trans-human,
    altered surgically for unknown purposes.  They wear distinctive uniforms and
    face masks.  They prefer heavier weapons, up to and including pulse rifles. 
    Use heavier weapons when dealing with them.  They also serve as guards at the
    Nova Prospekt prison.
    Elites:  (Storm troopers, Special Forces)  Elites are recognized by their
    distinctive white armor and helmets with a solitary red 'eye.'  Their preferred
    weapon is the pulse rifle.  They are apt to fire energy cores, so be alert as
    the cores can do quite a bit of damage, but can be avoided if seen in time.  If
    you're quick, you can grab a core with the gravity gun and use it against enemies.
    Critters  (from least to most dangerous)
    Barnacles:  Resembles the same creature that attaches itself to any boat, with
    the exception that this critter is ten times the size, has a maw and sharp
    fangs.  They seem to prefer dark, dank habitats such as sewer tunnels,
    overpasses and the underside of bridges.  They have 'tongues' that seem to be
    able to extend to any length.  When something comes in contact with a tongue is
    is pulled to the maw.  Barnacles only ingest organic matter.  This critter is
    easily killed by a whack with the crowbar or several shots with the pistol. 
    Shotguns and heavier weapons are most effective.
    Head crabs:  (head humpers)  Parasites used by the Combine as biological
    weapons.  There are (3) variations; slow, fast and toxic.  They are capable of
    leaping several meters at a bound.  When they attack, they envelope a victims
    head in a maw in the underbelly and bite into the spinal column with their
    beaks.  They anchor themselves via their four, clawed legs; and through an
    unknown process, take over motor functions.  Once they've latched onto a
    victim, the victim will undergo 'zombification' and take on the characteristics
    of the type of head crab to which they fell victim.  This has the effect of
    rendering victims impervious to conditions that would otherwise be harmful or
    fatal.  All varieties of head crabs are easily killed with a whack of the crowbar.
    Slow head crabs:  As the nomenclature suggests, these critters move slowly. 
    When deployed, they will dig themselves in to lie in wait for a victim.  Their
    bites do minimal damage.
    Fast head crabs.  As the nomenclature suggests, these critters skitter about in
    a quick fashion.  Their bodies are smaller, rounder, and their legs longer than
    those of their slow counterparts.  Their bites also inflict minimal damage.
    Toxic head crabs:  As the nomenclature suggests, these critters are poisonous.
     They most resemble slow head crabs with the exception that they are black. 
    Use caution when dealing with these critters, because they can reduce your
    health to (1) with just one bite.  Your HEV suit will administer an anti-toxin
    that will gradually rebuild your health.  If you're bitten, hang back while you
    recover.  Toxic head crabs are also tough to kill.  Even when burning, they
    will continue to skittle about and attack, until they die.  Toxic head crabs
    are known to make a distinctive chittering sound.
    Antlions:  An insectoid creature approx. 2 meters long and a meter high, with
    wings.  They most resemble a nightmarish ant.  They are attracted by noise and
    vibration and will spawn from the ground to attack.  Antlions tend to attack in
    packs and are extremely vicious.  Be alert for ambushes.
    Warrior (bull) antlions:  This variety is easily twice the size and height of
    an antlion.  Its method of attack is to bear down, charge like a bull and head
    butt a victim.  Don't let a warrior corner you or you'll surely die.  Running
    and dodging is the best tactic.  Kill this critter by whatever means available.
    Heavy weapons work best.  You can also toss flammable barrels to inflict
    damage.  Pheropods can be harvested from warriors for the purpose of
    controlling antlions.
    Monsters  (from least to most dangerous)
    Zombies:  Zombies are the victims of head crabs.  There are (3) varieties,
    slow, fast and toxic.
    Slow zombies:  As the nomenclature suggests, these monsters bumble around
    slowly.  They take on the characteristics of a slow head crab.  Their arms and
    fingers elongate and their torsos split open.  Their exposed ribs resemble
    teeth.  Slow zombies can sometimes be seen feeding by stuffing their torsos. 
    Singly, they are no real threat, but in packs they can be dangerous.  Be
    cautious, because they will try to bludgeon you with their clawed hands and can
    toss objects with enough force to damage your health.
    Fast zombies:  As the nomenclature suggests, these monsters sprint and leap at
    victims.  They're even more hideous than slow zombies.  They're all muscle and
    bone with a split open torso.  Like slow zombies they will try to bludgeon you
    with their clawed hands.  Fast zombies can be heard from a distance by their
    distinct howling.
    Toxic zombies:  As the nomenclature suggests, these monsters are poisonous. 
    They carry up to (3) extra toxic head crabs piggy back style and will toss them
    at you accurately.  Toxic zombies are resistant to injury and are difficult to
    kill.  Use extreme caution when dealing with them.  Toxic zombies make a
    distinctive heavy breathing sound.
    Bosses  (from least to most dangerous)
    Hunter chopper:  An attack helicopter that is fast and maneuverable.  Weaponry
    includes pulse bolts and a seemingly endless supply of magnetic mines.  As the
    nomenclature suggests, hunter choppers are built for pursuit.  They will often
    fly ahead and drop mines in your path.  When behind you, they'll try to riddle
    you with pulse bolts.  They can only be brought down by a RPG launcher or
    Combine machine gun.  Unless cornered, your best tactic is to just haul ass,
    elude and evade.
    Gun-ship:  A bio-mechanical weapon that propels itself via a large tail rotor.
     When attacking, it will arc from side to side and sometimes circle as it fires
    pulse bolts.  When making a close approach, it will often tilt its nose up or
    down to expose the rotor.  Your best tactic is to wait for a  close approach
    and aim for the tail rotor.  4-5 hits will bring it down nicely.
    Strider:  A bio-mechanical weapon approx. 50ft. tall with tripod legs.  Besides
    pulse bolts, this boss can also unleash a disintegrating beam that can blow
    apart buildings and cause instant death.  They can also skewer you with their
    legs.  Striders are relentless, but they're slow and apt to turn their
    attention elsewhere when you're out of their line of sight for any length of
    time.  Your best tactic is to wait until they are facing away from you before
    firing.  It will take 5-6 hits to take down a strider.
    Scanners:  Devices with the ability to hover and maneuver through the air. 
    Method of propulsion is unknown.  There are (3) basic types: spy scanners,
    which are ubiquitous throughout City 17, searchlight & illumination, hopper
    mine deployment.  I consider these to be harmless, but annoying pests, so smash
    them all.
    Man-hack:  A modified scanner with a sharp, horizontal, spinning blade.  Used
    as deterrents, these mechanisms can quickly cause major health damage.  They
    can easily be smashed with a crowbar.
    Portable turrets:  These turrets are commonly set up as entry way, hallway and
    corridor defense.  They open continuous fire when an enemy is detected.  They
    can be disabled by knocking them over.  The gravity gun and grenades are ideal
    for that purpose.  Turrets will continue to fire briefly when knocked over. 
    Use caution.
    Pop up floor turrets:  As the nomenclature suggests, these turrets rise from
    the floor when laser trips are breached.  They will fire at any enemy that is
    detected by a turrets multiple blue sensor beams.  Stand to the side, out of
    range of the sensors, and roll a grenade into the casing to disable this type
    of turret.
    Hopper mines:  As the nomenclature suggests, this type of mine will 'hop up'
    when approached too closely and come down on an enemies head to explode.  Use
    the gravity gun to yank hoppers and disable them.  Afterward, they can be used
    against enemies.  Deploy them as traps or toss them like grenades.
    Thumper (perimeter restricter):  This device does exactly what its name
    implies.  A rod is driven up and down, thumping the ground and creating a
    shaking vibration.  When active, these devices keep antlions at bay by
    rendering them unable to approach any closer than approx. 20 yards.
    Energy core:  An energy globe that is the pulse rifles secondary attack.  They
    will disintegrate enemies on contact.  They will also ricochet off walls,
    making them effective against multiple enemies.  Use the gravity gun to snag
    one when fired at you, and then fling it back at enemies.
    Use number keys 1 through 6 to access your weapons.  Keys 2 through 5 each
    access two weapons.  You can use the mouse wheel to scroll up or down through
    your weapons.  I recommend opening the options menu and activating, "enable
    fast weapon switch," because it's faster and more reliable the the mouse wheel.
     Options/keyboard/advanced/check appropriate box.  Press a key once to access
    first weapon, twice to access second weapon.  The shotgun, sub-machine gun
    (SMG) and pulse rifle all have primary and secondary attacks.  Use mouse button
    1 for primary attack, mouse button 2 for secondary attack.  Weapons will not
    work when HEV suit is in zoom mode.
    Key 1
    crowbar:  Good for whacking enemies, breaking boards and busting open crates.
    Gravity Gun:  Technically, not a weapon.   The primary function emits a charge
    that can be used to punt objects.  the secondary function enables you to pick
    up objects or pull them to you from a distance.  A tutorial will be provided by
    Alyx in game.
    Key 2
    .9mm pistol:  Fires 18 rounds with a maximum of 150.  Good for short to medium
    long range.
    .357 Magnum:  Fires 6 rounds with a maximum of 12.  Good for medium long to
    long range.  It is extremely accurate and has one shot stopping power.
    Key 3
    SMG:  Fires 45 rounds with a maximum of 225.  Secondary attack fires a mini
    mortar.  Good for short to medium range.  Use short, controlled bursts for best
    Pulse rifle:  Fires 30 rounds with a maximum of 60.  Secondary attack fires an
    energy core.  Good for short to medium range.  The pulse rifle expends ammo
    quickly, so it's not good for sustained fights against multiple enemies.
    Key 4
    Shotgun:  Fires 6 rounds with a maximum of 30.  Secondary attack fires two
    shells at once.  Most effective at short range, but okay for medium range.
    Crossbow:  Fires 1 heated bolt with a maximum of 10.  Secondary function zooms
    in and out.  Good for medium long to long range.  Excellent for sniping.
    Key 5
    Grenades:  Max 5  Good for taking out multiple enemies or clearing
    obstructions.  Good for medium to medium long range.
    Rocket launcher (RPG):  Max ammo is (3) RPG's.  After firing, press and hold
    mouse button 2 to steer the rocket via a laser sight.  Good for blowing snipers
    out of windows from a distance and taking down more powerful enemies such as
    striders and gun-ships.  Col. Cubbage will provide an in-game tutorial.
    Key 6
    Pheropods:  Technically, pheropods are not weapons. Pheropods are used to
    control antlions and entice them to attack enemies.  Mouse button 1 will toss a
    pod.  Mouse button 2 will call antlions to you.  Pheropods have no effect on
    warrior antlions.
    Default Controls
    W,S,A,D = move forward, backward, left, right
    E = pick up/toss objects, push buttons, pull levers, turn wheels, enter/exit
    vehicles and interact with NPC's.
    Q = previous weapon
    R = reload
    F = flashlight
    G = switch between gravity gun and previous weapon  
    C = control squad; tap once to send squad, tap twice to recall
    Z = zoom
    Ctrl = crouch
    Shift = sprint
    Space bar = jump
    Mouse = look up, down, left, right
    Mouse button 1 = fire primary attack
    Mouse button 2 = fire secondary attack
    Use cover to stay alive longer.
    Barrels make good portable cover and barricades.
    Know the capability of your weapons.  Some are better than others in certain
    Make yourself a more difficult target by running and dodging.
    Quick save often, but not when you're low on health.
    Become familiar with the capabilities of your enemies.
    Whenever possible, take the time to explore the environment for hidden caches
    of health and supplies
    1.  Point Insertion
    2.  A Red Letter Day
    3.  Route Kanal
    4.  Water Hazard
    5.  Black Mesa East
    6.  We Don't Go to Ravenholm
    7.  Highway 17
    8.  Sand Traps
    9.  Nova Prospekt
    10.  Entanglement
    11.  AntiCitzen One
    12.  Follow Freeman
    13.  Our Benefactors
    14.  Dark Energy
    After the events of Half Life, G-Man placed you in stasis where you have
    remained for the past 20 years.  Half Life 2 takes up where Half Life left off.
    G-Man begins a narrative.  "Rise and shine Mr. Freeman.  Rise and shine.  Not
    that I'd wish to imply that you've been sleeping on the job.  No one is more
    deserving of a rest, and all the effort in the world would have gone to waste.
     Until then... well, let's just say your hour has come, again.  The right man
    in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.  So, wake up Mr.
    Freeman, wake up and smell the ashes."
    G-Man fades out and you find yourself on a train with two other passengers. 
    Soon the train begins to come to a stop as it pulls into the station at City 17.
    Chapter 1.  Point Insertion
    When the train stops, exit with the other passengers and head into the baggage
    area.  A large holographic monitor shows Dr. Breen spouting propaganda.  A
    Civil Protection officer is harassing a man who's trying to collect his
    luggage.  In an area to the right a Vortigaunt is sweeping the floor.
    Go through the turnstile and follow the other passengers to a large waiting
    area.  Enter the serpentine walkway and follow it to the next area where
    passenger are either exiting the station or being directed to the next
    platform.  A cop will wave his baton in the direction you should go and tell
    you to keep moving.  Enter the next enclosure where a sign on the chain link
    reads, "Nova Prospekt."  As you're about to pass through to the platform, the
    gate will slam shut.  The door to the security area opens and a cop orders you
    to follow him.
    Follow him down the dark corridor to the last room.  He'll pound on the door. 
    The eye slot will open and the cop inside will open the door.  You're ordered to
    go inside.  Wait through a brief exchange and the cop that opened the door will
    leave the room.  The other goes to the control console and shuts off the
    security cameras, claiming he's going to need some privacy.  He'll then take
    off his face mask and reveal himself as, "Barney from Black Mesa."  Wait
    through more dialogue and Barney will contact Dr. Kleiner.  Wait through more
    dialogue where it's determined that you should hook up with Alyx.
    There is some insistent thudding at the door.  Fearing that his cover will be
    blown, Barney shoos you into an adjacent room and tells you to pile up some
    stuff to get out through the window and head to the plaza.  (He'll catch up
    with you later.)  Do as instructed and once outside the building head for the
    partly ajar door.
    --Loading--  (indicates an autosave)
    Go upstairs and open the door to a hallway in another part of the station. 
    Make your way to the entrance of the ticket lobby.  A cop will appear, knock a
    can off a waste basket, and then order you to pick it up and put it inside.  Do
    as instructed and you're awarded, "Submissive."  Afterward, he'll chuckle and
    let you pass.
    Note:  To obtain, "Defiant," simply reload the last autosave; and after picking
    up the can, toss it at the cop instead.  This will earn you a thump with a stun
    baton, but it's good for a laugh.
    Continue through the ticket lobby to the foyer, then exit to the plaza. 
    Another holographic monitor shows Dr. Breen spouting the same propaganda.  The
    Citadel looms large beyond the checkpoint barriers.  Go right, down the only
    street that does not have a checkpoint and head for an alley on the right.  Hop
    on top of the dumpster and climb the ladder to the fire escape balcony.  Drop
    through the opening to the alley on the other side of the fence.  Go right and
    head into a courtyard that's surrounded by several run down apartment
    buildings.  Follow the path to an open door on the left.  Enter and follow the
    corridor to a door.
    Open the door to a small, bare, lobby with an elevator and stairs.  Go upstairs
    to the next floor where cops are making a raid on another apartment.  Hang back
    until the cop lets you pass then head through the hallway to the stairs at the
    other end.  Go upstairs until you come to a man who'll usher you into a room
    and tell you to keep going.  Make your way through the adjacent rooms as
    quickly as possible as cops give chase.  You'll come to another hallway that
    will lead to more stairs.  Go upstairs to evade the cop coming at you from the
    lower landing.  When you reach the next floor, another man will usher you into
    a room and tell you to head to the roof.  Head up the stairway.
    The stairs will lead you to the attic.  Go left and exit to the roof through a
    hole in the wall.  Go up the plank, cross the roof, go down the gable, and then
    cross a couple planks to a narrow ledge.  Follow the ledge until you can go no
    further and enter a building through either window.  Make your way to the
    staircase in the middle of the room and go down.  The stairs will collapse and
    you'll end up in front of a doorway.  You're awarded, "Malcontent."
    Enter a narrow hallway with doors at each end.  At this point it doesn't matter
    which way you run, because the doors will burst open and cops will intercept
    you.  They'll beat you with their batons and the scene will fade to white as
    you lose consciousness.  Shortly, you'll hear a woman's voice saying, "Over
    here," followed by the sounds of cops being taken out.  You can hear their coms
    squeal.  As you regain consciousness you'll see a young woman leaning over you.
    She says, "Dr. Freeman, I presume."
    As you get to your feet an alarm begins to sound outside.  The woman summons a
    freight elevator.  When you enter the elevator she turns and introduces herself
    as, "Alyx Vance."  Wait through some dialogue.  When the elevator stops, follow
    Alyx to a wall on which Dr. Breen's likeness is painted.  Alyx presses a hidden
    catch and a section of the wall slides open to reveal a narrow corridor. 
    Follow Alyx inside.
    Chapter 2:  A Red Letter Day
    As Alyx heads to the door, wait through a bit of dialogue.  She taps in a code
    on the security key pad and the door opens.  Follow Alyx into the next room and
    down some steps to another corridor.  Wait through more dialogue.  When you
    reach the next room you'll spot lambda #1 painted on the wall next to one of
    the vending machines.  Alyx will drop a coin (or slug) into the vendor, tap the
    buttons in a sequence, bang the side twice, and the front of the vendor will
    open to reveal Dr. Kleiner's lab.
    Go inside and wait through some dialogue.  Eventually, Barney will show up and
    activate some monitors.  If you go to the main monitor and press (E) the view
    will change and you'll see G-Man before he straightens his tie and walks off. 
    There's a miniature teleport sitting on a table.  Send the potted plant back
    and forth on the teleport pads ten times and the teleport will short out in
    sparks and a puff of smoke.  You're awarded, "What Cat."
    Wait through more dialogue.  Barney will open the door to a small room to
    reveal a large tube with your HEV (Hazardous Environment) suite inside.  Some
    sort of critter leaps at Barney and he yelps in disgust.  Turns out that the
    critter is Kleiner's pet head crab, "Lamarr."  (Lamarr is debeaked and
    harmless.)  After a bit of fuss, Lamarr skedaddles off and disappears into the
    air ducts.  Barney returns to the room and opens the tube.  Walk to the HEV
    suit, step up and suddenly you're wearing the suit.  After more dialogue, a
    gonging alarm begins to sound.  Go over to the power outlet attached to the
    wall and juice up the suit.  Kleiner will open the door to the teleport chamber.
    Alyx will get on the teleport pad while you assist with the teleport process. 
    She'll end up being teleported to Eli's lab at Black Mesa East.  When it's your
    turn, everything seems to be going smoothly, until Lamarr drops into the room
    and fubars the teleport process.  You end up teleporting willy nilly and
    eventually end up outside the building on the fire escape balcony.  Eventually
    the teleport process will end and you're urged to make your escape.  Drop down
    from the balcony as a couple of scanners come to pester you.  Enter the
    electrical sub-station and head right, between the electrodes, until you come
    to some stairs.  Go upstairs and open the door to another area outside the complex.
    When you round the corner you'll come into view of the Citadel.  Hundreds of
    scanners are pouring out.  From the roof top on the right, a door will open and
    Barney will emerge.  Wait through some dialogue where Barney will instruct you
    to make your way to Eli's lab via the dangerous route of the old canals.  (He'd
    join you, but he has to watch over Dr. Kleiner.)  Before he goes, he'll drop
    down your first weapon, a crowbar.  You're awarded, "Trusty Hardware."  Barney
    disappears back into the building.
    Go to the chain link fence and break the boards over the opening.  Go down the
    stairs and follow the path to another entrance.  Break or jump over the crate
    and when you round the corner you'll see several sets of train tracks with
    lines of boxcars on them.  Smash the scanner that comes to pester you.
    Note:  Scanners, when smashed, will sometimes drop a battery you can collect to
    boost power to the HEV suit.
    Drop to the tracks, sprint left and hop into an open boxcar.  Break the crates
    and pallets and exit to the tracks.  Be careful to avoid the train that will be
    coming at you.  Sprint right and when you reach the end of the line of boxcars
    duck to the other side.  Enter another open boxcar, climb out and jump down to
    the other side of the tracks.  Sprint to the chain link, break the boards and
    head down a dark stairway.
    Chapter 3.  Route Kanal
    A health station is available.  Enter the next corridor.  A couple of cops are
    harassing a man and woman.  Sprint over and whack the cops with your crowbar. 
    Collect a .9mm pistol form one of the cops.  The woman urges you to keep going.
    Break the boards over the doorway and head upstairs.  Use the crowbar to take
    out a couple of cops.  Collect their ammunition.
    When you reach the platform you'll see a few rusty,  white and orange barrels
    labeled, "flammable."  Go through the opening in the chain link, head to the 
    landing and wait.  Eventually, a train will come through and stop.  Step out
    onto the tanker car and make your way to the other side of the tracks.  Cops
    will begin to come from the stairs on the opposite side.  Use some scrap metal
    attached to the fencing for cover.  Set off the barrels to take out the cops.
    Note:  Shoot flammable barrels twice to ignite them for a delayed explosion. 
    Shoot three times for immediate results.  Heavier weapons only need one shot. 
    Use flammable barrels to set traps or fling them at enemies from a safe distance.
    When the last cop is dead, head back over, collect all their ammo, and then
    head back and break the boards over the entrance to the next building.  To your
    left you'll spot lambda #2 and a small cache of health and .9mm ammo.  Smash
    another scanner.  Set off the barrels in the next room to clear the exit.  Exit
    the back door and a couple of cops will ambush you from the upper level.  Set
    off the flammable barrels to take them out.
    Collect the stash from a supply crate then open the gate and head into the next
    area.  You'll find more health and ammo at the end of the building.  Hop the
    fence where it is bent outward.  Keep behind the scrap metal for cover.  Cops
    on the opposite side will come from the left.  Others will appear in the gap
    between the blue coverings.  Keep to the scrap metal out of the line of sight
    of the cops on the right.  If they can't see you, so they won't shoot at you. 
    Shoot the cops on the left first, then take out the cops on the right until no
    more appear.
    Tip:  Bring a barrel with you when you cross over the fence.  After dealing
    with the cops use it to boost yourself back over.  Cross the tracks and collect
    any ammo you can find then cross back.
    Follow the ledge until you come to a space between the buildings.  You'll see
    an air duct with a lambda above.  Crawl inside, collect some goodies, and
    you'll spot lambda #3.  Exit the duct and follow the ledge to the end of the
    chain link.  Drop to the tracks.  Try to land on the pallet to cushion your
    landing.  Go right, towards the flammable barrels.  A cop will try to ambush
    you when you reach the gap.  Set off the barrel nearest him and quickly back
    off to avoid a chain reaction.
    Approach the gap again, sprint underneath the stairwell and collect a battery.
    A flaming barrel will roll by harmlessly and a razor train will come roaring
    through.  Using the stairwell for cover, shoot a cop that appears behind the
    plate glass.  Step out and shoot a cop on the landing then head upstairs.  A
    health station is available.  A cop will come at you from the opposite end of
    the walkway.  Set off the flammable barrel when he's near enough.  Grab a
    flammable barrel and bring it with you to the tracks.  Set it on either side of
    the magnetic shield and head back to the walkway.
    Tip:  Magnetic shields only keep people, not inanimate objects from passing
    through.  You can shoot through them also.
    When you reach the steps, cops will drop to the tracks from the opposite
    platform.  Set off the barrel to send them flying.  Go back one last time and
    grab a barrel.  Bring it with you to a catwalk spanning the tracks.  Drop it to
    the tracks.  Cops will be coming from the distance.  Ignore them.  Break the
    crates, collect the health, and then continue to the opposite platform.  When
    the cops reach the magnetic barrier, set the barrel off to send them flying. 
    More cops are coming from the opposite direction.  Don't waste your bullets on
    them.  Instead, drop to the tracks and sprint to the gap between the chain link
    and wall.
    Drop to a catwalk spanning the canal. A razor train will come through and mow
    down the cops.  Quick save.  Sprint jump back to the tracks and stoke your
    health from the health station.  Break open the crates and collect batteries
    and .9mm ammo.  Go back to the catwalk and drop to the water.  Make your way to
    the red boxcar.  Climb the ladder on the left and drop through the opening at
    the top.  You'll surprise a citizen.  A Vortigaunt is powering a small
    television.  The image on the screen is G-Man.  Wait through some dialogue. 
    The man will offer for the Vort to boost your suit power.  Afterward, he'll
    send you on your way.  
    Break the wood barrier supporting a tanker car and the tanker will settle onto
    a boxcar.  Crawl under then crawl the length of a boxcar.  When you emerge,
    you'll see a raven getting snagged by a barnacle.  Continue beneath the
    overpass.  When you reach the end you'll see some refugees being gunned down. 
    From inside a pipe, a man will try to attract your attention and is gunned
    down.  Take cover behind the pile of rubble and shoot the cops that try to
    ambush you.
    Come out from cover and peek around the corner of the structure.  A couple of
    cops on a wide ledge are manning a Combine machine gun.  Sprint into the open
    pipe and head toward the cistern.  Shoot a cop that tries to ambush you. 
    Collect some health and batteries.  Climb the ladder out of the cistern just
    far enough to see a flammable barrel.  Some other junk will keep you obscured.
    Set off the barrel to send the cops flying, and then man the machine gun.  Gun
    down all scanners and cops that come at you.
    Eventually, an APC (Armored Patrol Car) will roll in and fire rockets at you. 
    Set off the barrel atop the raised platform and it will drop to bridge the gap
    in the ledge.  Sprint along the ledge to the next overpasses.  On the left
    you'll spot  lambda #4.  The cache is at the other end of the red car.  Crawl
    through a couple of pipes to avoid barnacles.  You'll have to shoot a third. 
    When you come out from under the overpasses an APC will roll by.  Make your way
    over to an open pipe.  A female Underground Railroad member will attract your
    attention.  Wait through some dialogue, then she'll send you on your way.
    Enter the pipe and follow it until it opens to a cistern.  Drop down.  A couple
    of cops are standing on the sewer grate.  Shoot one and the other will run off.
    Enter the next pipe and follow it to another cistern.  The next pipe is
    blocked by rebar over the opening.  A couple of supply crates are floating in
    the water.  Drop to the water.  The sewer grate will blow apart and flaming
    barrels will come rolling in.  Dive beneath the water to cushion yourself from
    the explosions.  You'll have enough air to last.  Resurface and shoot the cop
    at the edge of the manhole.  Collect the goodies floating in the water and hop
    up into the next pipe.  Fortunately, the explosions have torn apart the rebar.
    Follow the pipe until you come to another section of canal.  Drop down and
    shoot a cop that's in the canal with you and one at street level.  Make your
    way to the truck and wagon.  Shoot another cop that drops into the canal.  Step
    out from behind the truck and wagon and cops will converge on the wood bridge.
    Set off the flammable barrels at the base to send them flying.  Collect stash
    from the supply crates then head under the bridge.  Shoot another couple of
    cops that drop into the canal then crawl under the right arch of the bridge.
    At the bottom of the slope, you'll see a couple of barnacle tongues.  Grab
    barrels and shove them down.  When they get snagged, slide down and step left.
    At the bottom of the next slope is a whole slew of barnacle tongues.  Grab a
    flammable barrel and shove it down.  When it gets snagged, ignite it by
    shooting it twice.  The explosion will kill most of the barnacles and you'll be
    awarded, "Barnacle Bowling."  Slide down, finish off any survivors, collect
    supplies, and then go up the short passage on the right.  When you reach the
    exit a flaming barrel will get shoved into the water.  Wait for it to explode
    then drop to the water.
    Another barrel will get shoved into the water.  Just keep well behind the wood
    panel.  Afterward, swim to the opposite wall.  Three cops will open fire from
    the street.  Shoot them, but try not to set off any of the barrels near them. 
    (You'll need them later.)  Set off the barrels atop the opposite wall.  The
    explosions will cause one of the panels to fall into the canal, creating an
    handy platform.  Swim over to the platform.  Duck underwater when a couple
    flaming barrels get shoved in.  Hop up onto the platform and take a breather.
    Swim over to the ladder and climb to the platform.  Set off the barrel atop the
    opposite wall and send a cop flying into the canal.  Swim to the walkway at the
    opposite wall.  Collect some health and ammo.  Use the narrow vertical section
    for cover.  Pop out and set off the barrels on the walkway spanning the canal
    and atop the wall to send more cops flying.  Hop over to the next section of
    walkway and immediately hop back to avoid a flaming barrel.  Hop back then hop
    to the next section.  Avoid another flaming barrel.  Hop to the walkway at the
    opposite wall and head into the next pipe.  Follow it to another cistern and
    drop down.
    You need to get into the tunnel, but it's too high to jump.  There's a wide
    plank across a section of pipe.  Grab bricks and place them on the end until
    the plank tilts up.  Climb onto the plank and sprint/jump to the tunnel. 
    Alternately, pile four bricks against the wall, hop up and enter the tunnel. 
    As you near the exit an attack helicopter will hover down.  Sprint out, head
    left to the bottom of the slope and head left again.  Make your way around the
    rubble to a ledge.  Shoot a barnacle, collect some health, and then sprint over
    to the blue door.  Set aside the barrel, open the door and enter.
    You'll spot  lambda #5 beneath the catwalk.  Climb down a ladder in the niche,
    collect some goodies inside the alcove then climb back up and head into the
    next chamber.  Collect some supplies and a battery.  Enter the low, flooded
    alcove.  Retrieve the flammable barrel and bring it to the top of another
    slope.  There are barnacle tongues at the top and bottom of the slope.  Shove
    the barrel at the first barnacle tongues and ignite the barrel.  Grab another
    nearby barrel, repeat with the second set of tongues, and then slide down.
    Follow the next passage to another chamber.  You'll have the same problem with
    barnacles, but this time, only one flammable barrel.  No problem.  Grab the
    flammable barrel and set it near the top of the slope.  Grab a regular barrel
    or tire and shove it at the first set of barnacle tongues.  When it gets
    snagged, grab the flammable barrel, shove it down to the second set of tongues,
    and then ignite the barrel.  Grab another barrel or tire and feed it to the
    first tongues.  When it gets snagged slide past to the bottom.  Go up the steps
    to a door.  Open the door and sprint left to another passage.  Collect some
    .9mm ammo and health.  Make your way through the passage.
    Eventually, you'll come to another cistern that's been boarded over at the
    entrance.  Break the boards and go inside.  You'll be greeted by a man who
    apparently doesn't recognize you.  Wait through a situation update.  The man
    will go to the exit.  A high pitched sound can be heard.  The man will swear
    and pick up a length of pipe.  Get out your crowbar.  Several man-hacks will
    burst through the door.  Help smash the hacks.  Afterward, the man will offer
    you some supplies and send you on your way.  Collect the supplies then head out.
    Follow the passage until you come to a gate.  A few man-hacks will come at you.
    Open the gate and smash them.  Switch to your pistol and follow the passage
    until it turns left.  More hacks will come at you.  Ignite a flammable barrel
    and quickly duck back.  A chain reaction will take out all the hacks.  Follow
    the passage until it turns right.  There's a room at the end of the passage
    with some health and .9mm ammo inside.  A gate opens to the outside and a short
    walkway.  Open the gate and step outside.  A couple of cops will appear at
    street level and open fire.  Duck back inside and shoot the cops.
    Afterward, several man-hacks will swarm at you.  Smash them then go inside the
    room on the right and collect the health and ammo.  Cross the walkway,  move
    the barrel and crate, open the gate and enter another section of sewers.  Break
    a pallet and crate in your way.  When you reach the main passage, look for the
    dimly red lit grate.  Break the grate and crawl inside the duct.  Smash a lone
    hack and continue to a room with several supply crates inside.  Stock up and
    head back.
    When you reach the main passage a cop will appear.  Set off the flammable
    barrel to send him flying then drop down to the sewer tunnel.  Approach the
    cistern and a cop will rappel down.  Shoot him and his buddies that appear at
    the end of the tunnel then collect a SMG and all the ammo.  You'll see a
    flammable barrel blocking the entrance to a low, narrow passage.  Set the
    barrel off then crawl inside.  You'll come to some large crates that will burst
    apart when you're close.  A torso zombie will claw its way towards you.  Put a
    few bullets in its head and continue to the back of the passage where you'll be
    able to collect a battery and a grenade.
    Note:  You'll get the grenade much sooner than if you'd passed on the opportunity.
    Double back, and when you reach the tunnel, another cop will rappel down.  Set
    off the nearby flammable barrel to take him out then collect his ammo also. 
    When you come to the end of the tunnel you'll see another cistern filled with
    water.  A paddle wheel is slowly turning counter clockwise.  Dive into the
    water and swim counter clockwise until you come to an underwater passage. 
    Enter the passage and come up for air when you reach the gap.  Dive back down
    and continue until the passage ends.  Hop onto the ledge and turn around.
    Hop over the well and head into a tunnel with a steam pipe inside.  Smash a
    scanner that pesters you.  Go left, head outside and shoot a couple of cops
    that drop in.  Shoot a couple more cops that appear on the walkway and smash
    the hacks they launch.  Collect the health and ammo then head back into the
    tunnel and collect the stash on the landing near the barnacle.  Get on top of
    the steam pipe and follow it to the next passage.  A barnacle tongue will block
    the way.  Step off onto the wide ledge, being careful to avoid venting steam. 
    Smash another hack that comes at you, feed a flammable barrel to the nearest
    barnacle and ignite the barrel.
    Hop to the narrow ledge on the other side of the pipe and collect some health
    and .9mm ammo.  Hop back on top and carefully avoiding venting steam, continue
    until you spot lambda #6.  Break the board over the alcove then drop down and
    crawl under the pipe.  Collect some health, batteries and a mini mortar for
    your SMG.  Crawl back under and you'll see a low, square opening with another
    well inside.  Dive in and swim until you come to a ladder.  Climb to the
    outside.  Just past the bridge you'll see a cop next to a cart.
    Get your SMG ready.  Approach the cart and another cop will upend it sending
    flaming barrels into the pit.  Shoot at the barrels still in the cart to set
    them off and take out the cops.  Use the shallow right corner of the bridge for
    cover.  Sprint under the bridge to the wall and take cover in the corner. 
    Shoot a cop that appears at street level and a couple that drop into the pit. 
    Collect the SMG ammo and enter the next passage.
    Switch to your crowbar.  Several man-hacks will come at you.  Hang back and
    they should come at you by ones or twos, making them easier to deal with. 
    You'll find health and .9mm ammo in the alcoves.  When you've smashed all the
    hacks, follow the passage to a gate.  Open the gate and continue until you come
    to a dimly red lit room.  You'll find much needed supplies of health, batteries
    and ammo.  Break the grate over the duct and crawl inside.  Follow the duct to
    a vertical shaft.  Switch to your pistol.  Shoot out the grate and drop through
    to a large chamber.  Immediately head up the slight incline of the left wall
    and then hop onto a wide ledge.
    At the opposite end of the room, man-hacks will come pouring in through a duct.
    Set off the flammable barrels to cause a chain reaction that will destroy most
    of the hacks.  Switch to your crowbar and smash any survivors.  There's a
    health pack in the chamber, but the explosions will have tossed it around, so
    you'll have to search around.  Through the grating you'll see that the floor of
    the chamber is flooded with a few feet of water.  There's also a red lit pipe.
    You need to get into the pipe, but have to find a way to raise the water level.
    Climb the ladder attached to the brick pillar, step out onto the pipe and
    follow it to the other side of the chamber.  Go through the connecting passage
    into a room with lots of pipes inside.  A supply crate containing health floats
    in the water.  Follow the catwalk and step out onto a rusty brown pipe.  The
    way to go should be fairly obvious.  Make a series of drops from pipe to pipe
    until you reach a red valve wheel.  Turn the wheel and the water will rise. 
    Swim to the ladder and head back to the other chamber.  Get your crowbar ready,
    because you'll have to smash a few hacks.
    Go back and collect health if needed, otherwise; swim to the ladder, climb
    under the grating and swim through the pipe to another chamber.  Locate the
    ladder and climb to a narrow ledge.  You need to get to the opposite ledge, but
    there's no way to cross and it's too far to jump.  Look down.  You'll see a
    boarded over enclosure with some crates and large cable spools inside.  There's
    no need to dive down.  Simply fire a few bursts with your SMG to shatter the
    boards.  Crates and spools will float to the surface.  Sprint/jump to one of
    the spools and use it as a spring board to hop onto the opposite ledge.  Go up
    the steps and follow the passage to another sewer tunnel.
    Climb the ladder, cross the boards to the opposite ledge and drop down. 
    Further down the tunnel, a couple of cops will rappel down and release a
    man-hack.  Go left and head into the dead end.  Another hack will enter through
    a manhole.  Smash the hacks then make your way through the tunnel and shoot the
    cops.  When you reach their position you'll see another passage.  Use a barrel
    to boost yourself to the ledge.  Collect some supplies and ammo then enter the
    passage.  Smash a few man-hacks then follow the passage until it dead ends at
    an alcove.  Feed a crate or barrel to the barnacle on the left then collect SMG
    ammo and some supplies.
    Exit then step through a gap in the wall into another passage.  Next to a
    ladder is a lambda.  (Does not count towards the achievement.)  Climb the
    ladder and collect supplies that're on the ledge.  Cross the narrow railings
    and boards until you come to another niche.  You'll spot lambda #7.  Collect
    more supplies.  Drop down and follow the passage until it ends at a pit.  Look
    to your right for lambda #8, a corpse and supplies on a ledge.  Drop into the
    pit, be careful not to land in the toxic water.  Make your way into a
    connecting passage till you come to a man shooting head crabs with a SMG.
    He'll turn and recognize you.  Wait through some dialogue then Alyx's voice
    will come over the shortwave radio with instructions for an Underground station
    further on.  Wait through more dialogue and you're offered supplies then sent
    on your way. Stock up with what you need then continue into the refugee camp. 
    A black head crab shell will thunk into the ground, killing a couple of
    refugees.  Head crabs will emerge and immediately dig into the ground.  Get
    your crowbar out.
    Advance just far enough to trigger one or two crabs then whack them.  Collect
    supplies and health.  Cross to the opposite end, thwacking crabs as you go. 
    When you reach the other side, a head crab victim will appear behind a section
    of chain link, moan and groan then collapse.  Put a bullet into the head crab
    and put the victim out of his misery.  Enter the next area with a shell inside
    and whack a couple more crabs.  Follow the path, bashing crabs as you go, until
    you come to an enclosed area.  You'll spot a couple of zombies resting with
    their backs against the walls.
    Toss a grenade near one of the zombies to take it out.  The other will animate
    and come at you.  Put a few bullets in its noggin.  Cross the enclosure to the
    next area where a shell has landed.  Bop another head crab.  Cross the plank,
    being careful not to be touched by the swaying power line and head towards an
    electrified container.  Shoot a zombie that tries to ambush you then enter the
    container.  Avoid touching the container.  Collect some supplies then make your
    way through.
    Before you can exit, another shell will thunk into the ground.  Smack the head
    crabs that emerge then exit.  Cross a bent girder and shoot a zombie that pops
    up from the toxic water to ambush you.  As you exit the camp another shell will
    thunk behind you.  Ignore it and follow the walkway into the tunnel.  You'll be
    met by a female.  Wait through some dialogue and a situation update then enter
    the air-boat.  You're awarded, "Anchors Aweigh."  Wait through more dialogue
    then the woman will open the gate.  Take off into the canal.
    Note:  There's no hurry here.  Take some time to get used to steering and
    maneuvering the boat.  Make a couple of practice jumps.
    Steer the boat until the canal widens.  You'll see a closed lift gate.  The
    gate mechanism is on a slab to the right.  Steer somewhere near the slab and
    exit the boat.  Go to the slab and turn the gate wheel until the gate clicks
    into place.  Break open the supply crate and smack a lurking head crab.  Get
    back into the boat and steer into the passage.
    Chapter 4.  Water Hazard
    Follow the passage until you drop into uncontaminated water.  When you reach
    the end of the tunnel you'll spot lambda #9.  The stash is at the top of the
    catwalk.  Exit the tunnel.  If you look closely, you'll see G-Man at the
    entrance to the barn.  He'll disappear inside as you approach.  You'll spot
    lambda painted on the concrete dock and lambda #10 on the side of a container
    held aloft by a hoist.  Dock the boat and exit.  Make your way to the entrance
    of the barn and take out a couple of zombies.  Be careful, because they'll toss
    crates and barrels at you.
    Go up the stairs to the rafters.  Get your crowbar ready.  Make your way along
    the rafters (you'll have to crouch) until you reach the ladder.  Smack a head
    crab that drops down.  Climb to the hayloft and you'll see a winch held in
    place by a barrel.  A hunter chopper will fly by searching for you.  Use the
    crowbar to knock the barrel away from the winch and the goodies will drop to
    the river.  The fastest way is to jump.  The water will cushion your landing. 
    Just be careful not to land on the boat.
    Collect your supplies then get back in the boat and continue along the river. 
    Use the wood ramp to clear an obstruction.  When you land, a man on a bridge
    will call your attention to some supplies he's dropping.  Exit the boat,
    collect the supplies and bash a couple of scanners.  The next section of canal
    is elevated.  A ramp contraption would let you make the jump, but it's out of
    position.  Look to your left and you'll spot a lambda next to an open pipe. 
    Enter the pipe and follow it to where it branches.  You'll see a couple of blue
    barrels.  Grab the barrels, toss them into the water, and then jump down.  Grab
    all the barrels and release them inside the submerged cage to float the ramp. 
    Get back to the boat and use the ramp to jump to the next section of canal.
    You'll land in toxic water that eventually becomes clear again.  A Combine
    drop-ship will fly by.  Steer through the canal and you'll spot another
    drop-ship depositing cops.  Use the air-boat to mow them down then exit. 
    You'll spot lambda #11 next to another open pipe.  Go to the pipe and use a
    nearby barrel to boost yourself inside.  Swim through a submerged pipe until
    you come to a grotto-like area.  As you cross to the supply crates, a zombie
    will pop up from the water.  Shoot it, collect the supplies, and then head back
    to the boat.
    When you round the bend, run down more cops that drop into the canal.  Around
    the next bend the river is blocked.  Use the ramp at the left wall to clear the
    obstruction.  Steer towards the raised platform on the right and ram the stilts
    to send another couple cops flying.  Make a drop to another section of canal
    and pass under a couple of bridges.  Be careful not to get snagged by barnacles.
    When you round the bend you'll see an officer stationed on a bridge that's
    missing a section.  Ram the boat into the stilts to send him flying.  Around
    the next bend the lock gates are closed.  Steer onto the sandbar and exit. 
    Climb a ladder to a walkway, follow the walkway to a door, and then enter the
    facility.  You've entered a Civil Protection unit.  There's some SMG ammo on a
    shelf and Dr. Breen is making a broadcast concerning you.
    In the main garage you'll see a couple of APC's and two small rooms.  Enter
    each room and collect supplies and ammo.  Outside the one room is a large crate
    of infinite grenades.  Open it and stock up.
    Note:  The large, olive drab crates never run out of ammo.  The type of ammo
    contained inside is depicted on the front of the case.
    A couple of officers are around the corner waiting to ambush you.  One is near
    the wall and the other behind the APC.  Step out from the wall just far enough
    to see the APC, but not be spotted by the cop near the wall.  Toss a grenade
    behind the APC then step out and hose the other cop with your SMG.  You'll see
    a room with plate glass windows.  A cop in the adjacent room will open fire
    when he spots you.  Return fire through the plate glass.  Toss in a grenade or
    two to finish him off.  Keep alert for several man-hacks that will swarm you. 
    Enter the adjacent room and restock grenades from the ammo crate.  A health
    station is available.
    Open the next door, sprint outside and crouch behind the wagon for cover.  A
    cop at the other end of the yard will open fire with a Combine machine gun. 
    Start moving forward, pushing the cart in front of you.  When you reach the
    opposite end, pop up and hose the cop.  Climb into the dumpster to collect a
    battery from the supply crate inside.  Open the door and toss in a couple of
    grenades.  Go inside and shoot any survivors.  You'll find a mini mortar on top
    of the left turbine.  Use the health station and restock your grenades.
    Take the stairs to the balcony and exit.  The gate wheel is shorted out and
    useless.  Look to your right.  You'll see a two tiered platform with girders on
    top and flammable barrels on the bottom.  Set off the barrels and the girders
    will swing down and smash open the gate.  An alarm will sound and a drop-ship
    will fly by.  Reenter the building and head back to the yard.  Man the machine
    gun and hose the cops and scanners.  Make your way back and reenter the main
    building.  Use the health station then get a grenade ready.  Enter the adjacent
    room and toss a grenade behind the other APC to take out a cop hiding there.
    Sprint out behind the APC near you.  Toss a couple of grenades to take out cops
    at the opposite side.  Restock from the crate then cross the room while keeping
    close to the wall.  Fire a couple of bursts to shatter the plate glass windows
    of the office and toss a couple of grenades inside to send a few officers
    flying.  Don't step out into the open yet.  An officer is manning a machine
    gun.  Step out just far enough to see the gun mount, but not be spotted.  Toss
    a grenade and bounce it off the wall to take out the cop.  Restock your
    grenades, use the health station, collect SMG ammo, and then head back to the boat.
    When you pass through the gate, be sure to run over the supply crates floating
    in the water.  Around the bend you'll see a bridge where officers are
    stationed.  Don't waste your ammo on them.  Instead, haul ass along the river
    and drop to another section.  An APC will fire rockets at you.  There's an
    opening in the wall under the APC.  Steer onto the dirt bank on the right and
    exit.  You'll spot lambda #12.  Go into the opening and collect the supplies. 
    Watch out for the head crab.  Shoot a couple of cops that rappel down then fire
    up the boat and haul ass.  
    Hang a left and steer up the dirt bank along the right wall.  A couple of
    trucks in the water will get set ablaze.  You'll get singed some as you clear
    the flames, but that can't be helped.  Steer into the nearest pipe.  When you
    emerge, steer to the left wall and under the overhang.  Crash through barriers
    until you enter a tunnel.  Follow the tunnel until you emerge beneath a set of
    overpasses then continue leisurely (for now) along the river.
    Eventually you'll come to a section of river that's been blocked by the debris
    from a crumbled overpass.  Steer around the columns and you'll spot lambda #13.
    Exit the boat.  You'll spot a couple of baskets, one on the ground and one
    hanging.  Remove the bricks from the basket on the ground and the other will
    drop.  Collect the stash.  Fire up the boat and resume your way along the
    river.  Eventually you'll come to a couple of pipes that lead to another
    section of canal.  When you emerge, a cop on a concrete walkway will open fire.
    The lock gate will shut.  Make a hard right, steering behind the wood pylons
    for cover.  Steer over to a small concrete dock with steps and exit the boat.
    Shoot or break the lock off the door and enter the building.  Go over to the
    table, collect some goodies and a .357 magnum.  The door at the other end will
    open.  Shoot the cops that try to ambush you.  Collect the supplies near the
    door then exit.  Go outside, to the portico.  You'll hear the sound of a hunter
    chopper.  Take the steps to the main yard, shooting a cop as you go.  Sprint
    between the cargo containers, head right and shoot a cop and a man-hack he
    launches.  Make a left then a quick right and shoot a cop that's on the other
    side of the chain link fence.  Go through the gap in the fence and enter an
    open container.  Quickly collect supplies from the crates.
    Exit the container, shoot a couple more cops then head left and enter a
    warehouse.  Take cover in an open container on the right.  Shoot man-hacks that
    enter the container and cops that attack from each end.  Collect supplies from
    the crate.  Step out from the end you entered and look right.  You'll see a
    raised platform.  Shoot a couple of cops that are on the platform then go over
    to the crates.  You'll find a crate containing magnum ammo.  Go to the opposite
    end and you'll find a battery and another crate containing magnum ammo.  On
    your right is another raised platform.  Take the steps to the platform, shoot a
    couple of cops that enter at ground level and others that appear on the
    opposite platform.
    Cross to the opposite side over the tops of the containers.  Collect ammo then
    follow the short passage to some stairs.  The chopper will take some pot shots.
    Use the left corner of the doorway for cover.  Toss a grenade into the next
    room to clear the exit of crates.  Sprint through the room and enter the next.
    Shoot a cop and a couple at the stairway landing.  Go downstairs, collect some
    supplies and use the health and power stations.  Exit the building and head
    right.  Shoot a cop then sprint to the walkway.  Shoot cop on the other side of
    the fence.  Climb the ladder into the control room, shoot a couple of cops then
    man the machine gun at the left window.
    Open fire on the chopper and it will begin to break apart.  When the chopper
    moves off, man the other machine gun and continue firing.  The chopper will
    break apart some more and retreat.  Collect some ammo and supplies.  Press the
    button on the control console to open the gate.  Exit the control room and head
    back to the boat.  Steer through the gate and it will close behind you.  The
    chopper (fully repaired) will reappear.  Steer into the connecting passage. 
    There's a train parked on the bridge just ahead.  Stop the boat just past the
    girders on the left and enter the alcove behind. the girders  You'll spot
    lambda #14.  Collect the stash then head back to the boat and continue to haul
    ass.  Exit the connector, turn left, steer up the wall and veer over the
    divider.  Double back and steer into another pipe just around the bend.
    Exit the pipe and keep hauling ass.  The chopper will drop mines which are
    easily avoided.  Eventually you'll come to a series of unconnected pipes. 
    Steer inside and follow until you find yourself in a large chamber.  Look left
    for lambda #15.  Ram the stilts to drop the stash.  When you exit the chamber
    you'll have to steer over the tops of some unconnected pipes before you can
    enter the last.  When you exit the tunnel the chopper will be on your ass
    again.  Steer into another connecting waterway and up a log ramp to a ledge. 
    Don't stay on the ledge.  The chopper will drop mines you won't be able to avoid.
    Instead, quickly drop back into the canal, steer through the gate towards the
    left bank.  Steer up the bank and head under a series of overpasses.  When you
    emerge, speed down a V shaped connecting waterway.  Avoid dropped mines as best
    you can.  About half way down you'll spot a gap at the top of the left wall. 
    Steer up the wall and into the gap.  At the end is where you'll spot lambda
    #16.  Ram into the stash and haul ass back to the connector.  You'll see a
    bridge ahead.  Just before you get to it, steer left and you'll see two dark
    areas.  Steer into the area on the right and you'll spot lambda #17.  Ram the
    stash and head back towards the bridge.
    Smash through the barrier and pass under the right arch.  Hang a hard right
    under another overpass and steer up the dirt bank on the right.  Make a jump
    that will land you on a pier with an open warehouse.  Steer inside and onto a
    large hanging basket.  Exit and make use of the health and power stations.  Be
    cautious, because the chopper will continue to drop mines and take pot shots at
    you through the skylights.  There's supply crates at the opposite side.  When
    you're finished stocking up, turn the wheel and lower the basket.  Jump down to
    the boat.  You'll probably sustain a fracture.
    Haul ass from under the warehouse, through a gate and make a hard left.  Head
    crab shells will come from over the horizon and thunk into the river banks. 
    One of the industrial smoke stacks takes a hit and collapses into the river. 
    Steer for the middle and use the arc of a broken section as a jump.  Haul ass
    until you come to a pipe.  You'll have to do your best to avoid mines dropped
    by the chopper and rockets fired by an APC.  Enter the pipe.  The chopper will
    fire pulse bursts after you, so don't slow down until you're around the bend.
    When you emerge you'll find yourself in a cul-de-sac.  Park the boat and exit.
    The chopper will fly by searching for you.  You'll see another ramp
    contraption whic 

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