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About The Game

Dishonored is an innovative new stealth game from Arkane Studios combining high fantasy and steampunk aesthetics with the grimily realistic 19th century setting of Dunwall, a fictional city in the throes of a plague outbreak. You play as Corvo Atano, the former bodyguard of the Empress of Pandyssia who has been framed for her murder. Now an assassin, Corvo stalks the streets of Dunwall, avoiding the zombie-like infected “Weepers” and the “Tallboys,” police operatives in long-legged robot suits. Utilize deadly combinations of assassination and magical techniques to decimate or control your enemies as you attempt to clear your name and bring peace to the empire once again.

Game Features:

  • • Gritty steampunk setting of Dunwall based on 19th Century England
  • • Truly open-world gameplay in that you choose exactly how to beat the missions. Can you beat the game without bloodshed?
  • • Teleportation and possession abilities add new twists to the stealth genre
  • • “Chaos System” ensures that every decision you make in the game has an impact
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Dishonored Videos

Dishonored - Debut Trailer

Introducing Dishonored, a game that casts you as a supernatural assassin driven by revenge.

Dishonored - E3 2012 Gameplay Trailer

Dishonored gameplay footage straight from E3!

Dishonored – The Study of Stealth Trailer

Explore Dishonored’s creative stealth mechanics in this trailer from Bethesda.


Dishonored Review

By Jonathan Pizmyer |

Dishonored puts you in the shoes of Corvo Attano and takes you to Dunwall, a mysterious Industrial city plagued by an infestation of rats. Trying to find a cure for this plague before it’s too late, the Empress sends you, her protector, on a trip to find a solution to this problem. Upon your return, not only do you have to inform your queen that you have failed to discover a cure, but you also assist helplessly in her murder by some supernatural soldiers before being left for dead in your own blood, critically wounded. Worst of all, you see Emily, the Queen's daughter and heir to the throne, being abducted by these criminals. Taken into custody and unfairly sentenced to death for these crimes, you’ll have to get out of prison and clean your dishonored name with the help of some loyal fellows by eliminating the real actors behind these atrocious offenses.


Arkane Studios has truly shaped a unique and oppressing atmosphere with the world of Dishonored. Despite a slow introduction and boring first missions, players would die to learn more about the mysteries and characters of the city of Dunwall. After the first missions, the rhythm of the game will accelerate and you will feel immersed into this intriguing and fascinating dark environment where every character seems suspicious in some way or another. It’s unfortunate that with such an interesting setting, the scenario doesn’t stand up through the entire game. In fact, Dishonored doesn’t surprise with its story as there isn’t many twists or story-related elements that will amaze you. Once you’ll see the ending screen, you might be left hungry. It’s also disappointing to see that the characters of the game haven’t been working or researching as deeply as they could have been, especially the mysterious and magical being known as The Outsider that you’ll encounter early on in your adventure. Arkane Studios put a lot of elements that could have made Dishonored a brilliant story-driven game, but simply didn’t exploit them well enough to make the story on par with the rest of what’s offered.


Truth to be told, even if the scenario is a bit disappointing, you’ll simply be glued to your screen and won’t want to quit the game once you’ll begin to experience the different mechanisms of Dishonored. Despite having the look of a simple first-person shooter, Dishonored is way, way more than that. As a matter of fact, the game always offers you two choices in order to achieve your goals : going brutal or choosing a more subtle and stealthier way. For the first option, you’ll have access to a firearm, a good old trusty knife and some really dangerous objects that you’ll be able to collect or craft, including a small ball that will pitch blades once an enemy is in range. On the other hand, if you go for the stealth option, you’ll be able to use a variety of techniques in order to eliminate enemy soldiers without being noticed, including magic powers that open interesting paths through the entire adventure. And that’s where all of the beauty of Dishonored comes into play.


Early on in your adventure, you’ll meet The Outsider. This strange being will give you access to upgradeable magic powers that you’ll use to kill your enemies in more innovative and interesting ways than by simply using your weapons. For example, you’ll learn the Dark Vision, which will let you see through walls and, if you upgrade it, the vision range of your adversaries. You’ll also learn the ability to possess living beings, freeze time and even sends bursts of winds that will destabilizes enemy soldiers. Moreover, you’ll be able to combine these powers to make them even more deadly. For example, I once used my possess ability to incarnate a rat, froze them, passed just before the eyes of a guard, reappeared in his back and choke him until he fell asleep. This is only one example showing how Dishonored can be delightful. You’ll see that by using magic, the latest title from Arkane Studios is truly the definition of a fun and intelligent game.


Some powers will also become very useful when exploring the environments and grab different kind of items through your adventure. In fact, the magic spell you’ll most likely use through the game will be the Blink power, which will allow you to teleport yourself over a short and, eventually, long distance. With Blink, you’ll be able to gain access to roofs otherwise unattainable and, therefore, explore rooms and buildings to collect more objects, potions and gold that will help you turn your character into an unstoppable force of nature. As a matter of fact, we strongly suggest that you take the time to use the magic of Dishonored to deeply analyze and explore your environment as the level design is very brilliant. Arkane Studios put a lot of elements to discover in each neighborhood of Dunwall and even if some are uninteresting (like the countless boring books you can read), overall, you’ll be rewarded if you take the time to climb each roof and enter individual rooms of a building. Moreover, there is a lot of tracks in each environment to get where you want to go and that will suit either a shooting/action strategy or a stealth oriented gameplay. No matter what your favorite style, Dishonored offers a surprising amount of possibilities that will push you to retry again and again the different missions for the pleasure to discover new flavors and game experiences.

What’s even more attractive in Dishonored is that your actions have important consequences given, in portion, by an unseen Chaos rating. For instance, if you’re a more brutal gamer that simply want to kill everything in its path, your Chaos rating will go up at the end of a mission. You’ll then see more enemies in future levels, more rats in the streets, more human infected by the plague and between missions and more characters will be harder to convince. This goes all the other way if you stealthier, with the addition of a few more secondary missions as characters will have more confidence in you if you put your enemies to sleep rather than killing them.


Also, the choices you make can drastically change the way a mission is completed. For example, when you will have to eliminate your first important diplomat of the Dunwall's corrupted political system, you will face some choices. You can go straight forward and waste him with your firearm, or you can poison him with its own poison he planned to use on another character. Then, if you choose the non-lethal option for making him disappear, you can choke him and set him up so he'll have to leave the country to avoid a trial. This is the kind of choices and brilliant ideas you’ll experience through the campaign and that will truly capture your interest until the final credits roll on your screen.

Unfortunately, Dishonored is not without flaws. In addition to a disappointing scenario, the graphics of the game aren’t really impressive. In fact, Dishonored runs under Unreal Engine 3 and Arkane didn’t push this now the old engine to its limits. Some characters look gross and the environment textures are, for the most part, in low resolution. We’ve seen way better than Dishonored in a lot of games even some that came out a couple of years ago. Also, the AI isn’t the smartest we’ve seen, which is a shame for a game that encourages players to use stealth techniques. You’ll often see guards that won’t notice you even if you’re stabbing one of their fellows or enemies that will take the same routes again and again, making their movements very predictable. They’re also very easily fooled, especially if you overuse the Blink power.

 Dishonored is one of a kind game. Sure, it’s not perfect as the story, graphics and AI could definitely have been better. But for every flaw, Dishonored offers multiple positive elements that grasp the player and hook him in front of its screen. By proposing multiple paths through each mission, lots of liberty and really well thought consequences to player actions, Dishonored stands out of the crowd and gives a breath of fresh air to an industry that is stagnating in terms of innovation. Definitely a strong contender for the Game of the Year 2012 and a title that will without a doubt be under the Christmas tree of many players!

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