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Command & Conquer

Developer:Westwood Studios Genre:Strategy Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

Real-time strategy game. The two sides are the evil Brotherhood of NOD (a criminal organization) and the Global Defense Initiative (a UN force). You get to play both sides and fight it out various scenarios. You must launch effective attacks on the enemy whilst protecting your bases. Resource management is an important element of the gameplay with the resource Tiberium being the most important. The game offers a selection of single-player missions and the multi-player option allows for up to four player to play via LAN or two people to play via modem/serial connection or on the same console. There are many unit types included, with unique unit-types for each side. Orders are issued to units using an easy-to-use menu system.

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Command & Conquer Cheats

You can receive free minigunners if you "sell" any of the following buildings using the steps below. The timing on this cheat is tricky. All of the steps must be done before you get money for selling the buildings.

The Buildings:


Guard Tower Advanced Guard Tower


SAM Site Obelisk Guard Tower (Obelisk of Light)

The Steps:

  • Select the SELL button in the Sidebar
  • Sell the building (left mouse button)
  • Select the Selection Cursor (right mouse button)
  • Select the building (left mouse button)
  • Press S on the keyboard
  • Note: This trick only works in versions 1.07 and 1.18p. It was removed from later versions.

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