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Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

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About The Game

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood transports players from a ravaged Civil War-era Georgia to the Aztec ruins of Mexico. In the wildest West ever depicted, players can embody both McCall brothers in an intense Wild West storyline full of greed, lust and lawlessness that takes place during a legendary period of American history.

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Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Review

By Mitsuo Takemoto |

Two years ago, Techland and Ubisoft released Call of Juarez, a first person shooter set in the Wild West that focused on revenge and a search for a mythical cursed treasure. The thing that really stood out with the game was a memorable anti-hero in the form of Reverend Ray, a brimstone and hellfire preacher who wielded the bible and a six shooter with equal ease in battle. Clearly, there was much more to his personal story than gold and retribution. To capitalize on this, TechLand and Ubisoft reteamed for Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, an origin story of Reverend Ray, his brothers and their quest for gold. More action packed than the first game, Bound in Blood is a solid title that's held back by technical issues and some repetitive gameplay sequences.

Bound in Blood is a rather complex tale that once again raises the specter of revenge and cursed treasure, amongst a backdrop of the western frontier; I'll try to summarize the story without providing any spoilers of any kind. Players are introduced to Ray and Thomas McCall, two brothers in the Confederate army that desert their posts to save their family home from Union soldiers. Seeing the destruction of their land and swearing that they'll rebuild their property one day, the McCalls head west to seek fortune and glory. However, going AWOL infuriates their former commander, who declares that he'll hunt them down to the ends of the earth for their abandonment of the Confederate cause. Fleeing both the Confederate troops on their heels and various lawmen from some of their illegal activities throughout the country, the McCalls eventually connect with the Mexican bandit leader Juan and his concubine Marisa, who has information regarding the treasure of Cortez. The McCalls will also have to deal with the Apache, whose connection with the gold could potentially threaten the entire West.

Want to dance with the devil in the pale candlelight?It may sound convoluted, but the story is told rather well and all ties together in the end, providing a solid background for the events of the prior Call of Juarez game. Much of this is thanks to William, the youngest McCall, who narrates the story in between each chapter and fills the player in on the actions of his two siblings. Like the previous title, you'll play as either Ray or Thomas, and you'll have the option to choose which brother you'd like to play as for most of the game. As far as fighting is concerned, the two McCalls have completely different gunslinging styles. As the eldest brother, Ray is the tank of the duo, absorbing much more damage before falling in combat thanks to the piece of armor that he wears. He's also packs a heavier punch than his younger brother with shotguns in the midst of battle and the dynamite that he uses to blast through obstacles. Thanks to his strength, Ray can also pick up heavy items or smash through doors. Thomas, on the other hand, is a stealthier character as well, and can use knives, bows and arrows to eliminate his enemies. Thomas is also much more agile than Ray, and can easily climb structures or use a lasso to get to higher ground to pick off enemies. He's also a better shot, so he can use more precise aiming with rifles to eliminate targets.

For the most part, the selection of the brother is more of a player style choice; there are a few segments where the choice of character will open up a different pathway for you to take or will give you weapons that will be easier to use in some combat situations, but you won't need to be concerned about needing to select a particular McCall to get through one area or another. For example, you won't have to worry about selecting Ray and not be able to climb over certain obstacles, as Thomas will frequently climb a section and give you a hand to bypass the barrier. Similarly, as Thomas, the use of your lasso is frequently used as a way to help out or get to an area where you can help your brother gain access to new locations. It could've been a bit easier to use, if only because every now and then when you're trying to swing from the rope to a new location, it feels as though the game doesn't take the effects of motion or weight into account.

Someone needs to call Bob Vila.However, if you were expecting a lot of platforming elements within the game, you're going to be somewhat disappointed – the primary focus of the title is on fast paced battle sequences between the McCalls and a large number of enemies. In fact, each opponent that you gun down provides you with either ammunition for your guns, different weapons that you can pick up to replace your own firearms, or cash that can be pocketed to buy supplies and a more powerful arsenal. Even more important is that every enemy you kill adds to your concentration meter, which will allow Thomas and Ray to trigger a bullet time-like effect to quickly dispatch their targets. Each one feels rather in keeping with the style of the brothers, as you'll find Ray painting multiple targets and unleashing a hail of gunfire, while Thomas will perform a quick shot of anyone that's within his line of sight. Thomas' also requires faster reflexes, as you'll need to move the right analog stick (or the mouse) to cock the hammer and fire the weapon for each shot. While you can store these powerful moments, you only have a minute to trigger the ability before you lose it and have to start collecting kills all over again. This limitation is a wise decision because it doesn't allow characters to run rampant through the game, shredding enemies with stored concentration attacks.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Cheats

Alter game files at your own risk and always make backups!

Create a file named debugconf.scr then copy the following lines into it:



2. Save the file "debugconf.scr".
3. Copy the "debugconf.scr" file to the [GameDir]DATA directory.
4. Play the game, press [ESC] to enter the menu options & select "Dev Menu"
5. The following cheat options are now available:

  • AI Nicks
  • God Mode
  • Cheat Mode
  • Magic Ammo
  • charge full
  • Restore health
  • Give Ammo
  • Give Rifle
  • Give Grenades
  • Kill Active Enemies

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Game Walkthrough

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (X360/PS3/PC) Full Walkthrough

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood FAQ/Walkthrough/Secret Locations
Creator: FredEx919
Version: 1.01 (Updated: 8/14/09)

Table of Contents

1. FAQ Version updates ------------ [COJ01]
2. Intro -------------------------- [COJ02]
3. Controls ----------------------- [COJ03]
4. Weapons ------------------------ [COJ04]
5. Walkthrough -------------------- [COJ05]

   - Act 1 ------------------------ [COJ06]
     - Chapter 1 ------------------ [COJ07]
     - Chapter 2 ------------------ [COJ08]
     - Chapter 3 ------------------ [COJ09]

   - Act 2 ------------------------ [COJ10]
     - Chapter 4 ------------------ [COJ11]
     - Chapter 5 ------------------ [COJ12]
     - Chapter 6 ------------------ [COJ13]

   - Act 3 ------------------------ [COJ14]
     - Chapter 7 ------------------ [COJ15]
     - Chapter 8 ------------------ [COJ16]
     - Chapter 9 ------------------ [COJ17]

   - Act 4 ------------------------ [COJ18]
     - Chapter 10 ----------------- [COJ19]
     - Chapter 11 ----------------- [COJ20]
     - Chapter 12 ----------------- [COJ21]
     - Chapter 13 ----------------- [COJ22]

   - Act 5 ------------------------ [COJ23]
     - Chapter 14 ----------------- [COJ24]
     - Chapter 15 ----------------- [COJ25]

6. Multiplayer -------------------- [COJ26]
7. Achievement/Trophy list -------- [COJ27]
8. Frequently Asked Questions ----- [COJ28]
9. About the Author --------------- [COJ29]
   - Contacts
   - Legal 
   - Authorized Websites List

1. FAQ Version updates                                                   COJ01

Version: 1.00 (8/5/09)
- Full story mode walkthrough
- weapons, multiplayer info, and Frequently Asked Questions included

Version: 1.01 (8/14/09)
- Added to the "Authorized Websites List"
- Weapons dealer location for chapter 5 added
- 2 New FAQs added
- Corrected a few objectives and secrets location descriptions.

2. Introduction                                                          COJ02

This is a Full walkthrough of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood (X360/PC/PS3).
CoJ:BiB is a game that follows the McCall brothers (Ray, Thomas, and William)
on their journey through the wild west to find the legendary lost gold of

-- This walkthrough is NOT spoiler free and will contain the cutscenes reached
   throughout the game.

The game has been completed multiple times by myself in order to check the
steps of the walkthrough. Though this is a walkthrough on CoJ:BiB,
please understand that the techniques outlined below are not the only way
to complete the game. This is simply an outline that covers the full step by
step events of the game, and also what I believe to be the easiest way to
complete the game from start to finish.

As you read through this walk through you will notice
that each section is separated by Acts, and chapters. Each chapter will
outline the steps from start to finish, along with all secret poster locations.

Last but not least, this guide was written based off of the Xbox 360 version
of the game. All versions are the same in terms of gameplay, but have differnt
controls. Certain areas of the guide will be outlined according to Xbox 360
controls, but while playing in the game you will see the control scheme on
screen for your particular platform.

3. Controls                                                              COJ03
                       |                          |
X360                   | PS3                      | PC
Default                | Default                  | Default
RS:    Look/Rotate     | RS:       Duck/Look      | Forward:        W
RT:    Fire right      | R2:       Weapon Change  | Backward:       S
RB:    Weapon Change   | R1:       Fire right     | Left:           A
LS:    Move/Duck       | LS:       Move/Focus     | Right:          D
LT:    Fire Left/focus | L2:       Run            | Run:            Shift
LB:    Run             | L1:       Fire Left      | Duck:           Ctrl
X:     Action          | X:        Jump           | Jump:           Space
A:     Jump            | o:        Concentration  | Focus:          X
B:     Concentration   | Square:   Action         | Concentration:  Z
Y:     Reload          | Triangle: Reload         | Action:         F
Start: Pause           | Start:    Pause          | Fire Left:      LMB
Back:  Objectives      | Select:   Objectives     | Fire Right:     RMB
                       |                          | Next Weapon:    Wheel up
                       |                          | Previous:       Wheel down
                       |                          | Objectives:     O
                       |                          | Quick Save:     F5
                       |                          | Quick Load:     F8
                       |                          | Net Say:        Y
                       |                          | Net Say team:   U
                       |                          | change class:   T

4. Weapons                                                               COJ04

Weapons in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood come in 4 categories. 

1. Rusty: Lowest quality weapon
2. Standard: Standard weapons have normal strength and RoF.
3. Prime: Slightly better then the standard (Silver Weapons)
4. Superb: Best quality. Powerful with fast reload and RoF (Gold weapons)

* This Weapons list is based off of multiplayer weapons stats.
  The same weapons in the single player mode will have different

* Also please note that stats are based on a 10 point scale.

Ranger         | ******     | ********     | *******      |
Quick Shooter  | ***        | **********   | *********    |
Classic Gun    | ***        | ********     | ********     |
Hybrid Gun     | *****      | *******      | ********     |
Volcano Gun    | *******    | *            | ******       |
Pepper Gun     | ******     | *******      | **********   |
Ladies Gun     | ***        | *****        | **********   |
Sawed-Off      | ********** | ***          | **********   |
Shotgun        | *******    | ***          | **********   |
Classic Rifle  | ********   | ****         | ****         |
Heavy Rifle    | ********** | **           | **           |
Classic Scoped | ********   | ***          | ****         |
Heavy Scoped   | ********** | **           | *            |
Bow            | *********  | ******       | **           |
Dynamite       |     -      |      -       |      -       |
Knife    | Used by Thomas for silent kills | (Story mode) |
Oil Lamp | Used to stun a group of enemies | (story mode) |
Chair    | Surprisingly strong up close    | (Story mode) |

5. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Walkthrough                             COJ05

ACT 1: WE ARE FAMILY                                                      COJ06
CHAPTER 1 - COJ07                                                   5/5 SECRETS
The game starts off with Ray and Thomas standing toe to toe aiming at each
other and ready to fire. Ray wants justice, and as the screen goes black
You hear a gun shot. 

- Atlanta Georgia 1864. Two years earlier

You start the game off required to play as Ray (press RT) As soon as you gain
control, walk forward until you meet up with another soldier. You will hear
all types of cannons and gunfire, but don't worry about this since no one is
shooting at you yet.

the soldier tells you that lieutenant fox needs you at the flank and that the
Yankees have taken the forest. 


Follow the soldier straight ahead until you reach the flank. Just before
reaching the soldiers, look to the left and you will see a small ammo crate.
After you grab some ammo, begin firing at the enemy soldiers from the flank.
After killing about 4 or 5 enemies here you will hear a horn sound, and then
a giant explosion on the side.


Follow your objective star around the corner and you will see an ammo box 
highlighted in red. If you need the ammo feel free to open the box and grab
what you need. Continue ahead and around the corner

Save Point 

You should now be alongside a group of soldiers firing up ahead in the
distance. Follow the same steps as previous and after gunning down about 3 or 
4 enemy soldiers you will hear the horn blow again.

After you kill enough enemy soldiers, the nearby soldier will tell you that 
they will stay behind and wait for another wave, but you need to go and secure
the next area. Ray suggested informing headquarters in case his brother is in
trouble, but he is instructed to secure the area instead.


************************** SECRET LOCATION 1 **********************************
follow your objective star and head through the stuck door. as soon as you go
through the door, turn to the left and look down to find a small black box.
Open it and pick up secret #1.

head straight and stay to the right. Follow your objective star and you will
run up behind three enemy soldiers that have made it past the flank. Shoot
these three in the back, and you will hear a soldier yell "there is one in the
tent". Don't worry about getting shot here, just rush into the tent and take
care of this lone survivor.

On your way out, Ray tells Obrien to head over to headquarters. but before
having a chance, poor Obrien gets his head cleaned by a nearby sharpshooter.


************************** SECRET LOCATION 2 **********************************
This secret can be found at any point that you are in this area, so now is 
good as ever. after exiting the tent, make an immediate right and move between 
the current tent and the next closest tent to you then make a left and walk
straight (you should be behind the tents, but stay to the left). You should 
pass a table with a dead body on top, and one of the tents on the left should 
have a black box against it on the ground with a secret inside.

Once you get secret 2, follow the objective star to the sharpshooters.
Use the trees as cover, and also use the objective marker since they are very 
hard to see. If you have a rifle, now would be a good time to use it due to 
the great range it has. You will need to kill two snipers in this area to 


Once you clear out the sharpshooters, follow your objective marker to the 
officer's tent. When you reach the tent, just walk inside.

Ray tells the officer that the enemy is moving through the left flank and 
they need to attack now. After the "ok" from Barnsby, Ray is instructed to go
with corporal Scott to attack.


************************** SECRET LOCATION 3 **********************************
Follow Corporal Scott (or the objective star) to the next area. If you follow
to the next star, you will come to an area with a group of soldiers standing. 
Before going to the top of the hill, find the two men closest to the small 
stream. If you face these two men, the stream should be behind them. cross to 
the other side of the stream and a few feet to the left you will find a small
box with secret #3 inside.

Once you have your secret head to your objective star.

Ray tells the soldier that they are going for the trenches, and that they can
go around and behind the enemy soldiers.


Follow the soldier down and around to the trench. Ray tells the soldier to 
hold his charge until he sees an opportunity.


Save Point 

Follow this path all the way around. Eventually you will come to a point where
you are right behind a group of soldiers standing on a ledge. If you get lost,
follow the objective star.


- You can enter concentration mode when it is charged
- Press B to enter concentration mode
- You can use concentration mode when it is charged. Shoot enemies to build
  your concentration.

Save Point 

Here you will learn the mechanics of concentration mode. This is actually very
simple. Press "B" and your target reticle will turn red. you can then scroll 
over any enemies in the area to leave a target marker on them. You can do this
until the red bar above has ran out, or you can press "B" again to fire.

After you have killed the enemies with the concentration mode, you will see a
group of enemies come out from your right side and attack you.


Gun down as many of these soldiers as you can and your backup will take 
care of the rest. Head over to the officer to report.


Follow your squad over to the trenches to continue the assault. You will run
pass a beach on your left where a few more enemy soldiers will attack you.
Either shoot them down or continue ahead following the objective star. Be sure
not to go to far left or you will get within range of the cannons and be blown 
up. You will eventually reach your next area.


In this closed in area, you will see an ammo box and an explosives box. To the 
right of the explosives box, there seems to be a path, but it is closed off 
with a large wooden structure. Grab some dynamite out of the explosives box 
and equip it using "RB". toss a piece at the wooden structure and it will blow
a path through. 

Head down this path, but take caution since you will be attacked by a group of
enemy soldiers. Use the crate in the path to duck behind if needed, otherwise 
make your way through the path.

***** COVER SYSTEM *****

- Stand by the edge to automatically enter cover mode.
- Move RS left and right to peek from behind the corner and shoot enemies

when you get to the end of the path you will see foot prints highlighted in 
red on the ground. Go over and stand at this position and learn the mechanics
of cover mode.

To enter into cover mode, simply walk to the corner of a wall and Ray will
slowly peek around on his own. just move away from the wall to leave cover. 
Once you enter cover mode here, shoot the three enemy soldiers that attack and
then move to the next cover spot.

- Stand behind the box to automatically enter cover mode.
- It lets you hide and unhide by looking up and down.

Shoot the three enemy soldiers here and continue through the trenches.

Save Point 

head to the end of this path and you will have to make a right. Waiting around
the corner you will be attacked by a few more enemy soldiers. grab the oil 
lamp on the crate to the right and toss it at the soldiers to stun them. once 
they are stunned you will be able to easily shoot them. You can also shoot 
the explosive barrel in the distance as well.

You will come to a position where you can either make a right or keep straight.
For now, just keep straight. You will come to an area with an ammo box. grab
your ammo and continue back to come to another area with a second ammo box and
some loot on the ground. Head back out and follow your objective star.

When you get back to the previous area, you will be attacked again by more 
enemy soldiers. Carry an oil lamp with you and use it to stun them. There will
be about 4 - 5 enemies here. After you take out your enemies here, you have 
the choice to go either left or right. head to the right. You will be attacked
at the next turn so beware of the explosive barrel on the right or it could
kill you if shot. 

If you have your concentration built up, now would be a good time to use it 
since the soldiers have a lot of cover on the other side. Here you can either 
head left, or keep straight. Be sure to head to the left for your 4th secret.

************************** SECRET LOCATION 4 **********************************
head to the left and go all the way to the end and make another left. follow 
this path all the way to the end and you will find your small black box with 
secret 4 inside.

Head back to where you came and this time continue across to where you 
previously killed the soldiers. You will come to an area with a Gatling gun 
and a door on your right with your objective star. Just walk over to the door 
to receive a short cut scene.

Thomas walks out and tells Ray that he rigged the bridge but cant blow it up 
because they no longer have control of the cannons. They see the 
reinforcements coming and Thomas tells Ray to get on the other Gatling gun 
and hold them off.


Head up the ladder to the right of the first Gatling gun, and hop on the upper 
gun. Gun down any enemies that approach.

***** Achievement: none shall hide *****
Here is a good place to get the "None shall hide" achievement. Using the
Gatling gun, shoot toward anyone that takes cover behind one of the walls.
If you hit one through the wall you will unlock the achievement.

Once you take out enough enemy soldiers, you will receive another small cut 

Thomas tells Ray that he is going to blow the bridge, but Ray offers to go
instead and tells Scott to come with him.


Save Point 

Head into the dark room where Thomas was previously located for an ammo box 
and some loot. Follow Scott and your objective star down the dark hallway and 
to the right. Head to the end and follow around to the left. Keep following 
Scott around to the left and then to the right

Save Point 

eventually you will see an enemy soldier standing on a platform from up above.
Gun him down and head to that same area. beware because once you turn the 
corner here more enemies will be waiting. Scott will do a little damage, and
eventually get shot but you will have to do most of the work here. 

Shoot anyone in your path and continue forward. Just be cautious of any 
explosive barrels that can take you out. when you get to the end of this
area you will make a right and there will be 4-5 more enemies waiting. Now 
would be a good time to use your concentration. If you don't have your
concentration built up then toss a stick of dynamite down the way.

After you clear these enemies out, head down and to the left and you will be 
attacked once again. more dynamite will work perfectly here. When you clear 
this area out, find the ladder up ahead and head down. Before going too far,
pull out your rifle or shotgun and aim down the way and you will see a couple 
more enemies on a platform in the distance. There is an explosive barrel
behind them, so use this to your advantage.

When the coast is clear, head over and climb the ladder up where you just
killed the two soldiers. there is an ammo box on this platform with some more 
dynamite inside. head to the right and you will go up another ladder. 

Save Point 

There are 4 enemies waiting up top here. Either throw a stick of dynamite
up, or aim for the explosive barrel at the top. then turn to the 
right and take out the next couple of guys waiting. There are plenty of boxes
and crates to duck behind here, and there are at least 4-5 enemies down the
way so be sure not to rush into the next area. The enemies will come in from
the right in the next area, so again beware. Once you clear the area out you 
will hear one of the soldiers yell out "the Yankees are landing on the river 


Follow your objective star over to the cannon and press "X" to control it. in 
the distance you will see rafts filled with enemy soldiers coming across the
river. here you will need to blast these rafts back to where they came from.

***** Achievement: D-Day 15g *****
The trick to getting this achievement is aim. Be sure to fire once the 
enemy rafts get on screen. the easy way to achieve this is by adjusting your
aim so that you target reticle is a bit above the actual raft. doing this will 
allow the cannon to fire a lot further then normally would. The further away
you blow the rafts, the easier it is to get all of them before they land.
There should be a total of about 18 rafts.

Once you have completed this task, you will hear a soldier yell out that the
enemies are rushing the bridge. he ask Ray what he wants to do, and Ray says
he is going to blow his bridge up.


follow your fellow soldier down and back onto the battle field. follow him
over to a group of rocks and 4 enemy soldiers will attack you. duck behind the
rocks, and gun these soldiers down. Look to the right and you will see a large
bridge just waiting to be destroyed. Notice the four objective stars. You will
need to plant dynamite on all four of these stars. Head below the bridge.

************************** SECRET LOCATION 5 **********************************
There are four stars showing where you plant your dynamite. From the area that
you will be coming from, head to the star on the right side and you will see 
a rock with a dead body on it. look at the dead body, and notice a secret 
poster next to his right hand. grab it!

once you've grabbed the secret, plant the dynamite on all four stars


Once you have planted the dynamite, head to the opposite side of the bridge
from where you started and you will see a rather large rock along with a 
detonator next to it. Press the detonator and watch the fireworks. 

You see the battle field destroyed, and you see Ray asking where the 
reinforcements are at. Finally someone shows up, but it's just the sergeant. 
He tells the brothers that Barnsby is calling for a retreat. Ray tells him 
that they are holding the line and they should not retreat. He then says that 
the family home is in harms way and he refuses to let it be burned.

Chapter 2 - COJ08                                                   5/5 secrets


As this chapter starts, you are only able to control Thomas this time. once 
you gain control, Follow Ray up the hill until you come to a cut scene. 

Thomas will see a dead body on the ground being attacked by the nearby crows. 
The screen gets dark as if you were in concentration mode and Thomas shoots 
all the crows. Ray tells Thomas that he must have learned some new tricks.

Head further up the road and you will see another dead body. This time you are 
prompted to press B to enter concentration mode. 

- Press B to enter concentration mode
- save point
- press and hold RT and keep holding
- Now use the RS as the revolvers hammer to shoot quickly

Follow these steps to use the concentration mode and shoot the crows. Once you
have done this continue ahead. You will come to an area with some burning 
houses on the right side. two enemies will attack from the side road. Be sure
to use cover and shoot them down before they have a chance. After you gun 
these two soldiers down, head down the road, but stay close to 
the houses on the inside of the fence (simply follow your objective 
star). you will hear someone screaming for help here. 


run toward your objective star and you will see a door on fire with someone
inside the house.

Close to this location you will see a well with a few buckets of water next to
it. grab one of the buckets and toss water on the door to put the fire out.
next try to open the door, but Thomas will not be strong enough to open it. 
Ray will tell you to step aside while he breaks through the door.

Jackson will tell ray and Thomas that the soldiers took over and killed all 
the cattle.

stand on the other side of the doors to start cooperative concentration mode.

a new objective star will appear on screen next to a stable and you will see 
Ray run over to the door. You will also see the glowing red footprints on the 
opposite side of the door. Stand on top of the footprints to start coop 
concentration. During this process, you and your brother will break through
the door, and in slow motion have an easy shot at anyone waiting inside.

***** achievement: Yankee Cow *****

As you break through the door, notice that there are no enemies on the other
side, but instead just some cattle. You can get the Yankee cow 
achievement here if you do not kill the cow.

- Each crosshair represents one of your two revolvers. press LT and RT to
  shoot both weapons

************************** SECRET LOCATION 1 **********************************
Once you enter into this stable turn to the right and go to the end. when you 
get to the end look to the right and there will be a small box on the ground.
open the box for your first secret of the chapter.

Once you have your secret, turn around and head over to the area that Ray is
standing in. you will need to jump up to the next level where the red glowing 
footprints are. Press "A" to jump up, and once you are up just stand over the
foot prints to pull your brother up. Once ray is in the same area as you, he
will break through a close by wall, follow him down to the next area and you 
will find an open door.

Save Point 

When you head through the door you will see Jackson running across the field 
and some soldiers firing at him. Ray will tell you to follow him since the 
soldiers can't see you two. You can fire at the soldiers from here,but it is 
not suggested. Follow ray off to the side and behind the houses nearby. the
first house will have a ladder behind it. Find this ladder and head up. This
will give you a good vantage point to shoot from.

There will be anywhere from 8 to 12 enemies in this area, so look out. some of 
them will sneak behind you if you stay on ground. once you have cleared out as
many enemies as you can from the rooftop, hop across to the next roof.
in this house you will find a box with some loot inside. Leave out of this 
house, and remember to watch out for any enemy soldiers. once you have picked
up the loot in this house, run to the next house over.

************************** SECRET LOCATION 2 **********************************
When you reach this area go into the 3rd house. inside there is a ladder. look 
right next to the ladder and there will be a small box with a secret inside.
also next to the bed is another ladder with two bags of loot.

Head out of this house and make you way to the end. of this group of houses
and feel free to search the different houses for loot.

************************** SECRET LOCATION 3 **********************************
Make your way to the 2nd house from the end in this area, and head through the
door. there is some loot on one of the beds and in a box next to the other. 
head up the ladder and you will find another small black box with secret
number 3 inside. 

When you get to the end of the houses, follow Ray down the field. until you
come to the dead body of the man previously known as Jackson

Save Point 

Once you take a look at the dead body, a soldier will fire at you from a 
distance with a Gatling gun.


Ray will hop the fence and run through the corn field in attempts to avoid the
Gatling gun. follow him and he will eventually stop. When you come to a stop,
you will see 6 soldiers coming straight at you in the corn field. Thomas will 
tell Ray to duck down and out of sight

- Kill all enemy soldiers in the cornfield before they find your brother
- use the corn field to stay hidden
- The knife is a silent weapon

you can approach this one of a couple ways. It is intended for you to use the
knife here and kill the enemies by staying silent and sneaking up on them. You 
can equip your knife and head toward the soldiers, but doing things this way
can possibly get you off track since there is no map. if you are able to find 
the soldiers (which is not hard at all) throw a knife at them to kill them 
silently. Kill them all to recieve the Cathcher in the Rye achievement.

***** Achievement: Catcher in the Rye *****

The second and easier way (requires good aim) is to just pull out 
your rifle and gun them down at first sight. The problem with this method is 
that there are about 6 enemies, so if your aim is not particularly good then
you may get shot before you can take them all out, especially on hard 

If you duck down and use your knife, but then get lost in the cornfield, don't
hesitate to stand up and find out where the remaining soldiers are. would 
suggest heading directly for the soldier all the way to the right, kill him 
turn left and head toward the other ones.


follow your objective star to the safe zone which is a nearby tree. You will
see a fire started. Looks like the soldiers are trying to smoke you 
out to the Gatling gun. You will see a dead body on the ground, next to the 
body is a lasso. grab the lasso by pressing "X"

- Find a place to catch - will be highlighted when in range.


look to the top of the tree and you should see a red circle indicator showing
that you can lasso up to the tree branch above. When you find the 
red indicator, follow the on screen prompts

- Press and hold Rt
- Spin the lasso by rotating RS
- Use LS to climb

Once you are to the top of the tree look for the objective star and pull out
your rifle. hold aim for a few seconds to zoom in on the Gatling
gunner. Once the zoom is close enough, gun him down and hop back down the 
tree. Follow your brother over to the area with the Gatling gunner was.

Save Point 

as you get closer to this location, at least 5 more enemies will attack.gun
these guys down quickly. You will hear Ray tell you to grab a horse.
follow him over and hop on the horse next to his. Follow your objective star
down to the end of this dirt road, and 3 more enemies will be waiting.
when you get to this gate, hop off your horse and head in.


Save Point 

be quick to take cover as enemies will fire on you the second you come around
the corner. The objective here is to make it to the other end of this area in
one piece. wave after wave of enemy soldiers will attack you hear though, so 
be sure to duck behind the trees if needed. Remember to also use your 
concentration in this area if you have it built up. Once you are able to 
battle your way to the other end of this path you will have a big surprise 
waiting. Yup an enemy soldier will be firing a cannon from in front of the 


When you get to this area, Ray will tell you to run when they are reloading. 
However, that is a good way to get yourself killed. Try not to make this area
harder then it seems, just stay far back in cover and shoot each of the 
soldiers one by one until there are none left. They will fire from
a number of areas. There will be at least 2 on the top of the roof, from the 
windows below the roof, and on ground level next to the cannon. There are many
enemies here, but they are predictable, and easy to gun down if you take your 
time. just stay far enough back to stay out of the cannons range. Once you 
shoot enough enemies, the path will be cleared, and ray will head up and wait 
for you at the building door. head over to the red footprints for a coop 

***** Achievement: Frag Steal *****
there will be 5 enemies on the other side of the door waiting. 
They are pretty easy to kill since you will be in coop concentration. To get
the achievement, just be precise here and be sure to kill all the enemies.


Ray will tell you to go to the front balcony so you can 
catch them in the crossfire.

************************** SECRET LOCATION 4 **********************************
head up the steps here and when they split, follow then to the right. at the 
top of the steps is an open window on the left. Hop out the window onto the 
balcony and look to your right to find a small box with secret 3 inside

************************** SECRET LOCATION 5 **********************************
head back in through the same window, and look straight ahead. You will see a 
door with a small box to the right of it on the ground (behind the cabinet).
open it for secret 5

Once you have collected your secrets, head to the open door near ray and there 
will be another window. Hop on the ledge and equip your lasso. you will see a 
red indicator to the balcony on the left, and you can lasso onto it. you will 
see the red footprints again so be sure to stand on them for another coop

Ray will break through the door on the opposite side to distract the enemies, 
and you will break in the door from behind and gun them all down without one
shot coming your way. There will be 4 enemies in this room

Here we meet William, the third McCall brother. It turns out that the 
brothers' mother died through the night. William says that he tried to 
protect her, but was overwhelmed. Thomas suggested heading for the harbor to
find some transportation


Head out the previous window where you found secret 3, and hop down to the
ground. enemies will attack up ahead so beware. you should be safe to run to
the brick wall up ahead. Use the wall as cover and gun down the 4 enemies in
this area. Look far out in the distance and notice a boat coming to the shore.


There are multiple cannons in the area, but grab the one closest to the water
and aim at the boat. fire away!! 10- 13 hits should do the trick here
depending on the difficulty level you are using. once you 
have destroyed the boat, either fire a few more cannons at the survivors, or 
hop on the close by Gatling gun and mow them down with it.

Thomas tells ray that they can't stay for long. Ray states that they will 
come back after the war and this will be their home again. 3 hours later. here 
we see Barnsby they notice that the brothers have put in a lot of work. 
Barnsby says that the brothers violated a direct order and it is because men 
like them that Atlanta burned. 

Chapter 3 - COJ09                                                  secrets: 5/5

- Fort smith, Arkansas, 1965

This chapter starts off with Ray and Thomas doing a little wrestling inside
of a saloon. William asks what they are doing, but they say just having a

William stated he doesn't want to get kicked out of another town. we find out
that the two brothers are fighting over a girl that Thomas stole from Ray. We 
then find out the girl was the marshal's daughter. just as we find this 
information, the marshall shows up and demands answers. The McCall's have
crossed the line this time... hows about a duel!!!

Save Point 

From this point you have the opportunity to choose which brother you play as. 
For this chapter it doesn't matter which one, both are equally good here

Thomas - agile deadly at long range with rifle. uses lasso to reach higher
         spots. can use box

Ray -    strong deadly at close range with dual wield revolvers. uses 
         dynamite to blow things. can carry Gatling.

Once you have chosen your brother you will be placed in your first duel.

- Defeat the sheriff in a showdown. 
- Use LS left or LS right to move and see your enemy
- Use RS to control your hand
- keep your hand close to your gun but don't reach for it too early
- When you hear the bell, reach for the gun with RS and shoot

The object hear is to watch your enemies' movement. whichever way he walks,
walk the opposite so he is always positioned in front of you.
if you reach for the weapon to early, you will not draw and there will be
about 4 seconds to which you cannot draw and are wide open for attack.
listen for the bell and flick the RS stick to draw your weapon and you press
RT to fire.


Save Point 

Once you have defeated the sheriff, you will hear your brother tell you to
come into the saloon. Run inside and take cover. after enough shooting, the
enemies will attempt to torch the saloon. 


find the steps in the back and follow your brothers up.

************************** SECRET LOCATION 1 **********************************
when you get to the top of the steps in the saloon, look on the bookshelf on
the right side and there will be a secret sitting there. 

once you grab the secret, head through the already open door. and find the
stuck door on the right. break the door open if you are using ray, otherwise 
wait for ray to break the door off if you are using Thomas. once you break
the door off, head right and down the steps.

You hear ray say they need to find some horses to escape.

When you get down the steps, follow your brothers and they will eventually 
come to stand in front of your first weapon store.

************************** SECRET LOCATION 2 **********************************
From the saloon, first head down the steps and turn to the right. walk to the 
end here and turn left. You should see the weapon store directly ahead.
before walking to the weapon store, look for a shed on the right side with 
some stacks of hay under it. directly next to the hay stacks is a small box 
with a secret waiting inside.

Once you have picked up your secret, head inside the gun shop. here you can 
purchase any ammo, or guns you may need. keep in mind this is the first shop
so the weapons will not be anything to special. If you don't have one though
I would suggest investing in a rifle. Head out the door and follow the
brothers. if you are using Ray you will need to wait for Thomas to climb up 
top and then just stand in the red footprints and he will help you up. if 
Thomas, follow William up to the top and then turn around and help
Ray up by standing in the red footprints. when you get up top, break 
through the door and there will be one harmless woman inside.

************************** SECRET LOCATION 3 **********************************
once you break through the door with the one woman inside, turn to the left 
and there will be a small box with a secret inside next to the bed.

head through the open window on the side of the room and Thomas sees a stage
coach, and the brothers are thinking about stealing it. William suggest
turning yourself in.

save point


Thomas: If playing as Thomas here, jump off the ledge and head toward the
stage coach. there are enemies in the area, so you may want to take care of
them before hopping on. once on the stage coach it will automatically drive
to the proper location.

Ray: If you are playing as Ray here, head to the opposite end from Thomas and
William and fire on the enemies from above to keep them occupied while Thomas
steals the stage coach. there should be about 6 enemies in this area. once the
stage coach is over by you, hop down and onto the stage coach

while on the stage coach you will not have control over the movement. You will
still control your character and his ability to shoot, but the stage coach
will drive on its own. Once on the stage coach, it will begin to ride through
town. enemies will attack, but are not much of a threat unless playing on
hard, and even then they are not that tuff here. just shoot them as you see
them, but don't worry if you miss one.

eventually you will reach a point where your enemies will pull a wagon out in
front of the stage coach. there will be about 5-6 enemies here shooting at 
you. if you have concentration then use it to take care of the enemies before
getting off. You will here ray tell Thomas to cover him while he tries to
move the wagon.


Regardless of who you are playing as, you do have the ability and 
should get off of the stage coach since there are two secrets in this area for
you to collect

************************** SECRET LOCATION 4 **********************************
hop off of the stage coach after the enemies pull the wagon in front. once you
are off the stage coach on one side is a grave yard and on the other is a 
bunch of barrels etc. head to the left side where the barrels, shed and stuff
are, and under one of the sheds is a box with the secret inside

************************** SECRET LOCATION 5 **********************************
before moving the hay wagon, head into the actual barn that it was pulled 
from. look to the left once you walk in, and on the ground under a small tub
is secret number 5

If you are Thomas, then Ray most likely has already attempted to move the 
wagon and is now waiting back at the stage coach. if you are using ray, then 
head to the wagon and you will see the red hand prints. use these to try and 
push the wagon. 


once you realize that Ray is too weak to move the wagon, more enemies will 
come from the barn and attack. if they get to close, gun them down and get 
back to the stage coach.

Save Point 

the stage coach will move through the city with no problem, so all you have to 
do is shoot anyone that becomes a threat. You will come to a couple of coop 
concentrations along the way, and also a spot where your path is blocked by a 
group of cows. fire your gun into the air to start a stampede and the cows 
will clear the area. eventually Thomas will drive the coach through a store. 
there will be 2 more coop concentrations here, but shortly after Thomas will 
stop. you will tell William to take control, and you will then get inside of 
the stage coach.

Save Point 

Once you are inside, notice there are two windows. once on each side. face 
the back of the stage coach and as your are riding, enemies will attack from 
both sides by horse and you will need to gun the down. the first 3 enemies 
will attack on your right. the next two on the left, and then another 3 on 
the right. Once you have finished them you will head up a hill and here 
Thomas say they gave up. They will then begin to toss dynamite your way, but 
in effort to stop you they blow a road block in their own path.

you see William asking what you have done. he tells them that they will be 
hunted down since they killed a us marshall. Ray suggest to go to Mexico 
since there is a treasure outside of Juarez. If they can find this then they 
will be able to rebuild their home. Ray tells Thomas that he will kill him if 
he every steals another woman from him.

***** achievement unlocked: act 1 *****

Act 2: She looked like an angel                                           COJ10
Chapter 4 - COJ11                                                  secrets: 5/5
We see Running River speaking to his people. he tells his people that the 
treasure belongs to his people and it is a source of power. We find out that 
he has a plan to use a sacred medallion to trade for guns. Running river 
decides to send his son "seeing farther" on the mission to get the medallion. 
We see Thomas, William and Drunk Ray sitting in a bar talking about the 
treasure. William states that the treasure is nothing but a fairly tale. 
Here we meet Marisa, she catches Rays eye, but before she can walk out 
she is harassed by the two men at the door. One of them tells her that 
Mr. Devlin wants to see her, and this buys him a spit in the face. The two 
men attempt to attack Marisa and one is shot in the head by Ray.

Choose your character here to begin the chapter (choose ray to have a good 
chance to get the Arkansas Fried Rooster achievement)

As you start, you will automatically be positioned behind the counter. use 
this as cover for the bandits directly in front of you. they will be hiding 
behind the tables, and also from above on the second floor. The enemies up 
top are particularly hard to kill since they tend to stay behind cover. Once 
you have cleared the room. Thomas will tell Ray to come. You here the 
previous man outside with the girl telling the brothers to come and get her. 
Head over to the door for the coop concentration.

Save Point 

break through the door with the coop concentration and gun down the 6 men on 
the other side. Once you have finished them all you will see the same guy 
telling you to come get the girl if you dare.


Save Point 

Follow your brother around the corner and follow the objective star. in the 
next area, kill the guy who rushes up at you when you move a little further 
into this area notice that there are bandits shooting from the roof as well. 
be sure to kill the roof bandits as they will toss dynamite that can do a lot 
of damage. 

***** Achievement: Arkansas Fried Rooster *****
Once you have cleared this one section, look ahead in 
the middle of the area. there are a lot of roosters in this area, so if you 
picked Ray, pull out a stick of dynamite and find 5 of them close to each 
other and toss it in. You will need a total of 10 roosters for the

once you are done here, follow your objective star up ahead. You will notice 
that the door is closed and unable to be opened. If you look to the far right 
from here you will see a stone wall with a stair case next to it. head up 
these steps and you will see William run up behind following behind his 
brothers. if you are playing as Thomas, climb up top to the platform and then 
help Ray up, if you are Ray then head to the red footprints and allow Thomas 
to help you up. Once you get up top, follow Thomas down the other
side. When you get down the stone steps look straight ahead and you will see 
another staircase with some bandits waiting. shoot them down and head up the 
steps. when you get to the top, turn to the right and you will see more 
bandits firing at you. 

************************** SECRET LOCATION 1 **********************************
once you get into this area, you will see a few houses on the left, and then 
one house on the right. Head toward the last house on the left, and in the 
far corner between the house and the stone wall, there is a small box with a 
secret inside of it

once you grab your secret here finish shooting the bandits on the other side 
of the wall. when you go into this area and turn right, more bandits will be 
waiting up the road. on this road there is a large barn on the left side. 
inside you can find some ammo and loot. Once you have searched the barn, head 
over to your brother to enter the next area. 

before going through the door you see William still following you despite 
instructions to stay away.

head around the corner here and two snipers will fire at you from the roof 
ahead. If you are Ray you will need to stay behind and cover Thomas, but if 
you are Thomas you will need to make your way up to take out the snipers.


************************** SECRET LOCATION 2 **********************************
After seeing William for the second time, you will be in the next area. where 
there are two snipers waiting to fire at you from a roof. immediately after 
ray tells William that he is going to get them killed turn around. Take a 
couple steps forward next to your brother and turn to the left. again beware 
of the snipers in this area. run straight across and make a left to find a 
small box with the secret inside.  or another way to put it is to turn 
around, and follow the wall on your left side all the way around and 
into the corner. There is a secret box here

Once you have grabbed your secret, take cover and fire at the snipers. to 
keep them busy. if you kill them it works out, but if you simply hold and 
cover Thomas then he will kill them. 

***** achievement unlocked: Sharpshooter Distraction *****
***** achievement unlocked: Sharpshooter Destruction *****

If you are playing as ray, be sure to kill the snipers on your own to get the 
Sharpshooter Distraction achievement. if playing as Thomas be sure to kill 
them within 10 seconds.

Once the path is cleared follow your objective star around the corner to the 
left. more bandits will attack here as usual so use the cover around you to 
prevent death. You will eventually come to a large stone wall with a brown 
wooden doors and red footprints for coop concentration. Stand in the 
footprints and unleash the beast on the bandits behind the door. There should 
be about 8 enemies in this area. Once you have cleared the area out head 
forward following your brother and the objective star.

in the next area the rattler will stand out and challenge you to a 
duel. they call him the rattler, because that's how fast he is.

Save Point 


Use the same steps as the previous duel and he should not be a problem. 

You find out that they took the female to the church and your brothers 
tell you to follow them. Do the usual and follow your objective star. When 
the bandits attack, gun them down and continue ahead down the alley. if 
you correctly follow your objective star you will come to a large open 
market place type area with a weapon shop called (Tienda de pistolas) 
inside (you will know this area because you will pass in between two 
buildings with fruit boxes outside of them to enter the market 
area). There will be about 7 bandits in this area so kill them and let's 
find another secret.

************************** SECRET LOCATION 3 **********************************
In this market area, right in the middle is a tent area. look for three 
barrels positioned next to each other and there will be a small box next to 
them with your secret.

If you need ammo, head into the weapon shop and tool up. otherwise follow 
your objective star around and down the hill to your next area. when you head 
down the hill into the next area, you will be attacked by more bandits. 
notice a staircase to the right as soon as you enter this area. head up the 

************************** SECRET LOCATION 4 **********************************
when you get into this area, hed up the steps and look at the bench on the 
side. you will see a hat with a secret on the bench next to it.

Once you grab your secret keep on after your objective star. we will find 
this girl yet!!! 

in the next area you will see two bandits with the girl next to a wagon. 
she breaks free and runs into the church and the bandits' fire at her. gun 
these bandits down and pursue. follow the girl up the steps and you will come 
to the church. head inside and you will see your mystery girl

The girl ask who they are and then William tells that they won't hurt her.

as soon as you can catch your breath, more bandits attack from behind you. 
luckily the door is closed so let's not rush. instead let's get our last 

************************** SECRET LOCATION 5 **********************************
head all the way to the back of the church, even past the girl and turn to 
the right. on the floor in this corner is a small box with a secret inside.

once you have grabbed your secret head back to the front of the church for 
another final co-op concentration for the level. stand in the red foot prints 
to break through the door. There should be 4 enemies in your view. after you 
kill then, about 7-8 more will attack. Most will come from the far left side 
over the stone wall. Once you have cleared the area you will receive a cut 

you meet up with Juan Mendoza (Juarez). everyone thinks each other for the 
help, but Juarez thanks the brothers for saving Marisa. he then invites the 
brothers to a little gathering he is having later. it turns out that Juan 
Mendoza was the leader of a big outlaw band, and William figured this would 
lead to trouble. Juan tells the brothers that he has something that need to 
be done. he ask them to take care of Devlin and he will pay them with the 

Chapter 5 COJ12                                                     Secrets 5/5

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