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About The Game

Bright Shadow is a MMORPG featuring cute, cartoon-like characters and novel monsters known as "Umbra." The vast Bright Shadow game world -- complete with its own ever-changing weather system -- places a high emphasis on combat with a horde of unique, deadly monsters and social functions, featuring vigorous guilds and 20 unique classes. Also included in Bright Shadow are an innovative Monster Card system used for a variety of abilities (including monster summons), a "Soul Power" collection system to boost skills, tailored item crafting and original pet systems all geared toward providing a truly customizable undertaking where no two players will be alike.

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Bright Shadow

Bright Shadow Review

By Ed Teal |

Unlike most online descriptions about the game Bright Shadow there is actually very little horror in the game. The game is an Asian fantasy anime styled MMORPG, developed by the Taiwanese studio Seedo. Like any free MMORPG it earns money through an item mall results in a lack of balance between characters. The graphics in the game lack detail, however they are compensated by a fantastic art style.

Just like most things in the game, the character customization is limited. While you can customize your gender, hairstyle, hair color, face type and skin tone there is a limit to 4-5 choices. I felt this limited the ability to feel unique as you meet one clone after the other.

One of the enjoyable features of the combat system is the soul power . You can view the SP bar at any time during game play, above your HP bar. The controls in the game are really simple and easy to learn and there is an option for WASD. The HUD also makes a clean appearance. Everything important is on the screen and what is not on the screen, is easily accessible through a simple menu.

At the start your character begins in the beginner's village where you undertake a set of tutorials. While the tutorials are time consuming and boring, they're worth doing for extra experience points.

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