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About The Game

Dancing game featuring the Bratz dolls.

Likely the hippest toys in the world, Bratz dolls secured a place in toy history by winning the coveted People's Choice for Toy of the Year Award at the 2002 Toy Fair in New York. Now they’ve inspired a video game that has all of the attitude you’d expect from the Bratz franchise. Join Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, and Sasha for a wild ride through hip-hop and anime culture, complete with puzzle solving, action, and straight-up fun. Cool graphics and high fashion mark, all-ages-appropriate gaming experience.

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Bratz Review

By Mike Armstead |

I am not sure what I expected when I picked up the Bratz game. The box said, Dress up, Get Down and Be a Bratz superstar. So, I really thought it would be a game about fashion, dressing up and potentially make overs. The game, while fun, was not exactly that. The game is a dance game in the same vein of Dance Dance Revolution. The Bratz pack is all there, and they are all great dancers. Their dance moves are well choreographed with each having their own style. Cloe, Yasmin, Sasha, Jade, and look like little diva stars as they groove to the music. The game is very simple. Easy. Enjoyable. You click on the moving arrows as they go over the target. Your skill level and timing will result in your total score. When you manage to get enough points you advance a level or get more songs and backgrounds to dance to, or new dance steps which you can change into. Two levels are available to choose from easy and not-so-easy. The scoring is easy, the points are cumulative, and the rewards of new levels are easy to attain. My favorite part was making the dolls dance, the outfits I unlocked were okay, I was hoping that I could put individual parts on them but that just wasn't the case. I think that young girls like 7-10 might really enjoy playing it.

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