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Booking MPire

Developer:MDickie Genre:Fighting Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

An independently-produced game by Mathew Dickie.

There are two sides to every story - and life behind the desk of a wrestling show can be just as exciting as what goes on in the ring! The wrestling industry is in a slump, and only the most talented of bookers can restore its former glory. The successful applicant must orchestrate exciting nights of action, build arena improvements, nurture the performers - and bring in new talent if they're not up to the job! All the while making sure that the show makes a profit, and keeps the fickle TV Network happy. Only then can a wrestling show once again reign as the undisputed champion of entertainment - bringing a sense of honour to the sport that will never retire...

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Booking MPire Review

By Mike Armstead |

The game makes you the manager of a wrestling team. Each season it is up to you to recruit new athletes, train the team members and probably the most difficult part, you must control the wrestlers while they are in the ring. There is a lot of options for customization each character, including selecting builds, clothes and even faces. As the manager you also engage in negotiations with prospective team mates, which is not a horrible task. Where this game begins to really suck is all based around the graphics. Simply put, the graphics are not good and it really doesn't matter what you do, they are bad. You can't move without experiencing choppiness. The camera perspective is changeable but horrendous. I had tried the game because of reading a review that called it underrated. I agree that there were a lot of gameplay options that could increase the interplay. However, I personally couldn't get past the amateurish graphics. The storyline does improve as the game progresses, and there is a lot to do as a manager/producer that is trying to keep your wrestlers, your tv network, and your adoring fans all happy. You can also add special attacks, arena improvements to add excitement to the match. Ultimately the game is fun, and gets more so the further you go into the storyline. However, one thing does not change. The graphics really do suck. ‘nuff said

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