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Bee Movie Game

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About The Game

Based on DreamWorks Animation’s Bee Movie film due out this fall, Bee Movie Game lets players race, chase and fly their way through an adrenaline-fueled world of adventure as they experience the hilarious antics of Barry B. Benson, a dynamic and daring bee who knows there is more to life than making honey.

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Bee Movie Game

Bee Movie Game Review

By Terry Roa |

The Bee Movie Game is a fun game and is perfectly suited for young child. The game is based on the Bee Movie with mini side quests. The game begins at the New Hive City that very much like the movie set up. There are many roadways in the hive city for you to explore in your car or if you choose to walk around. As you travel the city you will locate various jobs where you can earn honey snacks. At the heart of the game are fifteen missions which are located outside of the hive city. The missions follow the plot line of the movie and place the player in various perilous situations. The Bee Movie Game features many distinctive and imaginative levels of game play, however the game falls short due to its confusing and repetitive actions. The game has a number of invisible walls that makes the player have to navigate around; I found this is to be extremely frustrating. Quest instructions are inadequate and the save points are too far apart which can lead to frustrating young players. The Bee Movie Game has a story mode that retells the movie and also a multiplayer mode that has a racking game. This game is definitely tailored to kid's ages eight to twelve, any younger will find this game frustrating and will not hold their attention.

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