Battlefield 2: Booster Pack Collection




Battlefield 2: Booster Pack Collection

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Add onto your Battlefield 2 game with two Booster Pack expansions: the Armored Fury booster pack and the Euro Force booster pack.

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Battlefield 2: Booster Pack Collection Review

By Steven Winslow |

Battlefield 2 is a first person war shooter developed by DICE. Battlefield 2 is set in an alternate future where the United States, China, and the Middle East are at war. Battlefield 2 the Booster Pack Collection features the original game plus two expansion packs, Euro Force and Armored Fury. Each game is set up as one team VS another. The basic concept of each game is to occupy and defend various flag points throughout the map. Each team starts with a certain number of reinforcements and by occupying these flags you force your opponent to lose reinforcements faster. When one teams reinforcement numbers reach zero then the game is over and they have lost. The shooting in Battlefield 2 is also extremely well done. Every gun has their own unique sound effects and feel when used. The team element is also a very large part of the gameplay in Battlefield 2. Players may choose between various kits depending on what kind of game they want to play. You may choose from the medic, the sniper, the infantryman and the engineer. Each kit has their own unique play style and brings something extra to the team. Vehicles are also a large part of the Battlefield series. During the battle you will have tanks shooting out buildings and planes fighting overhead in a heated dog fight. Any vehicle you see in the game can be controlled by the player. This is a must play game.

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