Barbie Pet Rescue




Barbie Pet Rescue

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About The Game

Embark on an all-new Barbie adventure in BARBIE: Pet Rescue for PC. In this one-player game, Barbie and her sister Stacie are working at the Pet Rescue Center. They'll have to rescue and take care of a variety of animals, all the while trying to solve the mystery of an animal that's been causing trouble at Green Arbor Park!

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Barbie Pet Rescue Review

By Steven Winslow |

In this installment of the Barbie game franchise, Barbie and her sister Stacey are running a Pet Rescue Center and they need your help. Featuring some of the most adorable computer graphic pets you can imagine this game allows you to take care of animals without actually owning an animal. You will feed, pet, play and of course rescue your adorable animal friends from some tight spots. Rescue missions will keep you and Barbie busy as you try to save kittens from trees, entice scared animals to come to you and many more precarious situations. No rescue missions to complete? No problem! You can visit your past rescues in the play room. Show them some tender love and care and watch as they roll over, purr, and lick you affectionately. This game is truly for the animal lover. You will play with your rescued pets so much it is almost sad to see their owners come pick them up. However, while the game is adorable and is entertaining for a while it is also very short. Once you have completed the eight rescue missions and the animal related mini games of the play room there isn't much else to do. At this point the game can get rather repetitive and boring. However, if you are an animal lover, animal deprived, or just want a moment of cuteness, this is the game for you.

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