Barbie: Magic Hair Styler




Barbie: Magic Hair Styler

Developer:Mattel Interactive Genre:Educational Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

Give Barbie and her friends new looks for different occasions. With this Barbie CD-ROM software, girls can make over Barbie and her friends just the way they want. Create new hair styles by cutting, coloring, and even growing her hair. Add makeup and cool accessories to match the special occasion. Then, watch Barbie model the new look you just created! Take pictures, frame your favorites with pretty borders -- even print them to share!

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Barbie: Magic Hair Styler Review

By Steven Winslow |

If your kid likes to play barber with their siblings' hair, then this game is the perfect solution. Barbie Magic Hair Styler is the ultimate hair manipulation game for players of all ages. This PC game, allows you to choose between four characters, Barbie, Christie, Teresa, or Kira, and style them from head to toe with your own personal fashion and flair. While you are able to change outfits, shoes and accessories, the real focus of this game is the hair and make-up. Barbie Magic Hair Styler allows you to cut, color, and style Barbie's hair in an endless number of ways. Furthermore, make-up in every color of the rainbow allows you to complete you Barbie makeover just the way you want to. While geared towards younger players, this game is oddly addictive for people of all ages, and you may find yourself playing at night when the children are asleep. You and your children will love seeing what type of wacky styles you can come up with, and designs can be shared and displayed with the print option. Unfortunately, because the game was made it 1997 it no longer functions very well with Windows Vista or higher. The compatibility issue makes the game sometimes glitch or crash which can be frustrating for players, but if you are willing and able to look past this flaw, than it is well worth the buy.

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