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About The Game

Auditorium is a musical puzzle journey. The subtle melodies and unique gameplay present a cool soothing experience. Convert light to sound in this experimental puzzle game from Dain Saint and Will Stallwood of Cipher Prime.

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Auditorium Review

By Alice Grass |

Auditorium is a simplistic puzzle game featuring vibrant colors and soothing music. Each level is designed around a continuous, brightly colored ray of light that must be bent using controls in order to fill the designated container. The game play is quick to learn and it is easy to figure which way the light will bend as each control has an arrow depicting as such. While the concept is simple, many of the puzzles are deceptively hard, and require critical thinking and an abundance of patience to figure out. The addition of color sphere and multiple controls can convolute a puzzle enough to challenge you. Adding to the entire experience of Auditorium is the soundtrack. This amazingly beautiful and soothing classical soundtrack only gets better as the game progresses. Furthermore, I found the subtle melodies relaxing and that they helped me think and not get overly frustrated with some of the more difficult challenges. I really wish this soundtrack could be bought on its own. The complexity of the music coupled with the simplicity of the environment really work together to create a personal atmosphere. It becomes very easy to get absorbed and lost in this game. However, if the music is not to your liking, Auditorium is just as easily enjoyed muted. The complex puzzles and bright colors are sure to keep you playing for quite some time.

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