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AquaZone: Open Water: Ogasawara

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About The Game

Expanding on the popular aquarium sim, this Open Water edition takes players out of the aquarium to the seas and waterways of the world for a 3D underwater experience where (with the right expansion pack) you can swim with almost every kind of fish imaginable, from tropical minis to dolphins and other big fish.

This expansion pack explores the seas of the islands of Ogasawara.

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AquaZone: Open Water: Ogasawara Review

By Glenn Rice |

Ogasawara islands are one the most beautiful islands in the world that any human being can wish to visit and explore. Bonin Islands, also known as the Ogasawara islands, are located in Japan. These islands include over 30 tropical and sub tropical islands stretched over about 1000 kilometres. Aquazone: Open Water: Ogasawara is a visual trip to these islands.

Aquazone: Open Water: Ogasawara is an expansion of the aquarium sim that allows the view small beautiful creatures in an aquarium. Open water theme was based on the idea of bringing the viewer out of the aquarium into the live waters so that one may swim with all those creatures that he only envisages in thoughts.

Ogasawara islands are reported to be uninhabited. However, it is believed that they bear a lot of natural heritage full of interesting creatures. AquaZone: Open Water: Ogasawara allows the viewer can swim with and see a large number of creatures ranging from small minis to larger fishes and organisms that are yet known to be found in these islands.

In a nutshell, in addition to the fun and entertainment part, AquaZone: Open Water: Ogasawara, is highly informative for the young kids and students.

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