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Animaniacs Game Pack

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About The Game

All of your favorite characters from the popular Warner Bros. cartoon series, ANIMANIACS, are here and they're all ready for adventure. Try your hand at any of the five games included in this expansive pack, including: BALONEY'S BALLOON BOP, BELCHINATOR TOO, SMOOCHER, PROP SHOP DROP, and TEE OFF. You'll also get a whole slew of sound files, desktop patterns, and different icons that you can use with your other files. Whether you're in the mood for sports, puzzles, or adventure, this pack has it all.

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Animaniacs Game Pack Review

By Glenn Rice |

Anyone who liked the show Animaniacs will thoroughly enjoy the Animaniacs Game Pack, which is based around several characters from the animated series, most notably Wakko, Yakko and Dot. Other characters, such as Pinky and The Brain also make an appearance, as well as Ralph the guard, Dr. Scratchansniff and Hello Nurse.

This pack contains five different games and it mostly attracted the older kids due to the cartoon like violence. The first and best game is Baloney's Balloon Bop. Baloney's Balloon Bop stars all three of the Animaniacs as they try to pop all balloons using a trampoline held by Wakko and Dot, bouncing Yakko. If Yakko misses the trampoline and falls onto Baloney, he will lose a life. In Belchinator Too, The Brain's robots have gone wild and taken over the ACME labs. Players must guide Wakko through the lab picking up power ups and ammunition for his belches and blasting away at the robots. In Smoocher, Dot must turn her nightmares into good dreams by blowing smooches at the enemies to freeze them. Once being frozen, Dot may walk over the enemies to eat them up and to receive points. In Prop Shop Drop, Yakko needs to help a crabby foreman collect all of the important props for all of these movies. Players control Yakko on a bicycle as he rides through the movies, collecting the props, as well as avoiding obstacles.

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