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Angry Birds: Star Wars

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About The Game

Angry Birds Star Wars is a puzzle game and the fifth installment of the ever-popular Angry Birds video game series. Developed and published by Rovio Entertainment, this new entry in the franchise is based on the Star Wars movies. The game combines elements of Angry Birds and Star Wars. The game begins on Luke Skywalker's home world; Tatooine. The birds also have new abilities quite different from the original Angry Birds games. Another new feature added is some Pigtroopers can shoot the birds with blasters, knocking them off course.
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Angry Birds Star Wars: Luke & Leia - first gameplay!

Angry Birds Star Wars coming on November 8, to iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Mac, PC & Windows 8.

Angry Birds Star Wars: Obi Wan & Darth Vader - exclusive gameplay

Angry Birds Star Wars Cinematic Trailer

Angry Birds: Star Wars

Angry Birds: Star Wars Review

By Gus McZeal |

Star Wars ranks among the most celebrated pop culture phenomena of all time, and so it was only a matter of time before Rovio jumped on the LucasFilm—sorry, Disney—bandwagon and created a tie-in to their super-successful mobile game, Angry Birds, having already teamed up with franchises like 20th Century Fox’s Rio. The union of these two massive franchises had huge potential to come across as a sucky cash-grab, but thankfully, Rovio once again proves itself to be a more than capable developer. I can safely say that the force is strong with Angry Birds Star War: awesome, it is.

The gameplay combines elements from past Angry Birds titles. Despite being in a futuristic science fiction world, the Angry Birds (who have taken on the role of the Rebel army) are still using their primitive slingshot technology. As it turns out the crude weapon is still super effective against the Empire pigs, although this could be because the Angry Birds are equipped with a barrage of new Star Wars-themed weaponry. Each of the Birds takes on the role of an iconic Star Wars character: the Red Bird has a hilarious 1970s haircut and a lightsaber that cuts through obstacles, the Pink Bird gets Leia-style cinnamon rolls on her head and pink blaster lasers, the Yellow Bird as Han Solo gets three targetable laser beams, and so on. The Pigs also get brand new looks, dressing as a variety of villains from George’s Lucas’ universe including Storm Troopers, Tusken Raiders, and obviously Darth Vader features pretty prominently, although it is doubtful that he is the Red Bird’s father…

Partially set in the galactic void, the game uses mechanics from Angry Birds Space which substantially switches up gameplay from the original title. When the Rebel Birds are flung from their catapult, they get caught up a series of gravitational rings that swing them around into various obstacles. You’ll have to manipulate gravity to take out all the Pigs and save the galaxy from the Empire… while retrieving your precious eggs, of course. One kind of weird introduction to the series is the Millennium Falcon, a deus ex machina powerup that destroys everything on the screen. This item exists purely to carry people who are terrible at the game, and while you are occasionally rewarded the item for good performance—which is a paradox in itself—you can also buy them online if you’re desperate to get through the game’s storyline.

Yes, for the first time, Angry Birds has a storyline, although it’s basically the Star Wars story with a couple of twists incorporating our perpetually pissed passerines. The wordless narrative is conveyed through a series of adorable animated cutscenes that are pretty funny, although they’re not really anything to write home about. I’m just impressed in general by the way the game fuses Angry Birds with Star Wars so perfectly, even down to the sound design: get ready to reminisce to the classic sounds of light sabers and blasters, which are rendered absolutely faithfully.

Overall, Angry Birds Star Wars is an evolution for the Angry Birds franchise, taking a fresh spin on the formula without departing from it too substantially. Usually movie tie-in video games make me a cynical bastard, but this one didn’t—and I haven’t watched the Star Wars films since I was like eight years old. Stay tuned for future game updates like a series of forty additional levels set on the frigid planet of Hoth. These are the “boids” you’re looking for—I’m so sorry to end this review on a pun that probably only makes sense if you’re from Boston. Angry Birds Star Wars gets a Z-Score of 93%.

Angry Birds: Star Wars Cheats

Make Use Of Birds' Signature Abilities

There's more to this game than just chucking birds at forts made of wood, metal and glass. Characters possess unique Star Wars abilities that add a welcome layer of strategy to the acclaimed Angry Birds experience. Luke Skywalker bird, for instance, unleashes a spinning lightsaber attack that slices through objects and enemies alike. Han Solo, on the other hand, fires three shots from his blaster that ricochet off metal surfaces. Obi-Wan Kenobi delivers a powerful Force Push to clear debris, while R2-D2 zaps its foes and C-3PO breaks apart, with his pieces flying around; you'll discover other characters the further you progress. To make all this happen, simply pull back on the slingshot, send the bird flying through the air and then tap the screen at precisely the right moment.

Pinch The Screen To See Everything

Some puzzles are so big the game cannot display them up close, thereby prohibiting you from seeing where those birds are headed. For a much better view, pinch to make things smaller, and expand to zoom. This will prevent you from blind launching.

Call The Mighty Falcon

Stuck on a tricky level? Bring in Han Solo's Millennium (Mighty) Falcon, which substitutes for the Angry Birds Mighty Eagle power-up. Tap the icon on the top left, providing you have Falcons to spare, then launch the targeting droid via slingshot towards the intended location. From there, the Mighty Falcon will fly into view and destroy objects/enemies within the area with several laser blasts.

Earn Mighty Falcons By Collecting Stars

Rovio doesn't just give Mighty Falcons away. You'll need to earn them by collecting gold stars. Nab 30, and you'll receive five Mighty Falcons, with more coming once you reach 50 stars, and so on and so forth. Of course, if you lack the patience to earn stars, you can always buy Falcons outright via in-app purchase. Just keep in mind that you won't earn stars for that particular try if you use the Falcon.

20 Mighty Falcons: $1.99
50 Mighty Falcons: $4.99
100 Mighty Falcons: $9.99
200 Mighty Falcons: $19.99

Be On The Lookout For Golden Droids

Hidden throughout the game are special Golden Droids. Once you see one, experiment with the different birds' abilities to nab it. Doing this will unlock one bonus stage featuring C-3PO and R2-D2.

To Dodge, Or Not To Dodge

As you'll see, some enemies and turrets shoot laser beams, three blasts at a time. Getting hit by one will definitely halt that particular bird's progress, but you shouldn't always seek to avoid lasers. Sometimes, you'll need to deflect (using either a lightsaber spin or Force Push) the blasts to solve a tricky puzzle.

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