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Angry Birds Rio

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About The Game

The blockbuster Angry Birds and the hit animated movie Rio come together in this spin-off mash-up made for fans of both family-friendly franchises. In Angry Birds Rio, the original Angry Birds are kidnapped and taken to the magical city of Rio, where they eventually escape their captors and set out to to save their friends, Blu and Jewel -- two rare macaws and the stars of the movie Rio. Like the incredibly-popular original edition, Angry Birds Rio features hours of gameplay, physics-based demolition challenges and loads of replay value -- all with unique twists based on the feature film. Angry Birds Rio launches 45 dedicated levels and offers regularly-added new levels via app updates.

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Angry Birds Rio Review

By Glenn Rice |

Angry Birds Rio, named after the 20th Century Fox movie Rio, its storyline centers around the Marvelous City. But this time it's not the evil pigs that attacked the Brazilian city, but rather a quest to unleash the anger of the familiar birdies on a number of cages holding their enslaved brother birds. The end comes with a cinematic twist facing your feathered heroes against the villain boss.

The whole story starts with a warehouse where smugglers have captured birds in cages. Your task is to free them. The familiar Angry Birds slingshot is present, but you're also facing a number of new moving obstacles such as chains and hanging lights placed wittily to get in the way of your red, white, yellow and blue birds. The only major addition that may ruffle some feathers is the inclusion of a boss fight at the end of the second chapter. To defeat him, you'll need to damage him several times using several birds. This game has a lot with 60 new levels, each with a hidden fruit making it all the more compelling and possibly worth a replay. The Angry Birds narrative comes down to throwing birds at pigs, but hey, this tends to get repetitive after the 100th level, doesn't it? Rio tries to diversify this with the latest addition to the Angry Birds roster, but by adding new levels with no ground-shattering features you get more of the same, rather than a revolutionized new game.

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