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Angel Devoid

Developer:Electric Dreams Genre:Adventure Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

What does an honest cop have to do to get his man? Well, it's not going to be easy in this suspenseful, puzzle-solving game. Your name is Jake Hard, and you're the aforementioned police officer from Paradise City. When you end up receiving the face of Angel Devoid in a reconstructive surgery gone wrong, you accidentally take on the identity of the criminal you're trying to catch. Now, you not only need to solve the case you need to fight for your life against dozens of would-be assassins! All in all, ANGEL DEVOID: Face of the Enemy is a remarkably original adventure.

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Angel Devoid Review

By Glenn Rice |

Angel Devoid is a nonviolent photorealistic adventure game. You wake up from reconstructive surgery and see your arch enemy's face…staring at you from the mirror, the face everybody in the known universe fears, hates, wants to kill, or some combination thereof. As you stalked the dangerous master criminal, Angel Devoid, you found yourself ensnared in a bizarre accident that left you with the face of the very man you pursued. From then on, you're a fugitive, meeting various characters who believe you're the criminal you are attempting to hunt down. And you have but one choice: infiltrate Neo-City, a dark Cybergothic world where death strikes from every shadow. A myriad of lethal, unpredictable characters awaits you... And only the real Angel Devoid would know if they're friends or foes. Survival hinges upon your insights, intuition, and reflexes. The nice touch in character interaction is the response system, which allows you not only to react, but to present your reactions in degrees of sympathy, attitude, or blandness. While puzzle solving elements exist, they really serve to throw the hectic violence into sharp relief. For a point-and-click adventure, Angel Devoid is pleasingly violent and fast-paced enough that the player never gets bogged down in Myst style contemplation without receiving adequate punishment. All in all, ANGEL DEVOID: Face of the Enemy is a remarkably original adventure.

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