Aliens: A Comic Book Adventure




Aliens: A Comic Book Adventure

Developer:Cryo Interactive Genre:Adventure Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

The awesome action of the film ALIENS hits the PC with incredible, arcade-style brilliance. Play as Lt. Col. Henricksen, the new commander of the terraforming team that seeks to make space inhabitable for humans. When your ship receives an SOS from the mysterious planet B54c, you go to investigate only to find aliens have overtaken the base! To make matters worse, you now have to escape B54c before the aliens find you. Excellent graphics, action-packed gameplay, and high AI make this one a worthy adaptation of a great movie.

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Aliens: A Comic Book Adventure Review

By Glenn Rice |

Aliens: A Comic Book Adventure is developed by Cryo and is based on the comic book series by Dark Horse Comics which are in turn based on different well known movies. The movie scenarios alone should be sufficient to inspire a good adventure game so; the comic book influence is a little unfortunate. And unfortunate because of the reason the most of the dialogues and conversations are largely pointless, sexist and laughable. The familiar plot involves the four crew members of the USS Sheridan awakening from their cryogenic sleep to investigate an SOS from a mining colony.

This game combines very impressive graphics with a suitably claustrophobic atmosphere that succeeds in capturing the mood of the movies. The cutscenes are very well done and the game also presents a third person isometric view during the combat sequences. However, the game lost its potential due to two main reasons. The first is the game interface which is really cumbersome and tiresome. This is especially the case while swapping items between the characters. Each character can carry a maximum of eight items and a lot of time is wasted in swapping items in inventory.

The second reason is the time limitation problem which is really short and does not let you to leisurely explore your surroundings. Also, the design of save game system is unintelligent. It is, in fact, a difficult game, not because of the puzzles but because of the time constraints and control system problems.

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