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Alien Carnage

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About The Game

Is Halloween Harry the only person left on Earth who can save humanity from being transformed into zombified slaves? Yup. And, as luck would have it, you're Halloween Harry. The invasion is centered in New York City, where a space ship has burrowed its way under a skyscraper. With weapons of mass destruction to back you up, you'll try to blow away each and every alien in order to get to the mother ship and save the planet. Various missions and three levels of play give Alien Carnage high replay value.

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Alien Carnage Review

By Joe Cherry |

Alien Carnage also known as Halloween Harry is a side scrolling platform game. In this platformer, earth is being invaded by aliens who turn humans into zombies in order to enslave them. Harry is the only savior of earth, and he has to traverse different levels and rescue the kidnapped humans. There are many different weapons to collect, and most have a limited amount of ammo. You play as Harry, equipped with a jetpack and a flamethrower. Your mission is to go through the many levels, saving hostages and kicking zombie behind. Levels feature zombies, aliens, spikes, safe points, hostages, elevators and weapon dispensers. You have to find all the hostages and then enter the elevator, which marks the end of the level.

The game features a wide variety of weapons. You acquire these through weapon dispensers. They include the photon blaster, mini nuke, missiles, and the almighty OMEGA Bomb. Every time you kill enemies, they drop some credits. With these credits you can buy weapons. The sound and music in the game are awesome. Most of the songs have a very good beat to them, so you won't turn the music off after a few minutes of playtime. Same with the sound; every weapon and event has an excellent sound. The graphics are really good for a DOS platformer. Everything is nice and smooth. All the sprites are smooth and have a shine to them.

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