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A Virus Named Tom

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About The Game

Dr X brought the world the city of Tomorrow: with robot dogs, and houses that clean themselves. MegaTech promptly fired him as soon as the last chrome brick was laid. But Dr X has one final invention, a little virus named Tom. Help this little gremlin bring the city of Tomorrow back to the Stone Age by causing absolute mayhem throughout the city.

A Virus Named Tom is an action-puzzler. The puzzle comes from rearranging circuits to spread the virus. The action comes from dodging anti-virus drones while doing it. It's one of the few puzzle games out there where you can play co-operatively (with up to 3 friends). But if you tire of working together, there is a battle mode where you can take on your friends to see who is the supreme virus.

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A Virus Named Tom Review

By Jesse Alley |

In the spirit of pipe puzzle games, users redirect the flow of a gelatinous virus until you fill all the circuits, in order for Number Five to die.You can either play the versus mode, in which you claim different portions of the map by drawing squares and dropping bombs to blow up your nemesis (and yourself if you don't take the proper precautions). There's also a multiplayer co-op manner of playing, which is pretty darn good, too. The controls may feel a bit weird at first, but by the fourth map, you'll see why they are laid out that way. You can either use keyboard controls or a 360 pad; the PlayStation 2 gamepad also gives a nice comfortable feel to it.

Usually, with these types of games, the levels begin to taper off and feel like the same thing over and over again. However, A Virus named Tom has succeeded in creating great and unique levels, which is not an easy task for this type of game.

The bonus points that you get for being quick makes this game both infuriating and a boatload of fun at the same time. If you are a slow mover in the sub genre of pipe puzzle games, then you may become angry with your low score. However, if you are a quick hand at all this stuff, you will love being rewarded for your clever moves. The futuristic but retro style of the game makes it a pleasure to play through.

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