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A New Zero

Developer:Cryptic Sea Genre:Action Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

A New Zero is a multiplayer vehicle simulation with an orientation towards realistic handling of jets, tanks and other war machines, giving players a connection to their vehicle in combat.

Everything in A New Zero is procedurally generated at run-time, meaning the entire game fits in a very small downloadable file. All textures, models, music and sound effects are created using complex algorithms, or sometimes simple algorithms.

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A New Zero

A New Zero Review

By Jesse Alley |

18GB for one game?! I think not! How about 516KB packed, sealed and shipped? A New Zero puts all of its vehicles and complex algorithms in this tight little package for all to enjoy their mechanical multiplayer mayhem. Inspired by old school joystick shooters like X-Wing versus Tie Fighter, Mechwarrior and... Joust? A New Zero puts you in the pants of a hotshot pilot looking to cause some trouble on the internet battlefield.

As with most indie games, A New Zero was coded by a stellar team of individual(s) over at Cryptic Sea. Lead developer, coder, artist, writer, chef and one man army Alex Austin created this swan song to inverted gameplay (the way it's supposed to be played!) and it doesn't disappoint. Alex is constantly updating the game with new vehicles, maps, code and more resulting in a game that looks like it's from the 90's, but still has some of that millennial flair. Take to the skies in a myriad of vehicles from bomber to heavy fighter, or to the seas in a missile boat or full on destroyer; let it be known that all the vehicles have unique and distinct weapon loadouts resulting in some graphically debunk, strategy rich battles, all of which take place in capture point maps with the end goal being to destroy the other teams capital building.

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