Command & Conquer (2013)




Command & Conquer (2013)

Developer:BioWare Victory Genre:Strategy Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

As it stands, details on the reboot of Electronic Arts’ Command and Conquer series are pretty scarce. The game promises to offer an intense, free-to-play online multiplayer experience focusing on large scale military combat. There’s no word about whether or not the game’s legendary icon Kane will make his reappearance, but recent announcements have confirmed the existence of a single-player campaign, suggesting that this is a possibility. Who knows what form this return might take? Command and Conquer rolls onto PC sometime in 2013.

Game Features:

  • • Free-to-play model
  • • 3 player factions: the European Union, the Global Liberation Army, and an unannounced third party
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Command & Conquer (2013) Videos

Command and Conquer (2013) Exclusive Teaser

BioWare Victory hits the battlefield as they bring the legendary strategy franchise back to life!

Command and Conquer Gameplay Trailer - Gamescom 2012

The classic RTS franchise returns with the official first look at the new Command & Conquer, powered by Frostbite 2.

Command & Conquer (2013)

Command & Conquer (2013) Review

By Gus McZeal |

The latest title in Elecronic Arts’ veteran RTS series Command & Conquer, originally titled Commander & Conquer: Generals 2 and recently renamed to Command & Conquer, is a pretty mysterious game right now: not a whole lot of information has been revealed about it, and what we do know keeps changing. This preview will be short, but should bring you up to speed on the latest news about this anticipated game currently in development at BioWare Victory.

Originally, Command & Conquer was to have a standalone single-player campaign, but this plan has currently been shelved in favour of a purely multiplayer experience. The single-player campaign may reemerge at a later date as downloadable content, but for now, all you fans of the series’ classic storytelling elements like cheesy live-action cutscenes and ridiculous characters like the immortal Kane and tough-as-nails Tanya will simply have to rest on your laurels and pray for their return.  Kane always comes back, so I wouldn’t worry too much.

Command & Conquer is an always-on RTS focusing on large scale combat. The realism of the game’s battles will certainly be helped by the new Frostbite 2 graphics engine, which promises to amplify destruction physics, weather and environmental effects, and improve the game’s lighting. As usual with Command & Conquer (and every other RTS), you’ll be building up a base, mass-producing combat units and rolling them out into the battlefield to conquer your enemies. How exactly this will differ from other games in the genre remains to be seen. Especially with the removal of the game’s signature story elements!

Like many games nowadays, Command & Conquer will be free-to-play at release, with the developers profiting from various in-game microtranscations. It remains to be seen whether or not the things you may or may not decide to pay for will affect gameplay balance, but if BioWare Victory has any sense, the game’s purchasable content will be purely cosmetic. Command & Conquer is being released on PC sometime in 2013.

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