101 Incredible Games! (Collector's Edition)




101 Incredible Games! (Collector's Edition)

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What sort of games do you like? You’ll have plenty of research available to determine the answer to that question with 101 INCREDIBLE GAMES! Enjoy special edition versions of classic titles like CHESS, SOLITAIRE, MAH JONG, and more. Test your reflexes with action games like ZULU ASSAULT and DRONE, see how smart you are with a series of logic and puzzle games, or enjoy the comfortable familiarity of time-tested board games. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in this amazing collection, you won’t find it anywhere.

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101 Incredible Games! (Collector's Edition) Review

By Nobuo Kogawa

While the stated number of games in the collection is definitely inflated, the selection of family-friendly entries in 101 Incredible Games!: Collector's Edition makes that fact easy to overlook. There may not be 101 games, but there's plenty of fun. Most games in the collection have been included in previous eGames releases, and the "special editions" are primarily meant to serve as enticements for the full versions. eGames' commercialism aside, the included selections are diverse enough to please a wide range of tastes ranging from card and casino titles to puzzle and adventure games.

Some redundancy holds the collection back, evidenced by the inclusion of both Acey Ducey Backgammon and Pro Backgammon. Mostly, though, the title sticks to variations on the classics with small solitaire collections, Mah Jongg, and pseudo-educational games such as the peg-jumper Geo Jump, featuring the individual states of America, and Balloon Pop, which builds math skills. In this respect, the choice of games provides family oriented entertainment, with the possible exception of the cartoon-like violence seen in the adventure game Spooky Castle.

Though the games come from various developers, a surprising sense of unity exists. The quality of the graphics tends to range from adequate to merely good, but the games are bright and colorful with lighthearted sound effects and mostly self-explanatory gameplay, making the majority appealing and non-threatening. Most of the fun, though, is found in initially discovering and playing each of the individual games. Long-term enjoyment dissipates with extended play, as in the cases of Strata Poker and Western Slots, whose charms wear off once you're familiar with the graphics and gameplay.

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