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1001 Ultimate Word Games

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A collection of word games for PC puzzle fans.

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1001 Ultimate Word Games Review

By Nobuo Kogawa

Pros:more varied than many other titles, lots of puzzles

Cons:poor interface, most puzzles either difficult or ridiculously easy, includes number puzzles

The Bottom Line:The interface is poorly designed and many puzzles are either incredibly easy or difficult but provides some variety compared to the titles focused solely on crosswords or word search puzzles.

1001 Ultimate Word Games is a collection of puzzles organized by type and size. Consisting primarily of crosswords, kriss krosses, and word searches, these puzzles are individually presented by title. The title of each puzzle usually indicates the puzzle's theme if one exists; many puzzles are themed and the words used in each are tightly tied to the theme.

Crossword, Diamond, and Easy Crossword are all traditional crossword puzzles with series of across and down clues fit together into a square grid or, in the case of Diamond puzzles, a diamond shaped grid. They're all very easy for anyone with a decent vocabulary; anyone really into crossword puzzles will find them ridiculously simple. There are few trick clues and the puzzles are on the small side.

British Cryptics are crossword puzzles with trick clues. I'm not fond of them in any form and I tend to avoid this section most of the time.

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