100 Great Games Vol. 3




100 Great Games Vol. 3

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About The Game

With so many games to choose from, which one will you play first? Whether you're a sports fan, a simulation junkie, a role-playing enthusiast, or a puzzle solver, there's plenty for you to dig into here. View each game's description and some screenshots, and then decide whether you want to download the title. You'll get complete instructions and online help, and links to developer websites. There are only a few shareware and demo games, leaving the bulk of CD to complete titles that sell on their own.

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100 Great Games Vol. 3 Review

By Nobuo Kogawa

100 Great Games Vol. 3 seems like it has some good games to offer, but finding them in this collection is made too much of a challenge. The initial screen on the CD-ROM lists them alphabetical order, and the often vague descriptions and poor screenshots don't reveal much except maybe what genre the game falls in. Even if something strikes the player's interest, it's still generally hit or miss since these games are all shareware or demos (with a few exceptions). Most times, even if a game is fun, gamers will have to register it to continue playing. This makes the trouble it takes to find a good game feel pointless.

While 100 Great Games Vol. 3 has a diverse selection of games covering all genres, their shareware/demo nature means many are poorly constructed, such as the confusing logic/puzzle game Chillax, which doesn't include a help file with its installation. Even games that show promise, such as the surprisingly fun Bingo Buddies, are marred by poor graphics. While it's admirable that a lot of these games are amateur efforts, that's not enough to make them worth playing.

With some games, such as The Beer War and Just Shoot the Thing, the titles are more entertaining than actually playing them. But others, such as the neo-classic puzzle game Clickomania! and the difficult but charming Spot the Diff' are good hidden gems in this collection. Unfortunately, too many games, such as the traditional matching game Think-A-Lot and the elegant variation on solitaire Hardwood Solitaire II: The Enchanted Deck are diverting, but bring nothing new to gameplay.

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