Super Physics Madness (Android)




Super Physics Madness (Android)

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About The Game

Bomb the Super Hero Enemy! Forget about easy games where every chapter is the same with just a little twist... This amazing and addictive game will have you hooked and expecting more at every challenging level! Your enemies vary as well, they will try to wear costumes to distract you; but you know better!

We need your help to save the planet, from the super-hero perspective! With this fun, addictive and innovating app time will fly and you will be hooked from the beginning!

The goal is simple: get rid of the intruders! With multiple levels the challenge an difficulty increases. Sharks have different talents, as you will discover, that will help you achieve the goal. These talents include flying, rolling, exploding and pumping up to name a few!

The goal is to eliminate the enemy, but to gain bonus point you can try to get the tokens and other prizes along the way. In order to get the best score you will have to use your best calculation, organization, physics and logistics talents! Think you've got what it takes? Prove it!

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