Robin Hood:The Last Crusade (Android)




Robin Hood:The Last Crusade (Android)

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About The Game

Robin Hood (The Last crusade) do justice by attacking the Sherwood in order to get back some stolen goods.

You will have to overcome several enemies so watch out!

Every level is harder than the previous one; you will need all of your skills and the best tools to overcome the difficulties. That is why we are giving you the choice of different weapons.

We provide X levels, so enjoy!

Choices of weapons:

- Regular wild east gun

- Double bullet gun

- Modern fire gun


- Dont forget to catch the red capsules to increase your "blood".

- TIP: Jump to avoid bullets!

As you may know Robin Hood is always faced with difficult tasks, this is NOT an easy game. But with the right skills and power you have the chance to help your village.

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