Love Elephants (Android)




Love Elephants (Android)

Developer:N/A Genre:PuzzleArcadePhysics Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

This game is a love story between Berny and Guisa. They love each other and always want to be together.

Main Goals:

- Get as many hearts as you can!

- Tap to destroy joints (to release an amazing physics reaction)

- 24 Addictive levels (working on additional levels for next upgrade)

- Awesome graphics and sound effects.

Using you best logistics, physics and overall calculating skills you will have to tap on the items you wish to activate. Depending on the object, the way it activates will be different.

Don't forget! The tiger is NOT your friend!

With this addictive gameplay, you will get hooked from the start! So please, help Berny and Guisa!

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